15:02:44 <ativelkov> #startmeeting murano
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15:02:56 <ativelkov> Hi guys
15:03:07 <rakhmerov> hi
15:03:14 <akuznetsova> Hello everybody
15:03:26 <sergmelikyan> Hi!
15:03:33 <dteselkin> Hi!
15:03:39 <tsufiev> hello!
15:03:47 <IgorYozhikov> hi
15:03:49 <ativelkov> Seems like I've forgotten to write today's agenda in advancу
15:03:53 <ativelkov> sorry about that
15:04:01 <ativelkov> let's do it on the fly
15:04:45 <ativelkov> let's start with the progree review for this week, then we'll discuss Linux Agent and Metadata Repository progress, and then let's have an open discussion on any other questions
15:05:06 <gokrokve> hi
15:05:28 <gokrokve> Good. Lets start then.
15:06:11 <ativelkov> Do we have Timur Nurlygayanov online?
15:06:37 <IgorYozhikov> for now Linux agent works with simple execution plan, i'm just writing test execution plan
15:06:56 <akuznetsova> timur is coming
15:07:41 <gokrokve> Can we create a simple workflow to install MariaDB?
15:08:15 <ativelkov> I've never tried it
15:08:27 <ativelkov> If it is simple, then we definetly can
15:09:10 <ativelkov> Actually, we discussed it today, and thought that we may start with something as simple, as just running some "sudo apt-get install mc" on a linux node
15:09:14 <IgorYozhikov> I working on telnet server
15:09:31 <ativelkov> just to demonstrate that we can run some orbitrary shell
15:09:55 <ativelkov> at least this can be done till the Wednesday progress0demo
15:10:58 <ativelkov> More usefull scenarios can be developed later. I am not sure that we will be фидк to properly debug them
15:11:17 <ativelkov> able*, sorry
15:12:07 <ativelkov> tnurlygayanov: can you give us some update on this week's progress?
15:13:17 <tnurlygayanov> yes
15:13:42 <tnurlygayanov> on this week we have fixed several critical issues with release 0.2.11
15:14:38 <tnurlygayanov> also new web page was implemented: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/murano/+spec/web-page-for-images-registration
15:17:02 <tnurlygayanov> on this week the simple linux agent with all fixes was created and now we can build cirros image with agent by the following documentation: https://github.com/stackforge/murano-deployment/tree/master/cirros
15:17:37 <ativelkov> That is actually not a real agent. I would rather call it a stab
15:17:55 <gokrokve> Do we have document with instructions how to build Linux image for Murano?
15:18:01 <ativelkov> because it does not follow the Murano-Agent specification
15:18:20 <ekarlso> how goes the workflow stuff ?
15:18:33 <tnurlygayanov> yes, we have the documentation and scripts on the page https://github.com/stackforge/murano-deployment/tree/master/cirros
15:19:10 <tnurlygayanov> ativelkov, eyes, but we can try and test it
15:19:14 <ativelkov> ekarlso: what exactly do you mean by workflow stuff?
15:20:12 <dteselkin> This document describes only CirrOS image for demo scenario. A comprehensive Linux image builder guide still not exists.
15:23:35 <ativelkov> so, let's proceed - about the full-grade Linux Agent
15:23:55 <ativelkov> slagun has imlemented the first version of it
15:24:17 <ativelkov> Stan, could you describe what you have done in some more details?
15:24:45 <slagun_> First of all I've written a specification on how vNext agent should look like
15:24:58 <slagun_> inputs and output formats etc
15:25:42 <ativelkov> Is this document published now?
15:25:43 <slagun_> I've created initial version of vNext agent that hah vNext execution plan format suuport and capable of executing bash scripts and external executables with commandline provided
15:25:57 <slagun_> it can also capture stdout and stderr
15:26:30 <slagun_> The document is published on the wiki and Linux agent blueprint was updated
15:26:55 <slagun_> I've also upgraded murano-conductor to support vNext execution plan templates
15:27:52 <slagun_> So now we are ready to start developing some sample Linux-specific service. Maybe even demonstrate mixed environment with both Windows and Linux
15:28:10 <ativelkov> Here is the link to the wiki: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Murano/UnifiedAgent
15:28:27 <ativelkov> That sounds great
15:28:33 <gokrokve> ekarlso: Hi. Murano supports workflows already. We have some limited set of DSL commands to be used in workflows. Most of them were heat specific and windows specific, like create heat template and run powershell function from script
15:29:16 <gokrokve> Right now we are extending DSL language to support commands specific to Linux.
15:30:19 <gokrokve> ekarlso: Murano-conductor is an engine to process workflows. This is one of the Murano components.
15:31:15 <ativelkov> Also, we have started work over Metadata repository
15:31:28 <ativelkov> We have approved a specification and published it in our wiki space
15:31:47 <ativelkov> it is available at wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Murano/SimplifiedMetadataRepository
15:32:37 <ativelkov> We have created a task breakdown for it, submitted the tasks as launchpad blueprints - and already started working on them
15:32:51 <ekarlso> gokrokve: will you guys use taskflow or ?
15:33:12 <ativelkov> ekarlso: that is currently being discussed
15:33:22 <gokrokve> Yes. We are evaluating taskflow library.
15:33:48 <ekarlso> anything bad with it since only evaluating ? :)
15:33:55 <gokrokve> At the same time we see that murano-conductor can be used as taskflow as a service.
15:34:08 <tsufiev> we have some ideas on how to modify our workflow to fit it into taskflow concepts
15:34:18 <gokrokve> We spent only one week on it.
15:34:23 <slagun_> Today we had a discussion on this
15:34:23 <tsufiev> currently they are not 100%-compatible
15:34:32 <ekarlso> wasn't there a service also
15:34:38 <ekarlso> that was going to be a workflow as a service ?
15:34:56 <gokrokve> No. I saw only proposal for Convection, but nothin is implemented as I know.
15:35:26 <ekarlso> that was what I meant : )
15:35:34 <gokrokve> Taskflow as a service actually suppose to have some DSL to describe tasks and their flow.
15:35:54 <sergmelikyan> Guys from TaskFlow currently working on distributed task execution, as core feature for Convection
15:35:57 <gokrokve> That is exactly what we have: Murano-conductor - dsl egine
15:35:59 <slagun_> It seems that parts of Murano vNext may contribute a Convections implementation
15:36:24 <ativelkov> Actually, today we had a productive design session on the next generation Murano-conductor state machine
15:37:00 <ativelkov> and it seems like this state machine can be decoupled from Murano's core functionality and contributed to some other task-management solution
15:37:44 <tsufiev> it would be interesting to make a prototype of new murano-conductor which employs TaskFlow library...
15:37:45 <ativelkov> so, we may contribute this to Convection - if it fits our goals (and if our approach fits their goals, of course)
15:37:59 <ekarlso> :P
15:38:03 <ekarlso> is convection started or ?
15:38:16 <gokrokve> Yep. We plan to start converstaion with Convection team immideately.
15:38:42 <ekarlso> i didn't think it was started even...
15:39:09 <gokrokve> it is not started yet.
15:39:24 <gokrokve> We plan to meet with a person who submitted the proposal.
15:39:35 <ekarlso> harlowja ? ;)
15:40:52 <rakhmerov> the main point here is that Murano can perfectly fit into Convection concept once it's reworked in a certain way. And we're now discussing how exactly
15:41:21 <rakhmerov> more specificly, murano conductor
15:41:41 <ativelkov> And even more specifically, the state machine of the murano conductor
15:42:17 <rakhmerov> yep
15:42:31 <ativelkov> because right now the conductor consist of the state machine and the tools and APIs to communicate with OpenStack services (such as Heat) and Murano Agents (running on the Virtual Machines)
15:44:31 <ativelkov> So, the idea is to separate this state machine and make it complete unaware of the tasks which is schedules
15:45:06 <ativelkov> When we have defined the concept of this state machine, it looked very similar to what was announced for the Convection
15:45:21 <ativelkov> so, probably we can contribute this
15:47:35 <tsufiev> it started to look similar to Convection proposal once we broken the loop in conductor's workflow
15:48:04 <ativelkov> Yes.
15:48:06 <gokrokve> ekarlso: Yep. I think I saw his contacts osmewhere.
15:48:19 <tsufiev> and got an idea how to make conductor's state explicit
15:48:41 <ativelkov> And this may become also a good point for Heat team as well
15:49:22 <ativelkov> If they want to orchestrate the complex software deployments, they will need to do similar things
15:49:58 <ativelkov> and they do not need to reinvent the task scheduling tool on their own
15:50:34 <igormarnat_> So we need also to discuss and determine proper place for it (component)
15:52:02 <ativelkov> igormarnat_: which component do you mean? Convection-like engine?
15:52:26 <igormarnat_> Yep. Need to understand how to split the levels of abstraction and find the proper place for each
15:53:41 <ativelkov> igormarnat_: you may look at our whiteboard right now: it has exectly this diagram
15:53:54 <ativelkov> but we'll need to share it with the community, of course
15:54:06 <igormarnat_> This is what I meant, yah
15:55:06 <igormarnat_> So I guess we need couple of days to wrap it into the blueprints and send out
15:56:28 <ativelkov> Good
15:57:17 <ativelkov> so, the #action is to summarize the new state machine concept and consider its possible contribution to Convection or some other library
15:57:40 <igormarnat_> Exactly. 3 mins left, anything else to discuss?
15:57:52 <ativelkov> we have 3 minutes left, so if we do't have any AIs to log, then let's finish the meeting
15:58:38 <ativelkov> Probably not
15:58:42 <ativelkov> Ok, thanks everybody
15:58:47 <ativelkov> #endmeeting