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15:30:56 <mfer> Hello folks. Can you list your name along with any applicable associations.
15:31:00 <mfer> Matt Farina, HP
15:31:07 <samchoi> Sam Choi, HP
15:33:06 <mfer> glenc is anyone from your org coming today?
15:34:37 <mfer> samchoi if no one else is coming should we call it a day?
15:34:52 <samchoi> samchoi: sure, that sounds fine to me
15:34:55 <samchoi> mfer:
15:35:23 <samchoi> interesting...irc wanted to auto complete my own username :)
15:35:57 <mfer> it's your client :)
15:37:07 <mfer> samchoi then i'll call the meeting and we can pick up again next week.
15:37:14 <mfer> #endmeeting