08:04:08 <ramishra> #startmeeting heat
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08:05:14 <ramishra> #topic roll call
08:05:20 <therve> Hi :)
08:06:01 <ramishra> therve: are we the only ones in the meeting today;)
08:06:10 <therve> Cool, should be short
08:06:19 <skraynev> hi all :)
08:06:36 <ramishra> skraynev: welcome:)
08:06:37 <skraynev> I hope, that I will not break you plans :)
08:06:44 <skraynev> about short meeting :)
08:06:57 <ramishra> yep we'll have a very short one:)
08:07:00 <skraynev> *your plans :)
08:07:26 <ramishra> let's wait for few mins, may be someone else joins:)
08:08:18 <ramishra> #topic adding items to agenda
08:08:33 <ramishra> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/HeatAgenda#Agenda_.282016-10-19_0800_UTC.29
08:08:47 <ramishra> I think we can just discuss the gate issue and close?
08:09:24 <ramishra> therve: I've added you as moderator for one of fishbowl sessions, without asking you:)
08:09:47 <therve> OK :)
08:09:47 <strigazi> o/ watching quietly :)
08:10:13 <ramishra> strigazi: hey welcome:)
08:10:40 <ramishra> strigazi: would be good if you can add more details on the latest round of tests you're doing to the etherpad
08:11:01 <strigazi> ramishra, ok
08:11:12 <ramishra> #topic gate issue
08:11:33 <ramishra> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/heat/+bug/1634717
08:11:35 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1634717 in heat "gate broken as dib-utils removed from PROJECTS list" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Rabi Mishra (rabi)
08:12:04 <ramishra> so we've to merge number of devstack/heat changes to make it work.
08:12:15 <ramishra> all stable branches are broken too.
08:12:59 <skraynev> ramishra: do you have some final patch, with depends-on, which confirm, that devstack patches fix this bug?
08:13:10 <ramishra> therve: I was talking about removing the devstack in-tree code, any reason we should not push for that?
08:13:31 <skraynev> ramishra: it probably can help us to merge patches faster
08:13:51 <ramishra> therve: I'm not sure if we can handle these kind of issues regularly, merging changes both places.
08:14:18 <ramishra> skraynev: I'm hoping https://review.openstack.org/#/c/388274/ should fix it.
08:14:22 <therve> ramishra, So wait
08:14:36 <therve> ramishra, If we need to merge in both places, doesn't that mean that it's still used?
08:14:36 <skraynev> ramishra: +1 for removing duplicate code from devstack
08:15:01 <ramishra> skraynev: but https://review.openstack.org/#/c/388385/ should land first.
08:15:27 <ramishra> therve: have you seen this https://review.openstack.org/#/c/361542/
08:16:04 <ramishra> therve: it depends on the devstack in-tree code removal patch.
08:16:23 <therve> ramishra, So?
08:16:26 <ramishra> so the issue is, we've a few hacks for now, to make it work.
08:16:37 <ramishra> so we can't keep on doing the same things.
08:16:57 <skraynev> ramishra: looks like  only newton and liberty patches are in queue, other cherry-picks were already merged
08:17:28 <therve> ramishra, Yeah but that's not my question. Why do we need to change devstack heat code? Why is it used anywhere?
08:18:17 <ramishra> therve: the issue is once you enable heat services, you source bothe devstack/heat/lib and the plugin lib
08:18:39 <ramishra> and devstack code is called before the plugin code could be called
08:18:48 <therve> ramishra, That sounds wrong? Can't we fix that?
08:19:31 <ramishra> I'm not sure if that is a simple thing to fix.
08:19:50 <ramishra> lot's places in project-config we enable services and the enable the plugin
08:20:05 <ramishra> we've to fix all of them.
08:20:10 <ramishra> enable heat services
08:20:12 <therve> OK
08:20:26 <therve> Anyway I'm not against removing devstack code
08:20:35 <therve> I just feel that we don't control what's going on enough
08:20:55 <therve> So be prepared for a "I told you so" if anything goes wrong :p
08:21:13 <ramishra> yeah I agree, few projects like sahara and tacker need to change.
08:21:27 <ramishra> magnum has already changed to use the heat plugin.
08:21:42 <ramishra> we can talk to those folks during the summit.
08:22:01 <ramishra> skraynev: you can help convicne sahara team:)
08:22:42 <skraynev> ramishra: sure. and probably Murano too. I will ask them to propose patch. Will it be enough?
08:23:17 <ramishra> skraynev: yeah, they just have to use heat plugin like magnum has done.
08:23:58 <ramishra> skraynev: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/369812/
08:24:25 <skraynev> ramishra: Great. thank you. I will point on this patch :)
08:24:47 <ramishra> so that's all from my side.
08:24:57 <ramishra> anything else, we would like to discuss?
08:25:30 <ramishra> see you all in barcelona:)
08:25:55 <ramishra> therve: it must be just few hrs for you, right?
08:26:08 <therve> Yeah not even that :)
08:26:37 <ramishra> I always have to travel the most:(
08:26:56 <ramishra> thanks all, moving back to #heat
08:27:01 <ramishra> #endmeeting heat