13:00:27 <claudiub> #startmeeting hyper-v
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13:00:49 <claudiub> hello :)
13:01:16 <abalutoiu> hello
13:01:58 <claudiub> meeting seems empty today
13:02:12 <claudiub> i guess it's summer after all
13:02:49 <claudiub> if there's no one joining, I will still post a short update for the main topics
13:03:57 <sagar_nikam> Hi All
13:04:02 <claudiub> hello. :)
13:04:21 <claudiub> sagar_nikam: anyone else joining?
13:04:28 <sagar_nikam> bit late today. bad internet connection at home today
13:04:54 <sagar_nikam> i think vinod and sonu may join... we can start
13:05:16 <claudiub> sure
13:05:23 <claudiub> #topic os-brick status
13:05:36 * claudiub opens a bottle of champagne
13:05:46 <claudiub> soo, all the patches merged on os-brick. :)
13:06:05 <sagar_nikam> wow !!!! cool
13:06:15 <claudiub> there's a CI for iSCSI, SMB and fibre channel connectors and it is stable
13:06:24 <claudiub> so, life is good on os-brick, for now. :)
13:06:26 <sagar_nikam> so that leaves the only one nova patch
13:06:31 <claudiub> yep
13:06:33 <sagar_nikam> which will get in O
13:06:37 <claudiub> yep
13:06:54 <claudiub> but we'll get that merged in compute-hyperv in N anyways
13:07:09 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:07:24 <claudiub> next topic
13:07:36 <claudiub> #topic designate status
13:08:23 <claudiub> seems abalutoiu has encountered some issues with running the tempest tests, it seems like the zone are being created, but they are getting stuck in "PENDING", instead of "AVAILABLE"
13:08:55 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:09:28 <claudiub> so, some debugging is required. if needed, we'll ask graham for some help. :)
13:10:01 <claudiub> next topic
13:10:18 <claudiub> #topic nova Hyper-V OVS VIF driver
13:10:50 <claudiub> so the patch that brings os-vif to nova merged.
13:11:03 <claudiub> #link os-vif in nova patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/269672/
13:11:25 <claudiub> which means that we can go ahead with our own patch
13:11:35 <sagar_nikam> checking tha patc
13:11:41 <claudiub> #link Hyper-V OVS VIF driver patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/140045/
13:12:13 <claudiub> we'll have to do some tempest tests on it, as the hyper-v ci uses neutron-hyperv-agent, not neutron-ovs-agent
13:12:48 <claudiub> if this merges, we'll probably have to think about a new ci for it
13:13:18 <sagar_nikam> i will let sonu: and kvinod: about these patches
13:13:24 <sagar_nikam> they will need it
13:13:33 <sagar_nikam> they ca review as well
13:13:44 <claudiub> sagar_nikam: cool, thanks! :)
13:14:04 <claudiub> abalutoiu: will also test it. :)
13:14:25 <claudiub> next topic
13:14:39 <claudiub> #topic monasca status
13:15:05 <claudiub> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/monasca-agent+branch:master+topic:bp/add-windows-support
13:15:23 <claudiub> soo, i've rebased and simplified the patches a bit
13:15:36 <claudiub> will have to ping roland later
13:15:42 <sagar_nikam> claudiub: should i send these patches to Roland ?
13:15:53 <sagar_nikam> i can do it
13:16:00 <claudiub> sagar_nikam: yep, thanks. :)
13:16:05 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:16:15 <claudiub> the monasca meeting is in 2 hours
13:16:25 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:16:30 <claudiub> so, i'll surely find him there
13:16:32 <sagar_nikam> i will try internally
13:16:40 <sagar_nikam> from within my team
13:16:50 <claudiub> great :)
13:16:55 <sagar_nikam> so all 14 patches ready ?
13:17:28 <claudiub> yeah, they can be reviewed
13:17:48 <sagar_nikam> ok good
13:18:04 <sagar_nikam> we are very keen to pick up monasca and check and provide initial feedback
13:18:20 <sagar_nikam> however we dont have newton yet
13:18:38 <sagar_nikam> as soon as we get newton
13:18:51 <sagar_nikam> monasca-hyperv will be our top priority
13:19:33 <claudiub> cool. :)
13:20:34 <claudiub> #topic neutron ports migration
13:21:03 <claudiub> sagar_nikam: so, we discussed this last time. did you folks had any chance to try it out?
13:21:28 <sagar_nikam> kvinod: was on vacation last week. he came to office today
13:21:35 <sagar_nikam> will check with him tomorrow
13:22:10 <sagar_nikam> this is for migration from vswitch to OVS switch ?
13:22:15 <claudiub> i see. i'm curious about the results. :)
13:22:29 <claudiub> yeah, from hyper-v ports to ovs ports
13:22:40 <claudiub> from neutron-hyperv-agent to neutron-ovs-agent
13:23:41 <claudiub> #topic open discussion
13:23:41 <sagar_nikam> ok cool
13:23:54 <sagar_nikam> i think this is a important feature
13:24:06 <sagar_nikam> can you provide the link of the patches
13:24:30 <claudiub> sagar_nikam: there are no patches
13:24:51 <claudiub> as I've said last week, this is just something that *might* already work
13:25:00 <claudiub> from what I've heard
13:25:04 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:25:06 <sagar_nikam> got it
13:25:13 <claudiub> soo, the voting period for the barcelona sessions ended on monday
13:25:45 <claudiub> but the final, accepted presentations weren't anounced, as far as i know
13:25:49 <claudiub> so, fingers crossed. :)
13:26:31 <sagar_nikam> hopefully hyperv has some presentations
13:26:37 <claudiub> but, just fyi, we'll also have some hyper-v / winstackers / os-win work session in barcelona as well
13:27:12 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:27:44 <claudiub> soo, anything else for this week?
13:28:26 <sagar_nikam> just wondering
13:28:41 <sagar_nikam> any further progress on FreeRDP ?
13:29:11 <claudiub> just a second
13:30:06 <claudiub> c64cosmin: ohai
13:30:08 <c64cosmin> I'm here, hello
13:30:10 <c64cosmin> o/
13:30:21 <sagar_nikam> hi c64cosmin:
13:30:27 <c64cosmin> hello sagar_nikam
13:30:52 <sagar_nikam> any further news on freerdp ?
13:31:08 <c64cosmin> I made keystone v3 work
13:31:14 <c64cosmin> it will be merged pretty soon
13:31:18 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:31:30 <sagar_nikam> https enabled keystone ?
13:31:42 <c64cosmin> it should work with this update
13:31:49 <sagar_nikam> the bug we raised .. fix for it available ?
13:31:57 <sagar_nikam> ok cool
13:31:59 <sagar_nikam> we can try
13:32:08 <sagar_nikam> is it in stable branch ?
13:32:54 <c64cosmin> not yet
13:33:04 <c64cosmin> last time I checked the https keystone issue
13:33:09 <c64cosmin> it was related to a cpprestsdk bug
13:33:25 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:33:45 <sagar_nikam> and the cpprestsdk bug is fixed now ?
13:34:19 <claudiub> that's a pretty neat bug name
13:34:28 <c64cosmin> as far as I remember I tested with a new cpprestsdk version
13:34:31 <c64cosmin> and it worked
13:34:42 <sagar_nikam> claudiub: :)
13:34:55 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:35:03 <sagar_nikam> let me know when the MSI is ready
13:35:12 <sagar_nikam> we will pick and try it
13:35:32 <c64cosmin> of course
13:36:01 <sagar_nikam> ok thanks
13:36:06 <sagar_nikam> and plan for debian ?
13:36:11 <sagar_nikam> is that in process
13:36:22 <c64cosmin> that is not critical and has been postponed
13:36:37 <c64cosmin> when I will finish with the project I'm on, I will return to that
13:37:21 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:37:33 <c64cosmin> a Linux user can currently use the build scripts, and we support the MSI
13:37:42 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:37:52 <c64cosmin> of course, when things "chill out" :), I will return to the packages
13:38:06 <sagar_nikam> sure
13:38:28 <c64cosmin> thank you sagar_nikam
13:38:49 <c64cosmin> any other RDP related questions worth discussing?
13:39:15 <sagar_nikam> claudiub: any further updates on containers and kubernetus ?
13:39:45 <sagar_nikam> c64cosmin: no i am done... thanks
13:40:01 <claudiub> atuvenie_: hi. ^
13:40:36 <atuvenie_> Sagar_nikam: going further with ovn, but it's a lot of trial and error
13:40:48 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:41:49 <sagar_nikam> last week you mentioned about cloudbase workin with
13:42:06 <sagar_nikam> Apprenda
13:42:10 <atuvenie_> Aprenda yes
13:42:13 <sagar_nikam> cloudbase working with Apprenda
13:42:45 <sagar_nikam> keen to know more about it... we can pick up anything which ready to be tested
13:43:30 <atuvenie_> Awesome, will count on that
13:44:15 <sagar_nikam> atuvenie_: thanks
13:44:45 <claudiub> anything else for today?
13:44:56 <sagar_nikam> claudiub: nothing more to discuss from my end... will try to get the monasca patches reviewed at the earliest
13:45:10 <sagar_nikam> will keep you posted
13:45:25 <claudiub> cool! :)
13:45:30 <claudiub> well, we can end it here then
13:45:37 <sagar_nikam> bye alll... thanks for joining
13:45:39 <claudiub> thanks folks for joining, see you next week!
13:45:51 <claudiub> #endmeeting