20:02:04 <markwash> #startmeeting glance
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20:02:12 * markwash is a chair!
20:02:22 <iccha> i though markwash is human
20:02:45 <markwash> my cats contend that my human-ness is secondary to my chair-ness
20:03:12 <brianr> howdy
20:03:20 <markwash> As we all know, the H-3 merge deadline is looming.
20:03:58 <markwash> So I'd like to focus for the first half of this meeting (if it takes that long) on scheduling all the appropriate followups to merge our outstanding blueprints
20:04:50 <markwash> #link https://launchpad.net/glance/+milestone/havana-3
20:05:05 <markwash> Let's talk scrubber refactoring first
20:05:15 <markwash> oh, I should highlight folks to for proper summoning
20:05:38 <zhiyan> markwash: yes, currently IMO the change is ready to you/team review.
20:06:08 <markwash> It looks like this is pretty close to ready
20:06:27 <markwash> zhiyan: I just want to sit down with you and walk through what's going on in some of the core scrubber changes
20:06:47 <zhiyan> markwash: thanks, actually i'd like this part refactoring can be landed firstly, then to location-status part if i'm not wrong.
20:06:54 <markwash> so can we schedule that for sometime soon?
20:07:08 <zhiyan> markwash: sure, of cause
20:07:28 <markwash> zhiyan: are you available at 14:00 UTC tomorrow?
20:07:40 <markwash> oh wait, that's terrible for jbresnah
20:07:47 <markwash> jbresnah_ that is
20:08:02 <jbresnah> sorry i am late!
20:08:03 <zhiyan> markwash: ok, 14:00UTC tomorrow.
20:08:06 <jbresnah> what is the topic of the meeting?
20:08:22 <markwash> jbresnah: we are talking broadly about landing h-3 bps, and right now glance-scrubber
20:08:39 <jbresnah> i mean the meeting tomorrow
20:08:42 <markwash> zhiyan: sorry, I realized that's a bad time. would later today work?
20:08:59 <markwash> jbresnah: final review of the glance-scrubber refactoring
20:09:06 <zhiyan> markwash: that's ok to me also :)
20:09:24 <jbresnah> even just 1500 is a lot better for me
20:09:26 <jbresnah> if possible
20:10:01 <markwash> sorry, I realized I actually can't tmrw (sigh!)
20:10:04 <markwash> let's just. .
20:10:36 <markwash> #action zhiyan and markwash to meet for a walkthrough-review of glance scrubber refactoring, others are welcome, time will be announced in #openstack-glance after this meeting
20:10:45 <jbresnah> cool
20:10:47 <markwash> now
20:10:53 <markwash> #topic basic quotas
20:10:53 <jbresnah> if it has to be at 1400 i can try to make it
20:11:05 <markwash> jbresnah: aiming for today rather than tmrw morning
20:11:07 <jbresnah> and if i cannot i will jsut submarine everything you agreed upon in email later
20:11:14 <markwash> haha :-)
20:11:19 <jbresnah> not really
20:12:13 <markwash> for basic quotas, review is here: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/37993/
20:12:29 <markwash> I started to wade in again, but didn't make it through the current patchset
20:12:47 <markwash> it looks like there's been considerable back and forth. . does it look like we're getting close?
20:13:07 <jbresnah> i think so
20:13:26 <jbresnah> 2 big issues that people might not like
20:13:31 <jbresnah> 1) my handling of multiple locations
20:13:45 <jbresnah> 2) the quota is checked before the upload, and again after
20:13:52 <jbresnah> i can explain both
20:14:14 <zhiyan> jbresnah: i like them all since i know the root causes ...
20:14:55 <jbresnah> #1 is basically the usage is all of a users images times their size
20:14:59 <jbresnah> ...not worded well
20:15:40 <jbresnah> useage is sum([image.size * len(image.locations) for image in all_users_images])
20:15:52 <jbresnah> which has some drawbacks
20:16:12 <jbresnah> but i think the current feeling is that once a location is added to glance, the associated store 'owns' it
20:16:22 <jbresnah> this discussion came up when talking about delete
20:16:29 <jbresnah> and if that is true, i think it should could
20:16:44 <jbresnah> #2 has to happen because we do not always know the size upfront
20:16:52 <jbresnah> we could ONLY check after the upload and be safe
20:17:01 <jbresnah> the check before is really just an optimization
20:17:08 <jbresnah> markwash: make sense?
20:17:16 <markwash> yes, thanks for the extra info
20:17:32 <markwash> I notice there isn't any enforcement on adding a location, yet, do you agree?
20:17:34 <jbresnah> other than that it is just a simple matter of code ;-)
20:17:54 <zhiyan> zhiyan: yes, those are not perfect, but it's workable and do the right things, it's trade off
20:18:14 <jbresnah> markwash: that is probably true
20:18:16 <zhiyan> zhiyan: oh, seems i'm talking to myself.
20:18:31 <jbresnah> markwash: ...it seems so obvious when you say it
20:18:33 <jbresnah> sigh
20:18:49 <zhiyan> markwash: +1
20:19:32 <jbresnah> i should be able to run that through the quota proxy
20:19:33 <jbresnah> i think
20:19:45 <markwash> jbresnah: yes, it might get a little ugly though, fair warning
20:20:07 <zhiyan> btw, from the change i fixed a potential image data leak issue: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/42896/
20:20:10 <markwash> okay, so it sounds like a little bit more dev is needed there, though more review won't hurt with the current patch
20:20:42 <markwash> let's move on to the other outstanding bp
20:20:47 <markwash> #topic protected properties
20:20:53 <markwash> iccha: o/
20:21:05 <iccha> markwash: /o
20:21:14 <iccha> hemanth_: and me have been working on it
20:21:36 <iccha> we uploaded first patch yesterday. will do some more refactoring and uplaod more patches today evening/tomorrow
20:21:46 <iccha> early review and feedback will be much appreciated
20:21:57 <iccha> might need some iteration
20:22:05 <markwash> iccha okay cool, so the bp should be in "Needs Review" now?
20:22:20 <iccha> yes probably
20:22:32 <markwash> done
20:22:48 <markwash> all right then
20:23:06 <zhiyan> iccha: also could you pls attach the review link to bp page?
20:23:13 <markwash> I think it would also be great to talk a little bit about async processing
20:23:16 <markwash> #topic async processing
20:23:43 <markwash> I'm a little worried because I've seen two conflicting patches show up from venkatesh and from flwang
20:24:01 <markwash> I'm also pretty eager to avoid landing this feature halfway in havana
20:24:45 <markwash> I guess maybe we don't have venkatesh or flwang present
20:24:47 <nikhil> markwash: yes, was working there with fie and venkat to push on these fronts
20:24:53 <nikhil> none
20:25:01 <nikhil> i've talked with both today morning
20:25:12 <zhiyan> markwash: could you pls paste those two review link to here?
20:25:14 <nikhil> however, dont think flwang knows about venkat's patch
20:25:21 <markwash> nikhil: I see two ways we could move forward on this
20:25:31 <markwash> we can have WIP gerrit reviews, that depend on each other
20:26:05 <markwash> or if you want more flexibility (but also more overhead) you can set up a branch in one of your own github repos
20:26:08 <markwash> and manage the commits in there
20:26:33 <nikhil> markwash: actually, that's what i'd intended
20:26:47 <nikhil> ad my commits up in persnal repo was a ref point
20:26:53 <nikhil> for both fei and venkat
20:27:13 <markwash> nikhil: okay, cool. . so then I guess to follow up on that, fei and venkat should either put those reviews as WIP or Abandoned for now
20:27:16 <nikhil> however, fei seems to have submitted the patch so venkat did as well
20:27:23 <markwash> lol
20:27:24 <nikhil> markwash: gotcha
20:27:28 <markwash> nikhil: thanks for working with them
20:27:37 <markwash> zhiyan: I don't have the links on hand one sec
20:27:42 <nikhil> and thanks for the clarification!
20:28:16 <brianr> markwash: i have a question about our decision to use json blobs in the task objects
20:28:29 <markwash> brianr: go for it
20:28:37 <brianr> https://etherpad.openstack.org/LG39UnQA7z
20:28:44 <brianr> lines 38-43
20:29:17 <harlowja> sorry, guys, in my other meeting right now, will look over after i think :)
20:29:18 <harlowja> just fyi
20:29:32 <brianr> harlowja: thanks
20:29:40 <ameade> brianr: i think we knew jays concern going it right?
20:29:42 <markwash> brianr: it is our intention to disallow search
20:29:49 <ameade> in**
20:30:05 <markwash> brianr: if we need search, we can add it and just change the schema as needed
20:30:13 <nikhil> markwash: i think the intent is to allow search on random string
20:30:35 <brianr> ok, if we think it's not a big deal up front, fine
20:30:40 <brianr> i just had DB migrations
20:30:51 <brianr> *hate
20:31:19 <markwash> brianr: fair
20:31:27 <ameade> this would certainly be a terrible migration
20:31:41 <markwash> does there seem to be a need to search for tasks based on their input arguments?
20:31:59 <markwash> ameade: I dunno, there have been several similar keystone migrations, and I'm not sure they were the end of the world
20:32:26 <nikhil> we thought it would help searching for tasks markwash
20:32:31 <brianr> well it's got to do with idempotence, i guess
20:32:35 <nikhil> in case of multi-tenant
20:32:45 <nikhil> or rather multi-user in single tenant
20:34:10 <markwash> I guess I don't follow
20:34:15 <brianr> don't know whether we care about 5 imports of the same image or not, really
20:34:33 <markwash> it seems like the number of tasks wouldn't be very large in general? since we expire them. . .
20:34:39 <nikhil> s/image/image data/
20:35:13 <markwash> well, okay… we might need to sync up again
20:35:31 <brianr> well, maybe not, the only reason i'm worried is DB migration
20:35:38 <nikhil> markwash: yes, actually fei also wanted to
20:35:39 <markwash> several issues here seem to be pushing back against generalizing imports/exports/clones to generic tasks
20:36:06 <nikhil> we need to sync up on interface between async and tasks api
20:36:06 <markwash> but OTOH, taskflow generalized much more to tasks
20:36:06 <brianr> ok, well better to talk than not talk
20:36:29 <brianr> so josh had to leave, but what do you think about taskflow?
20:36:37 <brianr> for image import, i mean
20:36:49 <markwash> I think it looks very relevant, the question is where is the seam for integration?
20:37:00 <brianr> exactly
20:37:16 <nikhil> +1
20:37:21 <markwash> we should find a time to meet about that where we can include harlowja
20:37:29 <brianr> my thought is to do import, see what taskflow delivers in havana, and reconsider when we do export and clone
20:37:32 <harlowja> :)
20:37:33 <markwash> because I want to make sure we're incorporating the correct spirit of taksflow
20:37:33 <nikhil> up for it
20:37:40 <brianr> we should have more domain knowledge at that point
20:37:43 <harlowja> who scheduled taskflow weekly meeting and glance one at same time, haha
20:37:52 * markwash hides
20:38:09 <markwash> okay, there's another bp I wanna talk about quickly
20:38:19 <markwash> can you guys coordinate another meeting?
20:38:39 <markwash> I wanna be there. . but my mother in law is coming to town too. . so
20:38:44 <markwash> :-)
20:38:56 <markwash> my schedule is a bit uncertain right now
20:39:04 <markwash> brianr: ^^
20:39:20 <brianr> so is tomorrow out of the question?
20:39:27 <markwash> I can't do morning
20:39:40 <markwash> I could swing this time, but that probably doesn't work for fei
20:40:09 <nikhil> fei and i wanted to sync up with some of the folks here
20:40:19 <nikhil> sometime probably early next week
20:40:22 <markwash> okay let's just coordinate through email then
20:40:40 <nikhil> who is doing that?
20:40:47 <nikhil> i meant
20:40:49 <brianr> ok, maybe monday at 15:00 again?
20:40:55 <nikhil> anyone doing that or shoud i?
20:41:13 <nikhil> brianr: that may be  tricky for fei
20:41:16 <markwash> one of you two should :-)
20:41:24 <nikhil> but sure if you think :)
20:41:27 <nikhil> markwash: ok sure
20:41:29 <markwash> #topic openstack common notifier
20:41:42 <brianr> i meant whatever time we met the other day, it worked for fei
20:41:44 <markwash> so, this has come back up, again for support of ha rabbit setups
20:41:58 <markwash> review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/37511/
20:42:16 <markwash> and a followup https://review.openstack.org/#/c/43319/
20:42:24 <markwash> I'd just like to request more eyes on that
20:42:33 <markwash> it looks like we can land this in H-3 without being disruptive
20:43:11 <markwash> but in particular I want some review of the config changes--want to make sure it won't cause problems for deployers
20:43:20 <jbresnah> there is something about patches that port to oslo that make me afraid to review
20:43:34 <jbresnah> i will take a look at them soon
20:43:44 <markwash> I walk into those with some concerns as well
20:44:10 <jbresnah> isnt flavio core on oslo now?
20:44:13 <markwash> in light of a recent ML discussion, I think it makes sense to be very careful about oslo-incubated libraries until they're released on their own
20:44:21 <jbresnah> lets make him do it :-P
20:44:35 <markwash> basically, it looks like the kind of refactorings that make me really happy don't happen until the oslo libs are released :-)
20:44:47 <jbresnah> oh right, that brings up that one issue of adding an oslo aphpa to requirements
20:45:11 <jbresnah> it seems to me that it makes sense to only use them after release
20:45:13 <markwash> so I just want glance-core to keep in mind that its a totally viable strategy to adopt common code once its refactored and re-released. . we don't always have to be early adopters on oslo-incubator
20:45:20 <jbresnah> an i really dont like the copy-code-in model
20:45:31 <markwash> jbresnah: as a default, I agree, but I do think it makes sense to participate early sometimes
20:45:34 <markwash> and it can save some effort
20:45:45 <jbresnah> yeah i see that
20:45:53 <ameade> that code has to get used somewhere before it's a library
20:46:00 <jbresnah> i am just giving all of my excuses as to why i am bad about oslo reviews
20:46:01 <markwash> jbresnah: I checked on the oslo alpha dependency in the project meeting this past week
20:46:02 <ameade> but i agree
20:46:14 <markwash> and its  apparently all good
20:46:26 <markwash> jbresnah: I was doubly reassured by markmc that its not a problem at all
20:46:51 <markwash> lets' talk client!
20:46:56 <markwash> #topic glance-client
20:46:59 <ameade> i bugged one of our deployment guys and he said it shouldn't be an issue, esp since it's already in nova
20:47:23 <markwash> ameade: cool good to know!
20:47:44 <markwash> that fact probably translates to just about everybody else too, if its already in nova
20:48:31 <markwash> I'd like to release a new client
20:48:37 <markwash> 0.11.0
20:48:53 <markwash> this will pick up the PBR changes, which might mean packaging changes for some folks working on a fork
20:48:57 <jbresnah> is create in the CLI for v2 yet?
20:49:04 <markwash> jbresnah: there is a review for that
20:49:08 <esheffield> I have a patch for that
20:49:11 <jbresnah> cool
20:49:13 <esheffield> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/42741
20:49:17 <jbresnah> once that is in i would love to see a release
20:49:31 <markwash> jbresnah: I agree. . but it might be 0.12.0
20:49:45 <markwash> and then shortly after that, I'd love to release 1.0.0
20:49:53 <jbresnah> ok
20:50:01 <ameade> markwash: but 1.0.0 means bugs actually count!
20:50:06 <markwash> this is something folks need to be thinking about, because its a rare opportunity to delete old stuff we don't want to support
20:50:07 <jbresnah> if they can be done quick and easy then no sense waiting
20:50:08 <markwash> ameade: lol
20:50:10 <nikhil> markwash: the packaging chanegs might not affect us (not 100% on this though)
20:50:15 <jbresnah> heh ameade
20:50:32 <markwash> so, things I know to be on the chopping block for 1.0.0 compatibility breaking
20:50:36 <jbresnah> markwash: can we get ride of everything deprecated then?
20:50:41 <markwash> jbresnah: +1
20:50:43 <jbresnah> nice
20:50:45 <markwash> also, the legacy shell
20:50:48 <ameade> lets get rid of v1
20:50:49 <ameade> lol
20:50:52 <jbresnah> heh
20:51:01 <iccha> it ll be good to get eyes on esheffield 's patch
20:51:09 <iccha> esp with the way its dealing with schemas
20:51:10 <markwash> iccha: I think this is the right opportunity to change the default # of results per list
20:51:12 <jbresnah> iccha: I will do that for sure
20:51:24 <jbresnah> iccha: i need to make the client reviews part of my day also
20:51:39 <esheffield> the whole time I've been working on it I kept seeing stuff I wanted to delete ;-)
20:51:47 <nikhil> markwash: not sure what you mean
20:52:08 <markwash> nikhil: hmm. about what exactly?
20:52:21 <nikhil> default # results for list?
20:52:33 <nikhil> hope that does not have to do with page size
20:52:34 <jbresnah> i have to run a bit early
20:52:40 <ameade> that patch taht was reverted right?
20:52:41 <markwash> nikhil: earlier, there was a change in glanceclient to go from 20 to 100 on the page size
20:52:47 <nikhil> yes
20:52:58 <markwash> and I thought that change would break backwards compatibliity, so I pulled it from the 0.10.0 release
20:52:58 <nikhil> and we've a new patch up in nova
20:53:08 <markwash> okay cool
20:53:09 <nikhil> which will send it as a param to glance client
20:53:15 <markwash> so maybe you're not worried about this anymore. . fine by me :-)
20:53:29 <iccha> but still i think it ll be good to up the limit anyways
20:53:30 <nikhil> markwash: yes, saw your ping on the channel and we noted it. thanks!
20:53:51 <nikhil> i thought it broke stuff for people
20:54:00 <nikhil> if the release help then it's okay
20:54:28 <markwash> again, so the takeaway is just "Think about the things you want to see removed from glanceclient, because we get the chance to break (some) backwards compatibiity soon!"
20:54:44 <markwash> to be clear, we need to keep the basic interfaces of the v1 and v2 client in place
20:55:02 <ameade> darn
20:55:06 <markwash> :-)
20:55:10 <markwash> #topic open discussion
20:55:49 <markwash> important bugs
20:55:50 <markwash> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/40619/
20:56:06 <markwash> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/42896/
20:56:22 <markwash> there might be others, but those are the high importance ones I see target to H-3
20:56:54 <ameade> 3.5 pages on glance + glanceclient reviews....and this is esp my bad for not reviewing much lately
20:57:18 <markwash> its my bad as well
20:57:26 <markwash> but we have to consider stability important at this later stage
20:57:32 <nikhil> we might get help from some ghosts
20:57:51 <nikhil> think ameade knows what i mean
20:58:06 <markwash> so if a review comes in with a feature change, at this point it might make sense to -2 defer to Icehouse
20:58:52 <markwash> okay thanks everybody
20:58:57 <markwash> #endmeeting