03:08:34 <Yumeng> #startmeeting openstack-cyborg
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03:08:46 <Yumeng> #info Yumeng
03:09:10 <songwenping_> #info songwenping_
03:09:42 <brinzhang0> #info brinzhang0
03:10:01 <Yumeng> cool.
03:10:14 <Yumeng> here is several topics I've just listed https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/CyborgTeamMeeting#Agenda
03:13:55 <Yumeng> ops.. sorry. just lost connection
03:14:53 <songwenping_> np
03:15:35 <Yumeng> shall we start from vgpu status update?
03:16:25 <songwenping_> sure
03:17:40 <Yumeng> nova has reviewed in their wallaby spec review round 2, songwenping_ pls check. you maybe interested in Sylvain's commnes
03:18:32 <songwenping_> yeah, i am checking.
03:19:24 <songwenping_> and updating soon.
03:20:05 <Yumeng> no worries. I will answer sylvain's comments.
03:20:32 <Yumeng> mention it just for your reference, for the coding
03:20:52 <songwenping_> thanks.
03:20:54 <Yumeng> we have no big disaggrement with nova now.
03:21:18 <Yumeng> almost achieve the final agreement
03:21:20 <songwenping_> great
03:22:11 <Yumeng> and in cyborg side, I proposed the conf  patch https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/cyborg/+/764450
03:22:19 <Yumeng> please help to review
03:22:36 <Yumeng> and will submit driver in the following steip
03:23:04 <songwenping_> ok cool, great job:)
03:24:32 <Yumeng> that's all for vgpu from my side
03:24:50 <Yumeng> do you have anything about vgpu?
03:25:05 <songwenping_> Yumeng, can you attach vgpu device by virsh command?
03:25:13 <songwenping_> my vgpu env is down
03:25:17 <Yumeng> nope now.
03:25:24 <Yumeng> waiting for the real env
03:25:51 <Yumeng> we are re-install a new env. maybe later
03:26:17 <songwenping_> ok cool
03:26:39 <songwenping_> nothing from myside
03:27:31 <Yumeng> ok
03:27:47 <Yumeng> I also have a doc patch needs your review. https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/cyborg/+/764603
03:28:03 <Yumeng> it's based on Brin's contributor doc patch
03:28:34 <songwenping_> will review soon
03:29:17 <Yumeng> thanks.
03:30:36 <Yumeng> hi xinranwang
03:30:39 <brinzhang> I am sorry lost connect :(
03:30:48 <xinranwang> Hi all
03:30:54 <xinranwang> sorry for being late
03:30:58 <songwenping_> hi xinranwang
03:31:07 <Yumeng> brinzhang: no pb. I lost just now either
03:32:00 <brinzhang> Yumeng: ack
03:32:27 <Yumeng> brinzhang, xinranwang : wenping and I just synced about vgpu status update.
03:32:39 <Yumeng> now we can go other topics
03:32:53 <Yumeng> do you guys have anything to bring up?
03:34:05 <Yumeng> xinranwang: I noticed smartnic spc has got +2 from Alex. that sounds cool.
03:35:08 <songwenping_> Yumeng: i would like the ssd driver spec merged:https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/cyborg-specs/+/759542, pls review.
03:36:35 <xinranwang> Yumeng:  yes. It has quiet progressed
03:38:22 <Yumeng> songwenping_: I just glanced it. the Proposed changes part seems too vague. Can you add more key information like what we do have in vGPU driver.
03:38:57 <songwenping_> not the vgpu driver
03:39:05 <Yumeng> such as trait format. does it need configuration, such information
03:39:54 <Yumeng> songwenping_: I know it's SSD driver.
03:40:14 <songwenping_> oh i see
03:40:37 <Yumeng> looks like lack of trait information, the RP model
03:41:02 <Yumeng> such important information
03:41:22 <songwenping_> it's common PCI device
03:42:03 <songwenping_> i'll add the trait info and RP model
03:42:24 <Yumeng> does it have vf or not?
03:42:33 <songwenping_> not yet
03:42:38 <Yumeng> ok
03:43:03 <Yumeng> so the whole device only has one PCI address?
03:43:15 <songwenping_> yes
03:43:31 <Yumeng> ok.got it.
03:44:36 <Yumeng> I will review the spec.~
03:45:17 <Yumeng> xinranwang brinzhang do you have anything else to discuss?
03:45:46 <songwenping_> thanks
03:46:41 <songwenping_> brinzhang is out of seat.
03:46:51 <Yumeng> ok
03:47:13 <Yumeng> if nothing else, last thing from my side will be the open patches need review https://review.opendev.org/q/project:openstack/cyborg+status:open
03:47:17 <Yumeng> ^^
03:47:41 <Yumeng> pls help to review at your convenience
03:47:55 <songwenping_> sure
03:48:09 <Yumeng> cool
03:48:26 <Yumeng> so let's wrap today's meeting and see you later.
03:48:37 <Yumeng> Thank you for coming.
03:48:40 <Yumeng> bye bye
03:48:41 <Yumeng> #endmeeting