15:31:08 <mfer> #startmeeting openstack-sdk-php
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15:31:32 <mfer> Hello. Please state your name followed by any association.
15:31:36 <mfer> Matt Farina, HP
15:32:06 <samchoi> Sam Choi, HP
15:33:08 <mfer> Let's give everyone else a few more minutes. We can start talking about some things here then.
15:34:51 <mfer> samchoi let's get started
15:34:59 <mfer> #topic Agenda
15:35:08 <mfer> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/OpenStack-SDK-PHP
15:35:33 <mfer> 1. Review action items from face to face meeting (mfer)
15:35:33 <mfer> 2. Advertising this project (mfer)
15:35:33 <mfer> 3. Reviews in progress - any questions/concerns? (samchoi)
15:35:43 <mfer> is there anything you'd like to change/add?
15:35:57 <samchoi> looks good to me
15:36:26 <mfer> #topic Review action items from face to face meeting
15:36:47 <mfer> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-August/041687.html
15:37:31 <mfer> I have an action to document the process and I hope to get on that later this week along with moving the decisions from this email thread to the wiki.
15:37:52 <mfer> The other actions were either for glenc who isn't in attendance or still open
15:38:18 <mfer> I'm thinking we can reach out to glenc in a week on this if not before. Does that sound good?
15:38:37 <jamiehannaford> Hi folks - we can't make today's meeting. Just popping in to let everyone know
15:38:44 <jamiehannaford> sorry for the lateness
15:38:48 <samchoi> jamiehannaford: thanks for the note
15:39:00 <mfer> jamiehannaford no worries and thanks for letting us know.
15:39:34 <samchoi> mfer: that sounds fine, I'm sure everyone just need a bit of time after their travels...
15:39:54 <mfer> samchoi and with the changes we have going on and with what Rackspace just announced
15:40:08 <mfer> then lets move on to the second item. it's new and interesting.
15:40:16 <mfer> #topic Advertising this project
15:40:36 <mfer> At the face to face we wanted to get more parties involved. I was hoping we could spend a few minutes talking about that
15:40:43 <mfer> how can we let people know
15:41:11 <mfer> For my part I was going to start tweeting/other social network post these meetings a little before they happen and invite others
15:41:17 <mfer> that's my first step
15:41:26 <mfer> samchoi do you have any other ideas for a first step?
15:42:20 <samchoi> That was what I had in mind as well. As I mentioned though, it appears that my network believes it's too much work to get involved in the project :)
15:43:01 <samchoi> Hopefully we can start finding people who stand to benefit from the SDK
15:43:15 <mfer> that's often where you get your contributors
15:43:18 <mfer> ok
15:43:33 <mfer> I just wanted to put this out there. we likely won't get more people until we have something useful
15:43:49 <mfer> let's move on to the last part then....
15:43:51 <samchoi> k
15:43:51 <mfer> #topic Reviews in progress - any questions/concerns?
15:44:23 <samchoi> All I wanted to do was to check and see if the items in progress are all still valid and should be acted upon
15:44:38 <mfer> I think the URL one is. given our conversation we should be able to review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/95751/
15:44:50 <mfer> I don't remember its status but it might be ready to go in
15:45:15 <mfer> can you find some time to give it a review in the next few days?
15:45:30 <samchoi> sure, will do
15:46:01 <mfer> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/99303/ on the stream wrappers is another one. I don't think this is ready to go but I know why. I'll elaborate on exactly why (feature wise).
15:47:18 <mfer> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/100227/ is something I'll take a look at. On first pass it looks ok and you've already reviewed it
15:48:01 <mfer> samchoi can you give https://review.openstack.org/#/c/92280/ a review in the next week or so. if anything we need to highlight the questions we have about handling documentation.
15:48:40 <samchoi> ok, I'll focus on the documentation and URL class reviews in the coming days
15:48:56 <mfer> there's one more. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/92280/
15:49:06 <mfer> sorry, i meant https://review.openstack.org/#/c/97482/
15:49:26 <mfer> given our new decision on approact and structure... let's review this one as well
15:49:39 <mfer> I'm not sure where it will stack up but it's something to consider
15:51:19 <mfer> samchoi sound good?
15:51:57 <samchoi> sure
15:52:19 <mfer> that's all the reviews. is there anything else?
15:52:50 <samchoi> That's all I had. We'd need to hear back from the contributors to move forward at this point.
15:53:18 <mfer> ok. let's get on those reivews and then start working towards next steps
15:53:25 <mfer> with that I'll call this meeting.
15:53:29 <mfer> #endmeeting