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09:00:56 <csatari> Hi
09:01:07 <ildikov> csatari: hi :)
09:02:03 <ildikov> let's see whether we get more participants for today
09:04:34 <kmARC> o/
09:04:39 <ildikov> planned agenda for today: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/openstack-upstream-institute-meetings
09:04:46 <gmann> hi
09:05:09 <ildikov> kmARC: gmann: hi :) thanks for joining
09:05:37 <ildikov> we can keep the today's one short as we don't have that many people around
09:05:56 <ildikov> #topic Announcements
09:06:01 <gmann> ildikov, sure, just back from vacation
09:06:49 <ildikov> gmann: cool, I hope you had a good one! welcome back :)
09:07:25 <ildikov> a quick announcement is that we have the training VM scripts and files in a new repo under the OpenStack namespace
09:07:30 <ildikov> #link https://github.com/openstack/upstream-institute-virtual-environment
09:07:42 <ildikov> big thanks for kmARC
09:07:49 <kmARC> \o/
09:08:02 <ildikov> hopefully we will have more hands and eyes on it to help testing and maintaining
09:08:21 <kmARC> (didn't we celebrate this last week as welll...? :-D )
09:08:23 <ildikov> kmARC: on that regard, are you still working on it or can we dig into testing now?
09:08:36 <ildikov> kmARC: with another group of people
09:08:38 <gmann> kmARC, nice work !
09:08:48 <ildikov> kmARC: the joy of sharing the news around the globe :)
09:09:15 <kmARC> Sooooorrrry no, I had a crazy week, but since we'll have some public holidays in Slovakia, I'll be able to work on it until next meeting
09:09:49 <ildikov> ok, no worries, I just asked to see whether I can jump right on it or should wait a bit more :)
09:10:22 <ildikov> kmARC: I have an agenda item to double check the automated image creation and uploading it to tarballs.o.o
09:10:40 <ildikov> kmARC: any updates on that part or should we skip that for now too?
09:10:49 <gmann> kmARC, ildikov good to add README on that may be quick one
09:11:58 <ildikov> gmann: the new repo has a README as I saw
09:12:04 <kmARC> (m,m) <- that monkey emoji that is ashamed because kmarc didn't progress on the automated image creation either
09:12:35 <kmARC> gmann: I have a very detailed readme on everything
09:12:36 <gmann> ah my bad, got it
09:12:49 <ildikov> kmARC: I just remembered fungi popped by last week on the meeting so I thought to ask whether you had a chat after and maybe have updates
09:13:00 <kmARC> yes we had actually.
09:13:17 <kmARC> I need to test whether the virtualbox image building would run in a nested virtualization environment
09:13:23 <kmARC> will do it in a couple days
09:13:25 <ildikov> gmann: no worries, if you find anything that would need update there just upload a patch
09:13:40 <ildikov> kmARC: ok, sounds good
09:13:49 <gmann> kmARC, nice
09:14:14 <ildikov> kmARC: let us know on IRC or the ML if you need any help or more people to test that
09:14:46 <ildikov> ok, I think we can move forward
09:15:01 <ildikov> #topic Proposal to maintain a list of tags on the website
09:15:44 <ildikov> so we had the idea to have tags for the material to indicate the target audience, whether the module is part of a very basic training or it's more advanced knowledge, etc
09:16:18 <ildikov> we plan to agree on an initial set of tags and add them to the training website with a short description and also start to use them
09:16:41 <ildikov> the list of current tag ideas: #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/OUI_Module_tags
09:17:05 <ildikov> if you haven't done it yet please take a look at it and comment and/or add new proposals
09:17:23 <ildikov> we would like to have an initial set agreed this week
09:17:41 <ildikov> I will send out a reminder to the mailing list about this too
09:19:03 <ildikov> does anyone has any questions/comments to the tags or the whole idea?
09:20:22 <gmann> looks fine, did we decide the required tag already or in progress?
09:20:57 <ildikov> how do you mean required?
09:21:18 <ildikov> the list is in progress
09:21:34 <gmann> means what all tagging we are going to add, short long training detailed etc
09:21:37 <gmann> ok
09:22:27 <ildikov> so if we will have a 'required' or 'base module' or 'essentials' or 'beginner' or I don't know tags it's still under discussion
09:22:44 <gmann> ok
09:24:18 <ildikov> so please add your comments to the etherpad as soon as possible so we can finalize the list and add it to the web page
09:24:29 <ildikov> we can have a last round of discussions on the Gerrit review
09:24:58 <ildikov> the etherpad serves the purpose of doing a little brainstorming together before going ahead and uploading a patch for review
09:25:13 <gmann> cool, i will check in this week.
09:25:19 <ildikov> gmann: thanks
09:26:18 <ildikov> I don't have more to this topic
09:26:35 <ildikov> #topic Open discussion
09:26:49 <ildikov> is there anything else to discuss?
09:27:01 <csatari> Will we have training before Sydney?
09:27:12 <csatari> I need to do my travel arrangements.
09:27:47 <kmARC> Yeah good question
09:27:50 <ildikov> in London we will have office hours, which means that we will offer assistance if anyone has questions on the OpenStack Days UK event
09:28:00 <ildikov> it's in September, the 26th
09:28:32 <ildikov> and we will have OpenStack Days Nordic, which is a two days long event, the first day is dedicated to trainings, one of which is Upstream Institute, a one day long version
09:28:44 <ildikov> we're looking for people to help out for both
09:28:56 <csatari> Oh, yes. I've asked the Nokia people if they will particpate on the OpenStack days, but they will not.
09:29:19 <ildikov> #link https://openstackdays.uk/2017/
09:29:46 <ildikov> #link http://openstacknordic.org/copenhagen2017/
09:29:58 <ildikov> csatari: neither of the above?
09:30:15 <csatari> Nope. Sorry .
09:30:29 <ildikov> sadness :(
09:31:04 <csatari> Well, we plan to go to Sydney.
09:31:12 <csatari> I have 1.5 talks accepted ;)
09:31:19 <ildikov> that's good news! :)
09:31:28 <ildikov> csatari: congrats on the talks! :)
09:31:44 <csatari> Thanks.
09:32:03 <csatari> I plan to arrive on Friday so I can help with the upstream institute there.
09:32:14 <ildikov> csatari: that sounds awesome!
09:32:21 <ildikov> thanks
09:32:27 <csatari> cool
09:33:03 <ildikov> I added the details of the upcoming trainings to the web page
09:33:09 <ildikov> as much as I know already
09:33:32 <ildikov> #link https://docs.openstack.org/upstream-training/
09:34:13 <ildikov> will keep on updating when I have more info
09:35:14 <ildikov> that's all I have for today
09:35:21 <ildikov> anything else from anyone?
09:35:47 <gmann> ildikov, thanks. i hope you already posted those on social media too? mainly for people can plan travel accordingly
09:35:58 <ildikov> oh BTW, who's coming to the PTG?
09:36:10 <csatari> ildikov> me
09:36:35 <ildikov> gmann: I will get sure that we have the registration page ready and will start the social media campaign
09:36:42 <ildikov> gmann: thanks for reminding
09:36:51 <gmann> ildikov, i ll join PTG
09:36:59 <csatari> I will share time between ptg and ETSI NFV meetign.
09:37:18 <ildikov> gmann: csatari: ok, cool, thanks
09:38:14 <ildikov> gmann: csatari: I'm thinking about getting together a bit for a lunch break or something while we're there
09:38:24 <gmann> ildikov, +1
09:38:30 <csatari> ildikov +1
09:38:46 <ildikov> I will send out a mail to the ML to see who'll be around and who's interested
09:39:34 <ildikov> ok, that would really be it from me :)
09:40:19 <csatari> ok, bye.
09:40:28 <ildikov> thank you all!
09:40:33 <gmann> ildikov, thanks
09:40:41 <ildikov> keep in touch on the channel and the ML
09:41:20 <ildikov> have a good rest of the day everyone! :)
09:41:22 <gmann> ildikov, in case we did not close meeting, i have 1 things on home page
09:41:25 <gmann> :)
09:41:35 <ildikov> gmann: shoot :)
09:41:51 <gmann> main page seems little bit rich in text, we should have only main links there, something - 'Next Events'  'Training Requirements'  'Training Content' etc and they have subpage with full content
09:42:04 <gmann> something which can be very easy at first glance
09:42:36 <ildikov> yeah, I recognized that too
09:43:05 <ildikov> I'm not against the idea, it would be good to get a better overview of the page for sure
09:43:21 <ildikov> gmann: if you have an idea in mind feel free to propose the change
09:43:27 <gmann> let me push patch and we can see in gerrit if we can make it more easy to read
09:43:32 <gmann> ildikov, yea.
09:43:44 <ildikov> gmann: awesome, sounds good, thank you
09:43:55 <gmann> ll try to do on weekend tough. much busy this week after vacation
09:44:13 <ildikov> gmann: it's ok, no rush
09:44:21 <ildikov> let us know if you need any help on that
09:44:28 <gmann> ildikov, sure, thanks
09:44:32 <gmann> thats all from me
09:44:48 <ildikov> gmann: cool, thank you, it was a good one
09:45:04 <ildikov> then have a great day again everyone, see you here in two weeks! :)
09:45:09 <ildikov> #endmeeting