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Meeting started by bh526r at 17:59:41 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Jin Li (jinli, 18:00:32)

  1. Roll Call and Introduction (bh526r, 18:00:41)
    1. Kamil Renczewski (krenczewski, 18:00:49)
    2. Bin Hu (bh526r, 18:00:50)
    3. Georg Kunz (georgk, 18:00:55)

  2. Admin Update (bh526r, 18:01:37)
    1. Tom Hambleton (tomhambleton, 18:01:42)
    2. Bin followed up with Thierry for room allocation of our project meetup in Barcelona (bh526r, 18:02:45)
    3. Thierry said that the allocation is pretty full, but some teams have hinted that they may relinquish some of their allocation (bh526r, 18:03:19)
    4. If that is the case, they could offer the space to non-official teams. They should know more about that in the coming week (bh526r, 18:04:07)
    5. Bin will follow up with Thierry next week for room allocation (bh526r, 18:04:28)
    6. Tricircle team in OpenStack wants to have a joint session with Gluon, primarily focus on Neutron Plugin because they are also use Neutron plugin for multisite scenarion (bh526r, 18:05:23)
    7. Bin thinks it is a good opportunity to make more friends in OpenStack, and Bin agrees to have a joint meeting with them in Bacelona (bh526r, 18:06:20)
    8. Details TBD (bh526r, 18:06:30)
    9. And if Thierry cannot give us a room, we may ask Tricircle if they can spare us some time in their room, if they have a room (bh526r, 18:07:33)
    10. Bin will give an update regarding room assignment next week (bh526r, 18:09:48)

  3. Tracking Progress of Gluon Development (bh526r, 18:11:48)
    1. Tom pushed initial code patch to Gerrit. (bh526r, 18:13:24)
    2. There is Jenkins failure though, because the settings in OpenStack repo is different from our prior Github repo (bh526r, 18:14:16)
    3. Tom is working with Ian to get Jenkins errors resolved as soon as possible (bh526r, 18:14:45)
    4. After Jenkins issues will be resolved, core will also review the code in Gerrit, and propose changes if any before it can be merged (bh526r, 18:16:45)
    5. Tom may also work on documenting what he has done, and install guide (bh526r, 18:17:37)
    6. Ian also needs to work on devstack too (bh526r, 18:17:59)
    7. Niko pushed a patch of proposal of database migration (bh526r, 18:19:17)
    8. some reviews and comments were posted, and 2 +1's as of this morning (bh526r, 18:19:46)
    9. Good progress (bh526r, 18:20:03)
    10. Ian may have comments too, so let us wait for Ian to post his comments (bh526r, 18:20:49)
    11. All core will continue to review it and post comments if any (bh526r, 18:21:31)
    12. we need to set up 2 milestones (bh526r, 18:22:02)
    13. Milestone 1: Jenkins issues resolved and code merged. This is fundamental (bh526r, 18:22:38)
    14. Milestone 2: Devstack integrated and get it to work with Gluon through Neutron plugin (bh526r, 18:23:16)

  4. Gluon Nova-Plugin BP (bh526r, 18:26:36)
    1. It still depends on Ian's action to fill in more details. (bh526r, 18:27:09)
    2. postponed to next meeting (bh526r, 18:27:30)

  5. Round Table (bh526r, 18:27:51)
    1. Robert reported that he has set up ONOS and devstack all-in-one running (bh526r, 18:28:15)
    2. Robert is trying to get Gluon to run with ONOS (bh526r, 18:28:59)
    3. Robert needs some guidance to set up etcd based on Tom's doc (bh526r, 18:29:39)
    4. Tom's etcd guide in etherpad is the only one doc we have for etcd (bh526r, 18:30:46)
    5. HELP: Any guidance even some of your installation/running scripts would be helpful:-) (roberttao, 18:30:46)
    6. Kamil will provide Robert with some bash scripts to set up etcd on Ubuntu systems (bh526r, 18:31:23)
    7. Robert is working with Daniel to have another Gluon demonstration with ONOS as Gluon's backend (bh526r, 18:36:35)
    8. It will prove that Gluon is able to integrate with variety of SDN Controllers in its backend (bh526r, 18:37:19)
    9. in addition to existing integrations (bh526r, 18:37:46)
    10. meeting adjourned (bh526r, 18:41:04)

Meeting ended at 18:41:19 UTC (full logs).

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  2. roberttao (7)
  3. krenczewski (7)
  4. georgk (4)
  5. tomhambleton (3)
  6. openstack (3)
  7. jinli (2)
  8. trevormc (1)

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