13:00:33 <claudiub> #startmeeting hyper-v
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13:00:53 <atuvenie> hi all
13:00:55 <claudiub> hello.
13:01:03 <claudiub> gonna wait a few minutes, to see if anyone joins.
13:01:25 <claudiub> i've already got a message from sagar_nikam that we won't be able to join this meeting
13:05:17 <claudiub> well, seems no one else joined. I'm just going to go though the topics fast them
13:05:18 <claudiub> then
13:05:24 <claudiub> #topic monasca patches status
13:05:59 <claudiub> rebased all patches, addressed comments, got reviews. nothing merged yet. seems that they've started testing the patches on windows
13:06:28 <claudiub> going to address any comments i'll receive.
13:06:53 <claudiub> #topic newton release status and testing
13:07:30 <claudiub> so, newton was released last week. all projects have their stable/newton branches cut, including, os-win, networking-hyperv, and compute-hyperv
13:07:50 <claudiub> still doing minor backports on those projects.
13:08:06 <claudiub> will request a new os-win release soon as well
13:09:16 <claudiub> as far as testing goes, seems that tempest is happy with the new release.
13:10:28 <claudiub> i've also sent 2 patches on tempest. one of them regarding test_cross_tenant_traffic, as it currently tests icmp traffic, and icmp rules cannot be made stateful on hyper-v
13:11:06 <claudiub> with this, the test can test with anther protocol (tcp / udp), which will be useful for the hyper-v ci.
13:11:24 <claudiub> #link tempest test_cross_tenant_traffic: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/384528/
13:12:45 <claudiub> the second one is a patch that waits for neutron ports to become active before attaching a floating ip. sometimes, a vm spawns faster than the neutron port can be bound, and then some tests can fail if the neutron ports are not in ACTIVE state.
13:13:15 <claudiub> #link tempest wait for port status to be active: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/383049/
13:13:43 <claudiub> #topic nova Hyper-V OVS vif driver
13:14:21 <claudiub> this is currently blocked, as we have to wait for a new os-vif release, which will include the Windows support for OvsPlugin
13:14:52 <claudiub> and before os-vif is released, there is some bug that has to be fixed beforehand
13:15:12 <claudiub> more info about this can be read here:
13:15:17 <claudiub> #link os-vif release request: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/383766/
13:15:31 <claudiub> so, until then, we can only wait.
13:16:44 <claudiub> #topic miscellaneous
13:18:04 <claudiub> hm, we have a new blueprint that is proposed for ocata
13:18:17 <claudiub> #link Hyper-V PCI Passthrough: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/hyper-v-pci-passthrough
13:18:49 <claudiub> a POC implementation should be up pretty soon as well.
13:19:56 <claudiub> hm, nothing else remarkable to mention at the moment.
13:20:07 <claudiub> #endmeeting