19:03:01 <fungi> #startmeeting infra
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19:03:07 <fungi> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/InfraTeamMeeting#Agenda_for_next_meeting
19:03:13 <fungi> #topic Announcements
19:03:22 <fungi> #info Seeking volunteers to help write and/or present a 20-minute Infra team update at the Sydney, AU summit this November
19:03:26 <fungi> i gave the foundation coordinator for the project updates a heads up to count infra in this time
19:03:36 <fungi> #info Don't forget to register for the PTG if you're planning to attend
19:03:45 <fungi> #link https://www.openstack.org/ptg/  PTG September 11-15 in Denver, CO, USA
19:03:53 <pabelanger> I started making some notes locally, I can push them up to an etherpad
19:03:53 <fungi> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/infra-ptg-queens Infra planning pad for Queens PTG in Denver
19:03:54 * jeblair sneaks in
19:04:01 * mordred says hi
19:04:02 <fungi> thanks pabelanger!
19:04:06 <fungi> as always, feel free to hit me up with announcements you want included in future meetings
19:04:19 <fungi> #topic Actions from last meeting
19:04:32 <fungi> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/infra/2017/infra.2017-07-18-19.03.html Minutes from last meeting
19:04:40 <fungi> ianw abandon pholio spec
19:04:44 <fungi> i approved that earlier today
19:04:48 <fungi> lemme get a link
19:04:52 <ianw> cool
19:05:27 <fungi> #link https://review.openstack.org/486794 Abandon pholio spec
19:05:35 * fungi apologized for only being semi-prepared
19:05:42 <fungi> er, apologizes
19:05:56 <fungi> #action fungi get switchport counts for infra-cloud
19:06:08 <fungi> i'm still blocked on getting the details back from hpe
19:06:26 <fungi> fungi start an ML thread on cleaning up logging for dead or mostly-dead channels
19:06:51 <fungi> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-July/119906.html Cleaning up inactive meetbot channels
19:07:01 <fungi> that's progressing nicely
19:07:12 <AJaeger> fungi, will you propose a change for the changes that nobody does directly?
19:07:36 <fungi> AJaeger: yes, probably in another week-ish
19:07:46 <fungi> giving people a chance to find out and object
19:08:09 <fungi> still looking for people to pop into some of those channels and give them a heads up about the discussion too, as my message to the ml indicated
19:08:34 <fungi> we've got a couple channel removals proposed (i merged one late friday) and a couple channel additions waiting to take their place in the system-config repo
19:08:38 <AJaeger> understood, thanks
19:09:10 <fungi> fungi start a ML thread on continuing to operate http://apps.openstack.org/
19:09:42 <fungi> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-operators/2017-July/013965.html Taking down the App Catalog (apps.openstack.org)
19:10:24 <fungi> after digging back into the governance change the tc approved, it actually stated we would stop publishing that site, so i think we have grounds to take it offline immediately but i figured i'd give to the end of the month
19:10:34 <fungi> also that reminded me it's been marked "beta" this entire time
19:10:50 <fungi> so hopefully nobody's surprised if it goes away without a placeholder explaining what happened to it
19:11:21 <fungi> but regardless, between the commit message in the governance change and my announcement to the ops ml, the cause should be reasonably discoverable
19:11:30 <jeblair> more like "google" beta than "apple" beta
19:11:37 <fungi> hah
19:11:42 <fungi> more like "beta" radiation
19:12:10 <fungi> #topic Specs approval
19:12:41 <fungi> we don't seem to have anything new up this week, though AJaeger has a general topic coming up which is currently a wip spec (but we can discuss that in a few minutes)
19:13:25 <fungi> also, as mentioned in the action items portion of our meeting, i did merge ianw's specs change (linked there) to officially abandon the pholio spec
19:13:39 <fungi> #topic Priority Efforts
19:14:00 <fungi> did anybody have any important notes or blockers to bring up for any of our priority efforts?
19:14:12 <fungi> didn't see any on the agenda
19:14:16 <clarkb> the gerrit-upgrade topic has a couple changes to deal with some gerrit database things we discovered
19:14:31 <fungi> #topic Priority Efforts - Gerrit 2.13 Upgrade (clarkb)
19:14:31 <clarkb> the one against puppet-gerrit will likely need supervision and a review.openstack.org gerrit service restart
19:14:48 <clarkb> just so that we don't get caught later with any potential problems wondering what changed
19:14:59 <clarkb> (it is expected to be a noop though)
19:15:45 <fungi> #link https://review.openstack.org/487156 Explicitly enable utf8 on jdbc connection url
19:15:48 <fungi> that one?
19:16:04 <clarkb> yup
19:16:34 <fungi> cool. on a related note, we talked about potentially upgrading our trove instances so that we can support full-length utf-8 codepoints
19:16:51 <fungi> as a separate maintenance likely, though i suppose we could do that before the 2.13 upgrade if we wanted
19:17:04 <fungi> should be relatively brief
19:17:16 <fungi> if anybody's eager to dig into that
19:17:26 <clarkb> I've also started the ground work for running zuul on review-dev.o.o to test against gerrit 2.13. For zuulv3 I expect that I need python3 at this point? does it need to be 3.5 for feature reasons? also is bubblewrap required if just running noop jobs?
19:18:00 <pabelanger> you can use nullwrapper driver to skip bubblewrap
19:18:20 <clarkb> pabelanger: does it even get that far if using noop though? I guess thats the question
19:18:32 <clarkb> is "noop" still magical like it was in 2.5?
19:18:41 <pabelanger> clarkb: Ya, it should be
19:19:37 <clarkb> review-dev has python3.4 not 3.5 so if I need 3.5 I'll need to run this elsewhere. Was hoping to run it on a proper infra instance just so that others could poke at it but can also run locally easily enough
19:20:03 <pabelanger> we still have zuulv3-dev running too, maybe you can just use that
19:20:03 <mordred> clarkb: I don't know that we know if 3.5 is needed v 3.4
19:20:17 <pabelanger> Hmm, that is trusty I think
19:20:18 <fungi> i would be surprised if it didn't work with 3.4, but yeah i also don't know if anyone's tried that
19:20:28 <mordred> clarkb: 3.4 is not tested though ... so yeah
19:20:57 <fungi> anything else to cover on this topic?
19:21:06 <clarkb> nope I think next week I should have a lot more info
19:21:30 <fungi> thanks clarkb!
19:21:37 <fungi> #topic Zuul v3: Consistent Job Names (AJaeger)
19:21:57 <mordred> oh crap - I mean to read thatmore
19:22:07 <Shrews> mordred: clarkb: the only thing i know zuulv3 needs py 3.5 for is zuul-web for the async code
19:22:14 <fungi> #link https://review.openstack.org/386717 "Zuul v3: Consistent Job Names" spec
19:22:33 <AJaeger> I've put up a job naming proposal for Zuulv3 jobs, see https://review.openstack.org/#/c/386717/ .  It will be a guideance for teams on how to name the jobs.
19:22:35 <AJaeger> My questions for discussion are:
19:22:39 <AJaeger> 1) Is it worth persuing this further? Do we want something like this?
19:22:41 <AJaeger> 2) Where should this document life? infra-specs, infra-manual, or anywhere else?
19:22:43 <AJaeger> 3) What are next steps?
19:22:45 <AJaeger> I don't want to discuss the items in the document, let's do that in gerrit - or after addressing the three questions above, please.
19:22:53 <jeblair> Shrews, mordred, clarkb: (yeah, i think 3.4 is worth a try for this purpose)
19:23:03 <clarkb> jeblair: Shrews noted thanks
19:23:20 <jeblair> 2: infra-manual maybe?
19:23:29 <pabelanger> AJaeger: if we want to do it, we should land it soon. I'd like to start bringing new zuulv3 online this week for shade
19:23:40 <fungi> yeah, so probably easiest first to tackle the question of whether recommendations on how jobs should be named is suitable as a spec, or should be a living document like an infra-manuals (sub)section
19:23:43 * AJaeger can do it quickly.
19:23:54 <AJaeger> If we agree on direction, we can merge - and iterate later...
19:24:15 <jeblair> 1: probably -- i don't know that i care about too much in detail, but it's worth noting that job names are a common and can be defined in any of 1800 git repos, so at least *some* guidance for a project of openstack's size is necessary i think
19:24:17 <AJaeger> separate infra-manual page would be my other idea
19:24:21 <mordred> the doc seems pretty solid to me - there'sa  question in there that jeblair might want to respond to
19:24:46 <jeblair> i'll take a look
19:24:52 <AJaeger> yes, pabelanger added something today during his review
19:25:07 <mordred> jeblair, AJaeger: yah- we should maybe add a note about folks adding jobs in their own repo potentially prefixing them with something to avoid name clashes or something
19:25:33 <pabelanger> +1 to name clashes
19:25:37 <persia> Where prefix == repo name?
19:25:38 <mordred> like - creating a job called "test-mysql" in the nova repo is probably bad
19:25:47 <jeblair> yup.
19:25:50 <fungi> so my take on it is... if it's a one-time plan to rename jobs then that makes sense in a sepc. if it's a reference document with recommendations for reviewers or authors of jobs then that's more suitable for the infra manual
19:25:52 <mordred> persia: yah - "nova-test-mysql" would likely be a better choice for sucha job
19:26:01 <jeblair> yup
19:26:13 <mordred> fungi: I think it's a eference document with recommendations for reviewers or authors of jobs
19:26:29 <pabelanger> openstack should be reserved for -infra too
19:26:44 <jeblair> fungi, AJaeger: then for question 3 -- maybe we should wind down the conversation in the spec, and then move it to -manual without merging the spec?
19:26:58 <jeblair> like, let's address any outstanding questions there, then move
19:27:08 <fungi> specs are more of a vehicle for tracking some specific work with a defined start and end condition. at some point the spec reaches implementation or abandonment
19:27:32 <AJaeger> jeblair: that approach works for me.
19:27:40 <fungi> so yes, i'm in favor of a change of venue to the infra-manual repo
19:28:04 <fungi> as a living document of job naming recommendations
19:28:14 <fungi> and/or reviewing criteria
19:28:18 <AJaeger> agreed, fungi
19:28:47 <fungi> #agreed Let's put recommendations for creating and reviewing jobs (including their names) in the Infra Manual
19:29:16 <fungi> optionally, review criteria could belong in the config repo readme
19:29:19 <AJaeger> So, next steps: I'll update based on comments here, leave it for two days for review, adress comments and move to infra-manual ?
19:29:42 <fungi> AJaeger: that sounds like a great plan--thanks!
19:30:25 * AJaeger will ping everybody after update - and we can iterate further after merge for anything we miss
19:30:30 <fungi> i think the manuals review process is likely better suited and has less overhead than the specs review and approval process (which is bottlenecked on me, in particular(
19:31:12 <AJaeger> ok, I'm fine closing the topic and handing over to eumel8
19:31:27 <fungi> #topic Installation of translation check site with Openstack-Ansible (eumel8)
19:31:43 <eumel8> yeah, thx. We're just finished with developement of the new translation check site based on openstack ansible.
19:31:47 <fungi> #link http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack-infra/infra-specs/tree/specs/translation_check_site.rst "Provide a translation check site for translators" spec
19:32:02 <eumel8> now it's time to bring up the new server with this stuff
19:32:03 <fungi> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-infra/2017-July/005494.html "Translations-test site" ML thread
19:32:28 <eumel8> my question would be how to proceed
19:33:36 <fungi> does this get deployed on a single server and then update itself periodically?
19:33:46 <fungi> and what do the deployment steps look like?
19:34:11 <eumel8> I have an old proposal based on puppet translate module: #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/276466/
19:34:15 <fungi> i expect we need a puppet module or at least a new class in the openstack_project module which acts as a wrapper around the deployment commands so that we can redeploy it with our server launch scripts
19:34:31 <eumel8> I would write a new one for osa
19:34:44 <fungi> #link https://review.openstack.org/276466 Manifest for configuration translation checksite
19:35:06 <eumel8> yes, thats right, fungi
19:35:15 <fungi> okay, so looks like we already have a module:
19:35:41 <fungi> #link https://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack-infra/puppet-translation_checksite
19:36:35 <fungi> so i suppose you could mostly gut the manifests/init.pp for that and turn it into a wrapper for whatever the setup is for your cronjobs and getting ansible installed and whatnot?
19:37:03 <ianw> ooohh, right, this was the prior devstack approach, i remember now
19:37:10 <eumel8> installation steps are here: #link https://github.com/eumel8/translation_checksite/blob/aio/install.sh#L8-L45
19:37:31 <eumel8> maybe there is no module necessary
19:38:21 <clarkb> you can likely get away with just a simple server set up via puppet in system-config then run osa out of puppetmaster cron like we run our other ansible stuff
19:39:03 <clarkb> basically just use puppet for getting our base server stuff in place for sysadmin access, exim setup, package updates
19:39:13 <pabelanger> agree, looks like basic server gets mostly everything
19:39:25 <pabelanger> then just running openstack-ansible gate script
19:39:43 <eumel8> clarkb: sounds good, you have an example?
19:39:55 <clarkb> eumel8: I am not sure if we have any examples of that
19:40:04 <eumel8> ok
19:40:24 <pabelanger> we run cloud-launcher and infracloud out of cront today
19:40:27 <fungi> looks like the zanata_sync cronjob wants to refresh horizon twice an huor?
19:40:31 <fungi> er, twice an hour
19:40:46 <eumel8> yes, fungi
19:40:58 <fungi> which is ~ the cadence for our ansible update cycles anyway
19:42:46 <fungi> and i guess the creates parameter to the install_aio exec is meant to make sure it only runs once after the server is created?
19:43:12 <pabelanger> should we worry about OSA getting installed into our control plane? It is possible they could access something private?
19:43:20 <pabelanger> hieradata for example
19:44:02 <clarkb> pabelanger: ya there is an implicit trust of the ansible that is executing on the puppetmaster
19:44:12 <fungi> do we need to actually invoke it on puppetmaster, or just have puppetmaster run a simple playbook which installs osad aio on the remote server?
19:44:26 <fungi> ansible calling ansible, basically
19:44:41 <clarkb> fungi: that sould work, its basically how we restrict puppet access to only what it needs
19:44:44 <mordred> fungi: I think that - and then we could have osad run in a cron on the remote server itself even
19:45:38 <fungi> or have the puppetmaster calling a playbook in its normal 15-45 minute cycle which does the horizon refresh
19:45:59 <fungi> again by having puppetmaster's ansible call the remote ansible
19:45:59 <pabelanger> that seems fair
19:46:11 <mordred> ++
19:46:31 <ianw> sorry, why would that refresh not be driven by a cron job local to that host?
19:46:42 <fungi> do we have any volunteers familiar enough with our puppetmaster-side playbooks to help eumel8 with the changes necessary to add this?
19:46:51 <fungi> ianw: it could be either
19:47:25 <fungi> i don't really know which would be better in that case
19:48:07 <pabelanger> Is this something before or after PTG?
19:48:12 <fungi> but we at least need something creating the cronjob and installing things after the server is created and hopefully idempotently updating it from something declarative in system-config
19:48:53 <fungi> eumel8: what's the timeframe the i18n team is looking for there? is it something they're anticipating having available for pike string freeze or during queens cycle?
19:49:33 <eumel8> pabelanger: we need this before string freeze but I don't know the exact date.
19:49:55 <AJaeger> eumel8: https://releases.openstack.org/pike/schedule.html
19:50:13 <AJaeger> Aug 11 hard string freeze
19:50:14 <fungi> #link https://releases.openstack.org/pike/schedule.html Pike Release Schedule
19:50:35 <fungi> so a little under two weeks from now
19:51:05 <eumel8> I see, AJaeger, thx
19:51:33 <pabelanger> I can help review code, but not sure I have bandwidth before PTG
19:51:42 <fungi> #link http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack-infra/system-config/tree/playbooks infra playbooks
19:52:02 <fungi> #link http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack-infra/system-config/tree/run_all.sh script which periodically runs infra playbooks
19:52:29 <fungi> those are the starting point for where people were talking about doing this, as opposed to having to do much any of it in puppet
19:53:00 <eumel8> ok
19:53:28 <pabelanger> eumel8: ping me if you get stuck
19:53:40 <fungi> seems like we're all spread pretty thin, but if you ask questions in #openstack-infra hopefully people can help you along
19:54:02 <pabelanger> ++
19:54:10 <fungi> i have a couple other quick housekeeping topics to get through in the next 6 minutes before our time's up
19:54:11 <eumel8> thx pabelanger, it's a hard time frame, I know.
19:54:24 <fungi> thanks for bringing this up in the meeting, eumel8!
19:54:39 <eumel8> thx to all for the time
19:54:47 <fungi> it's why we're here every week
19:54:55 <eumel8> :)
19:54:59 <fungi> #topic August 15 meeting (fungi)
19:55:05 <fungi> i'll be quick on this one
19:55:26 <fungi> i need a volunteer to cover chairing the august 15 meeting
19:55:38 <fungi> i think
19:55:51 <clarkb> that is a tuesday at least :) I will be around
19:56:14 <fungi> yeah, looking at the schedule, i still do
19:56:30 <fungi> need to take christine to an appointment on the mainland and likely won't be back home until after the meeting
19:56:40 <fungi> thanks clarkb! that'll be a huge help
19:56:40 <ianw> a wednesday for some :)  i am also around
19:56:52 <fungi> you and ianw can arm wrestle for it
19:56:57 <fungi> or have a dance-off
19:57:00 <fungi> your call
19:57:09 <ianw> consider me backup
19:57:17 <jeblair> backup dancer?
19:57:30 <jeblair> this meeting will be awesome
19:57:34 <fungi> #topic PTL election season (fungi)
19:57:36 <ianw> left shark
19:57:48 <fungi> i'm going to become a backup dancer
19:57:53 <clarkb> ianw: I am happy that left shark is known in australia
19:58:25 <fungi> we're coming up on the nomination period for ptls for the queens cycle
19:58:35 <fungi> and just in case anyone was wondering, i'm not planning to run again
19:58:51 <fungi> it was awesome being ptl but after four cycles it's time to let someone else take a turn
19:59:17 <AJaeger> thanks fungi for your leadership as PTL!
19:59:30 <pabelanger> ++ Thanks indeed
19:59:40 <fungi> we've got excellent people on the team who are more than capable of taking the reins, and i'll be here to help out with any of it you need
20:00:09 <jeblair> fungi: yes thanks!
20:00:13 <fungi> so any of you considering running, be thinking about your platform statements. candidacies open for nomination in ~6 days
20:00:16 <clarkb> fungi: does that include dancing?
20:00:24 <fungi> i hope it includes dancing
20:00:37 <fungi> anyway, we're over time. thanks everyone!
20:00:52 <fungi> i'll also be announcing my non-cacdidacy on the ml(s) shortly
20:01:08 <fungi> er, non-candidacy (i can't type today)
20:01:10 <fungi> #endmeeting