08:22:13 <skraynev> #startmeeting Heat
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08:22:27 <skraynev> #topic rollcall
08:22:42 <ricolin> o/
08:23:45 <skraynev> ricolin: hi.
08:23:55 <skraynev> looks like we are alone here ;)
08:25:05 <shardy> o/
08:25:34 <ricolin> lol
08:25:50 <skraynev> shardy, ricolin: looks like today's meeting is not really necessary :)
08:26:17 <shardy> Ok, I've got nothing to raise, other than it'd be good if we could somehow track all the bugs related to performance improvements
08:26:18 <skraynev> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/HeatAgenda#Agenda_.282016-05-04_0800_UTC.29
08:26:43 <skraynev> #topic Adding items to agenda
08:26:50 <shardy> I've been getting a lot of questions about the output of the scale/performance sessions wrt TripleO, and having perhaps a tag to track progress would help
08:26:54 <skraynev> I have not anything new too.
08:27:00 <skraynev> #topic Open discussion
08:27:02 <shardy> I can raise that with therve though
08:28:07 <skraynev> shardy: yeah. it will be great to have some document, where we may track current status
08:28:28 <skraynev> let's share it via mail thread
08:28:28 <ricolin> agree
08:28:29 <shardy> yup, an etherpad or bug tag would be fine I think
08:29:07 <skraynev> I suppose - both, if it's not really difficult.
08:29:26 <shardy> Ok, if there's nothing else I'll go back to my emails - have a good day guys :)
08:29:32 <skraynev> because we may have some "not a bug" patches, like refactoring for fixing real issue
08:29:44 <skraynev> shardy: thank you for the update.
08:30:00 <ricolin> :)
08:30:03 <shardy> Yeah, well I think many of the issues can be framed as a bug, e.g the bad performance is a bug
08:30:19 <shardy> but I don't really mind how we track it provided the information is somewhere :)
08:31:25 <skraynev> shardy: :)
08:31:40 <skraynev> ricolin: do you have something to share ?
08:32:10 <ricolin> skraynev: tracking performance right now
08:32:30 <ricolin> and please merge external resource if no new issue:)
08:32:53 <skraynev> link?
08:33:29 <ricolin> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/135492/
08:33:58 <ricolin> as we have discuss in summit
08:34:24 <ricolin> the update already been seperated out of this patch
08:35:23 <ramishra> hi
08:35:27 <ricolin> hi
08:36:10 <ramishra> I thought we are skipping the meeting today;)
08:36:45 <skraynev> ramishra: no, it was only for previous week and therve asked to someone to lead this one ;)
08:37:29 <skraynev> ricolin: is it updated and as I understand you discussed on the first part of meet-up, which I missed.
08:37:31 <skraynev> right?
08:37:48 <elynn> sorry I'm late
08:38:44 <ricolin> yep
08:40:52 <ramishra> gate seems to be pretty erratic, some floating ip(neutron) tempest tests part of grenade job are failing (external connectivity issue)
08:44:25 <skraynev> ricolin: and what was the decision?
08:44:50 <ricolin> therve decide to merge I think
08:45:28 <skraynev> ramishra: but we decided to use our own tests, so I think, we may ignore it
08:45:46 <skraynev> ricolin: ok. I will take a look it today ;)
08:47:10 <ricolin> thx:)
08:48:05 <ramishra> skraynev: In think the failing test is not a heat test, but scenario test in tempest tempest.scenario.test_network_basic_ops.TestNetworkBasicOps.test_network_basic_ops
08:49:13 <stevebaker> \o
08:49:18 <stevebaker> sorry I'
08:49:23 <stevebaker> m late, had a thing
08:49:25 <ramishra> This is failing most of the time, but seems to have passed for few patches https://review.openstack.org/#/c/311837/
08:49:35 <ramishra> very difficult to tell what's going on
08:51:03 <stevebaker> ramishra: I assume that test is not heat relatede
08:51:38 <ramishra> stevebaker: yeah, but how do we fix the gate, 90% of the time it's failing
08:51:55 <ramishra> it's broken since last few days
08:52:03 <stevebaker> ramishra: complain in #openstack-qa and wait?
08:52:55 <skraynev> ramishra: or propose patch with skipping this test
08:54:51 <ramishra> I think we should skip all non heat related tempest tests in the grenade job, wdyt?
08:55:08 <elynn> agree
08:55:56 <elynn> There's no need to run other tests besides heat tests in gate.
08:58:17 <stevebaker> this would be a good test for a filtered list of tests for when we have a tempest plugin
08:58:18 <skraynev> ramishra: +1
08:58:33 <stevebaker> it will make the job quicker too
09:00:57 <elynn> Or we could disable tempest tests in gate and wait for tempest plugin since heat tempest tests is useless actually
09:01:35 <skraynev> we are our of the time, let's continue in #heat
09:01:43 <skraynev> #endmeeting heat