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Meeting started by bh526r at 18:01:01 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Roll Call (bh526r, 18:01:22)
    1. Bin Hu (bh526r, 18:01:37)
    2. Kamil Renczewski (krenczewski, 18:01:47)
    3. Jin Li (bh526r, 18:01:50)

  2. Admin Update (bh526r, 18:03:39)
    1. Bin will attend PTG in Denver. (bh526r, 18:04:19)
    2. No other admin update (bh526r, 18:04:56)
    3. Pike Release Status (bh526r, 18:05:10)

  3. Pike Release Status (bh526r, 18:05:27)
    1. Bin cut the stable/pike branch (bh526r, 18:05:48)
    2. Bin has installed Gluon stable/pike branch with Devstack stable/pike branch (bh526r, 18:06:31)
    3. Sanity check seems good for Gluon and Proton (bh526r, 18:06:55)
    4. Documentation update is needed for updated command line. Bin is working on it. (bh526r, 18:07:48)
    5. Once remaining outstanding patches of policy are approved and merged, Bin will submit documentation patch (bh526r, 18:08:21)
    6. We need to look into resolving etcd3 v.s. etcd 2.3.6 after Pike Release (bh526r, 18:13:04)
    7. Now let's look at outstanding 3 patches (bh526r, 18:13:35)
    8. Patch 1: Gluon object-level authorization (bh526r, 18:14:13)
    9. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/482752/ (bh526r, 18:14:23)
    10. Jin and Bin went over the code. All look good. (bh526r, 18:14:50)
    11. Existing comments were resolved. (bh526r, 18:14:58)
    12. Group approved this patch 482757. Bin will take the action to merge it, and cherrypick to stable/pike (bh526r, 18:15:43)
    13. Patch 2: Policies in yaml (bh526r, 18:16:18)
    14. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/486254/ (bh526r, 18:16:30)
    15. models/net-l3vpn/api.yaml: (1) add tenant-id for VpnAfConfig to track which project creates this object.; (2) change network_owner to owner (bh526r, 18:27:21)
    16. managers/manager_base.py: Line 113 "def create_ports(self, api_class, values):": put comments there indicating that the code now is hard-coded to create default interface when creating ports. We need a TO-DO to change the hardcoded code to support all types of YAML. (bh526r, 18:32:36)
    17. This TO-DO is beyond Pike (bh526r, 18:33:10)
    18. : policies/base.py: doc/samples/policy.jason is no longer needed. We need to add a comment withint this policy.json, indicating that the first part is moved to code, and the rest are defined in YAML. This file is no longer needed, but for historical record. (bh526r, 18:41:04)
    19. policies/net-l3vpn.py: already comment there that it is no longer needed, because polocy is defined in YAML. This is also for historical record. (bh526r, 18:42:15)
    20. requirements.txt: this is not needed. So it needs to be deleted in the patchset (bh526r, 18:54:22)
    21. : all others look good. Code themselves look good. (bh526r, 18:55:25)
    22. Jin will update the comments and YAML based on above review, and upload a new patchset. (bh526r, 18:55:51)
    23. Group agrees to approve the new patchset, and Bin will take the action to merge it (bh526r, 18:56:48)
    24. Patch 3: Function delete_port() takes exactly 3 arguments (4 given) in handle_port_delete() (bh526r, 18:57:18)
    25. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/496167/ (bh526r, 18:57:28)
    26. It is being reviewed and there are review comments. It is expected that author will further work on it. It will be approved if everything is fine after review. Bin will take the action to merge after approval (bh526r, 18:58:20)

  4. AOB (bh526r, 18:58:28)
    1. Nothing else. Meeting adjourned. (bh526r, 18:58:42)
    2. Team will work offline to finalize those patches and documentation this week (bh526r, 18:59:00)

Meeting ended at 18:59:08 UTC (full logs).

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  2. krenczewski (6)
  3. openstack (3)

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