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14:04:19 <dulek> Hello there, sorry for being late, but I have some issues with my IRC bouncer.
14:04:29 <dulek> So who's here?
14:07:08 <dulek> Alright, so I guess I'll just do a quick recap of what happened.
14:07:58 <dulek> Last week I was mostly on PTO, but we had a release and branching of kuryr-kubernetes. It's the last milestone and following releases will be RC's.
14:08:22 <dulek> Anyway the master is now open for Ussuri development!
14:09:08 <dulek> And any fixes that we need in Train should go onto master and then get cherry-picked to stable/train branch.
14:09:30 <dulek> The RC1 target week is Sep 23-27.
14:10:00 <dulek> Aaaand I guess that's mostly it. I'll stick here for a moment in case anybody has something to discuss.
14:12:42 <dulek> Alright then!
14:12:46 <dulek> #endmeeting