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14:00:24 <dulek> Hi there!
14:00:39 <dulek> So, the Train release is out now!
14:00:47 <dulek> Congratulations to everyone.
14:01:59 <dulek> Meanwhile Kuryr team (mostly ltomasbo and maysams) still works on bugfixes for issues found when executing OpenShift test suite.
14:02:09 <dulek> I think we're really close to have them all solved.
14:02:32 <dulek> Then I'll be proposing a new release that will include them.
14:03:45 <dulek> Meanwhile not much update. I'm preparing for the Summit - Kuryr folks will have an ad-hoc meeting during PTG there and I'll give a project update presentation.
14:04:14 <dulek> We'll meet on Thursday at the Summit reception at 2:00 PM Shanghai time. If anyone's interested in joining - please do!
14:04:50 <dulek> That's all I really have, so closing the meeting. In any case ping me on #openstack-kuryr.
14:08:42 <dulek> #endmeeting