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23:17:53 <fifieldt> there you go :)
23:18:12 <reed> yeah
23:18:22 <reed> thanks, I don't have all my tools in here
23:18:35 <reed> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Community has the agenda
23:18:54 <fifieldt> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Community
23:19:04 <reed> evgeny_: want to start from first point, evaluate pending issues https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-community ?
23:19:12 <evgeny_> ok.
23:19:34 <reed> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-community/+bugs?field.tag=askproject
23:20:23 <reed> what's the status of the certificate?
23:20:26 <evgeny_> no progress yet on those. We've updated the Chinese search and integrated theme with the language menu
23:20:47 <evgeny_> reed: we need the bundle file
23:21:04 <evgeny_> I think I can't come up with it on my own
23:21:18 <reed> jim replied to that but saying that the bundle file is included in the tar.gz he sent
23:21:20 <evgeny_> it's a set of certificates from yours to roots
23:21:30 <reed> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-community/+bug/1172076/comments/2
23:21:31 <evgeny_> looking
23:21:33 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1172076 in openstack-community "ask.openstack.org misconfigured security certificate" [High,In progress]
23:22:39 <evgeny_> I've looked for email from him with the certs - don't see
23:23:06 <evgeny_> oh, ok
23:23:08 <evgeny_> let me see
23:23:11 <fifieldt> based on that comment it seems like it's on the system already?
23:23:22 <evgeny_> sounds like it, looking
23:24:36 <reed> evgeny_: let's put this as an action item for next week. Please allocate time to fix that issue
23:24:45 <evgeny_> I see this file
23:24:52 <evgeny_> will do very soon
23:24:56 <reed> #action evgeny_  to work on bug 1172076
23:24:57 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1172076 in openstack-community "ask.openstack.org misconfigured security certificate" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1172076
23:25:22 <reed> evgeny_: do you want to highlight briefly the status of Ask in Chinese?
23:25:56 <evgeny_> we've updated the language analyzer for Chinese, now need a tester to evaluate
23:26:18 <fifieldt> I can take a look
23:26:18 <evgeny_> also language selector is implemented in your theme (ask-staging.openstack.org)
23:26:27 <reed> evgeny_: what's the url for the test?
23:26:40 <evgeny_> ask-staging.openstack.org/zh/
23:26:42 <reed> #link http://ask-staging.openstack.org
23:26:58 <evgeny_> language navigation is top right
23:28:17 <reed> evgeny_: what's the status of the translation for the GUI elements? do you need help from translators on transifex?
23:28:36 <evgeny_> yes
23:29:00 <evgeny_> ok, I will deploy the UI in a couple of days
23:29:14 <evgeny_> then we'll see how it looks
23:29:20 <reed> #info Ask in Chinese needs help from Chinese community to translate GUI elements https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/askbot/
23:29:43 <etoews1> FYI I'm going to need to drop off on 10 minutes or so. The family is getting antsy. :)
23:29:57 <fifieldt> evgeny_, is it possible to generate PO files for askbot?
23:30:08 <reed> etoews1: sorry for it
23:30:12 <evgeny_> they are in transifex
23:30:22 <fifieldt> oh cool
23:30:34 <evgeny_> fifieldt: yes - they are generated from the templates and js and are part of the repo
23:30:56 <evgeny_> but we use ONLY transifex for the translations b/c it is important to have a single source (at least helps a lot)
23:31:19 <reed> fifieldt: I think we can help with transifex, right?
23:31:26 <fifieldt> https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/askbot/
23:31:33 <fifieldt> #link https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/askbot/
23:32:02 <evgeny_> reed: I'm creating a Trello board, will invite you
23:32:05 <fifieldt> it looks like chinese is only 60% translated so far
23:32:17 <fifieldt> so it's >5000 words to go
23:32:28 <fifieldt> this would be a major translation effort for us right now
23:33:01 <fifieldt> so we'd probably need to look at which specific strings we actually need
23:33:15 <reed> #link https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/askbot/
23:33:17 <evgeny_> yes, that makes sense
23:33:34 <reed> fifieldt: I'm thinking of asking people to help
23:33:36 <evgeny_> there probably a bunch of fuzzy (outdated) strings
23:34:07 <reed> from the Chinese groups
23:34:17 <fifieldt> yes, reed - but we also have a lot of other needs for translation right now
23:34:25 <fifieldt> they should be prioritised
23:34:33 <fifieldt> so we should talk to daisy
23:35:01 <reed> #action reed to send a request to Chinese User Groups to help translate askbot GUI
23:35:16 <fifieldt> I think you should be sending an email to daisy first
23:35:41 <reed> evgeny_: what are next steps for the project?
23:36:00 <fifieldt> such random requests without a plan  and priorities can burn out our people :)
23:36:33 <evgeny_> reed: fix the issues on the tracker
23:36:56 <evgeny_> implement UI language switch
23:37:06 <evgeny_> deploy what on ask-staging
23:37:18 <evgeny_> then people will be able to see what needs to be translated
23:38:29 <evgeny_> technically - if Chinese search works we can deploy on the production
23:38:37 <evgeny_> even if the UI is not translated
23:39:05 <evgeny_> reed: that's up to you - to wait for the UI translation or not
23:39:55 <reed> agreed, I'm not too concerned about having 100% UI translated
23:40:06 <reed> let's get the search capability out of the door first, I and fifieldt  will take care of the GUI stuff
23:40:44 <etoews1> Yep. I really gotta go. I'll catch up with the meeting minutes later. I'm out of the office next week so won't be around.
23:40:55 <etoews1> TTLY
23:41:00 <fifieldt> ciao etoews1
23:41:27 <reed> evgeny_: what are the next steps for this project... what are you going to do until next meeting?
23:41:41 <reed> for the Ask Chinese project I mean
23:42:23 <evgeny_> I will fix issues listed on the board (ssl cert, etc), implement UI language switch, setup alert for security updates
23:43:07 <reed> evgeny_: do you want to go through the other bugs and make sure they're properly triaged?
23:43:09 <evgeny_> for the chinese
23:43:16 <evgeny_> ok
23:43:23 <reed> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-community/+bug/1190834
23:43:24 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1190834 in openstack-community "ask.openstack can't interrogate based on views" [Undecided,New]
23:43:34 <evgeny_> let's do that
23:43:54 <reed> fifieldt: you filed that, want to add more details?
23:44:10 <fifieldt> oh, sure
23:44:20 <evgeny_> reed: imo that one is invalid (at least if taken literally)
23:44:39 <fifieldt> so, I basically figured that the number of views indicates how 'popular' the question is
23:44:42 <evgeny_> that is because usually view counts correlate strongly with age
23:44:46 <evgeny_> of the question
23:44:50 <fifieldt> getting there evgeny_ :)
23:45:14 <evgeny_> trending score would need to be something different
23:45:26 <fifieldt> since our questions are mainly problems, the view count normalised against the age could be an indicator of issues in openstack
23:45:41 <evgeny_> maybe, that might work
23:46:59 <evgeny_> "trending" sort may be another sort option and may be default, if it works well.
23:47:11 <reed> ok, I think this is something that needs more discussions... let's move the comments on the bug itself and we can decide if it's a bug or not
23:47:29 <evgeny_> it's definitely a feature request
23:47:53 <reed> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-community/+bug/1190915
23:47:54 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1190915 in openstack-community "ask.openstack - angle brackets, even inside <pre> tags are not printed in preview mode" [Undecided,New]
23:48:16 <evgeny_> the previewer will need work
23:48:28 <evgeny_> there are two markdown parsers
23:48:45 <evgeny_> one in js for the frontend and one on the server - for display
23:48:49 <evgeny_> of the rendered posts
23:49:00 <evgeny_> two code bases
23:49:49 <evgeny_> ideally the previewer implementation should be a 1:1 port of python markdown
23:49:54 <evgeny_> to javascript
23:50:39 <evgeny_> but again - issues like this one can be dealt with on one by one bases
23:50:44 <evgeny_> basis
23:51:17 <evgeny_> there won't be a solid guarantee though, one new thing can break another
23:51:21 <evgeny_> as it's a parser
23:52:17 <fifieldt> it's not my place to say, but isn't this a classic double-maintenance problem? I'm just thinking whether there might be some way to use just the server parser :) but anyway, it tends to work well
23:52:21 <fifieldt> ok reed has dropped out
23:52:26 <fifieldt> I am relaying messages from skype
23:52:47 <fifieldt> reed: " my long term suggestion: get rid of markdown and go wysiwyg html editor"
23:52:49 <evgeny_> unfortunately that would make the previewer lagging
23:52:53 <evgeny_> but definitely possible
23:53:25 <fifieldt> coolo, will leave you to think  - you're the experts :)
23:53:27 <fifieldt> next bug ...
23:53:31 <evgeny_> reed: frankly for your community I recommend markdown, but wysiwyg is an available option
23:53:36 <fifieldt> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-community/+bug/1189103
23:53:37 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1189103 in openstack-community "ask.openstack user profile 'activity' tab not showing latest info for frequent contributors" [Medium,Triaged]
23:54:15 <reed> dropped
23:54:22 <fifieldt> wb reed, we';re on the next bug
23:54:33 <reed> cool
23:54:51 <evgeny_> activity tab is supposed to show activity of the given user
23:55:01 <evgeny_> not the whole forum activity
23:55:20 <fifieldt> yes, of course
23:55:51 <fifieldt> the problem is that it appears to be truncated after a certain amount of lines
23:56:03 <evgeny_> so given that there is still an issue in your opinion?
23:56:08 <fifieldt> yes
23:56:14 <evgeny_> ok - got it
23:56:15 <fifieldt> look at the example user
23:56:32 <fifieldt> cool
23:56:33 <evgeny_> the solution is to add pagination (at least this is how we have it on other pages)
23:57:15 <reed> evgeny_: that sample link shows my activity as it stopped in April... not good :)
23:57:15 <fifieldt> works for me
23:57:20 <evgeny_> we had a similar problem on the list of users questions and answers - I've just solved this on a dev branch
23:57:31 <reed> yeah, pagination or just the most recent activity in one page, latest first
23:58:03 <evgeny_> ok, second item - see if info is not dropped for some reason or sorting is correct
23:58:43 <reed> ready to go to the next one?
23:58:55 <reed> https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-community/+bug/1184298
23:58:57 <evgeny_> yes, I've updated the commment
23:58:58 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1184298 in openstack-community "ask.openstack 'Enthusiast' badge appears not to be working" [Medium,Triaged]
23:59:11 <evgeny_> this is clear t ome
23:59:25 <reed> alright
23:59:30 <evgeny_> let's go to the next one
23:59:41 <reed> https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-community/+bug/1190695
23:59:42 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1190695 in openstack-community "email summary from Ask lists Evgeny as contact point" [High,Triaged]
23:59:59 <reed> I think there are two issues here
00:00:15 <reed> 1) i'm not sure that sending email works
00:00:38 <reed> 2) when we get email from askbot it lists evgeny_ as forum moderator
00:00:50 <reed> not sure if that's the intended behavior
00:01:05 <evgeny_> what brings the concern 1)?
00:01:40 <reed> evgeny_: I get only updates from questions I have edited and only once last week I have received the weekly summary
00:01:55 <reed> and my subscriptions page has lots more emails
00:02:16 <reed> but I haven't spent too much time investigating and that's why I haven't filed a bug yet
00:02:39 <reed> according to https://ask.openstack.org/users/9/smaffulli/?sort=email_subscriptions I should get lots of daily emails
00:02:59 <reed> I don't... I only get the notifications immediately from questinos I have edited/answered
00:03:18 <evgeny_> I see
00:03:29 <evgeny_> there is minimum karma to trigger notifications  maybe that
00:03:42 <evgeny_> 15
00:03:51 <reed> I should have plenty of karma now to receive notifications
00:04:03 <evgeny_> if user has < 15 they don't trigger email to anyone except admins
00:04:17 <fifieldt> reed, you have 400 or so IIRC
00:04:20 <evgeny_> that applies to karma of the author
00:04:30 <evgeny_> the idea is that low karma users are likely to spam
00:04:35 <evgeny_> we can lower this to 1
00:05:14 <reed> evgeny_: shouldn't I be getting daily summaries for the tags I decided to follow?
00:05:21 <reed> independently from the karma of their authors?
00:05:40 <evgeny_> reed - that's up to you (the first part - what to subscribe to)
00:05:48 <evgeny_> but yes maybe let me think
00:06:07 <evgeny_> the issue is that spammers almost always have the lowest karma
00:06:09 <reed> evgeny_: that's the issue: I have never received notifications from subscriptions
00:06:28 <evgeny_> let's see, I'll lower this.
00:06:44 <reed> or probably only once... which is when I realised that you are listed as contact point
00:07:33 <reed> how do we edit the outgoing emails?
00:07:45 <evgeny_> ok - so I will look into the mail sending
00:07:52 <reed> thanks
00:08:07 <reed> that concludes the list, I think
00:08:11 <evgeny_> ATM there is no way to edit content of email via the UI
00:08:16 <evgeny_> we have templates
00:08:23 <evgeny_> on disk
00:08:35 <evgeny_> we can implement fields for the email snippets
00:08:42 <reed> can we put them on the git repository somewhere where we can edit them?
00:08:55 <evgeny_> also we can customize templates in the themem
00:08:57 <evgeny_> theme
00:09:05 <evgeny_> - yes theme is in the repo
00:09:13 <reed> yeah, I'd say go with that
00:09:27 <evgeny_> Maybe a better approach would be to add settings options
00:09:57 <evgeny_> then you'll be able to tweak messages easier
00:10:05 <reed> updated the bug
00:10:19 <evgeny_> - that will apply sometimes only to certain snippets of text
00:10:25 <evgeny_> such as preamble, footer
00:10:25 <reed> the easiest, fastest way is the best :)
00:10:51 <evgeny_> option will be quick
00:11:13 <evgeny_> should we make another ticked for that?
00:11:22 <evgeny_> ticket
00:11:34 <reed> evgeny_: for tweaking messages?
00:11:38 <evgeny_> yes
00:12:13 <reed> I think it's better to solve this one the easy/fast way first and make a note to develop a more elegant solution
00:12:31 <reed> i think we're done with reviewing/triaging bugs
00:12:45 <reed> and we're almost done with time, too
00:12:48 <fifieldt> well, bugs for the ask project
00:12:51 <evgeny_> it's actually fast
00:12:53 <fifieldt> there are others
00:13:11 <evgeny_> as it does not require to create new files
00:13:19 <evgeny_> I add options
00:13:32 <reed> fifieldt: yeah, but the other providers are not here
00:13:33 <evgeny_> and inject optional text into the templates
00:14:14 <reed> evgeny_: as you prefer, as long as that is fixed :)
00:15:57 <reed> ok
00:16:20 <reed> fifieldt: other things to discuss?
00:16:38 <reed> fifieldt: for the other bugs tracked there I will talk to Bitergia and zagile
00:17:05 <fifieldt> there's also some ones not covered by those guys I think :)
00:17:11 <fifieldt> erm, what else is on the agenda/
00:17:20 <fifieldt> how to help developers consuming API  ?
00:17:24 <reed> fifieldt: yeah
00:17:29 <fifieldt> I had a good chat with everett yesterday
00:17:30 <reed> wanted to discuss that with Everett
00:17:40 <fifieldt> got some ideas
00:17:45 <fifieldt> will write them up and email ?
00:17:48 <reed> #topic how to help developers consuming API
00:18:00 <reed> fifieldt: sounds like a good idea :)
00:18:21 <evgeny_> reed: is this still re: askbot?
00:18:28 <fifieldt> naw
00:18:32 <fifieldt> openstack api
00:18:35 <fifieldt> sorry for confusion
00:18:59 <reed> #action fifieldt to summarise conversation with Everett about helping developers consuming OpenStack
00:19:04 <evgeny_> ok, thanks
00:19:20 <reed> #topic other, various stuff
00:19:22 <reed> anything else?
00:19:39 <reed> if not we should close and go get beers
00:19:47 <reed> at least in this timezone
00:20:22 <fifieldt> indeed
00:20:23 <fifieldt> :)
00:20:25 <reed> I apologize for all this trouble... next time that the meeting happens when I'm not in the office I'll make sure there is an weechat I can use
00:20:36 <reed> #endmeeting
00:20:47 <reed> not sure I can end it since I didn't start it
00:20:59 <fifieldt> #endmeeting