14:33:58 <dulek> #startmeeting Kuryr
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14:34:09 <dulek> Hi, so DST change got me this time!
14:35:10 <dulek> Folks on my team have a conflict at the moment, so I think I'll move the meeting to 15 UTC. At least if there are nobody against it?
14:36:54 <dulek> I assume that's an okay. :D
14:37:12 <dulek> Another news is that we should skip the next meeting - it'll be the summit and I'll be there.
14:38:20 <dulek> At the Summit we'll hold a small meeting of Kuryr folks, it'll be on Thursday at 14:00 Shanghai time. Meet us at the reception and we'll try to find ourselves a place to talk.
14:39:12 <dulek> Also I'm doing an Kuryr Update presentation with danil or aperevalov. It's Monday, 14:10 Shanghai time.
14:39:25 <dulek> The sessions will not be recored, but I'll share the slides afterwards.
14:40:34 <dulek> Also we just released a big bugfix release for the Train release. If you're using Kuryr-Kubernetes from Train, you might want to upgrade.
14:41:27 <dulek> Hm… Now that I look at it… I actually postponed it as we wanted a couple more bugfixes to get in.
14:41:32 <dulek> So expect it soon. :)
14:42:02 <dulek> Okay, that's all from my side. Have a good day. I'll keep the meeting open for a moment if someone wants to raise a topic.
14:50:39 <dulek> #endmeeting