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09:00:55 <ianychoi> o/
09:01:04 <ildikov> ianychoi: hi :)
09:01:15 <ianychoi> ildikov, how r u? :)
09:02:25 <ildikov> ianychoi: all good, trying to switch back my brain to work mode completely :)
09:02:30 <ildikov> ianychoi: how are you?
09:02:39 <kmARC> o/
09:02:54 <mrmartin> Hi
09:02:56 <ianychoi> ildikov, good although my new job makes me so busy :)
09:03:01 <ianychoi> Hi kmARC and mrmartin :)
09:03:19 <ildikov> ianychoi: I hope it's a good busy! :)
09:03:30 <gmann> o/
09:03:34 <ianychoi> ildikov, yep good busy thanks :)
09:03:37 <ianychoi> gmann, hello :)
09:03:41 <ildikov> ianychoi: cool :)
09:03:42 <csatari> Hi
09:03:44 <gmann> ianychoi, hi
09:03:48 <ianychoi> csatari, hi!
09:04:00 <ildikov> ok, now that we have a few more people let's start with the meeting :)
09:04:07 <ianychoi> Lots of attendees today!
09:04:31 <ildikov> I kept the agenda from last week as we don't have that many overlapping with the attendees
09:04:54 <ildikov> feel free to add any new items to the agenda here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/openstack-upstream-institute-meetings
09:04:59 <ildikov> ianychoi: +1 :)
09:05:10 <ildikov> #topic Announcements
09:05:17 <asettle> o/
09:05:21 <asettle> Half available rn, sorry!
09:05:34 <ildikov> asettle: no worries, thanks for joining!
09:05:40 * asettle watches :)
09:05:56 <ildikov> I think we mentioned earlier too  that we are planning to bring the training to OpenStack Days events
09:06:29 <gmann> nice idea +1
09:06:30 <ildikov> this Fall we have two occasions under organization
09:06:44 <csatari> +1
09:07:00 <ildikov> OpenStack Days UK: #link https://openstackdays.uk/
09:07:19 <ianychoi> Nice idea - I did it last year in Korea, which was so great
09:07:31 <ildikov> OpenStack Days Nordic: #link http://openstacknordic.org
09:07:54 <ildikov> the UK event is one day long and the training will run in parallel to the event
09:08:14 <ildikov> as for Nordic it will be two days long with one day dedicated to the training
09:08:31 <ianychoi> +1
09:08:47 <ildikov> the meeting agenda is mostly around these, so I will just move forward and we can discuss the details
09:08:52 <ildikov> #topic Mentors needed for OSD events
09:09:06 <ildikov> as usual it would be great to have help for these events
09:09:59 <ildikov> we are looking for local people primarily with the aim to build bigger and stronger local communities
09:10:33 <ildikov> obviously if you're planning to join either of these events it would be great if you could come and help out with the training efforts
09:11:23 <csatari> I can ask my Helsinki collegues if they will attend on the Nordic days.
09:11:26 <ildikov> also please help to share the info of these plans and help to get more students and mentors as well into the room
09:11:37 <ildikov> csatari: that would be great!
09:11:56 <ildikov> csatari: thanks
09:12:00 <ildikov> asettle: asettle: are you coming to the UK one in September?
09:13:27 <asettle> ildikov: I don't know :( I don't think my boss will allow me, I'm afraid
09:13:37 <ildikov> asettle: sadness :(
09:14:06 <ildikov> asettle: if it's ok please ask, it would be sooo great to have you there!
09:14:30 <asettle> ildikov: I do indeed to ask :) sadly, after the PTG I'm expected to drop my OpenStack responsibilities :(
09:14:53 <ildikov> asettle: :(
09:15:10 <ianychoi> asettle, :( That's so sad story T.T
09:15:29 <ildikov> asettle: it's still just one day, you can always just come for the morning or afternoon and it's less of a responsibility at this point
09:15:45 <ildikov> asettle: but I'm sure you know how to present this to your boss :)
09:17:14 <asettle> ildikov: I"ll do my best :P
09:17:39 <ildikov> if any of you is planning to attend these events or know others who do please reach out to Kendall and me
09:18:08 <csatari> okay
09:18:10 <ildikov> and we will share the latest news and plans and have you on board
09:18:18 <ianychoi> I hope that all OpenStack upstream institutes in Europe will be successful with mentors
09:18:22 <ildikov> asettle: sounds great, tnx :)
09:18:31 <ildikov> ianychoi: I hope so too :)
09:18:43 <ildikov> ok, let's move to the next topic
09:18:49 <ildikov> #topic Prepare the training material to shorten it to fit a day
09:19:21 <ildikov> the current material with the exercises is not really suitable for shorter trainings
09:20:11 <gmann> ildikov, we will have 2 days training in Sydney? or it is shorten ?
09:20:13 <ildikov> we also had an experience this year with running the training in parallel to an event, where we had to transform it to be more of an office hours things rather than a compact training
09:20:32 <ildikov> gmann: it will be one and a half days like in Boston
09:20:51 <gmann> ok
09:20:58 <ildikov> gmann: I need to check back with the team for exact hours, but that's the base plan
09:21:05 <gmann> i see
09:21:12 <csatari> ildikov: Do you think, that it is not modular enough to be a support material for office hours?
09:21:26 <ildikov> csatari: I'm not 100% sure on that
09:21:29 <gmann> so material should be ok as boston in term of length
09:21:40 <ildikov> last week we started to brainstorm to have even smaller blocks
09:21:53 <ildikov> also to have a base exercise and follow up exercises if the time allows
09:22:01 <ildikov> also to try and tag the modules whether it
09:22:22 <ildikov> 's for a base shorter training or a full 1.5 - 2 days one
09:22:51 <csatari> So you would like to build the 1 day and the 1.5 day trainning from the same blocks?
09:22:57 <ildikov> gmann: for the Sydney training we only need to move forward with the generic improvements and adding more speaker notes
09:22:58 <gmann> yea tagging will help
09:23:22 <gmann> ildikov, +1
09:23:24 <ildikov> csatari: I wouldn't want to maintain two sets of slides
09:23:31 <csatari> +1
09:23:45 <csatari> Then we need to cut soem of the existing ones.
09:23:47 <ildikov> csatari: with smaller sets we can play with the website and build different views for instance
09:23:49 <csatari> some
09:23:55 <gmann> i know i have not put all ref slide as done before boston.
09:24:09 <gmann> ll find some time after PTG probably
09:24:11 <ildikov> csatari: tagging can be a first step that's visual and then move forward with the web page if the content seems to work out
09:24:30 <ildikov> gmann: after PTG sounds good
09:24:59 <ildikov> gmann: I will send out a mail and see who from the team will be there and we can organize a gathering for the PTG and discuss what needs to be done before Sydney
09:25:30 <ildikov> csatari: yeah, we need to look into what to cut and how
09:25:37 <gmann> ildikov, nice. we can have short gathering there and f2f discussion
09:26:06 <ildikov> I also hope that the Contributor Portal will get in shape soon and we can look into how to use that for the training so we don't maintain basic info in multiple places
09:26:13 <ildikov> but it's a bit longer term thinking
09:26:37 <ildikov> gmann: yep, I think f2f would be great if we have enough people around
09:27:09 <ildikov> ianychoi: was your training in Korea a day long too?
09:27:57 <ianychoi> ildikov, last year, I did upstream training very shortly - just for 3 hours.
09:28:11 <ianychoi> It was good but just 3 hours were actually too short
09:28:20 <ildikov> ianychoi: did you use snippets from our training material for that one?
09:28:51 <ildikov> yeah, 3 hours should be really focused around a few topics to be good, otherwise it indeed sounds very short
09:29:00 <ianychoi> At that time, I mainly skipped governance, release, and stable branch section
09:29:35 <ildikov> yep, that sounds about right
09:30:16 <ildikov> that was our thinking too with tagging that what you can skip if you have shorter time that people can learn later as they go and what they need kind of immediately
09:31:36 <ildikov> does anyone have any questions or further comments/ideas on how to make the material ready to suit shorter trainings?
09:31:38 <csatari> Can't we just tag these inside the slides?
09:32:32 <ildikov> csatari: I would visualize it somewhere in the agenda or on the website so on an actual training you don't need to open a slide set to decide
09:32:43 <ildikov> csatari: for exercises we can/should tag inside
09:32:53 <ildikov> csatari: like skip if you don't have that much time, or smth like
09:32:56 <csatari> Okay
09:33:10 <ildikov> csatari: does it sound ok?
09:33:12 <csatari> Got it.
09:33:16 <csatari> +1
09:33:23 <ildikov> coolio :)
09:33:54 <ildikov> it would be great to be practical from the perspective of switching between slides takes time as well
09:34:25 <ildikov> so we can support anyone who picks up the material with good visualization so they can plan easier and make less mistakes
09:35:02 <ildikov> if anyone has ideas to any of the blocks feel free to upload a patch for review
09:35:19 <ildikov> or if more discussion would be needed we have the channel and can also use the mailing list
09:35:55 <ianychoi> Yep.. :)
09:36:06 <ildikov> :)
09:36:26 <ildikov> it was mainly what I had to say about these events and the material for now
09:36:45 <ildikov> we are still in the process of organizing and finalizing some details
09:37:01 <ildikov> does anyone have any questions or comments/ideas for this part?
09:37:40 <gmann> i am good.
09:37:59 <csatari> i am good too
09:38:14 <ildikov> ok, cool, let's move on then :)
09:38:25 <ildikov> #topic Open discussion
09:38:45 <ildikov> kmARC: did you check how to create a repo for the VM scripts and files?
09:39:02 <kmARC> yes, it's on the way. This week it's gonna be imported to openstack.org
09:39:16 <ianychoi> Oh we decided to create a new repository for VM scripts?
09:39:35 <ianychoi> Sorry I think I missed some previous agendas..
09:40:07 <ildikov> ianychoi: that was our conclusion last week that we will go down that route as it didn't seem that appropriate to store it under training-guides
09:40:29 <ildikov> ianychoi: and I think it's also easier to move the files that way and trying to keep history of changes
09:40:43 <ildikov> kmARC: sounds awesome, thank you!
09:40:44 <ianychoi> Then my question is that the new repo will be also under Docs team governance?
09:41:13 <kmARC> yes
09:41:53 <ianychoi> Yep :)
09:42:20 <ildikov> sounds like an agreement :)
09:42:42 <ildikov> kmARC: I guess we can also look into the job to upload the image to tarballs.o.o when we have the files moved
09:42:57 <kmARC> yes, that's gonna be the next step
09:43:13 <ildikov> sounds great
09:43:30 <ildikov> do you need any help with either of the steps?
09:43:34 <ildikov> kmARC: ^^
09:44:20 <kmARC> not currently
09:44:21 <ianychoi> I think it is a good idea and just I would like to mention that the new repo needs to be registered to projects.yaml file in openstack/governance repository. Example is: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/480748/1/reference/projects.yaml
09:45:07 <kmARC> this is an external project, therefore I did not register to anywhere yet
09:45:17 <kmARC> I followed the veeeery lengthy documentation how to do it
09:47:17 <ildikov> we can do these step by step I think
09:47:23 <kmARC> I think so too
09:47:36 <ianychoi> kmARC, oh is it https://review.openstack.org/#/c/490202/ ?
09:49:02 <gmann> kmARC, you referred this one -https://docs.openstack.org/infra/manual/creators.html
09:49:39 <kmARC> @ianychoi, @gmann : yes
09:50:13 <ildikov> kmARC: the review looks good to me, thanks
09:51:39 <ianychoi> ildikov, just a minor question: "upstream-institute-virtual-environment" vs. "upstream-training-virtual-environment" ?
09:53:31 <ildikov> hmm, I think both works, might be easier to identify where the effort belongs if we would use 'upstream-institute-virtual-environment'
09:53:57 <kmARC> yeah true, I sticked with the name for historical reasons - just moved over from gitlab
09:54:02 <kmARC> github*
09:54:24 <ildikov> kmARC: would that be a big effort to name it 'upstream-institute-virtual-environment' on the OpenStack side?
09:54:39 <ianychoi> Note that it would be a minor point - it looks fine to me
09:54:44 <kmARC> at this point yes :-(
09:55:04 <kmARC> let me ask it
09:55:43 <ildikov> kmARC: ok, let's ask and if it's a too big effort then just leave as is
09:55:53 <ianychoi> Cool :)
09:56:16 <ildikov> ok, we have 4 minutes left
09:56:25 <ildikov> is there anything else we should discuss here today?
09:56:34 <ianychoi> I think for the purpose of moving all existing commits, then this direction is better than uploading to training-guides repo.
09:56:36 <ianychoi> Nope from me
09:56:47 <ildikov> ianychoi: +1
09:56:59 <kmARC> ianychoi: +1
09:58:05 <ildikov> ok, cool
09:58:11 <ildikov> I think that was all for today
09:58:17 <ildikov> great meeting
09:58:22 <ildikov> thank you all for joining!
09:58:30 <ianychoi> ildikov, agreed :) Thank you too!
09:58:43 <ildikov> see you around on the channel and Gerrit and here two weeks from today! :)
09:58:43 <gmann> thanks ildikov
09:59:19 <mrmartin> \o/
09:59:22 <ildikov> have a good day/evening everyone!
09:59:39 <ildikov> #endmeeting