19:01:09 <lucasagomes> #startmeeting Ironic
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19:01:20 <lucasagomes> welcome all
19:01:32 <lucasagomes> so there's only 4 people to the meeting we are going to do some quick updates and that's it :)
19:01:32 <wanyen> hi
19:01:37 <lucasagomes> oh one more
19:01:40 <lucasagomes> hello wanyen
19:01:44 <lucasagomes> #topic Greetings, roll-call and announcements
19:01:50 <GheRivero> o/
19:02:07 <lucasagomes> today is holiday in US (Labor Day) so we don't have all the people here
19:02:15 <lucasagomes> devananda will be back from burning man this week :)
19:02:27 <harshada_kakad> o/
19:02:31 <lucasagomes> and it seems that the tripleo check on our gate is now broken :(
19:02:36 <lucasagomes> the bug is this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1351466
19:02:37 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1351466 in tripleo "can't copy '.../cisco_cfg_agent.ini': doesn't exist " [Critical,In progress]
19:02:51 <lucasagomes> any other announcements?
19:03:28 <JoshNang> horizon is underway
19:03:47 <lucasagomes> yay hi there JoshNang
19:03:53 <JoshNang> i've got most of the api part finished (few bugs in tests) and aweeks has the frontend mostly written afaik
19:04:01 <JoshNang> hi lucasagomes!
19:04:11 <wanyen> JoshNag, we need to work with on on adding UEFI boot to horizon
19:04:14 <lucasagomes> JoshNang, awesome
19:04:43 <lucasagomes> alright let's bring it up later on in the meeting
19:04:49 <lucasagomes> #topic Release cycle progress report
19:04:54 <lucasagomes> #link https://launchpad.net/ironic/+milestone/juno-3
19:04:55 <wanyen> s/Josh/Nag/Josh/Nang
19:05:00 <lucasagomes> stats: 1 started, 4 Needs Code Review, 9 Implemented
19:05:09 <lucasagomes> our Feature Freeze is coming!!!!! (Sep 4, this Thursday)
19:05:18 <lucasagomes> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Juno_Release_Schedule
19:05:23 <lucasagomes> compared with last week we have 2 more bps marked as Implemented (yay)
19:05:38 <lucasagomes> 2 out of the 4 that needs code review already has a +2 so they may land very very soon
19:05:45 <lucasagomes> that's uefi and drac mgmt interface
19:06:09 <lucasagomes> we still have one bp with no code upstream, the author updated me today
19:06:26 <wanyen> ilo virtual media iscsi still have one patch to land, allother 3 patches have landed.
19:06:31 <lucasagomes> tl;dr the code's ready, tests are ready, just gated on their internal release processes right now
19:06:43 <lucasagomes> wanyen, w00t!
19:06:51 <lucasagomes> so let's keep up with the reviews, we have till Thursday :)
19:07:00 <lucasagomes> any questions / comments on the J3 release cycle?
19:07:22 <wanyen> we need folks to review ilo/ipa driver.
19:07:37 <lucasagomes> wanyen, yes, that's defintely a priority for us this week
19:07:48 <lucasagomes> all the J3 code that still need review, we have to prioritize that
19:08:06 <wanyen> for UEFI, we also have ilo/uefi drivertath need review
19:09:00 <lucasagomes> wanyen, right, that doesn't depend on the current ilo patch in the review queue does it?
19:09:27 <lucasagomes> (for the oob virtual media stuff)
19:09:55 <lucasagomes> oh it does
19:09:58 <lucasagomes> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/116561/
19:10:08 <lucasagomes> alright yeah, we gotta take a look at it as well
19:10:15 <wanyen> It is build on ilo virtual media drives.  We added mode mode check and dynamic m=boot mode changes onto it
19:10:26 <lucasagomes> gotcha
19:10:32 * lucasagomes added to the list of things to review tomorrow
19:10:34 <wanyen> s/mode mode/boot mode
19:10:54 <lucasagomes> alirght, any other c/q?
19:11:36 <dtantsur> let's move on
19:11:47 <lucasagomes> aight moving on... (was waiting 1 min)
19:11:49 <lucasagomes> #topic SubTeam: Nova Driver status
19:11:59 <lucasagomes> mrda, hi
19:11:59 <mrda> Hi
19:12:02 <lucasagomes> any news on the Nova driver?
19:12:22 <mrda> So last week we had the great unknown cpu_arch controversy
19:12:36 <mrda> I've pushed up a solution to that review comment
19:12:44 <mrda> but no resolution yet
19:12:53 <lucasagomes> yup, right so in the review ur canonicalizing the arch right?
19:13:06 <mrda> it appears the public holiday meant everyone disappeared for an extra long weekend, or at least from a review perspecrtive
19:13:20 <mrda> lucasagomes: correct, we now canonicalize
19:13:39 <mrda> it was stated by a nova coer that the patch would not be accepted without it
19:13:48 <lucasagomes> right, it would be great to have Daniel Berrange to take a look at that patch tomorrow
19:13:50 <lucasagomes> yeah
19:14:25 <mrda> Yes, I'll chase again once I wake up in a few hours, but realistically there will be no more review until tomorrow
19:14:55 <lucasagomes> yeah :(
19:14:56 <mrda> that's patch 4.  There's been no major review on patch 5
19:15:23 <mrda> so I am hoping there's not problems there
19:15:34 <mrda> (6 and 7 are noops almost, should be fine)
19:15:39 <mrda> It wil be close :)
19:15:45 <lucasagomes> mrda, so (I know it's hard to say) but are we kinda confident that the driver is going to get merged soonish?
19:16:07 <mrda> So even Daniel B suggested Nova let the first few that are ready merge
19:16:19 <mrda> it makes no sense to let some of it land
19:16:31 <mrda> so I'm taking that to mean our harshest critic thinks it will land
19:16:35 <lucasagomes> indeed, it's passing tests and all
19:16:39 <lucasagomes> awesome!
19:16:51 <lucasagomes> yeah *fingers crossed*
19:17:05 <lucasagomes> any other q/c about the nova driver?
19:17:05 <mrda> It will depend upon whether the driver gets eyeballs this week, that's the bottom line
19:17:15 <mrda> not from me:)
19:17:28 <lucasagomes> mrda, yeah, I'm trying to review the reviews of the driver as they appear
19:17:47 <mrda> thanks lucasagomes
19:17:59 <lucasagomes> mrda, thank you!
19:18:03 <lucasagomes> alright moving on then...
19:18:10 <lucasagomes> #topic SubTeam: Bug team
19:18:13 <lucasagomes> dtantsur, here you go!
19:18:22 <dtantsur> hi, only stats today
19:18:30 <dtantsur> Open: 131 (-5). 11 new (+3), 40 in progress (-1), 0 critical, 15 high (-1) and 4 incomplete (-1)
19:18:45 <lucasagomes> oh -5 is good
19:18:59 <dtantsur> I'm both occupied and sick and can't really spend time on it, sorry :(
19:19:17 <dtantsur> but yeah, some were closed
19:19:19 <lucasagomes> dtantsur, that's all good, you have that nice dashboard there that helps a lot as well
19:19:53 <lucasagomes> alright, any one has questions or comments about bugs?
19:20:18 <lucasagomes> the bugs tagged to J3, 3 are not finished yet
19:20:22 <lucasagomes> and 2 of them are about docs
19:20:48 <lucasagomes> so there's no problem in bumping the docs to J4 (that's one of the focus of that milestone)
19:21:14 <lucasagomes> and the other one not finished yet is a low priority one about i18n
19:21:20 <lucasagomes> so we are quite good on the bugs for J3
19:21:57 <lucasagomes> alright, thanks dtantsur
19:22:00 <lucasagomes> #topic SubTeam: Oslo
19:22:04 <lucasagomes> GheRivero, hi there
19:22:08 <lucasagomes> any news on oslo?
19:22:29 <GheRivero> no. everything is calmed in summer :)
19:22:44 <lucasagomes> GheRivero, no news is good news :)
19:22:46 <lucasagomes> thanks GheRivero
19:22:56 <GheRivero> i doubt there would be any more libs released so close to the frozen period
19:22:59 <lucasagomes> anyone has comments or question oslo related ?
19:23:18 <lucasagomes> GheRivero, right, do you think we should remove this topic from the meeting until K opens?
19:23:44 <GheRivero> lucasagomes: sure. If anything pops up, I will readd it again
19:23:56 <lucasagomes> GheRivero, alright, thanks for that
19:24:20 <lucasagomes> ok moving on
19:24:23 <lucasagomes> #topic SubTeam: integration & testing work
19:24:29 <lucasagomes> adam_g`, are u here?
19:25:07 <lucasagomes> anyone has updates on this topic?
19:25:10 <lucasagomes> romcheg1, maybe?
19:25:17 <romcheg1> sec
19:25:41 <lucasagomes> ack
19:25:43 <romcheg1> sorry I had dirty hands :)
19:26:07 <lucasagomes> so one thing is, as far as I remember from the previous meeting the  nova baremetal to ironic job upgrade is in
19:26:09 <romcheg1> So DB migration tool is merged now
19:26:20 <lucasagomes> and we can do a "check experimental" to trigger it
19:26:27 <lucasagomes> romcheg1, w00t
19:26:55 <romcheg1> adam_g` left a comment that we might not need the flavor update tool at all
19:27:10 <romcheg1> I think we need devanand1 to discuss that
19:27:30 <romcheg1> Anyway, I updated it today and it can be reviewed
19:27:41 <lucasagomes> right, romcheg1 the comment is in the patch on gerrit?
19:27:45 <lucasagomes> do you have the link handy there?
19:27:53 <romcheg1> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/112575/
19:28:04 <lucasagomes> romcheg1, awesome thanks
19:28:19 <romcheg1> Yes, the comment is in Gerrit
19:28:38 <lucasagomes> any other question or comment about the integration and testing stuff?
19:29:30 <romcheg1> not from me
19:29:41 <lucasagomes> ok then, thanks romcheg1
19:29:42 <lucasagomes> moving on
19:29:48 <lucasagomes> #topic SubTeam: Ironic Python Agent
19:29:55 <lucasagomes> jroll, hi, are you there?
19:30:10 <lucasagomes> JoshNang, maybe you have some update on IPA?
19:30:41 <JoshNang> lucasagomes: i think the testing jobs are very nearly merged
19:30:49 <lucasagomes> o/
19:31:10 <lucasagomes> JoshNang, have a link handy?
19:31:16 * lucasagomes tries to find the review
19:31:29 <lucasagomes> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/112693/
19:31:33 <lucasagomes> there we go
19:31:42 <JoshNang> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ipa-todos
19:31:54 <lucasagomes> about cutting a release for the J cycle, do we have position on it?
19:32:09 <lucasagomes> cutting a release for IPA*
19:32:18 <JoshNang> i believe we will be
19:32:42 <lucasagomes> alright, thanks JoshNang for the updates
19:32:48 <lucasagomes> anyone has any comments or question about it?
19:33:50 <lucasagomes> ok moving to the open discussion then :) (that was quick)
19:33:53 <lucasagomes> #topic Food for Thought / Open Discussion
19:34:05 <lucasagomes> wanyen, JoshNang UEFI and horizon maybe?
19:34:14 <lucasagomes> are you guys in sync about what needs to be done there?
19:34:36 <wanyen> need to allow adminto specify boot mode from Horizon
19:34:37 <JoshNang> so my priority right now is to get the most basic support up ASAP and then we can iterate on each feature required
19:35:08 <JoshNang> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/117376/
19:35:11 <lucasagomes> wanyen, to change the boot mode we simple need to add UEFI to the capabilities of the node right?
19:35:12 <JoshNang> ^ is my api review
19:35:17 * lucasagomes clicks
19:35:26 <JoshNang> i don't think i have all the testing fixes i was doing on friday up yet
19:35:26 <wanyen> yes. use nava/exta/capability
19:36:09 <wanyen> is Horizon for Kilo or Juno?
19:36:15 <lucasagomes> wanyen, awesome, that sounds pretty simple to integrate
19:36:19 <lucasagomes> wanyen, K
19:36:34 <JoshNang> wanyen: so, when adding the node, they specify uefi in the capabilities, and for a user to boot it, they pick a uefi powered flavor?
19:36:36 <lucasagomes> wanyen, we first need Ironic to be an integrated (AFAICT)
19:37:35 <wanyen> JoshNang, yes add uefi in cap when adding a node and use exta spec /capa bility to specify boot mode
19:37:36 <JoshNang> AFAIK, we'll propose horizon panels/api in J so the TC can see we made a good faith effort, and then it'll get accepted in K after ironic is accepted in J
19:38:01 <JoshNang> wanyen: sweet. that's pretty easy
19:38:28 <lucasagomes> JoshNang, ah nice!
19:39:44 <lucasagomes> anyone has any other topic that wants to be discussed ?
19:40:32 <lucasagomes> ok so I think we can finish it a bit early today
19:40:40 <lucasagomes> thanks everybody!
19:41:05 <lucasagomes> #endmeeting