#openstack-meeting: gluon

Meeting started by bh526r at 18:00:16 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Roll Call (bh526r, 18:00:29)
    1. Bin Hu (bh526r, 18:00:36)
    2. Kamil Renczewski (krenczewski, 18:00:38)
    3. JinLi (jinli, 18:01:04)

  2. Admin Update (bh526r, 18:01:37)
    1. Bin will attend PTG next week in Denver (bh526r, 18:01:54)

  3. Planning for PoC in OpenStack Summit in Sydney (bh526r, 18:02:22)
    1. no update. Same status as last week (bh526r, 18:03:35)

  4. Planning for Gluon Queens Release (bh526r, 18:03:56)
    1. https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Gluon/Tasks-Queens (bh526r, 18:04:09)
    2. The first one is "Refactor Gluon Extended ML2 Plugin into Neutron Service Plugin". (bh526r, 18:05:16)
    3. It is a big task, and tracked by a separate section there (bh526r, 18:05:36)
    4. not much details there, but 3 known items (bh526r, 18:06:19)
    5. we need to figure out more details (bh526r, 18:06:31)
    6. The 2nd item is "Fix hard-coded way of creating default interface when creating a port in gluon/managers/manager_base.py. See Line 113 TO-DO. It should be fixed to support all YAML models" (bh526r, 18:06:58)
    7. The 3rd item is "Fix hard-coded way in gluon/backends/backend_base.py, and perhaps other files so that it can parse and support all YAML models at backend, like API generator." (bh526r, 18:07:35)
    8. The 4th item is "Investigate and fix the missing "version-id" in "process_message", Line 64 of gluon/shim/main.py, for processing in Shim Layer." (bh526r, 18:07:53)
    9. The 5th item is "Fix the CLI "protonclient" known bug as documented in doc/source/usage.rst." (bh526r, 18:08:12)
    10. The 6th item is related to etcd, i.e. Use of “etcd” approved by infrastructure team, including (1) upgrade from etcd-v2.3.6 to etcd3 (2) reuse etcd3 that is started when starting devstack (3) alignment with global requirements of infrastructure packages (i.e. python-etcd>=0.4.3, click>=6.6) (bh526r, 18:08:37)
    11. Jin signed up for the 2nd and 3rd item (bh526r, 18:11:45)
    12. of course, ithe 7th item is documentation. (bh526r, 18:12:28)
    13. addressing sync issue is also a big item. Those are the 8th and 9th item (bh526r, 18:13:15)
    14. Devstack integration is the 10th item (bh526r, 18:13:34)
    15. sync issue (8th and 9th) and devstack integration (10th) are on hold, depending on how we will refactor Gluon as Neutron Service Plugin (bh526r, 18:15:02)
    16. Item #2 through #7 are independent of Neutron Service Plugin (bh526r, 18:15:47)
    17. Then Proton HA is also a big item. But on hold if Gluon is refactored as Neutron Service Plugin (bh526r, 18:16:21)
    18. Nothing else. Meeting adjourned (bh526r, 18:18:48)

Meeting ended at 18:18:59 UTC (full logs).

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  1. bh526r (40)
  2. jinli (6)
  3. krenczewski (5)
  4. openstack (3)

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