07:01:31 <skraynev> #startmeeting heat
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07:01:31 <prazumovsky> Hello?
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07:01:44 <skraynev> #topic rollcall
07:01:57 <skraynev> #chairs therve
07:02:31 <prazumovsky> hi again
07:02:45 <stevebaker> \i
07:02:47 <skraynev> #help
07:02:50 <stevebaker> \o
07:02:54 <ramishra> hi
07:02:58 <ricolin> o/
07:03:01 * stevebaker inflates head
07:03:19 <skraynev> stevebaker: could you remind me how to add someone else to chair ?
07:03:22 <rakesh_hs> o/
07:03:24 <pas-ha> O/
07:03:37 <stevebaker> ummm
07:03:55 <stevebaker> hash chair?
07:04:21 <stevebaker> #chair and #unchair
07:04:22 <skraynev> #chair therve
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07:04:43 <stevebaker> might be a bit early for therve
07:05:10 <skraynev> stevebaker: yeah. thx. I wrongly used plural instead of single "chair"
07:05:41 <ochuprykov> hi
07:06:10 <skraynev> stevebaker: may be. I hope, that he will join if be there .
07:06:23 <skraynev> #topic Adding items to agenda
07:06:41 <skraynev> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/HeatAgenda#Agenda_.282016-03-30_0700_UTC.29
07:07:00 <skraynev> ramishra: I suppose, that we may add RBAC related question
07:07:08 <ramishra> sure
07:07:30 <ochuprykov> oh, again
07:08:17 <skraynev> ramishra: done.
07:08:28 <elynn__> o/
07:08:38 <skraynev> ochuprykov: yeah. however, todays it's a TripleO ;)
07:09:01 <shardy> morning all, sorry I'm late
07:09:03 <skraynev> something else for agenda ?
07:09:11 <skraynev> shardy: hi. np. ^
07:09:27 <skraynev> ps: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/HeatAgenda#Agenda_.282016-03-30_0700_UTC.29
07:09:31 <skraynev> shardy: ^
07:09:32 <ochuprykov> sergey, could you add me patch about addind yaql&
07:09:39 <ochuprykov> my*
07:09:57 <ochuprykov> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/196984/
07:10:31 <shardy> Does someone have a link to the bug/patch re the RBAC issue please?
07:10:51 <ramishra> shardy: I've a revert
07:10:53 <skraynev> ochuprykov: done
07:11:00 <shardy> ramishra: was it the broken delete thing?
07:11:08 <ramishra> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/299112/
07:11:08 <ochuprykov> ramishra: i don't see any info
07:11:18 <ramishra> shardy: yes
07:11:28 <ochuprykov> you just tell thet something wrong
07:11:32 <shardy> ramishra: ack, thanks!
07:11:39 <skraynev> shardy: ramishra: could you please wait a bit before related topic ? ;)
07:11:46 <ricolin> https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1561172
07:11:46 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1561172 in tripleo "Overcloud delete never completes" [Critical,Triaged]
07:12:04 <shardy> skraynev: sure, my question was because there's no link in the agenda ;)
07:12:30 <skraynev> shardy: yeah. I wanted to ask ramishara to share it later ;)
07:12:33 <ramishra> I thought I added it
07:12:50 <skraynev> #topic RC2 status
07:13:33 <skraynev> short update. rc-2 was released yesterday: http://releases.openstack.org/mitaka/index.html
07:14:09 <skraynev> so if we have some critical patches, which may land before next week, we need to release rc3
07:14:21 <skraynev> also new version for python-heatclient was relased
07:14:28 <skraynev> #link http://releases.openstack.org/mitaka/index.html
07:14:32 <skraynev> on the same page
07:14:36 <skraynev> it's 1.1.0
07:15:00 <stevebaker> skraynev: that probably should have been 1.0.1, but too late now
07:15:08 <skraynev> I proposed it as 1.0.1, but due to update cliff in requirements it was changed to 1.1.0
07:15:24 <skraynev> stevebaker: initially it was
07:15:31 <stevebaker> ah, makes sense
07:16:03 <stevebaker> I'll rejig the milestones in launchpad at some point
07:17:05 <skraynev> stevebaker: how exactly ?
07:17:36 <skraynev> stevebaker: by adding rc3 ?
07:17:44 <stevebaker> for heatclient
07:18:08 <stevebaker> renaming the milestones in the series https://launchpad.net/python-heatclient
07:18:24 <skraynev> ok. doh. I am sorry. I forhot about it.
07:18:29 <skraynev> *forgot
07:19:03 <shardy> stevebaker: out of interest, is there a script which applies the series/milestones for projects, or do you do it manually?
07:19:15 <skraynev> so tha' all about this topic. got to the next
07:19:25 <skraynev> #topic RBAC patch breaks TripleO
07:19:34 <stevebaker> its manual, and I'm not even sure we should keep using launchpad to track this
07:19:35 <skraynev> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1561172
07:19:35 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1561172 in tripleo "Overcloud delete never completes" [Critical,Triaged]
07:19:39 <skraynev> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/299112/
07:20:00 <skraynev> shardy: I suppose - manually
07:20:32 <ochuprykov> it seems that stack preview still broken
07:20:35 <ramishra> It seems to me due to the RBAC patch, we can revert it or fix it
07:20:43 <ramishra> I've the revert up
07:20:52 <skraynev> shardy: but.. AFAIK some of milestone (n1, n2, n3) were created by ttx. So I believe, that he did it with some script ;)
07:20:52 <shardy> I think we should quick revert, then figure out functional test coverage which mimics the TripleO (and Magnum) failures before landing anything again
07:20:53 <ramishra> and tested tripleo-ci with depends-on
07:21:16 <ramishra> and it seems to work, I did not see any similar error
07:21:17 <ochuprykov> shardy: agreed
07:21:28 <shardy> ramishra: tripleo-ci won't show this issue, we don't currently test deletes
07:21:47 <ochuprykov> but it is very strange that it breaks delete
07:22:05 <ramishra> shardy: It can with this patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/297328/, I think
07:22:19 <skraynev> shardy: ochuprykov: khm... guys.. I agree to revert, but.. please keep in mind, that this was merged in mitaka, so we need fix for mitaka, because backport patch with revert, sounds awful
07:22:29 <shardy> ramishra: aha, yup! Thanks :)
07:22:45 <ttx> skraynev: yes -- using milestones-create from release-tools
07:22:53 <shardy> skraynev: backporting a revert is better than a release with a critical regression?
07:23:13 <shardy> I'm fine with fixing it, but if we can't do that very very fast, we should revert
07:23:21 <skraynev> ttx: got it. thank you :)
07:23:27 <shardy> ttx: thanks!
07:23:36 <ochuprykov> shardy: i think it is better to revert
07:23:44 <skraynev> shardy: +1
07:23:53 <ttx> I'll probably update the dates for n1 to n3 once the schedule is official
07:24:06 <skraynev> let's try to fix it during these two days.
07:24:07 <ramishra> I think it can fixed by adding DELETE in this check https://github.com/openstack/heat/blob/master/heat/engine/resources/template_resource.py#L138, but the reporter says there are more issues with UPDATE etc, so wa
07:24:20 <shardy> ttx: context of my question is I need to setup series/milestones for TripleO, but that's OT for this meeting :)
07:24:22 <ricolin> shardy: +1
07:24:28 <ramishra> so I wanted we fix the issue properly
07:24:57 <skraynev> if there is no result, we may revert it at Friday.. I suppose, that we may release rc3 before the next Wednesday
07:24:59 <skraynev> ttx: ^
07:25:26 <ttx> skraynev: in theory the last RCs are this week
07:25:50 <ttx> the release team may do further RCs to solve other issues, like source tarball corruption
07:25:50 <shardy> skraynev: we should land the revert today, not wait until Friday
07:26:05 <ramishra> I agree
07:26:06 <skraynev> ttx: heh...
07:26:08 <shardy> then any subsequent fix can be considered without the pressure of having broken everything for some users
07:26:10 <ttx> that is what next week is for -- exceptional RCs, not "normal" ones :)
07:26:30 <skraynev> ttx: ok.
07:26:39 <shardy> ttx: The issue at hand is a critical regression unfortunately
07:26:50 <shardy> the only question is fix or revert at this point
07:27:54 <ricolin> I think to fix in proper way, will cost more then a week
07:28:09 <skraynev> shardy:  sigh ..
07:28:20 <skraynev> shardy: I decided - revert
07:28:31 <ramishra> shardy: I think revert is better, as we don't know if there can be any further issues. can we not just merge the revert in mitaka, sorry about my ignorance of the release process.
07:28:55 <shardy> skraynev: OK thanks, I was confused by "we may revert it at Friday"
07:29:19 <skraynev> I have a short business trip for next two days, so ... it will be problematically to release rc3 from train or airplane
07:29:28 <shardy> ramishra: Yeah I'd propose revert for both branches, then fix and consider backporting the fix for a later stable release
07:29:40 <skraynev> shardy: initially I wanted to revert it at Friday..
07:30:03 <skraynev> but I wrongly supposed, that rc3 is ok for next week
07:30:23 <skraynev> in the light of last info. I tend to agree with revert
07:31:38 <skraynev> ochuprykov: shardy: However, I suggest to work on next attempt from now. this bug is really painful, so I'd like to close it ;)
07:32:08 <ochuprykov> ok
07:32:17 <ochuprykov> i will see what can be done
07:32:51 <skraynev> #topic Yaql support
07:33:01 <skraynev> #ochuprykov; it's yours
07:33:10 <ochuprykov> yep
07:33:12 <skraynev> could you please share a link ?
07:33:34 <ochuprykov> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/196984/
07:33:37 <ochuprykov> ^^
07:33:51 <ochuprykov> the first patch was uploaded a quite ago
07:34:34 <ochuprykov> i will be very appreciated if somebody looks at it
07:35:33 <stevebaker> ochuprykov: some examples showing real problems being solved in templates, and documentation would be useful
07:36:01 <elynn__> Is there any spec for it?
07:36:07 <ochuprykov> no
07:36:14 <ochuprykov> blueprint only
07:36:18 <shardy> I think a spec with examples would be helpful
07:36:30 <ochuprykov> i will try to addd some useful examples
07:36:37 <ochuprykov> shardy: ok
07:36:46 <ochuprykov> will upload a spec
07:36:51 <elynn__> Don't know how it works, some docs or links would be helpful.
07:37:07 <ochuprykov> link in commit message
07:38:00 <elynn__> http://yaql.readthedocs.org/en/latest/usage.html
07:38:03 <stevebaker> I'm generally positive on having one, people who don't like the syntax of yaql can ignore it - as long as it does the arbitrary x->y transforms users sometimes need in templates
07:38:08 <shardy> There also appears to be overlap wrt path bases parameters to work out, based on yaql_example.yaml
07:38:13 <shardy> again a spec will help there
07:38:20 <shardy> e.g is
07:38:40 <shardy> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/196984/4/yaql_example.yaml
07:38:58 <shardy> line 16 there the same as get_param: [a_list, 0] ?
07:39:25 <shardy> Or [a_list, 1] rather
07:39:29 * shardy needs coffee ;)
07:39:41 <ochuprykov> second
07:40:02 <shardy> it's kinda weird to have parameters evaluate without any get_param is my point
07:40:31 <shardy> We can work this out in the spec, but examples including nested parameters/attributes would be good
07:40:46 <ochuprykov> we can access the parameters from yaql expression
07:41:05 <ochuprykov> $parameters
07:41:24 <therve> shardy, Agreed, I didn't see anything useful from the examples
07:41:27 <shardy> Ok, so $parameters basically shadows get_param
07:41:29 <ochuprykov> it seems more convinient than using get)param
07:41:35 <shardy> at the least that's a documentation challenge ;)
07:41:36 <therve> IE, what can you do that you can't with other things?
07:41:44 <skraynev> ochuprykov: I think, that the best way, (as was mentioned above) using spec for clarification all details of implementation
07:41:51 <ochuprykov> do not shadow, just add a possibility to use them from yql
07:42:04 <shardy> ochuprykov: having multiple ways to do one thing is likely to confuse users
07:42:22 <shardy> e.g in the "c" example you then nest get_attr, but you don't use get_param above
07:43:07 <shardy> Anyway, overall it looks quite interesting, I'd like to discuss further on the spec :)
07:43:18 <ochuprykov> shardy: ok
07:43:22 <therve> You shouldn't highlights new things that were not possible before, not things done slightly differently just because
07:44:06 <shardy> It also seems we'll overlap with the conditionals that tiantian has been working on
07:44:16 * therve nods
07:44:22 <shardy> http://yaql.readthedocs.org/en/latest/readme.html
07:45:26 <ochuprykov> overlap is only in possible merge conflicts)
07:45:53 <therve> ochuprykov, overlap as it does some of the same things
07:46:10 <ochuprykov> what things?
07:46:14 <therve> Though we still need the resource level condition attribute
07:46:26 <therve> Like equals
07:46:50 <ochuprykov> yaql is evaluate arbitrary expression, so yes, it can evaluate booleans
07:47:53 <ochuprykov> but conditionals is seems to me like different feature for different purposes
07:48:24 <ramishra> probably it would be good to have a spec and have a session to discuss the spec at the summit?
07:48:40 <ochuprykov> will be good
07:49:05 <ochuprykov> it can brings really a lot of possibilities
07:49:18 <elynn__> Have a discussion at the summit would be good.
07:49:31 <therve> ochuprykov, Can you do basic arithmetic?
07:49:49 <shardy> ochuprykov: that's actually one of the problems - if you add something like this which is really unconstrained and arguably complex, it's possible not all providers will want to enable it
07:50:05 <shardy> e.g start fielding effectively programming questions from their users via support tickets
07:50:20 <ochuprykov> shardy: it is bounded in some ways
07:50:34 <ochuprykov> for example in using memory
07:50:41 <therve> LOL
07:50:48 <shardy> We should discuss at least with those running Heat in public cloud environments, because we don't want to damage portability of HOT templates
07:50:52 <ochuprykov> some *bad* things are prohibited
07:51:05 <shardy> ochuprykov: well that is good to hear :D
07:51:28 <ochuprykov> therve: what do you mean?
07:51:44 <therve> ochuprykov, Can you do param + 1?
07:51:50 <ochuprykov> yeah
07:52:03 <ochuprykov> arbitrary arithmetic expression
07:52:07 <therve> That would solve that annoying index bug that was opened recently, where the solution looked awful to me
07:52:14 <ochuprykov> at leats +-*
07:52:56 <stevebaker> therve: I thought you were asking ochuprykov about math skills o_O
07:53:09 <therve> Heh heh
07:53:17 <elynn__> :D
07:53:22 <ochuprykov> )
07:53:34 <therve> stevebaker, "As a PTL, I will now personally check every core skills"
07:53:47 <ochuprykov> 2+2=4
07:54:09 <therve> Moving on?
07:54:14 <ochuprykov> yeah
07:54:17 <therve> #topic Open discussion
07:55:14 <therve> FWIW I'll propose alternate meeting times, so that I can at least for sure attend one
07:55:39 <skraynev> therve: do you plan to send any mail about it?
07:55:54 <therve> skraynev, Yes that will be the proposal :)
07:56:51 <skraynev> therve: great :) thx
07:57:49 <ramishra> therve: what timings are you thinking of?
07:58:38 <therve> ramishra, Something like 5UTC / 15UTC?
07:58:47 <therve> I'll probably make a poll
07:59:04 <ramishra> k
07:59:10 <shardy> 5UTC will exclude a lot of europe unless they're early risers ;)
07:59:22 <therve> Well, yes
07:59:41 <therve> -> #heat
07:59:44 <therve> #endmeeting