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Meeting started by bh526r at 17:59:35 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Roll Call and Introduction (bh526r, 18:01:30)
    1. Bin Hu (bh526r, 18:01:41)
    2. Kamil Renczewski (krenczewski, 18:01:49)
    3. Jeff Collins (Jeffreyc42, 18:01:56)
    4. Tom Hambleton (tomhamb, 18:02:05)

  2. Admin Update (bh526r, 18:02:33)
    1. Let me summarize what we discussed and agreed last meeting, because Tom was on vacation (bh526r, 18:03:10)
    2. Paul Carver (pcarver, 18:03:19)
    3. First, Regarding Tom's pacth of repo naming, all agreed with Kamal's proposal to change the name from "gluon-core" to "gluon-lib" (bh526r, 18:04:05)
    4. Are you ok with it, Tom? (bh526r, 18:04:28)
    5. great. So you have an action to update your patch and upload patchset #2 for this name change. (bh526r, 18:05:08)
    6. thank you (bh526r, 18:05:31)
    7. Secondly, we discussed Architecture document, but what types of architecture document we need to have (bh526r, 18:06:12)
    8. because it was quite challenging in IRC, we moved to GoToMeeting so that we discussed it on live voice :) (bh526r, 18:06:48)
    9. which turned out quite effective and constructive (bh526r, 18:07:14)
    10. Basically, we agreed to have 2 types of document (bh526r, 18:07:34)
    11. one document focuses on targeted architectural description, features and functions, technical requirement, to motivate and guide detailed design, implementation and coding (bh526r, 18:09:04)
    12. this document intends to be stable once it is done, and shouldn't change along with implementation and coding (bh526r, 18:09:45)
    13. it provides the target where we need to go, and what we intend to do and anticipate (bh526r, 18:10:19)
    14. the other document focuses on more details of then-current implement, its design, how it is implemented, and what are the issues we need to solve at next step in implementation (bh526r, 18:11:26)
    15. so this second document intends to evolve with then-current implementation and coding, i.e. a living document and changes when code changes (bh526r, 18:12:18)
    16. the naming of those 2 documents TBD, subject to further discussion (bh526r, 18:12:41)
    17. here is where we were at the end of last meeting (bh526r, 18:13:23)
    18. sounds good (tomhamb, 18:13:54)
    19. end of admin update (bh526r, 18:13:58)
    20. do we want to put the documents in a gluon-specs repository? Right now I put the Repo Structure doc in the gluon repo. (tomhamb, 18:14:39)
    21. let me check repo structure now (bh526r, 18:15:13)
    22. I missed the openstack process last week. Was there a recommendation either way? (tomhamb, 18:15:18)
    23. our current repo is http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/gluon/tree/ (bh526r, 18:16:02)
    24. there is a directory "doc" (bh526r, 18:16:15)
    25. so we will put all docs within doc directory in our repo (bh526r, 18:17:22)
    26. there is "source" under "doc" see http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/gluon/tree/doc/source (bh526r, 18:17:59)
    27. I put the current arch des in the doc/source/ directory. (Jeffreyc42, 18:18:11)
    28. this is where it should go. Correct? (Jeffreyc42, 18:18:28)
    29. we discussed "devref" 2 weeks ago. http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/gluon/2016/gluon.2016-07-13-18.04.log.html (bh526r, 18:19:10)
    30. we agreed to "documentation should be part of doc/source/devref" per minutes (bh526r, 18:19:48)
    31. Both Paul and Jeff are right. (bh526r, 18:20:20)
    32. so for devref related, put to "doc/source/devref" (bh526r, 18:21:00)
    33. for other subjects, follow Paul's proposal such as policies, etc. (bh526r, 18:21:54)

  3. Discuss Infrastructure Need of Development and PoC (bh526r, 18:26:13)
    1. There is a need of more blades, and more permanent infrastructure resources for our development, and PoC and demo in OpenStack Summit in the future (bh526r, 18:30:42)
    2. Daniel and Jeff are working on adding a few more servers in Pharos Lab as our permanent home of infrastructure (bh526r, 18:31:27)
    3. this is work in progress, and estimate another month before we get the new servers added (bh526r, 18:32:17)

  4. Review of Patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/344283/ (bh526r, 18:50:56)
    1. agreed to Paul's comments, and the other content of the summary of current Gluon high level design (bh526r, 19:01:49)
    2. Jeff will take Paul's comment, upload patchset #2, rename it to "Gluon High Level Design", and move it to the correct directory "doc/source/devref" (bh526r, 19:03:02)
    3. meeting adjourned (bh526r, 19:04:59)

Meeting ended at 19:05:09 UTC (full logs).

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  1. bh526r (97)
  2. Jeffreyc42 (23)
  3. pcarver (21)
  4. krenczewski (14)
  5. tomhamb (12)
  6. openstack (3)
  7. kamal__ (1)

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