08:00:13 <ramishra> #startmeeting heat
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08:00:22 <ramishra> #topic roll call
08:01:15 <ricolin> o/
08:02:22 <ramishra> ricolin: hmm it seems no one is around for the meeting other than we both.
08:02:36 <tiantian> hi
08:02:43 <tiantian> I am here
08:02:45 <tiantian> :)
08:02:49 <ricolin> ramishra: three of us!
08:03:00 <ramishra> tiantian: thanks for joining:)
08:03:09 <ramishra> so it would be quick then
08:03:15 * Qiming is virtually here ...
08:03:28 <ramishra> #topic adding items to agenda
08:03:38 <ramishra> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/HeatAgenda#Agenda_.282016-11-30_0800_UTC.29
08:03:58 <ramishra> If anyone else has anything to discuss
08:04:40 <ramishra> #topic Clean up old patches
08:04:54 <ramishra> Not sure who added this.
08:05:00 <ricolin> I do:)
08:05:04 <ramishra> but we need to clean them.
08:05:18 <ramishra> there are plenty of patches with merge conflict.
08:05:26 <ramishra> some from the cores also;)
08:05:27 <Qiming> one thing I'm interested in is about Heat API v2
08:05:38 <ramishra> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/heat+branch:master+age:12weeks++status:open
08:05:57 <ramishra> This is the query with patches 12 weeks old.
08:06:00 <ricolin> true, Just think we have a lot of patch that did not working for least few monthes
08:06:49 <ramishra> Can we please abandon them or resubmit them. Else, we would be forced to abandon patches of others.
08:07:00 <ricolin> I can do that:)
08:07:16 <ramishra> Qiming: I think we've to postpone that when more people are around.
08:07:21 <ramishra> may be next week?
08:07:33 <Qiming> that is fine
08:07:51 <Qiming> but I really like to complain to the PTL before a bigger meeting
08:07:56 <Qiming> :D
08:08:10 <ramishra> or may be start a ML thread.
08:08:10 <shizhihui_> ramishra,hi
08:08:25 <ramishra> yeah, complains are always welcome.
08:08:26 <shizhihui_> Qiming. hi
08:08:34 <skraynev> sorry, I am late
08:08:37 <Qiming> hi, shizhihui_
08:08:45 <ramishra> shizhihui_, skraynev hi
08:08:51 <Qiming> add that to the agenda
08:09:11 <ramishra> skraynev: np:) we don't have too many things to discuss.
08:09:24 <ramishra> skraynev: I need your help in the next topic though.
08:09:44 <ramishra> #topic Liberty EOL
08:09:54 <ramishra> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-November/107717.html
08:10:05 <ramishra> this is a mail for EOL tagging.
08:10:26 <ramishra> We've a few patches still with open status.
08:10:34 <ramishra> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/heat+branch:stable/liberty+status:open
08:10:46 <ramishra> I think we should just abandon them?
08:11:03 <ramishra> Liberty gate is broken too.
08:11:16 <ramishra> skraynev: you're the stable core, may be you can help?
08:11:45 <Qiming> not much you can do if the gate is broken
08:12:04 <ramishra> yeah, it would take lot of time to fix and land these patches.
08:12:13 <skraynev> ramishra: I tend to agree with abandon
08:12:17 <Qiming> don't think they worth it
08:12:19 <ramishra> Not sure if anyone has any objections.
08:12:45 <skraynev> As I remember I have seen several at least one -1 for each of these patches.
08:13:13 <ramishra> skraynev: I can't abandon it(don't have stable permissions), so you can help do that.
08:13:31 <ramishra> or may be zaneb, stevebaker, shardy.
08:13:31 <therve> It doesn't look like there is anything critical in there
08:14:00 <ramishra> therve: hi, yeah I agree, I wanted that requirement change to go in.
08:14:03 <ricolin> I think abandon will not be a big deal here
08:14:22 <ramishra> but there seems to be multiple things broken.
08:14:47 <skraynev> ramishra: could you tell me the best reason for explanation in message for abandon ?
08:15:08 <ramishra> skraynev: EOL tagging, gate broken?
08:15:48 <skraynev> ok. We abandon this patch due to EOL for liberty and broken gate state. :)
08:15:52 <skraynev> ramishra: thx
08:16:09 <ramishra> skraynev: thanks!
08:17:22 <ramishra> ok, anything else?
08:17:46 <ramishra> #topic open discussion
08:18:23 <skraynev> ramishra: abandonong is done!
08:18:26 <ricolin> so there will be a topic for Heat API v2 next week?:)
08:18:27 <ramishra> Qiming: I'll add the v2 api in the next meeting agenda.
08:18:33 <skraynev> *abandoning
08:18:45 <Qiming> ramishra, I agree that API V2 is gonna be a big thing to discuss around the team
08:18:57 <therve> Qiming, Why?
08:19:06 <Qiming> before that, I just want to raise some awareness about this
08:19:18 <Qiming> cool, we got at least one 'why' here, :)
08:19:52 <Qiming> one of the reasons is about conformance to API WG guidelines
08:20:18 <therve> Dang
08:20:25 <Qiming> I was feeling quite some pain when adding support to Heat "resources" to openstacksdk: e.g http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/python-openstacksdk/tree/openstack/orchestration/v1/stack.py
08:20:26 <therve> If that's your number 1 priority...
08:21:38 <Qiming> previously, asakeld and I were on a blueprint for this: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Heat/Blueprints/V2API
08:22:30 <Qiming> besides things mentioned in the wiki above
08:22:43 <Qiming> I'm also thinking about API micro-versioning
08:22:56 <therve> That was like 3 years ago and nothing happened :)
08:23:08 <ramishra> while discussing about API stuff, I have some gabbi test patches for review, if someone can find time to look at.
08:23:09 <Qiming> what I have seen is that we kept adding/removing fields to APIs
08:23:13 <ramishra> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/heat+branch:master+topic:gabbi
08:23:24 <Qiming> yes, therve, asakeld's fault, not mine, :)
08:23:46 <therve> Qiming, Well, it's not like you implemented the changes either
08:24:09 <Qiming> right, it was never on the agenda
08:24:23 <therve> We don't have many contributors nowadays, I feel we have more important things to focus on than moving some URLs around
08:24:28 <therve> But that's just me
08:25:03 <Qiming> okay, your opinions well received, :)
08:26:47 <ramishra> yeah, we may start working on some of these things.
08:28:10 <Qiming> ramishra, these changes, if we want to land them, should reside on a different endpoint
08:28:20 <Qiming> we cannot break existing users
08:28:55 <ramishra> Qiming: yeah
08:29:03 <therve> We mostly made a good job with that without a new API :)
08:29:35 <Qiming> not fully agree, therve
08:30:07 <Qiming> for example, because we have stack_name in the URI, we are not supporting unicode stack names very well
08:31:26 <therve> Hum okay, that's not what I was getting at
08:31:33 <therve> Anyway no need to talk about that now
08:32:18 <ramishra> ok, I'll add this and rolling upgrade to the topic next week.
08:32:28 <Qiming> yep, complaints ended, :)
08:32:40 <ramishra> Hopefully we would have more people around to discuss.
08:33:08 <ramishra> ok, anything else?
08:34:29 <ramishra> thank you all for joining.
08:34:36 <Qiming> thanks
08:34:38 <ramishra> #endmeeting heat