13:59:55 <gibi> #startmeeting nova
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14:01:22 <gibi> hello everyone
14:01:46 <shilpasd> Hi Gibi
14:02:28 <gibi> I don't expect a lot of participation as US having Thanksgiving today
14:02:56 <gibi> but if it is only you shilpasd and me then it will be an extra short meeting
14:03:14 <shilpasd> Okay
14:03:25 <gibi> waiting a bit for the EU cores to show up
14:07:31 <gibi> OK I think there is no reason to wait more
14:07:34 * bauzas is here
14:07:43 <gibi> shilpasd: I see that you have two topics added to the agenda
14:07:56 <gibi> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/612626/ Ignore root_gb if instance is booted from volume
14:07:57 <shilpasd80> gibi: yes
14:08:29 <shilpasd80> As per Matt comments, I have splitters patches
14:08:51 <shilpasd80> And using rally done performance testing on changes
14:09:03 <gibi> so you basically did what mriedem asked for
14:09:19 <shilpasd80> Yes, need further review
14:09:45 <gibi> OK, let's ping mriedem with this patch series when he is back from holiday
14:09:52 <gibi> I can also try to read it
14:10:03 <shilpasd80> Sure, thanks gibi
14:10:33 <gibi> The other is item on the agenda is  https://review.opendev.org/#/c/650188  Allow compute nodes to use DISK_GB from shared storage RP
14:10:45 <gibi> I reviewd the spec and it looks pretty good to me
14:11:15 <gibi> but yeah, we need reviews from others especially for the API impact part
14:11:42 <gibi> bauzas was involved earlier in this spec but I know he was busy this week with downstream bugs
14:11:48 <shilpasd> Sorry, internet is intermittent
14:12:28 <gibi> shilpasd: anyhow I think it worth to check with bauzas next week about the sharing disk spec
14:12:39 <shilpasd> Gibi: sure
14:13:06 <shilpasd> Any pointers for API at placement that Tushar suggesting
14:13:11 <bauzas> gibi: yeah we need to review this spec
14:13:21 <gibi> bauzas: ohh hi! :)
14:13:29 <shilpasd> Bauzas: hi
14:13:37 <bauzas> :)
14:14:06 <gibi> shilpasd: I think you can ping tetsuro about the placement impact. I will also try to spend some time thinking about it
14:14:25 <shilpasd> Ok
14:14:37 <shilpasd> What about hypervisor details
14:15:02 <gibi> shilpasd: but it would be good to see some agreement in nova side first that the API change in the os-hypervisor is OK before we jump in adding a new API to placement for it
14:15:46 <shilpasd> So should we wait for more reviews
14:16:05 <gibi> shilpasd: for me your proposal for the os-hypervisors/detail API looks OK but we need more eyes
14:16:11 <gibi> shilpasd: yes
14:16:19 <shilpasd> Gibi: sure
14:16:46 <gibi> if nothing happens next week the I suggest you to bring this up again on the next meeting where we can expect more cores
14:17:33 <shilpasd> So here I am requesting all core reviewers to do the more review of Shared aggregate spec
14:17:49 <shilpasd> gibi: sure
14:18:23 <gibi> anything else we can discuss today?
14:18:43 <shilpasd> gibi: that's from my side, thanks
14:19:06 <gibi> shilpasd: sorry that we had not enough core representation to move your topics forward today
14:19:09 <shilpasd> Bauzas: waiting for review, thanks
14:19:20 <gibi> let's close this meeting then
14:19:22 <bauzas> shilpasd: sure, targeting it as soon as I can :)
14:19:22 <shilpasd> gibi: no worries
14:19:32 <shilpasd> 👍
14:19:43 <shilpasd> Bye both of you, thanks
14:19:55 <gibi> #endmeeting