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03:14:02 <Li_Liu> just on time CoCo
03:14:11 <Li_Liu> #topic Roll Call
03:14:16 <wangzhh> #info wangzhh
03:14:16 <Li_Liu> #info Li_Liu
03:14:38 <xinranwang> #info xinranwang
03:15:22 <Sundar> #info Sundar
03:15:24 <Sundar> Hi all
03:15:30 <Yumeng_> yummy is a story.. One of my classmate from Kuwait found it's really diffcult to pronounce Yumeng, but easy to pronunce Yummy.... then my name goes to Yummy...
03:15:36 <Li_Liu> #topic DB spec
03:15:42 <wangzhh> Hi sundar.
03:15:49 <Li_Liu> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/615462/
03:16:03 <Li_Liu> I addressed coco comments last night
03:16:25 <Li_Liu> If there are no more comments for another 24 hours, I will let it merge
03:17:21 <wangzhh> OK.
03:18:16 <Li_Liu> Sundar, does it get unblocked/abandoned?
03:18:16 <Li_Liu> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/602978/
03:19:00 <Sundar> Li_Liu: I am fine with it. We already have a disclaimer that small changes are ok
03:19:25 <Li_Liu> you mean this one ?  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/615462/
03:19:42 <Sundar> Device profiles are very much in place. The feature branch code is implementing it
03:19:59 <Sundar> Li_Liu: Yes, I was referring to db spec.
03:20:24 <Li_Liu> oh, how about this one?  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/602978/
03:20:29 <Li_Liu> it's from you
03:20:38 <Li_Liu> about  device profiles.
03:21:27 <Sundar> Yes, as I sadi above, device profiles are part of our proposal, and feature branch code is implementing it. It may be revised slightly based on Nova feedback but the concept of device profiles will be there
03:21:32 <Sundar> *said
03:22:25 <Li_Liu> I see, so it will keep hanging there for now then
03:22:52 <Coco_gao> But I think we can start implementation based on Li's Spec right now, maybe not wait for nova feedback
03:23:03 <Sundar> Li_Liu: yes
03:23:12 <Sundar> Coco_gao: Agreed
03:23:23 <Li_Liu> that's right
03:23:33 <Li_Liu> #topic DB implementation
03:23:41 <Li_Liu> CoCo and Sundar
03:23:42 <Li_Liu> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/625630/
03:23:51 <Li_Liu> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/625285/
03:24:05 <Li_Liu> I see both patch has migration code
03:24:25 <Sundar> Li_Liu: They are in different branches
03:24:39 <Li_Liu> ah
03:24:45 <Coco_gao> My code is based on Sundar's work.
03:25:00 <Sundar> Coco_gao, wangzhh and Yumeng will do it for master branch
03:25:13 <Li_Liu> cool
03:25:32 <Sundar> hey are doing the 'proper' way. I may have many TODOs because I am trying to do just enough to get a working system that can be shown to Nova
03:25:51 <Li_Liu> Thanks a lot Sundar
03:25:59 <Coco_gao> Yes, we are foucing on different areas.
03:26:36 <Sundar> Li_Liu: Welcome
03:26:56 <Sundar> I will also submit objects layer code, that Coco and others can leverage
03:27:08 <Coco_gao> Thanks a lot
03:27:25 <Sundar> I also have working API layer code. I would suggest not to put that in master branch till we align with Nova
03:27:27 <Coco_gao> that will be much faster to get the work done
03:27:42 <Sundar> Coco_gao: Welcome.
03:28:02 <Li_Liu> Sundar, do you have anyone helping you on that?
03:28:08 <Li_Liu> seems quite some work
03:28:22 <Sundar> Also, in our engineering sync on Tuesday China time, we said that we should v1 APIs. But should we keep v1 objects and db layer?
03:28:49 <Sundar> Li_Liu: No :)
03:29:09 <Sundar> I started on Thanksgiving weekend and hope to finish on Christmas holiday
03:29:57 <Li_Liu> ah, speaking of that, we will not have IRC meetings for the next 2 weeks
03:30:10 <Li_Liu> due to holiday seasons
03:30:13 <Coco_gao> Yes, I think so.
03:30:33 <Sundar> Coco_gao and others: Do you have Christmas holidays in China?
03:30:46 <Coco_gao> Merry Christmas and Happy new year~
03:31:08 <Li_Liu> I don't think so
03:31:18 <Sundar> Coco_gao and all: Same to you all!
03:31:19 <Li_Liu> there are holidays for X'mas
03:31:20 <wangzhh> No, maybe just an hours holiday. :(
03:31:46 <Sundar> wangzhh: An hour's holiday?
03:31:50 <Coco_gao> No, we don't have holiday but usually we celebrate that~
03:32:38 <Sundar> Cool. We said that we should v1 APIs. But should we keep v1 objects and db layer?
03:33:00 <wangzhh> Sundar, Leave work early that day.
03:33:30 <Sundar> If v1 API is used to query an accelerator object, for example, we can return null list, because there are no accelerator tables
03:33:38 <Li_Liu> do the versions have to line up?
03:33:44 <Sundar> But, if v1 API is used to POST an accelerator, what's the right behavior?
03:34:00 <Li_Liu> invalid operation?
03:34:54 <Sundar> Li_Liu: I am not sure how OpenStack core defines backwards compat.
03:35:25 <Sundar> If we returned a valid object in Rocky, can we return invalid op in Stein for the same version?
03:37:23 <Li_Liu> I can ask around for that one
03:37:27 <Li_Liu> no worries
03:37:31 <Sundar> Thanks
03:37:59 <Sundar> I am not a fan of keeping outdated code around. It would be good to remove v1 objects
03:38:12 <Coco_gao> me too, ahhha
03:38:21 <Li_Liu> yup
03:38:34 <Coco_gao> that will be easier for implementation.
03:39:04 <Sundar> Yes. I just submitted a patch to the feature branch to disable all unit tests for v1 :)
03:39:21 <Li_Liu> #topic work assignments
03:39:48 <Li_Liu> Sundar, you will keep working on that pilot branch. I guess that will keep you busy for some time
03:40:08 <Sundar> Li_Liu: Absolutely
03:40:37 <Li_Liu> CoCo, Zhenghao, Yumeng, you guys will be focusing on the db implementations. and I will also be helping
03:42:00 <wangzhh> Yup
03:42:15 <Li_Liu> That's it then
03:42:21 <Li_Liu> #topic AoB
03:42:41 <Li_Liu> any another thing you guys wanna share before the end of 2018? :P
03:42:59 <Coco_gao> Pls help review the code.
03:43:03 <Coco_gao> thank you
03:43:30 <Sundar> Please review the pilot branch code too
03:43:41 <Sundar> Early feedback is appreciated
03:43:44 <Li_Liu> That's for sure
03:43:50 <Coco_gao> I will, thanks Sundar
03:43:56 <Yumeng_> will do that :)
03:44:20 <Li_Liu> Thank you guys Mary X'Mas and happy new year!!
03:44:24 <Sundar> Thanks! Happy Holidays to all of you!
03:44:28 <Li_Liu> Thanks a lot for the work in 2018
03:44:35 <Li_Liu> let's keep pushing in 2019
03:44:56 <Sundar> Yup
03:45:12 <Sundar> Three cheers to that
03:45:27 <Li_Liu> Have a good night/day where ever you are
03:45:34 <Li_Liu> #endmeeting