13:01:24 <alexpilotti> #startmeeting hyper-v
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13:01:44 <alexpilotti> morning everybody!
13:01:49 <sagar_nikam> Hi
13:01:55 <abalutoiu> Hi
13:01:58 <itoader> Hi
13:02:30 <alexpilotti> sagar_nikam: anybody else on HP side?
13:02:32 <atuvenie> hi
13:03:51 <alexpilotti> sagar_nikam: you had some questions for FreeRDP, would you like to start with that?
13:03:56 <sagar_nikam_> hi... back again
13:04:07 <sagar_nikam_> yes alexpilotti:
13:04:14 <sagar_nikam_> should we discuss that
13:04:16 <sagar_nikam_> now ?
13:04:24 <alexpilotti> #topic #FreeRDP-WebConnect
13:04:27 <alexpilotti> yes
13:04:29 <alexpilotti> :)
13:04:47 <sagar_nikam_> in nova.conf, we specify the FreeRDP IP
13:04:57 <alexpilotti> the url
13:05:09 <sagar_nikam_> and that IP is sent by nova, which horizon uses to connect to RDP Console
13:05:18 <sagar_nikam_> am i right ?
13:05:31 <alexpilotti> yes, exactly like libvirt does with novnc
13:05:40 <sagar_nikam_> ok
13:05:58 <sagar_nikam_> now let us assume that freerdp is installed on the HyperV host where nova compute runs
13:06:01 <alexpilotti> it's very much the same, we wanted to keep the same identical experience
13:06:19 <sagar_nikam_> and we have multiple networks in the environment
13:06:27 <claudiub> o/
13:06:41 <sagar_nikam_> tenant users access the horizon on "USER-NET"
13:06:47 <sagar_nikam_> the user network
13:06:48 <lpetrut> Hi guys
13:07:14 <sagar_nikam_> and compute to controller commication is on a network "MGMT-NET"
13:07:25 <sagar_nikam_> in this case how will FreeRDP work
13:07:49 <sagar_nikam_> we dont want to have "USER-NET" configured on HyerV host due to security reasons
13:08:10 <sagar_nikam_> so when horizon requests for the console
13:08:19 <sagar_nikam_> how will it work ?
13:08:32 <alexpilotti> the you have two options: 1) a proxy, 2) putting freerdp-webconnect on a different host
13:08:53 <alexpilotti> how do you do it today for novnc on the libirt case?
13:09:14 <sagar_nikam_> need to check
13:09:32 <sagar_nikam_> have not used novnc yet on libvirt
13:09:38 <sagar_nikam_> for sometime now
13:09:46 <alexpilotti> your deployment will be mostly mixed, e.g. KVM + hyper-v?
13:09:54 <sagar_nikam_> yes
13:09:58 <sagar_nikam_> kvm_hyperv
13:10:04 <sagar_nikam_> kmv + hyperv
13:10:41 <alexpilotti> then I'd recommend a unified design, so that you dont need different architectural choices for novnc and freerdp
13:11:04 <sagar_nikam_> ok
13:11:31 <sagar_nikam_> need to check on novnc, as of now dont have much details
13:11:50 <sagar_nikam_> will check and get back if i need more clarity on FreeRDP
13:12:19 <sagar_nikam_> most of the hyperv deployments
13:12:29 <sagar_nikam_> what is the recommended approach ?
13:12:37 <alexpilotti> sagar_nikam_: sounds good, let us know!
13:12:41 <sagar_nikam_> having FreeRDP on compute or on a different machine
13:13:07 <alexpilotti> as we already discussed, it depends on your design, hyperconverged or not plus security implications
13:13:25 <sagar_nikam_> ok
13:13:57 <alexpilotti> exposing a service on a compute node directly to the user network is not a great idea, but a reverse proxy can fix that
13:14:12 <sagar_nikam_> agree
13:14:30 <alexpilotti> on the other side, putting freerdp on a separate cluster of nodes requires additional complexity
13:14:32 <sagar_nikam_> hence i was thinking of a separate machine for FreeRDP
13:14:45 <alexpilotti> how do you scale horizon today?
13:14:51 <sagar_nikam_> i was thinking of having 3 machines
13:15:04 <sagar_nikam_> all in a NLB cluster
13:15:15 <sagar_nikam_> and then give that cluster IP in nova.conf
13:15:32 <sagar_nikam_> in that way all freerdp requests will go to NLB cluster IP
13:15:32 <alexpilotti> one of the options could even be to put freerdp on the horizon nodes
13:15:40 <sagar_nikam_> and it gets load balanced
13:15:58 <sagar_nikam_> putting freerdp on horizon nodes is a good idea
13:16:09 <sagar_nikam_> only issue, no debian for it is availanle
13:16:16 <sagar_nikam_> we only have windows MSI
13:16:43 <alexpilotti> we dont have support for debian atm, but it can be added, of course
13:16:43 <sagar_nikam_> if a deb was available, we would have used it
13:17:03 <sagar_nikam_> that would be great.... if it happens
13:17:17 <sagar_nikam_> we will use it, as and when it is available
13:17:29 <sagar_nikam_> do you any plans for it ?
13:18:40 <alexpilotti> it's on the pipeline, but with a very low priority
13:18:48 <sagar_nikam_> ok
13:19:03 <sagar_nikam_> let us know when it is available
13:19:22 <sagar_nikam_> we can use it, test and let you know how it works
13:19:33 <alexpilotti> sure!
13:19:36 <alexpilotti> tx
13:19:39 <sagar_nikam_> thanks
13:19:54 <alexpilotti> do you have any other questions on freerdp?
13:19:57 <sagar_nikam_> in the meanwhile i will check on how novnc works in our case
13:20:13 <sagar_nikam_> else use another VM
13:20:13 <sagar_nikam_> i am done on FreeRDP
13:20:20 <sagar_nikam_> sonu: you have anythuing ?
13:20:54 <sagar_nikam_> looks like sonu and vinod are not in the meeting
13:21:05 <sagar_nikam_> alexpilotti: we can move to next topic
13:21:32 <alexpilotti> #topic Hyper-V clustering
13:21:40 <alexpilotti> patches are pretty much ready
13:21:58 <sagar_nikam_> ok
13:22:01 <alexpilotti> we're going to start backporting to compute-hyperv pretty soon
13:22:18 <sagar_nikam_> backporting ?
13:22:27 <sagar_nikam_> to liberty ?
13:22:35 <sagar_nikam_> or just merging in mitaka
13:22:35 <alexpilotti> so if you guys want to backport on your Liberty branch, times are pretty much ripe
13:23:12 <sagar_nikam_> you mean cluster driver has been backported in liberty already ?
13:23:14 <claudiub> i think alexpilotti meant to say "include"it in compute-hyperv, mitaka
13:23:14 <alexpilotti> adding to compute-hyperv, not backporting, wrong verb in this case
13:23:19 <sagar_nikam_> in compute-hyperv ?
13:23:28 <alexpilotti> yeah of course
13:23:29 <sagar_nikam_> ok
13:23:49 <alexpilotti> as usual, patches are available upstream in Nova, for eventual merging
13:23:50 <sagar_nikam_> so it will be merged in compute-hyperv mitaka branch
13:24:03 <alexpilotti> and in the meantime we add in compute-hyperv
13:24:11 <sagar_nikam_> ok
13:24:13 <alexpilotti> yes, like everything else
13:24:30 <alexpilotti> hopefully one day our nephews will see those patches merged in Nova
13:24:36 <alexpilotti> :)
13:24:41 <sagar_nikam_> as mentioned in last IRC, we are still on liberty, we can test it when we move t Mitaka
13:25:04 <alexpilotti> do you have any deadline for Mitaka?
13:25:15 <sagar_nikam_> however if you decide to backport to liberty, kmb: has setup a cluster today
13:25:27 <sagar_nikam_> we can start from next week
13:25:37 <sagar_nikam_> not sure of Mitaka
13:25:44 <sagar_nikam_> i think couple of months
13:26:05 <alexpilotti> in our case backporting would still mean compute-hyperv (kilo, liberty)
13:26:19 <alexpilotti> we dont backport to Nova, as we don't use it
13:26:38 <sagar_nikam_> yes, we can try picking from the compute-hyperv n libety
13:27:30 <alexpilotti> we'll let you know of course if / when we will backport that patchset
13:27:37 <sagar_nikam_> sure
13:27:40 <alexpilotti> that depends a lot on customer demand
13:27:51 <sagar_nikam_> my team mate kmb: has setup the cluster today
13:27:51 <alexpilotti> ok, moving on
13:27:58 <sagar_nikam_> sure
13:28:17 <alexpilotti> unless there are other questions on this topic of course
13:28:32 <sagar_nikam_> no questiosn from my end
13:28:57 <alexpilotti> cool
13:29:05 <alexpilotti> #topic networking
13:29:21 <alexpilotti> claudiub: anything to add on recent improvements?
13:29:53 <claudiub> nope. just adding os-win in networking-hyperv. making sure things work properly.
13:30:15 <claudiub> hyper-v ci says (s)he's happy for now.
13:31:15 <claudiub> that's all from me, if anyone else has anything else to add on this topic, go ahead
13:32:06 <claudiub> k, next topic? :)
13:32:20 <alexpilotti> sagar_nikam_: are you still doing perf testing?
13:32:40 <sagar_nikam_> i was speaking to sonu: yesterday
13:32:43 <sagar_nikam_> on this topic
13:32:44 <alexpilotti> claudiub: all utils in networking-hyperv are in os-win, correct?
13:32:54 <claudiub> alexpilotti: yep.
13:33:00 <sagar_nikam_> i think it is being planned again after few weeks
13:33:07 <sagar_nikam_> but sure of the plan
13:33:17 <alexpilotti> so sagar_nikam_ on our end networking-hyperv is ready for mitaka
13:33:32 <sagar_nikam_> it all depends on getting a slot for perf testing
13:33:39 <alexpilotti> if you guys have anything else in mind we'd be happy to address that
13:34:13 <sagar_nikam_> i think sonu has some question on ovs2.6 in the last meeting
13:34:34 <alexpilotti> ok, I dont see him online today
13:34:43 <sagar_nikam_> yes
13:34:47 <alexpilotti> but is he done w it?
13:34:52 <sagar_nikam_> both he and vinod seem to be away
13:35:06 <sagar_nikam_> lets chat on this topic again next week
13:35:14 <alexpilotti> ok sure, we can move on I think then
13:35:20 <sagar_nikam_> yes
13:35:31 <alexpilotti> #topic mitaka release
13:35:46 <alexpilotti> we're going to wrap up as soon as M3 is out
13:36:24 <sagar_nikam_> ok
13:36:38 <alexpilotti> and dedicate as usual the period between that and release to do tons of integration testing
13:36:55 <alexpilotti> in all possible supported configurations
13:37:32 <alexpilotti> for both the Nova hyper-v anc Cinder SMB scenarios
13:37:44 <sagar_nikam_> ok
13:37:54 <alexpilotti> which also includes testing on Python3
13:38:21 <sagar_nikam_> are we done with pyMI ? all things merged ?
13:38:32 <sagar_nikam_> any patches pending ?
13:39:12 <alexpilotti> Pymy reached 1.0.0, signed release
13:39:24 <sagar_nikam_> ok
13:39:25 <alexpilotti> and it has been included in OpenStack's global-requirements
13:39:37 <sagar_nikam_> that's good
13:40:02 <alexpilotti> no pending issues
13:40:12 <sagar_nikam_> ok
13:40:27 <alexpilotti> we're going to add some more MI API coverage, but that's not needed for Nova, etc
13:40:41 <sagar_nikam_> ok
13:41:12 <alexpilotti> #topic Shielded VMs
13:42:06 <alexpilotti> things are getting ready there as well, but we might wait some time before releasing to ensure that the Hyper-V API are stable
13:42:20 <alexpilotti> since this is based on 2016 prerelease
13:42:40 <sagar_nikam_> ok
13:42:56 <alexpilotti> just wanted to mention it here, to keep the community up to date
13:43:04 <alexpilotti> ok that was my last topic
13:43:12 <alexpilotti> #topic open discussion
13:43:30 <alexpilotti> anything that anybody would like to add before wrapping up?
13:44:01 <sagar_nikam_> nothing as of now from my end
13:44:35 <alexpilotti> ok, thanks everybody for joining today's meeting!
13:44:42 <alexpilotti> #endmeeting