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20:00:17 <mlavalle> o/
20:00:18 <spotz> \o/
20:00:19 <blancos> o/
20:00:28 <kmARC> o/
20:00:32 <jungleboyj> o/
20:00:37 <ildikov> Happy Monday Team! :)
20:00:44 <jungleboyj> Happy Monday!
20:00:48 <skelso> o/
20:01:09 <vkmc> o/
20:01:32 <spotz> Impressive turnout!:)
20:01:32 <ildikov> today's agenda is here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/openstack-upstream-institute-meetings
20:01:54 <jungleboyj> spotz:  Impressive team.  ;-)
20:02:04 <ildikov> :)
20:02:08 <spotz> :)
20:02:32 <ildikov> it's a pretty cool team, thank you all! :)
20:02:39 <ildikov> I cannot repeat it enough times
20:03:05 <ildikov> but back to the agenda :)
20:03:15 <ildikov> #topic Announcements
20:03:26 <jungleboyj> :-)
20:03:36 <ildikov> with diablo_rojo we're working on getting feedback from the attendees
20:03:50 <jaypipes> hola
20:03:58 <ildikov> not that many so far unfortunately, but we got another round of reminder mails out today
20:04:19 <ildikov> hoping that people back from maybe time off after the Summit will respond
20:04:36 <ildikov> jaypipes: hi Jay :)
20:04:54 <mpranjic> hi o/
20:05:21 <spotz> ildikov: Surveys unfortunately have low response rates in general
20:05:37 <ildikov> the feedback so far is that the communication section seems less important, while the Zuul part was harder to digest
20:05:45 <ildikov> spotz: I know! :(
20:05:54 <diablo_rojo_phon> Hello :) Was looking at the wrong channel lol
20:06:14 <ildikov> diablo_rojo_phon: lol, I also pinged your other nick
20:06:25 <ildikov> diablo_rojo_phon: the beauty of Mondays... :/ :)
20:06:34 <kmARC> it's morning for you, we understand :-)
20:07:13 <diablo_rojo_phon> kmARC: afternoon now, but I'll take the escuse.
20:07:24 <diablo_rojo_phon> Sorry to derail :)
20:07:30 <jungleboyj> ildikov:  Yeah, I got that feeling already at the session on the Zuul section.  I am going to work on improving that section.
20:07:45 <ildikov> jungleboyj: sounds good, tnx!
20:07:55 <jungleboyj> ildikov:  Welcome.
20:08:09 <ildikov> mpranjic: hi :)
20:08:56 <ildikov> if no more announcements (I don't have more), then I think we can move forward and at the same time skip the open reviews part too
20:09:32 <ildikov> so let's spend a bit more time on retrospective
20:09:36 <ildikov> #topic Boston training retrospective
20:09:41 <diablo_rojo_phon> +1
20:09:48 <mpranjic> all ears :)
20:09:53 <ildikov> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/BOS_OUI_Post_Mortem
20:10:00 <mpranjic> err.. eyes... all eyes :)
20:10:11 <diablo_rojo_phon> mpranjic: lol
20:10:31 <ildikov> here's the etherpad with the ideas/thoughts we collected so far
20:10:35 <ildikov> mpranjic: lol
20:10:51 * smcginnis sneaks in
20:12:20 * jungleboyj looks at smcginnis  Dude, where you been?
20:12:29 <ildikov> so please jump on the etherpad and add +1's or additional thoughts you have about the training
20:12:35 <smcginnis> This jerk has bene distracting me all day.
20:12:49 <jungleboyj> I have had the same problem.
20:13:48 <ildikov> we can work on forming a task list and I'm hoping for volunteers to pick some of the items up :)
20:14:46 <mpranjic> sounds good
20:17:40 <diablo_rojo> Does anyone have anything that hasn't been noted already?
20:18:10 <spotz> I thought we did a pretty good job last week
20:18:22 <kmARC> let's wait with it until TMR morning and then one can compile a task list from it
20:18:55 <diablo_rojo> kmARC, +1
20:19:31 <ildikov> kmARC: good point, I didn't mean to finalize that right now
20:19:48 <ildikov> is there anything that anyone would feel to discuss?
20:19:49 <kmARC> ah okay
20:20:08 <kmARC> _ANYTHING_? :-D
20:20:23 <smcginnis> :)
20:20:25 <jungleboyj> ildikov: I have todo's for the 'slides that need fixing' section already.
20:20:30 <ildikov> kmARC: anything related to the topic ;)
20:20:51 <ildikov> jungleboyj: sounds good, thanks
20:21:25 <ildikov> jungleboyj: just shout if you need help with any of those
20:22:54 <jungleboyj> ildikov:  Will do.  It will be a couple of weeks before I can get to those, but will.  :-)
20:23:24 <diablo_rojo> jungleboyj, let us know when you need reviews :)
20:23:31 <ildikov> jungleboyj: ok, thanks for the heads up :)
20:23:42 <jungleboyj> diablo_rojo:  Will do.
20:25:23 <ildikov> I think one of the items that's part of the retrospective, but not for the actual training is to find either an alternating meeting slot or an alternative way of communication to include our team member in the Asia TZ's
20:25:35 <ildikov> I wonder what would be more preferred?
20:26:34 <mlavalle> ildikov: what time slot would we be talking about?
20:26:49 <ildikov> I thought to ask in relation to the discussions ongoing about the TC meetings for instance
20:27:36 <ildikov> mlavalle: this slot is currently a bit inconvenient for Europe and very inconvenient for people in Asia, so I would think about Europe-Asia friendly slot
20:28:31 <ildikov> like something in the range of 0600 - 1100 UTC I would guess
20:28:49 <mpranjic> yeah, that might do
20:28:55 <ildikov> but would need to run a Doodle poll if we go to that direction to be more certain
20:29:40 <mlavalle> ildikov: 0600 - 1100 UTC seems harsh for the US based crowd
20:29:41 <kmARC> +1 for doodling it
20:29:50 <spotz> Time translation?:)
20:30:12 <kmARC> +6 westcoast
20:30:16 <kmARC> :-)
20:30:26 <diablo_rojo_phon> spotz: I just Google it :)
20:30:28 <kmARC> sorry. -6 and east :-D
20:30:41 <kmARC> all the other parts were correct in that sentence
20:30:48 <spotz> kmARC: heheh
20:30:51 <mlavalle> ildikov: 1100 UTC would be 5am central us, 3 am US West coast
20:31:15 <spotz> yeah that's a wee bit early
20:31:29 <mlavalle> ildikov: I suggest alternating weeks
20:32:12 <mlavalle> ildikov: one week with a time friendly to US and Europe. The following week with time friendly to Europe and Far East
20:32:24 <mlavalle> Europe being the bridge between the two audiences
20:32:33 <ildikov> mlavalle: so the first question is whether we want to continue with the weekly meetings
20:33:19 <ildikov> mlavalle: if we do, I will setup a Doodle poll again and pick an alternating slot, like as you said alternating weeks to reach out to the other side of the planet as well
20:33:19 <spotz> mlavalle: I know having 2 meetings didn't work well for the Diversity WG
20:33:36 <mlavalle> ildikov: even if we don't continue with weekly meetings, it would be good to alternate
20:33:49 <spotz> We could go to once or twice a month until closer to summit
20:33:52 <mlavalle> spotz: Neutron team alternates
20:34:15 <spotz> mlavalle: Probably a larger group then we had:(
20:34:31 <ildikov> I was also thinking about catching up with people on the channel next day Europe morning time
20:34:39 <mpranjic> it is almost impossible to have one meeting for all (world-wide)
20:34:49 <ildikov> as the channel is logged as well
20:34:59 <mpranjic> I, for example, fall asleep waiting for some of the previous ones :)
20:35:09 <mpranjic> and they were not too late for Europe
20:35:26 <ildikov> mpranjic: it is impossible... :(
20:36:00 <ildikov> mpranjic: or well, I cannot expect people to show up on the meeting when it's like 4 am or 5 am in the morning...
20:36:20 <mpranjic> ildikov: true
20:36:42 <mlavalle> ildikov: that is why, if you have a big audience in the Far East, alternating meetings is good
20:37:00 <mpranjic> so maybe we split topics/tasks and divide them between regions (west, europe, east)?
20:37:02 <ildikov> so Doodle it is
20:37:21 <mlavalle> ildikov: IMO, it beats having to update team members in channel the following day
20:37:43 <mpranjic> ildikov: what the heck is doodle?
20:37:48 <ildikov> mpranjic: I'm not sure we can make a that clean cut with the tasks
20:38:02 <ildikov> mpranjic: a web tool where people can vote on their preference
20:38:24 <spotz> If a task needs more then one person we could definitely pair people up by close timezone
20:38:33 <ildikov> mpranjic: used for trying to find out what's most people's preference is
20:38:47 <mpranjic> ildikov: oh i see. thnx :)
20:39:17 <ildikov> mpranjic: https://beta.doodle.com , if you want to know more :)
20:39:34 <ildikov> spotz: we can definitely try
20:39:36 <mpranjic> spotz: makes sense
20:40:24 <ildikov> and we can always use the channel to sync up or mails or Gerrit, ton of options
20:40:44 <ildikov> I will create a poll tomorrow and send out the mailing list
20:40:52 <jungleboyj> ildikov:  ++
20:41:02 <jungleboyj> I think trying to split up discussions would be difficult.
20:41:12 <jungleboyj> Would prefer alternating over that.
20:41:16 <kmARC> jungleboyj: +1
20:41:21 <spotz> +1
20:42:25 <ildikov> jungleboyj: +1
20:42:39 <ildikov> ok, I think we can move on
20:42:54 <mpranjic> oki
20:43:00 <ildikov> #topic VM image source files
20:43:32 <ildikov> kmARC: I think it would be great to store the VM image files in the training-guides repo
20:43:50 <kmARC> I know, I know
20:43:54 <ildikov> kmARC: as we discussed it earlier
20:44:16 <ildikov> I just thought to bring it up here/now to see what's blocking and/or what we can help with
20:44:23 <ildikov> if that's still the plan
20:45:02 <ildikov> kmARC: so I didn't want to rush you, rather would like to help :)
20:45:25 <kmARC> well, the whole vagrant-sorcery is debatable wether it fits into training-GUIDES :-)
20:45:36 <ildikov> I know
20:45:53 <ildikov> we can do traingin-labs, although that wasn't a full fit either
20:46:10 <ildikov> we use the sources to guide people by the end of the day
20:46:23 <ildikov> like docs lives with code in the same repo all around :)
20:46:35 <ildikov> but I'm open to suggestions
20:46:55 <mpranjic> can someone give me few words about this issue pls
20:46:56 <mpranjic> ?
20:47:18 <ildikov> mpranjic: we have a VM image we use for the training
20:47:33 <mpranjic> ok
20:47:57 <ildikov> and we have some scripts that puts that image together and we would like to store that somewhere in a repo under the openstack namespace
20:48:08 <mpranjic> a ok. thnx :)
20:48:22 <ildikov> and also eventually put together a gate job a publish the built image to tarballs.openstack.org
20:50:12 <ildikov> kmARC: I'm fine with training-guides personally, but let me know if that's a big issue and then we can look into an alternative to that
20:50:36 <ildikov> I don't think we should create a new repo for that, but maybe we should
20:51:34 <kmARC> well, I would prefer a separate repository.
20:51:48 <kmARC> BC then we can just bring it over from github, with all commit history
20:52:13 <kmARC> and since it's a very well distinguishable project of the institute, it deserves it's own repository
20:52:26 <ildikov> ok, I can look it up how that goes and then we can get back to the topic
20:52:39 <kmARC> Also it is not dependend on the training guides so there is no need to merge
20:52:46 <ildikov> shouldn't be that complicated
20:53:44 <ildikov> kmARC: instructions go to the same web page
20:53:59 <ildikov> kmARC: I mean get published to one web page
20:54:20 <kmARC> What do you mean?
20:54:49 <ildikov> like info that we put up about the image
20:55:03 <ildikov> how big it is, how to deploy and what to do with it
20:55:23 <ildikov> that gets linked to the training web page
20:55:40 <kmARC> I see
20:55:54 <ildikov> ideally at least, but we can look into how to organize the docs or maybe just have it as a readme and link in that one
20:56:07 <diablo_rojo> 5 min warning
20:56:56 <ildikov> I can look up how to create a new repo and then we can get back to it either on the channel or in a mail thread
20:57:04 <ildikov> sounds good?
20:57:18 <kmARC> yupp
20:57:24 <mpranjic> okido
20:57:27 <ildikov> kmARC: cool, tnx
20:57:43 <jungleboyj> ildikov:  Agree that the documentation and links that go with it need to be better organized.
20:58:18 <diablo_rojo> +1 for mail thread
20:58:57 <ildikov> coolio, I think we're good with what's next
20:59:18 <ildikov> will try to summarize the retrospective etherpad tomorrow
20:59:38 <ildikov> so throw there more thoughts/ideas today plz if you have any
20:59:56 <ildikov> if there's anything else, let's continue on the channel :)
21:00:04 <mlavalle> o/
21:00:07 <ildikov> thank you all!
21:00:12 <ildikov> #endmeeting