13:02:34 <alexpilotti> #startmeeting hyper-v
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13:02:41 <claudiub> o/
13:02:41 <abalutoiu> Hi
13:02:52 <itoader> Hi
13:03:32 <alexpilotti> #topic M3
13:03:57 <alexpilotti> we are marching towards the Mitaka release
13:04:12 <alexpilotti> so it's time to wrap up, since M3 got released last week
13:04:58 <alexpilotti> we are moving blueprint code to compute-hyperv
13:05:17 <alexpilotti> so from now till Newton window opens, there's nothing we can do on teh Nova side
13:05:33 <alexpilotti> expect possible bugs that should arise in the meantime
13:06:01 <alexpilotti> sagar_nikam: any particular request?
13:06:28 <sagar_nikam> not as of now on Mitaka atleast for nova
13:06:41 <sagar_nikam> kvinod: anything on neutron ?
13:07:07 <alexpilotti> any pending bug or issue that we didn't discuss and you guys would like to discuss now?
13:07:23 <sagar_nikam> alexpilotti: i have some questions on nova-hyperv in general, not related to Mitaka, we can discuss later
13:07:51 <lpetrut> Hi guys
13:08:04 <alexpilotti> sagar_nikam: can you do a quick list of the topics?
13:08:34 <domi_> Hi all, while sagar_nikam is working on that list let me introduce myself in a sentence
13:08:43 <sagar_nikam> i have one topic of nova-compute using certs to connect to keystone
13:08:59 <alexpilotti> hi domi_, welcome!
13:09:12 <sagar_nikam> kvinod: has more topics for networking
13:09:36 <alexpilotti> kvinod doesnt seem to be online now
13:09:37 <domi_> I work for a new company with just a couple of people loacted in Budapest, Hungary working on HyperV based OpenStack public and private cloud. Alessandro and CloudBase helped us a lot along the way, but we are still not at production yet, although we are getting closer every day.
13:10:47 <alexpilotti> domi_: thanks for joining!
13:11:15 <alexpilotti> do you have any particular topid that you'd like to discuss here?
13:11:19 <claudiub> welcome. :)
13:11:20 <domi_> I'm glad to be here, I'll probably just be a silent observer first, and see if there is anything I can chime in on :)
13:11:43 <alexpilotti> we're setting up the agenda now, so if you have any topic it's a good time :)
13:11:50 <domi_> alexpilotti: I guess the issue we were talking about on skype isn't interesting for anyone here, so nothing I think
13:11:56 <alexpilotti> cool
13:12:10 <alexpilotti> next topic then
13:12:23 <alexpilotti> #topic Rally tests
13:12:42 <alexpilotti> sagar_nikam: did you guys manage to do some more performance testing?
13:13:01 <sagar_nikam> that is in plan. but done yet
13:13:42 <alexpilotti> we started packaging Mitaka3, so we will do the usual Rally runs probably next week
13:13:46 <sagar_nikam> kvinod's team will do it
13:14:13 <alexpilotti> OVS 2.5 is also getting packaged, so we will do a separate run including that as well
13:14:48 <alexpilotti> not much more to add for now
13:14:57 <alexpilotti> next topic, then
13:15:05 <alexpilotti> #topic hyper-v cluster
13:15:18 <alexpilotti> Mitaka patches are close to merge
13:15:40 <alexpilotti> in compute-hyperv, necessarily
13:16:50 <alexpilotti> follwing that, we'll do the usual round of Tempest and Rally tests as well to see how they perform
13:17:08 <alexpilotti> #topic PyMI
13:17:27 <alexpilotti> moving on to PyMI
13:17:57 <alexpilotti> we're adding a few patches for improved compatibility with the old WMI module
13:18:18 <alexpilotti> compatibility is ensured until the current release
13:18:37 <alexpilotti> starting from Newton, we will target PyMI only
13:18:44 <sagar_nikam> alexpilotti: we are planning to use pyMI with liberty
13:18:50 <alexpilotti> great
13:19:03 <sagar_nikam> our initial perf tests gave us good numbers
13:19:19 <sagar_nikam> but let us know whenever you add anything new in pyMI
13:19:21 <alexpilotti> since the goal is to a pure drop in replacement, I don't expect issues
13:20:03 <alexpilotti> we hist one on a Liberty backport (thanks domi_ for reporting it), where associator references have different types between WMI and PyMI
13:20:33 <alexpilotti> this is getting fixed, but has no impact on the current upstream codebase if PyMI is used
13:20:35 <sagar_nikam> is that the only issue for using with liberty ?
13:21:03 <alexpilotti> yes, it's the only open bug in PyMI
13:21:12 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:21:15 <alexpilotti> it's alaos avery small fix
13:21:27 <sagar_nikam> your team tested pyMI with liberty ?
13:21:39 <alexpilotti> we're now testing the patch to make sure everything works
13:21:41 <domi_> that's right, although it is possible that the code has more issue that are similar just we haven't hit them
13:21:59 <domi_> but according to you pymi should be the answer to all of those
13:22:19 <alexpilotti> domi_: reason for those issues is that we test only with PyMI now
13:22:29 <alexpilotti> so they happened when using the old WMI
13:22:36 <domi_> I see, that makes sense
13:22:49 <alexpilotti> which, although deprecated, is still supported on Liberty
13:23:19 <alexpilotti> our next Liberty release (12.0.2), will include PyMI by default
13:23:32 <sagar_nikam> alexpilotti: will it be possible for your team to run tests on liberty using pyMI, just to check everything works fine
13:23:38 <alexpilotti> while 12.0.0 and 12.0.1 still come with the old WMI
13:23:53 <alexpilotti> sagar_nikam: teh CI uses PyMI
13:24:10 <sagar_nikam> does CI run on liberty as well now ?
13:24:11 <alexpilotti> so the issue is in teh other case: if you use the old WMI :)
13:24:23 <alexpilotti> sagar_nikam: since a while
13:24:26 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:24:34 <alexpilotti> it runs on all supported stable branches
13:25:21 <alexpilotti> but again, it runs only with PyMI, so if you happen to use the old WMI there might be issues that the CI cannot discover
13:25:33 <domi_> alexpilotti: sorry to put this in here, but is there any documentation on what kind of testing is being done by the CI systems? Because it feels like there is a little bit of a gap between real life scenarios and CI scenarios
13:26:25 <alexpilotti> domi_: all teh CI automation scripts are published and documented
13:26:40 <alexpilotti> domi_: it'all on github
13:26:45 <domi_> all right, I'll sniff through them then, thanks
13:27:18 <alexpilotti> for every patch, you can also look through the results of the CI run
13:27:33 <alexpilotti> which include all the devstack and hyper-v configurations, logs, etc
13:27:45 <alexpilotti> said that, OpenStack can be deployed in a gazillion ways
13:28:13 <alexpilotti> so there are of course scenarios that are not present in the CI runs
13:28:21 <alexpilotti> old WMI, being one of those
13:28:57 <alexpilotti> any other questions here?
13:29:39 <alexpilotti> ok, timing out :)
13:29:57 <alexpilotti> #topic local storage on CSV / SMB3
13:30:28 <alexpilotti> until now we always said that having local storage on common storage is not supported
13:30:38 <alexpilotti> there are some specific reasons here:
13:30:59 <alexpilotti> 1) all nodes will report the same storage availability
13:31:22 <alexpilotti> so if we have 4 nodes, and the common storage has 100GB free
13:31:36 <alexpilotti> to total reported by the nodes will be 100*4 GB
13:32:08 <alexpilotti> this will of course confuse the scheduler resulting in involuntary overcommitment :)
13:32:31 <sagar_nikam> this affects only cluster driver
13:33:34 <alexpilotti> not only
13:34:00 <alexpilotti> if you have c:\Openstack mounted on CSV or SMB3
13:34:18 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:34:33 <alexpilotti> this includes also S2D
13:35:02 <alexpilotti> so having this scenario working, is very useful for hyper-converged deployments (as we do)
13:35:10 <alexpilotti> what needs to be done:
13:35:14 <domi_> it could be worked around by disabling the diskfilter of the scheduler, so overcommitment is allowed but in the end that leads the hypervs crashing etc.
13:35:42 <alexpilotti> domi_: there's an actual solution
13:36:07 <alexpilotti> there's a Nova BP exactly for this use case
13:36:24 <alexpilotti> jaypipes is working on it if I'm not mistaken
13:36:40 <alexpilotti> claudiub: do you have the BP link at hand by any chance?
13:36:58 <claudiub> eh, sure, let me fetch it
13:37:03 <alexpilotti> this will target Newton at best of course
13:37:18 <domi_> alexpilotti: oh okay. Is this related to the problem/bug that nova reports remote volumes as local disk space used?
13:37:49 <alexpilotti> yes, because they not remote: they are still local, but mounted remotely :)
13:37:57 <claudiub> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/253187/
13:38:02 <alexpilotti> so it's not actually a bug
13:38:21 <alexpilotti> to be clear: local storage mounted remotely is NOT supported ATM
13:38:32 <domi_> alexpilotti: talking about when they are specified as volumes not local disk (e.g. iSCSI volumes)
13:38:37 <alexpilotti> the current discussion is: what to do to have it supported
13:39:08 <domi_> okay :)
13:39:45 <alexpilotti> looking at the BP, there are already a few WiP patches, it's not a trivial one: #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/generic-resource-pools
13:40:11 <jaypipes> alexpilotti: me, cdent, bauzas, edleafe and others are all working on it :) but generic-resource-pools won't be done until Newton.
13:40:41 <alexpilotti> jaypipes: thanks for confirming it!
13:41:13 <alexpilotti> we'd be happy to help, as you know it's an important one for hyepr-v as well
13:41:13 <jaypipes> alexpilotti: no worries :) here is the blueprint: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/253187/
13:42:18 <alexpilotti> so, in the meantime some hacky custom filters can do the trick of course
13:42:32 <alexpilotti> meantime = Liberty, Mitaka :)
13:43:01 <alexpilotti> getting back to the Hyper-V driver, there's one more thing that needs to be done:
13:43:47 <alexpilotti> resize / cold migration must support a shared storage
13:44:53 <alexpilotti> currently resize uses a logic taken from the libvirt driver, where in case of resize the VM is stopped, copied to target, recreated and started
13:45:20 <alexpilotti> when source and target are the same, data is simply moved to a temp location and restarted
13:45:49 <alexpilotti> we just need to add a check, that in case of shared storage, we need to treat the remote case as the local case, that's it
13:46:39 <domi_> alexpilotti: we would very much like that :)
13:46:53 <alexpilotti> to do that we can check at the host level if the path points to the same storage and act accordingly
13:47:22 <alexpilotti> this is a patch that will be done for Mitaka and will be easy to backport
13:48:13 <alexpilotti> it wont make it upstream beforeNewton, but it will be part of compute-hyperv (kilo+)
13:48:45 <alexpilotti> questions?
13:48:57 <alexpilotti> we are getting close to the 10' left mark
13:49:05 <sagar_nikam> i have a question for using certs
13:49:20 <alexpilotti> sure
13:49:30 <sagar_nikam> http://docs.openstack.org/liberty/config-reference/content/list-of-compute-config-options.html
13:49:36 <sagar_nikam> for keystone
13:49:52 <sagar_nikam> we can provide cafile
13:49:52 <alexpilotti> #topic using X509 certificates in nova-compute config
13:50:14 <sagar_nikam> does it work in HyperV
13:50:37 <sagar_nikam> in controller, we have.crt file
13:50:40 <alexpilotti> that code comes straight from the Nova compute manager, aka common code base
13:50:56 <alexpilotti> it works on Hyper-V in the same way as, say, libvirt
13:50:57 <sagar_nikam> i mean does work on HyperV host
13:51:10 <alexpilotti> as in in if it works on windows?
13:51:11 <sagar_nikam> .crt needs to be changed to .cer ?
13:51:31 <sagar_nikam> yes, does it work on windows
13:51:38 <sagar_nikam> has it been tested
13:51:47 <sagar_nikam> we have always used only creds
13:51:49 <alexpilotti> that is python standard code, we never had particular issues
13:51:59 <sagar_nikam> we have never provided the cafile
13:52:03 <alexpilotti> but it wont use Windows cert store
13:52:09 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:52:10 <alexpilotti> you need to provide cert, key and ca
13:52:23 <sagar_nikam> so just copying .crt file from controller
13:52:44 <sagar_nikam> on hyperv host and then giving that path in nova.conf is sufficient ?
13:52:59 <alexpilotti> ibalutoiu just did a similar config
13:53:01 <sagar_nikam> on the hyperv host
13:53:14 <domi_> I'm pretty sure python is wrapping around openssl so it should work fine on any platform
13:53:33 <sagar_nikam> so we dont need to change crt to cer file ?
13:53:45 <sagar_nikam> i was reading on net that crt file will not work in windows
13:53:53 <alexpilotti> domi_: not necessarily in some cases the Python code uses cryptoAPI on Windows, but the usage is transparent
13:53:53 <domi_> my idea would be no, but that's purely theoretical
13:54:02 <sagar_nikam> but as domi_ mentioned python may be handling it
13:54:16 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:54:16 <alexpilotti> we had no issues with it until now
13:54:30 <alexpilotti> note: crt is a file extension, the file format is either CER or DER
13:54:45 <sagar_nikam> alexpilotti: can you give me some contacts from your team whom i can reach out to understand it further
13:54:56 <sagar_nikam> we are almost end of this meeting
13:55:05 <sagar_nikam> lpetrut: ?
13:55:15 <alexpilotti> sure, can you please send an email? I will loop the engineer working on it
13:55:24 <sagar_nikam> alexpilotti: thanks
13:55:27 <alexpilotti> np!
13:56:01 <sagar_nikam> moving to next topic if we are done on this
13:56:08 <alexpilotti> I dont expect any surprise (everything worked so far with X509), but in case we will document any differences compared to the Linux case
13:56:22 <alexpilotti> sure, 4' left
13:56:28 <sagar_nikam> freerdp
13:56:30 <alexpilotti> #topic open discussion
13:56:45 <sagar_nikam> i could not find anything on the proxy which you mentioned last week
13:56:47 <alexpilotti> so freerdp it is :)
13:57:11 <alexpilotti> the proxy is not part of freerdp-webconnect
13:57:13 <sagar_nikam> novnc proxy does it the required proxy for libvirt
13:57:26 <sagar_nikam> yes, since proxy is not part of freerdp-webconnect
13:57:39 <sagar_nikam> wondering how it needs to be done
13:57:42 <alexpilotti> novnc equivalent is wsgate (freerdp-webconnect)
13:57:46 <sagar_nikam> in case of novnc
13:57:51 <sagar_nikam> we have novnc proxy
13:58:02 <alexpilotti> it's the same
13:58:08 <sagar_nikam> we dont have a similar freerdp-webconnect proxy
13:58:13 <alexpilotti> what I was referring to is to use a reverse proxy in front
13:58:30 <alexpilotti> you need something that can reverse proxy web sockets
13:58:43 <sagar_nikam> alexpilotti: ok you meant reverse proxy on controller
13:58:53 <sagar_nikam> not anything related to freerdp-webconnect
13:58:56 <sagar_nikam> proxy
13:59:10 <alexpilotti> controller or external load balancers, depends on your deployment
13:59:16 <sagar_nikam> ok
13:59:27 <sagar_nikam> let me check
13:59:42 <sagar_nikam> i may try to use windows NLB
13:59:46 <alexpilotti> it'd be: rev_proxy -> wsgate -> hyper-v
14:00:02 <sagar_nikam> by installing freerdp MSI and multiple wndows machines
14:00:08 <sagar_nikam> all behind NLB
14:00:19 <sagar_nikam> so everything in windows
14:00:21 <sagar_nikam> will work well
14:00:31 <alexpilotti> only thing: you need cleint session affinity as the websocket needs to be connected
14:00:45 <alexpilotti> time's over
14:00:46 <sagar_nikam> ok
14:00:52 <alexpilotti> thanks guys for joining!
14:00:57 <alexpilotti> #endmeeting