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09:01:26 <gmann> ildikov: hi
09:01:37 <ildikov> gmann: hi :)
09:01:49 <kmARC> o/
09:02:01 <ildikov> sorry we had a few meetings cancelled lately
09:02:49 <ildikov> we can also use a ping list if we feel that useful
09:03:20 <ildikov> either add your nick to the agenda etherpad or let me know and I will create one :)
09:03:29 <gmann> yea, i always forgot. ping is useful reminder
09:03:31 <ildikov> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/openstack-upstream-institute-meetings
09:03:46 <ildikov> gmann: ok, noted, thanks :)
09:03:54 <ildikov> ok, let's start
09:04:02 <ildikov> #topic Announcements
09:04:14 <ildikov> We had OpenStack Days UK last week
09:04:34 <ildikov> It was a one day long event so we held Office Hours there as opposed to a full training
09:04:48 <ildikov> we had a few people popping by with questions
09:05:27 <ildikov> we didn't get a big crowd, but those who came got pointers and the help they needed, so overall I think it was successful
09:05:43 <gmann> nice. any interesting thing people were asking and we should work more on
09:06:21 <ildikov> hmm, I think we have good coverage
09:06:36 <ildikov> we were also advertising the VM image
09:06:49 <ildikov> so if that's in good shape we should be alright
09:07:12 <ildikov> another thing I hope will fall into place soon is the Contributor Portal
09:08:00 <ildikov> I think it would be beneficial to use that as the source for the material as lectures and have the training web containing the exercises and best practices we want to share on top
09:08:54 <gmann> +1
09:09:16 <ildikov> we have two more events this year
09:09:32 <ildikov> #topic Upcoming events
09:09:45 <ildikov> One just before OpenStack Days Nordic
09:09:53 <ildikov> It's a one day long version
09:10:05 <ildikov> and the regular training before the Sydney Summit
09:10:49 <ildikov> please sign up if you haven't done that yet on the wiki
09:10:53 <ildikov> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/OpenStack_Upstream_Institute_Occasions
09:11:29 <gmann> ildikov: what all TODO required for Sydney Summit ? so that we all can start working on those based on amount
09:12:10 <ildikov> gmann: I need to look into how many people registered and we also need to figure out who can come and help out on site
09:12:20 <ildikov> gmann: so we are all prepared
09:12:49 <ildikov> gmann: I would say we need to pick presenters for the sections and be more prepared for the exercises part
09:13:24 <ildikov> gmann: I think the exercises are where we fell short mainly the last time
09:13:57 <ildikov> and we could also think about how to make the deep dives more digestible and helpful to people
09:14:06 <gmann> ok,
09:14:17 <ildikov> like doing a little survey at the beginning on what people expect from the training
09:14:31 <ildikov> without losing too much time on that one
09:14:40 <ildikov> we also need to test the latest VM image
09:15:01 <ildikov> kmARC: is the image up on tarballs.o.o?
09:15:12 <ildikov> kmARC: or that's still a TODO?
09:15:17 <kmARC> still TODO
09:15:35 <kmARC> sorry, I didn't have any progress on this
09:16:05 <ildikov> do you have a built image uploaded somewhere or we need to play with the scripts if we want to test?
09:16:13 <ildikov> also do you need any help?
09:18:55 <ildikov> kmARC: ^^
09:19:23 <kmARC> I have a fresh build, but didn't upload yet.
09:19:51 <ildikov> kmARC: ok, that sounds like a good start
09:19:56 <kmARC> Let me create the freshest fresh now and when it's uploaded I'll ping all of us on the #upstream-institute
09:20:16 <ildikov> kmARC: sounds great
09:20:55 <ildikov> kmARC: I don't think we will extensively use the image in Copenhagen, but it would be great to have it available by then to point people there who are interested
09:21:08 <ildikov> and have them download it and play with it
09:21:25 <kmARC> yeah I don't think so either, but I was also focusing on jsut to give them so that they can play around at home
09:21:32 <ildikov> we have two more weeks before that one
09:22:09 <ildikov> yeah, for anyone who's interested in playing with it we will try to ensure they have the image and it's running
09:23:51 <ildikov> kmARC: if the image is uploaded we can send a mail to the ML so people can test it
09:24:10 <kmARC> Sounds good 👍
09:24:12 <ildikov> kmARC: and we can also point the infra guys there to have it on tarballs.o.o
09:24:24 <kmARC> sure. After testing! ;-)
09:24:42 <ildikov> of course :)
09:25:09 <ildikov> kmARC: thanks for all the efforts on this!
09:26:58 <ildikov> anything else on upcoming events?
09:27:11 <kmARC> Well, I still need to ramp up for Copenhagen
09:27:31 <kmARC> I arrive Tue afternoon, maybe we can have a quick meeting in the evening?
09:28:07 <ildikov> kmARC: we get in around 6pm with Kendall
09:28:44 <kmARC> perfect. I guess you also wanna grab a dinner or something?
09:28:59 <ildikov> kmARC: let's keep in touch, I hope we will get to the hotel quick enough so we could have a dinner or something if everything goes well with the flight
09:30:10 <mrmartin> Hi
09:30:21 <ildikov> kmARC: let's plan with meeting on Tuesday, we can figure out offline when and where
09:30:25 <ildikov> mrmartin: hi :)
09:30:43 <mrmartin> I'm going to help as well.
09:31:14 <ildikov> mrmartin: in Copenhagen or Sydney or both?
09:31:29 <mrmartin> Both
09:31:41 <ildikov> mrmartin: awesome, thank you!
09:31:59 <ildikov> mrmartin: please sign up on the wiki: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/OpenStack_Upstream_Institute_Occasions
09:33:52 <ildikov> mrmartin: kmARC: we are doing some tagging activity for the material right now
09:34:24 <kmARC> Yeah I am aware of that
09:34:31 <ildikov> mrmartin: kmARC: we have more the coverage for job roles, but we should have the 'basics' or something like tag too before Copenhagen
09:34:50 <ildikov> to have our minds around how to make the thing shorter
09:35:17 <ildikov> #topic Check out the new tags on the web page
09:35:32 <ildikov> #link https://docs.openstack.org/upstream-training/upstream-training-content.html
09:35:53 <ianychoi> hi all sorrybfor late
09:36:01 <ildikov> in case someone's not aware we have our content tagged
09:36:11 <ildikov> not finished yet, but it's in good shape
09:36:18 <ildikov> we have one open review right now
09:36:28 <ildikov> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/508587/
09:36:38 <ildikov> ianychoi: no worries, thanks for joining :)
09:37:01 <ianychoi> ildikov, :)
09:37:36 <ianychoi> I will see the review ^
09:38:04 <ildikov> so we should focus on helping those who are looking for the basics only and have a tag for that
09:38:27 <ildikov> with keeping in mind that we are having shorter trainings as well sometimes
09:39:05 <ildikov> are there any questions with the tags?
09:39:38 <ianychoi> Nope. I think tagging is so nice jdea
09:40:19 <ildikov> ianychoi: sounds good, thanks :)
09:40:30 <ildikov> #topic Open discussion
09:40:38 <ildikov> ianychoi: are you coming to Sydney?
09:41:42 <ianychoi> ildikov, I really want to but unfortunately I have to go to Oslo for business trip during that period..
09:41:57 <ildikov> ianychoi: that's bad news :(
09:42:48 <ildikov> ianychoi: you should tell them to come to Sydney too ;)
09:43:55 <ianychoi> ildikov, really sorry for that news. I want to see u again all
09:44:46 <ildikov> ianychoi: same here, I hoped we can have the team together again!
09:45:29 <ildikov> ianychoi: anyway, I hope your trip will be all good and we will have the crew together for Vancouver :)
09:45:49 <ildikov> I don't have more topics for today
09:46:05 <ildikov> we have some TODO's
09:46:18 <ildikov> getting the VM image tested and then uploaded to tarballs.o.o
09:46:33 <ildikov> have the tags in place before Copenhagen
09:46:36 <ianychoi> ildikov, thanks a lot for your kind saying :)
09:46:45 <ildikov> and go through the exercises and prep for Syndey
09:47:23 <ildikov> ianychoi: :)
09:47:37 <ildikov> is there any other topic from anyone?
09:50:04 <ildikov> ok, it sounds like a no :)
09:50:11 <ianychoi> Translation ratio is getting less since we have some changes and so there has been new source English strings.
09:50:32 <ianychoi> I would like to share this to I18n team soom
09:50:36 <ildikov> ianychoi: I was mentioning the training material to people
09:50:42 <ianychoi> s/soom/soon
09:50:59 <ildikov> I hope we can get someone from China to help out for instance
09:51:11 <ildikov> I will get around that on the Forum in Sydney
09:51:18 <ianychoi> ildikov, also I have been emphasizing upstream Institute to Korean government.
09:51:30 <ildikov> we are supposed to have a session on how to make on boarding easier to people
09:51:41 <ildikov> ianychoi: oh nice!
09:51:47 <ianychoi> ildikov, :)
09:51:51 <ildikov> ianychoi: how did it go?
09:52:38 <ianychoi> ildikov, Nice conversation and I want to have upcoming upstream institute supported by Korean government
09:52:56 <ildikov> ianychoi: that would be great!
09:53:19 <ildikov> ianychoi: is there any way to support this effort?
09:53:48 <ianychoi> ildikov, also I am not sure, but it would be so great if upstream institute will be more mixed with project onboarding rooms in Sydnet Summit
09:53:58 <ianychoi> s/Sydnet/Sydney
09:54:21 <ildikov> ianychoi: we are trying to connect the two, the intention is definitely there
09:54:34 <ianychoi> ildikov, I will more happily discuss with Korean gov.
09:54:50 <ianychoi> ildikov, +1!
09:55:02 <ildikov> ianychoi: we also need to keep in mind that the on boarding rooms have to be standalone as well for people who wonder into those first without attending the training
09:55:25 <ianychoi> ildikov, okay - agreed
09:56:11 <ildikov> ianychoi: we started to sync with a few people in Boston to have the deep dive exercises and material organized in the way to be able to give further info for people who attend both
09:56:43 <ildikov> ianychoi: we definitely have more work to do on that front
09:57:09 <ildikov> ianychoi: I hope the Contributor Portal will help with this too, but that's a longer term story
09:58:12 <ianychoi> ildikov, thanks a lot for kind sharing. Although I am getting more busy, I agree that encouraging more involvement is so a good way and I want to more align with the direction
09:58:43 <gmann> ildikov: onboard sessions are good  referral from training. i got 1 member back in mentorship things who met in boston summit. long back but good to have people back and showing interest.
09:58:48 <ildikov> ianychoi: I hope you can still stay with the team! :)
09:59:01 <ildikov> gmann: +1
09:59:12 <ianychoi> Hope to have also successful Nordic upstream :)
09:59:32 <ildikov> gmann: it's always good to have people back, I completely agree
09:59:37 <ildikov> ianychoi: thanks :)
10:00:03 <ildikov> gmann: if you have any suggestions about how to connect these two more we can chat about that on the channel
10:00:12 <ildikov> our time is up for today here
10:00:21 <ildikov> thanks everyone for attending the meeting!
10:00:22 <gmann> ildikov: sure, ll let you know
10:00:27 <gmann> thank ildikov
10:00:39 <ildikov> see you on the channel until the next one! :)
10:00:44 <ildikov> #endmeeting