20:00:15 <skraynev_> #startmeeting heat
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20:00:23 <skraynev_> #topic rollcall
20:00:26 <jdob_lt> o/
20:00:28 <stevebaker> yop
20:00:30 <rpothier> o/
20:00:36 <cwolferh> o/
20:00:40 <randallburt> o/
20:01:03 <stevebaker> zaneb: ping
20:01:06 <skraynev_> zaneb. shardy: ping
20:01:09 <skraynev_> :)
20:01:16 <stevebaker> shardy on leave I think
20:01:16 <markvan> o/
20:01:20 <zaneb> ohai
20:01:23 <skraynev_> oh. ok
20:01:50 <skraynev_> ok. let's start
20:01:52 <neelashah1> o/
20:02:00 <skraynev_> #topic Adding items to agenda
20:02:08 <skraynev_> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/HeatAgenda#Agenda_.282016-02-24_2000_UTC.29
20:02:16 <skraynev_> IMO it's enough for today
20:02:53 <skraynev_> p.s. I think, that  all BPs we may discuss during topic m3
20:03:41 <skraynev_> #topic Newton design summit space needs
20:03:50 <skraynev_> the easiest one ;)
20:04:19 <skraynev_> ttx send mail about requesting number of rooms for Austin
20:04:37 <skraynev_> do we need the same number like for Tokyo summit?
20:04:47 <skraynev_> it's    ->>> Heat            4       8       1
20:04:49 <zaneb> last couple of times were good IMO
20:05:07 <skraynev_> 4 Fishbowl and 8 Work rooms
20:05:26 <zaneb> +1
20:05:44 <stevebaker> I think the numbers were good, if we're struggling to find heat-only topics then we can always make topics more cross project
20:05:57 <skraynev_> obviously it's work for N cycle PTL :) but they want to know this number before 6 Mar
20:06:04 <jdob_lt> +1
20:06:33 <skraynev_> zaneb, stevebaker: yeah. I totally agree, IMO the last number was nice :)
20:07:13 <skraynev_> so it's done.
20:07:24 <skraynev_> #topic OSC commands
20:07:43 <neelashah1> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/heat-support-python-openstackclient
20:07:43 <skraynev_> re: previous topic - I will confirm numbers
20:08:00 <stevebaker> hi
20:08:06 <skraynev_> stevebaker: I have seen, that you proposed patch to releases repo
20:08:13 <mohankumar_> hi
20:08:32 <stevebaker> we need to tag 1.0.0 very soon now for the client lib freeze.
20:08:35 <skraynev_> neelashah1: is it updated page?
20:08:45 <stevebaker> skraynev_: that etherpad is up to date
20:08:52 <neelashah1> skraynev_ yes that page is upto date
20:09:33 <skraynev_> stevebaker: ok. so we have 2 days to merge last patches. I expected, that we will release new version at Friday
20:09:34 <stevebaker> I'm assuming that anything which adds cli features can't be backported to the 1.0.x series, hence the urgency of getting these osc enhancements reviewed
20:10:00 <neelashah1> the top 4 (essentially 3 commits) need to get in and they are all ready, the rest could possibly fixes via bugs? stevebaker - do you agree?
20:10:14 <skraynev_> stevebaker: I have doubts about backporting to 1.0.0
20:10:25 <stevebaker> I would like feedback on whether "openstack stack failure list" should be considered for 1.0.0. I'm too biased to make a judgement
20:10:30 <skraynev_> AFAIK we can do it only for stable releases
20:11:02 <stevebaker> skraynev_: changing --wait to use events is pretty big, it changes the output
20:11:36 <skraynev_> stevebaker: got it, so top 5 are most important for us
20:11:56 <stevebaker> let me reorg that etherpad for needs to be in 1.0.0 vs later
20:12:10 <skraynev_> stevebaker: sure. it will be perfect
20:13:42 <skraynev_> stevebaker:so there are only two...
20:13:43 <stevebaker> any other changes you all think should be in the "can land after" list?
20:14:04 <markvan> metavar one is a basic refactor, but should really go in, IMO
20:15:53 <stevebaker> markvan: true, it conflicts with quite a bit though
20:16:19 <skraynev_> stevebaker: I think, that  we need to define final commit for releases repo to Friday evening
20:16:39 <skraynev_> so it's 1.5 days..
20:17:01 <skraynev_> so my question is: who will update your patch?
20:17:22 <stevebaker> skraynev_: yes, I'm proposing that the "Needs to be in 1.0.0" list is that
20:17:44 <stevebaker> skraynev_: Its my weekend and I'm at a beer festival, so I think that is you ;)
20:17:54 <randallburt> lol
20:17:57 <skraynev_> skraynev_:  lol.
20:18:34 <skraynev_> Due to this great news I wrongly copy-pasted my own nick....
20:18:52 <zaneb> lol
20:18:58 <skraynev_> ok. Friday after launch time.
20:19:01 <skraynev_> I will do it
20:19:41 <stevebaker> thanks
20:20:13 <neelashah1> skraynev_ is that US morning on friday? (assuming you meant your lunch time on fri)
20:20:35 <skraynev_> stevebaker: np ;)
20:20:43 <skraynev_> neelashah1: right
20:21:15 <skraynev_> I added reminder at 13.00 UTC
20:21:26 <skraynev_> I think, that's ok
20:22:04 <skraynev_> go to the last one
20:22:08 <skraynev_> #topic M3 status
20:22:14 <skraynev_> #link https://launchpad.net/heat/+milestone/mitaka-3
20:22:27 <skraynev_> We have a lot of BPs :)
20:22:42 <skraynev_> so review for them is appreciated
20:22:45 <randallburt> immutable params landed earlier today so that's done
20:23:08 <skraynev_> randallburt: I have seen, that you also have a patch for functional tests
20:23:16 <randallburt> whoops, the functional tests need updating
20:23:23 <skraynev_> also I'd like to see patch for Reno about this stuff
20:23:27 <randallburt> forgot about that one
20:23:29 <stevebaker> jdob_lt: is there anything left for multi-environments? everything listed on the whiteboard has landed https://blueprints.launchpad.net/heat/+spec/multi-environments
20:23:49 <randallburt> skraynev_:  not sure what you mean about Reno
20:24:02 <skraynev_> randallburt: wait a sec..
20:24:24 <zaneb> I would really like to see https://blueprints.launchpad.net/heat/+spec/mark-unhealthy land. I will rebase it in a minute
20:24:36 <skraynev_> randallburt: something like that https://review.openstack.org/#/c/282953/
20:24:48 <stevebaker> This looks complete https://blueprints.launchpad.net/heat/+spec/heat-stack-resource-search
20:25:17 <randallburt> skraynev_:  right, gotcha
20:25:35 <skraynev_> randallburt: it's  short summary of your feature
20:25:40 <stevebaker> skraynev_: there appear to be a bunch of Needs Code Review which are merged
20:26:05 <randallburt> skraynev_:  yep. will ping Jason since James is no longer working on it
20:26:09 <skraynev_> stevebaker: I am happy if it's true :) So feel free to update them
20:26:55 <stevebaker> skraynev_: Its often hard to be sure though, going through them all and checking with the assignee helps
20:26:55 <skraynev_> randallburt: good. Please ping me tomorrow and I will take a look (it requires couple minutes for review->merge->update BP)
20:27:26 <randallburt> skraynev_:  sure. jasond or I will ping you
20:27:56 <jdob_lt> stevebaker, i havent looked, has the CLI patch landed?
20:28:21 <skraynev_> stevebaker: I am not familiar with processing FFE, so could you guide me. IMO LBs v2 is the best candidate for it
20:28:27 * jdob_lt looking
20:29:05 <jdob_lt> stevebaker, ok, so, the server-side stuff landed, and that's fine to sit there and not affect anything
20:29:15 <stevebaker> jdob_lt: not all of them. Could you please update the "needs to be in 1.0.0" list? https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/heat-support-python-openstackclient https://review.openstack.org/#/q/owner:%22Jay+Dobies%22+status:open
20:29:16 <jdob_lt> i do have a backward compatible solution for the CLIt hat has not landed yet: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/239504/
20:29:35 <jdob_lt> will do
20:29:45 <stevebaker> jdob_lt: regarding that, does it result in 2 copies of all files being sent?
20:30:00 <jdob_lt> eh, not exactly two copies
20:30:02 <jdob_lt> per se
20:30:12 <jdob_lt> it results in both the merged env and each of the envs being sent
20:30:23 <jdob_lt> but in theory, those aren't necessarily the same thing
20:30:28 <stevebaker> but each env has file contents?
20:30:43 <jdob_lt> e.g. if you had 10 envs that all specify the same value, we'll send all 10, but just the single last value in the client-side merged one
20:30:46 <zaneb> stevebaker: 'files' isn't part of the env
20:31:22 <skraynev_> stevebaker: do I correctly understand, that this BP https://blueprints.launchpad.net/heat/+spec/heat-support-python-openstackclient may be marked as Implemented after releasing 1.0.0 ?
20:31:25 <stevebaker> zaneb: right, thats what I'm wondering.
20:31:34 <stevebaker> skraynev_: yes
20:31:46 <skraynev_> stevebaker: got it. thx
20:32:04 <neelashah1> skraynev_  some reviews on this would be appreciated - https://blueprints.launchpad.net/heat/+spec/lbaasv2-suport Without this bp heat will only support the deprecated lbaas v1 resources….(v1 was deprecated in Liberty already). Or are we going to do FFE for it?
20:32:58 <skraynev_> neelashah1: I think yes - FFE
20:33:48 <neelashah1> skraynev_ ok, thanks…is there a link to the process - do we need to do anything to get FFE approval?
20:34:04 <zaneb> wow, our API docs are *such* nonsense
20:34:09 <skraynev_> stevebaker: ^ ?
20:34:20 <stevebaker> neelashah1: the process is ask skraynev_ ;)
20:34:38 <skraynev_> stevebaker, zaneb: could you please review these two https://review.openstack.org/#/c/280243/
20:34:45 <skraynev_> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/280140/8
20:34:56 <skraynev_> we need it for restrict update BP
20:35:04 <skraynev_> we == Rabi ;)
20:35:46 <neelashah1> got it, thanks skraynev_
20:36:19 <jdob_lt> zaneb, ya, i ran into our API docs over the past few days
20:36:38 <skraynev_> neelashah1: I will ask about it tomorrow and will ping you.
20:37:19 <zaneb> jdob_lt: I'm wondering how this happened. it's full of puns and information in completely the wrong place.
20:37:29 <zaneb> it didn't used to be like that
20:37:36 <stevebaker> zaneb: link?
20:37:37 <jdob_lt> puns?
20:37:53 <randallburt> puns?
20:38:01 <skraynev_> puns ???!!!
20:39:29 <skraynev_> zaneb: what about https://blueprints.launchpad.net/heat/+spec/mark-unhealthy ?
20:39:32 <jdob_lt> is it too late to lobby for https://review.openstack.org/#/c/269851/ to be in mitaka?
20:39:37 <skraynev_> is it ready?
20:39:54 <skraynev_> jdob_lt: I think - yes
20:39:58 <jdob_lt> kk
20:40:04 <zaneb> jdob, randallburt, skraynev: 'parameter' is used to mean different things in different places, with incomprehensible results
20:40:24 <zaneb> skraynev_: I think it is, although I just noticed it needs a rebase
20:40:30 <zaneb> which I will do after this meeting
20:42:50 <skraynev_> zaneb: could you please monitor it and make sure, that it be merged during this week. I will be focused on other stuff
20:43:48 <zaneb> skraynev_: ok, but I am going to start pinging people for reviews :)
20:44:03 <stevebaker> tis the season
20:44:07 <skraynev_> zaneb: it's exactly, what I meant
20:44:14 <jasond> zaneb: yeah, the api docs were in bad shape last i looked.  i tried to fix a few of the problems.  hopefully i didn't make it worse.  it made me nervous when i saw that only people on the docs team were reviewing/approving those changes
20:44:27 <zaneb> starting with randallburt, since he was the only one who +2'd the spec ;)
20:44:41 <randallburt> :O
20:44:47 <skraynev_> :)
20:44:55 <zaneb> jasond: remind me, what repo are they in?
20:44:57 <skraynev_> randallburt: it's destiny
20:45:01 <randallburt> indeed
20:45:04 <jasond> zaneb: api-site
20:45:08 <randallburt> zaneb:  will do though
20:45:18 <zaneb> randallburt: thanks, appreciate it
20:45:37 <zaneb> jasond: ta. will add it to my never-ending to-do list
20:45:59 <jasond> zaneb: i hear ya
20:46:11 <randallburt> skraynev_:  the bp isn't approved, should we go ahead and do that?
20:46:12 <skraynev_> zaneb: I prefer to call it "infinitive"
20:46:23 <randallburt> skraynev_:  for the mark unhealthy I mean
20:46:30 <skraynev_> zaneb: it's less optimistic
20:46:42 <zaneb> lol
20:47:20 <skraynev_> randallburt: IMO we should do it after spec will be merged
20:48:38 <zaneb> in that case, can we just merge the spec now? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/237278/
20:48:44 <randallburt> skraynev_:  we should approve the spec after we've approved the spec?
20:48:46 <zaneb> it has been debated to death
20:48:53 <randallburt> zaneb:  +1
20:49:00 <skraynev_> randallburt: I meant BP
20:49:20 <skraynev_> with section "Definition"
20:49:32 <zaneb> the only -1 left is from miguel and AIUI he's not even around any more to remove it
20:49:53 <randallburt> and we all know −1 isn't a hard stop so….
20:50:17 <zaneb> yeah, let's just do it
20:50:21 <skraynev_> zaneb: I'd like to read it before merge.....
20:50:22 <randallburt> skraynev_:  and I thought specs *were* bps now
20:50:43 <zaneb> I mean, obviously read it before voting
20:51:05 <randallburt> … but then vote and approve it ;)
20:51:23 <skraynev_> randallburt: hum... it's philosophical question ;)
20:51:43 <skraynev_> randallburt: right :)
20:51:48 <skraynev_> zaneb: yes
20:52:05 <zaneb> to put it another way, the time for bikeshedding is over :)
20:52:35 <skraynev_> zaneb: yeap
20:52:45 <skraynev_> #topic Open Discussion
20:53:03 <ochuprykov> could i ask you to get feedback here https://review.openstack.org/#/c/280836/ ?
20:53:26 <ochuprykov> corresponding spec https://review.openstack.org/#/c/232277/10
20:53:31 <skraynev_> zaneb: ^
20:54:06 <skraynev_> how do you think, can we land it before rc-1 ?
20:55:21 <zaneb> skraynev_: I haven't looked at the patch, and I haven't looked again since I last commented on the review
20:55:44 <zaneb> but at that point it sounded like it was still some time away
20:56:27 <ochuprykov> zaneb: i answered to you questions, mostly
20:56:28 <zaneb> and honestly, if we're not enabling convergence by default in mitaka then it's not critical to get this in
20:56:41 <zaneb> ochuprykov: yeah, I see that now. I will take another look
20:57:25 <skraynev_> zaneb: ok. I tend yo agree in case of disabled convergence ;)
20:58:50 <mohankumar_> Team , want to disscuss about "https://blueprints.launchpad.net/heat/+spec/sfc-heat"  getting in for m-3
20:59:19 <mohankumar_> Heat codes are published and it's under review for a month, i'm about to post new review patches by incorporating open comments published today   https://review.openstack.org/#/c/249729/, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/277849/, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/277940/, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/277988/
21:00:13 <skraynev_> #endmeeting