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09:01:06 <ildikov> Who's around for the today's meeting?
09:06:44 <ildikov> Summer seems to be stronger this time around. :)
09:07:08 <asettle> I actually am
09:07:11 <asettle> Believe it or not
09:07:21 <ildikov> asettle: hi :)
09:08:04 <ildikov> asettle: I have a Trainers' Guide review for the today's agenda and the Contributor Portal for this and the training guides meeting as well
09:08:20 <ildikov> asettle: happy to chat about either of these if you're interested :)
09:08:29 <asettle> Sure, let's go through them!
09:10:04 <ildikov> coolio
09:10:31 <ildikov> #topic Trainer/Training organizer best practices
09:10:45 <ildikov> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/477817/
09:11:31 <ildikov> we thought to start to add our learnings to the web page as suggestions and best practices for anyone who plans to join or hold a tringin on thier own
09:11:45 <ildikov> so training
09:11:50 <ildikov> on their own
09:11:50 <asettle> That's a good idea
09:11:58 <ildikov> cannot type today... :)
09:12:06 <asettle> ildikov: story of my life
09:12:27 <ildikov> :)
09:12:52 <ildikov> so I put together a patch based on the retrospectives of the last three trainings
09:13:00 <ildikov> that's the review link above
09:13:12 <ildikov> I'll drop a mail to the ML's to draw attention to it
09:13:12 <asettle> ildikov: looks good, do you want a review?
09:13:20 <ildikov> sure, go ahead
09:13:41 <ildikov> we didn't want to have a long document, but rather a collection of items to keep in mind
09:13:41 <asettle> ildikov: where does this publish? Pardon my ignorance
09:14:05 <ildikov> it's a separate page linked to the main training page currently
09:14:35 <ildikov> here's the build: http://docs-draft.openstack.org/17/477817/3/check/gate-training-guides-tox-doc-publish-checkbuild/ccb411e//publish-docs/upstream-training/
09:15:24 <ildikov> and here's the page itself: http://docs-draft.openstack.org/17/477817/3/check/gate-training-guides-tox-doc-publish-checkbuild/ccb411e//publish-docs/upstream-training/upstream-trainers-guide.html
09:16:29 <ildikov> asettle: we also have a team wiki and thought to link the page to the wiki too
09:16:50 <ildikov> just increase the likelihood that people find it
09:17:12 <ildikov> *to
09:18:16 <asettle> Sorry ildikov I just got a phone call
09:18:31 <ildikov> no worries :)
09:19:34 <asettle> ildikov: wiki and page sounds like a good idea.
09:19:38 <asettle> Sorry, just checking it all out
09:20:00 <ildikov> I'm glad you like the idea overall
09:20:47 <ildikov> we were trying to collect the basics that overall seems like a good idea or we found it working or we struggled with it and don't want others to get into that situation too, etc.
09:22:30 <asettle> ildikov: that seems like the best way to go
09:22:45 <ildikov> cool!
09:23:08 <ildikov> I'll try to ensure we have enough eyes on it and once it's merged it's available for everyone to add/correct things in it
09:24:29 <ildikov> asettle: do you have any questions/comments to this one that we should discuss here?
09:24:56 <ildikov> no problem if not, we can take the discussion to the review as well :)
09:25:24 <asettle> ildikov: discussion in the review makes sense
09:25:39 <ildikov> coolio!
09:26:04 <ildikov> #topic Contributor Portal
09:26:12 <ildikov> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-June/118877.html
09:26:22 <ildikov> asettle: I saw you replied to Mike's thread
09:27:01 <ildikov> asettle: I have a thought at the back of my head to try to switch to this Portal with the training as well and focus on the exercises within the training material
09:27:27 <ildikov> asettle: not sure how much it makes sense, but it would be great to maintain the information at one place only
09:29:20 <ildikov> asettle: what do you think?
09:38:56 <ildikov> I will respond to the thread and bring the topic up with the training-guides team as well
09:39:06 <ildikov> we can discuss that further there
09:39:34 <ildikov> let's wrap up the meeting for today :)
09:40:12 <ildikov> #endmeeting