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13:00:19 <claudiub> hello folks!
13:00:21 <sagar_nikam> Hi
13:00:22 <claudiub> anyone here?
13:00:23 <abalutoiu> hello
13:00:32 <Sonu_> Hi everyone
13:00:40 <sagar_nikam> Hi claudiub:
13:01:05 <claudiub> cool, we can start
13:01:11 <itoader> hi
13:01:29 <claudiub> #topic monasca patches
13:01:38 <claudiub> ehm, got no reviews on them. :/
13:01:47 <sagar_nikam> oh ....
13:02:02 <claudiub> roland was on vacation for some time, as far as i know
13:02:15 <sagar_nikam> yes he was on vacation
13:02:20 <sagar_nikam> let me check if he is back
13:03:47 <claudiub> anyways. did you guys try monasca on windows?
13:04:02 <claudiub> any feedback on it?
13:04:16 <sagar_nikam> i could not.... finding it difficult with liberty controller
13:04:25 <sagar_nikam> and mitaka monasca
13:04:35 <claudiub> i see.
13:04:44 <sagar_nikam> sorry .... got it confused again
13:04:53 <sagar_nikam> mitaka controller with newton monasca
13:05:25 <claudiub> what exactly isn't working?
13:06:44 <sagar_nikam> getting all the 14 dependent patches
13:07:08 <sagar_nikam> in right order and getting them compiled on windows
13:07:17 <sagar_nikam> to generate the exe
13:07:27 <sagar_nikam> for me to start the agent
13:07:55 <sagar_nikam> however not spent too much time on it
13:08:06 <sagar_nikam> i may have missed something basic
13:09:13 <claudiub> gerrit typically lists the patches in the correct order
13:09:39 <claudiub> for example, this is the base patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/317919/
13:09:56 <claudiub> and on the right, you see from bottom to top the order of the patches.
13:11:02 <sagar_nikam> just sent a mail to Roland
13:11:06 <sagar_nikam> asking for review
13:11:17 <sagar_nikam> hopefully we can get some review comments
13:11:39 <claudiub> yeah. but we do have to keep in mind that this week is the feature freeze.
13:12:08 <sagar_nikam> oh ...
13:12:18 <sagar_nikam> even for monasca ?
13:12:30 <claudiub> for every project
13:12:40 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:13:14 <claudiub> here's the release schedule: https://releases.openstack.org/newton/schedule.html
13:13:41 <claudiub> next thing will be in sep 12, RC1.
13:14:35 <claudiub> anyways, I hope we can still get in some patches.
13:14:39 <claudiub> moving on.
13:14:47 <claudiub> #topic OVS vs networking-hyperv
13:15:00 <claudiub> soo, abalutoiu has been doing some experiments
13:15:12 <claudiub> mind sharing some of your results, abalutoiu?
13:15:18 <abalutoiu> sure
13:17:26 <abalutoiu> so, I've been running tests to find the maximum throughput through OVS vs networking-hyperv, tests show 3.65 Gbps VM to VM over a single VXLAN tunnel on a 10 Gb NIC, while with networking-hyperv the performance was 4.95 Gbps
13:18:11 <abalutoiu> there is also a new OVS under development, which was also tested, and the performance was 4.80 Gbps under the same conditions
13:18:11 <Sonu_> Ovs dpdk will help improve that I would guess
13:19:34 <abalutoiu> the new OVS also includes conntrack support, that means the OVS native firewall can be used instead of the windows ACLs
13:20:28 <Sonu_> Using native ovs firewall will expose a challenge  of live migration
13:20:54 <claudiub> why?
13:21:19 <Sonu_> Who will build the firewall rules on the target host...
13:21:28 <Sonu_> Neutron will have to do.
13:22:28 <claudiub> yeah, neutron will have to do it. doesn't it already do this anyways?
13:22:29 <Sonu_> Who would intimate Nova or neutron to create ports and ovs rules on the port
13:22:54 <Sonu_> Cluster level live migration will be transparent to neutron and nova
13:23:22 <Sonu_> Unless we invoke migration through Nova migrate utility
13:24:16 <Sonu_> Am I missing any point that you are seeing
13:24:31 <claudiub> so, when you do a nova cold / live migration, nova will create the ovs ports on the destination in advance.
13:25:22 <sagar_nikam> Sonu_: are you referring to MSCluster and Nova cluster driver ?
13:25:57 <sagar_nikam> when you mentioned "Cluster level live migration"
13:26:06 <claudiub> even on a failover migration, the destination node will detect a new vm and create the ovs port.
13:26:39 <claudiub> the nova hyper-v cluster driver will detect a new vm and create its ovs port *
13:26:53 <Sonu_> Live migrations triggered from ms cluster I refer to
13:27:20 <Sonu_> VM ports must be created on br-int, who will do?
13:28:03 <Sonu_> Who will notify Nova to do? Once a port is created, then neutron will bind rules
13:28:21 <claudiub> the nova hyper-v cluster driver does it.
13:28:33 <claudiub> the nova hyper-v cluster driver creates the port.
13:28:55 <Sonu_> OK then I get what you are saying.
13:30:43 <claudiub> anyways, thanks abalutoiu for the tests results. :)
13:31:52 <claudiub> #topic Barcelona OpenStack Summit
13:32:38 <claudiub> sooo, there is only one windows specific presentation in Barcelona
13:33:02 <Sonu_> One more item under ovs topic
13:33:10 <claudiub> #undo
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13:33:29 <Sonu_> I see ovs is certified for Windows 2k12
13:33:41 <claudiub> yep. and 2012 r2 as well
13:33:48 <claudiub> we announced it last week. :)
13:34:01 <Sonu_> How can we consume the driver?
13:34:23 <Sonu_> Should we build the driver ourselves, will the certification be valid
13:34:32 <claudiub> you mean OVS itself?
13:34:50 <Sonu_> I mean the extension driver
13:35:00 <claudiub> you can download the installer from here:
13:35:10 <claudiub> # Windows OVS installer: https://cloudbase.it/openvswitch/
13:35:36 <Sonu_> Can we ship the extension driver alone as part of our package
13:36:31 <Sonu_> We don't have MSI based installation mechanics
13:37:20 <claudiub> installing the MSI is simple, you can do so by just running: msiexec /i openvswitch-hyperv-2.5.0.msi /l*v log.txt
13:37:24 <sagar_nikam> claudiub: we build our nova and neutron from our downstream branch
13:37:51 <claudiub> MSIs can be installed in unattended mode.
13:37:58 <sagar_nikam> hence we dont use CloudBase MSI
13:39:57 <claudiub> Sonu_: honestly, I don't know how to answer that question.
13:40:27 <claudiub> as far as I know, OVS was certified with the installer in its entirety.
13:40:50 <Sonu_> Yes and that's Microsoft's specification I think
13:40:57 <claudiub> yep
13:41:20 <Sonu_> Once certified can we ship the extension driver with our installation
13:41:32 <claudiub> So, I'm not sure Microsoft certification can be claimed without the installer.
13:41:47 <claudiub> well, the installer is free anyways
13:41:53 <Sonu_> May be I can start a email chain to discuss this.
13:42:00 <claudiub> sure.
13:42:07 <Sonu_> Thanks
13:42:26 <sagar_nikam> claudiub: thanks
13:42:31 <claudiub> np. :)
13:42:38 <claudiub> #topic Barcelona OpenStack Summit
13:42:42 <sagar_nikam> we hope to use OVS soon
13:43:13 <claudiub> soo, there was only session that was accepted, out the many Windows / Hyper-V related sessions submitted
13:43:34 <claudiub> the session is called: "What's new for Windows in OpenStack Newton"
13:43:42 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:44:10 <claudiub> soo, if you are going to attend the Summit, you might be interested in it. :)
13:44:15 <sagar_nikam> claudiub: i check with Paul Murray. he is at the summit. we discussed about this last week
13:44:51 <sagar_nikam> he is coming from our team
13:44:51 <claudiub> cool, speaking of which, are you guys going to attend?
13:44:54 <sagar_nikam> to the summit
13:45:15 <sagar_nikam> Sonu_: anybody from networking team attending the summit ?
13:45:44 <Sonu_> I might be there
13:46:06 <sagar_nikam> Sonu_: cool... nice
13:47:08 <claudiub> cool. :) Sonu_: just FYI, there is going to be a Winstackers work session as well. So, feel free to join us. :)
13:47:21 <Sonu_> I will thanks.
13:47:41 <claudiub> #topic Open discussion
13:48:24 <sagar_nikam> not much topics from my side
13:48:43 <claudiub> first of all, as you know, feature freeze is going to be this week. I already did release candidates for networking-hyperv and os-win.
13:49:05 <claudiub> and the final release will be done in the next 1-2 weeks.
13:49:27 <claudiub> up next would be release testing
13:49:53 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:50:22 <claudiub> as we do every cycle, we run tempest for each and all supported Hyper-V versions, with all kinds of scenarios: networking-hyperv, ovs, etc.
13:50:32 <claudiub> also, python 2.7 and python3.4
13:50:37 <claudiub> so, this will take a while.
13:51:16 <sagar_nikam> Sonu_: one question. migration from networking-hyperv to ovs
13:51:26 <sagar_nikam> you had anything to discuss on that
13:51:36 <claudiub> we'll probably have to do some bug hunt for python 3.4, though.
13:52:51 <claudiub> anything else you guys want to discuss?
13:53:14 <sagar_nikam> claudiub: my question to sonu
13:53:25 <sagar_nikam> you want to discuss anything on that topic
13:53:38 <sagar_nikam> networking-hyperv to ovs migration
13:53:55 <sagar_nikam> we had a mail discussion few days back... not much since then
13:57:38 <sagar_nikam> c64cosmin: welcome.... anywork happening on freerdp .. or is it on low priority
13:59:19 <claudiub> c64cosmin_: ^
13:59:32 <sagar_nikam> claudiub: roland has replied
13:59:37 <sagar_nikam> you saw that ?
13:59:47 <c64cosmin_> hey sagar_nikam, low priority for now
13:59:52 <c64cosmin_> sorry
14:00:03 <sagar_nikam> c64cosmin: sure no problem
14:00:23 <claudiub> sagar_nikam: yep. saw it now. replying.
14:00:29 <sagar_nikam> c64cosmin: just checking
14:00:39 <sagar_nikam> claudiub: thanks
14:00:53 <claudiub> anyways, Sonu seems to have disconnected.
14:01:01 <claudiub> and we've passed our time limit.
14:01:05 <claudiub> we have to end it here. :)
14:01:14 <claudiub> thanks folks for joining, see you next week!
14:01:20 <sagar_nikam> thanks
14:01:25 <claudiub> #endmeeting