15:04:40 <dkoryavov> #startmeeting murano
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15:05:02 <dkoryavov> Here is agenda for today's meeting https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/MuranoAgenda#Agenda
15:05:49 <dkoryavov> The summary from the previous meeting is here: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/murano/2013/murano.2013-08-12-15.05.html
15:06:07 <dkoryavov> We have an action item from the previous meeting.
15:06:11 <dkoryavov> dteselkin?
15:07:47 <dkoryavov> Also, let's check our blueprints https://launchpad.net/murano/+milestone/0.2
15:08:13 <dkoryavov> I believe, that we can close this blueprint as implemented: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/murano/+spec/external-ad,  right?
15:08:28 <ativelkov> yes
15:08:39 <ativelkov> But that's a question to QA guys
15:09:06 <dteselkin> I send a brief info about our PS scripts to Chad, but I haven't received a reply yet.
15:09:10 <ativelkov> I would rather look at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/murano/+spec/sql2012-single-instance-service - it seems like we have already overimplemented this thing
15:10:34 <dkoryavov> Yes, this blueprint is superseded.
15:11:04 <ativelkov> Ah, I see
15:11:12 <dkoryavov> What about this? https://blueprints.launchpad.net/murano/+spec/sql-server-single-instance
15:11:19 <ativelkov> What about Clustered SQL? Do we include it into 0.2?
15:12:02 <ativelkov> I didn't test single instance recently, but it used to be working before we started hard push towards clustering
15:12:47 <dkoryavov> dteselkin IgorYozhikov ?
15:14:19 <dteselkin> The development phase for Clustered SQL service is done. Now the intensive testing is required. I believe it might be included into 0.2
15:18:06 <dkoryavov> As far as I can see we fixed all critical bugs? I doub't that….
15:18:44 <ativelkov> Well, seems like we may expect more after new complicated workflows are tested
15:18:55 <ativelkov> Also we may expect something with Dynamic UI
15:19:25 <dkoryavov> https://bugs.launchpad.net/murano/+bug/1212185  ?
15:19:35 <ativelkov> In general, all our new features haven't been tested propely yet, so I would expect some bugs to be found during remaining weeks
15:19:57 <ativelkov> Is not this dUI?
15:20:39 <dkoryavov> I think so.
15:21:30 <tsufiev> hi all!
15:21:41 <ativelkov> Hi Timur, just about time
15:21:47 <dkoryavov> tsufiev you a late.
15:21:51 <ativelkov> Can you comment on this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/murano/+bug/1212185
15:21:55 <dkoryavov> yep
15:22:13 <ativelkov> Is that a dynamic UI issue or somethign else?
15:22:43 <tsufiev> sorry, there was traffic jam in metro (
15:24:17 <tsufiev> ativelkov: yes, it is related to dynamic UI, but it was already fixed in release-0.2
15:24:45 <dkoryavov> And who works on this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/murano/+bug/1211453
15:24:46 <tsufiev> this bug is due to missing package in pip-requires
15:25:01 <dkoryavov> tsufiev then, let's close it.
15:25:19 <ativelkov> 1211453 seems to be a conductor issue
15:25:33 <ativelkov> May be stan can comment
15:25:36 <dkoryavov> stanlagun ?
15:25:54 <dkoryavov> It is your bug or Gosha really works on it?
15:26:01 <stanlagun> this  is fixed already
15:26:19 <dkoryavov> Hmm…
15:26:35 <dkoryavov> We have all blueprints implemented and have no bugs? :)
15:26:45 <ativelkov> seems like we need to sync our blueprints with internal mirantis jira
15:27:06 <dkoryavov> Yep.
15:27:18 <ativelkov> denis, I am sure we'll get bugs as soons as that heavy stuff will get to our QA
15:27:40 <dkoryavov> Where is our QA team?
15:27:51 <dkoryavov> Folks, are you here?
15:27:59 <tsufiev> dkoryavov, yes we should close https://bugs.launchpad.net/murano/+bug/1212185
15:29:03 <ativelkov> Timur, I think you can do it yourself
15:29:09 <dkoryavov> silence followed….
15:29:20 <ativelkov> Just edit its status
15:31:13 <dmyznikov> I am here
15:31:42 <dmyznikov> somebody have any questions?
15:32:11 <dkoryavov> OK, then I suggest 1 action item for our QA team: #action Sync internal Mirantis JIRA issues with launchpad (bugs).
15:33:01 <ativelkov> dmyznikov, yes, the question is if the QA team has started testing Clustered SQL or External AD features
15:33:25 <dmyznikov> This is a Timur's task - sync with launchpad
15:34:05 <dmyznikov> I don't testes this features today, but I can do it tomorow
15:34:44 <dkoryavov> Let's move on by agenda.
15:34:44 <dmyznikov> If it will be have needed priritet
15:34:51 <dkoryavov> What about v0.3.
15:34:52 <dkoryavov> ?
15:35:02 <dkoryavov> We are thinking about it? :)
15:35:26 <dkoryavov> I suggest to discuss a date…
15:36:48 <tsufiev> ok, i've marked it as fixed
15:39:27 <dkoryavov> I suggest to synchronize our dates with … openstack… What do you think about this?
15:39:28 <dkoryavov> openstack releases*
15:40:59 <ativelkov> Well.. this should be discussed with the higher Mirantis management
15:42:02 <dkoryavov> Let's invide them to this chat. :)
15:42:02 <ativelkov> I have no objections, but in this case we will either have to postpone 0.2 till the Havanna release, or to have a very small changest between 0.2 and 0.3, if we schedule 0.3 to Havanna
15:42:09 <ativelkov> but I think this is up to Iliya
15:42:51 <dkoryavov> Maybe we can create an intermediate version - v 0.25.
15:44:06 <dkoryavov> I suggest to discuss this idea on the nex meeting.
15:47:02 <dkoryavov> #idea To synchronize Murano releases with the OpenStack releases. To synchronize with Havanna we can create v0.25 with a short schedule.
15:49:11 <dkoryavov> Do we have any questions to discuss today?
15:49:50 <dkoryavov> any other questions*
15:50:54 <dkoryavov> ativelkov stanlagun dteselkin IgorYozhikov dmyznikov tsufiev ?
15:51:23 <IgorYozhikov> nothing 4 now :)
15:52:39 <dmyznikov> also nothing
15:53:26 <dkoryavov> OK, let's stop our meeting.
15:53:35 <dkoryavov> #endmeeting murano