16:00:02 <gibi> #startmeeting nova
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16:00:07 <gibi> o/
16:01:13 <artom> ~o~
16:01:15 <dansmith> .
16:01:50 <gibi> let's get started
16:01:53 <gibi> #topic Bugs (stuck/critical)
16:02:01 <gibi> No critical bugs
16:02:08 <gibi> #link 20 new untriaged bugs (-9 since the last meeting): https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bugs?search=Search&field.status=New
16:02:33 <gibi> any bug we need to talk about?
16:02:36 <lyarwood> \o
16:03:11 <gibi> then
16:03:12 <gibi> #topic Release Planning
16:03:18 <gibi> we have 4 weeks until Victoria M-1 we should focus on looking at specs and preparing for the PTG.
16:03:55 <gibi> anything about Victoria we should talk about?
16:05:04 <gibi> #topic Stable Branches
16:05:11 <gibi> lyarwood: any news?
16:05:43 <lyarwood> Nothing really, just that reviews are starting to build up
16:05:47 <lyarwood> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/q/project:openstack/nova+branch:%255Estable.*+status:open
16:05:59 <lyarwood> Any help from stable cores and others to get things moving would be appreciated
16:06:24 <gibi> lyarwood: thanks
16:06:55 <gibi> 18:05 < gibi> #topic Stable Branches
16:07:02 <gibi> ups
16:07:05 <gibi> #topic Sub/related team Highlights
16:07:11 <gibi> API (gmann)
16:08:28 <gibi> I guess we don't have gmann here today
16:08:38 <gibi> Libvirt (bauzas)
16:08:52 <gibi> or somebody else from the subteam as bauzas is on PTO
16:09:37 <lyarwood> I guess that's me again but I don't have anything.
16:10:05 <gibi> OK, cool
16:10:17 <gibi> moving forward
16:10:18 <gibi> #topic Stuck Reviews
16:10:29 <gibi> nothing on the agenda
16:10:49 <gibi> is there any stuck review to discuss?
16:11:47 <gibi> #topic Virtual PTG
16:11:58 <gibi> #link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/nova-victoria-ptg the master etherpad
16:12:05 <gibi> Please start (pre-)discussing the PTG topics as we will have limited time during the PTG. #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2020-May/014940.html
16:12:24 <gibi> I've started a couple of ML threads
16:12:58 <gibi> and I have see two topics where it is not clear who is driving it
16:13:20 <gibi> who is driving "hw:* vs resources:* syntax in extra specs" ?
16:13:40 <stephenfin> I can take point on that
16:13:47 <gibi> stephenfin: thanks
16:13:55 <gibi> the other is "Standarisation of extra spec namespaces"
16:14:21 <stephenfin> me again, I guess?
16:14:32 <gibi> OK
16:14:45 <gibi> the rest of the topic had a nick attached
16:15:17 <gibi> anything else we want to talk about regarding the virtual PTG?
16:16:16 <stephenfin> not from me, anyway
16:16:32 <gibi> :)
16:16:46 <gibi> #topic Open discussion
16:17:04 <gibi> any other business?
16:18:06 <gibi> Today we are super quick
16:18:19 <stephenfin> \o/
16:18:21 <gibi> that makes my beer time 40 minutes early
16:18:44 <gibi> thank you all
16:18:46 <gibi> #endmeeting