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15:04:04 <Swami> #info Agenda DVR Update
15:05:00 <Swami> As you all are aware most of the DVR patches have merged upstream except for the scheduler patch.
15:05:16 <Swami> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/neutron-ovs-dvr,n,z
15:06:16 <carl_baldwin> Swami: I believe the final one will merge today.  Working on it.
15:06:38 <Swami> carl_baldwin: Thanks for the update, yes I did see that it was ready to move in.
15:07:46 <Swami> Having said that all the patches will end up in upstream by today, the next action item that we have is to test.
15:08:16 <carl_baldwin> Yes.  Still lots of work to do here.
15:08:18 <Swami> As you all are aware there is a "DVR HowTo" and people can use it for testing the DVR code.
15:08:46 <Swami> Fixing bugs would be our highest priority.
15:08:46 <carl_baldwin> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Neutron/DVR/HowTo
15:09:26 <carl_baldwin> I am using the tag “l3-dvr-backlog” on bugs to track our backlog upstream.  If you know of a backlog item, let’s get it reported there.
15:09:51 <Swami> carl_baldwin: Thanks for bringing it up.
15:10:16 <Swami> Yes yesterday I filed a bug and then Armando tagged it to "l3-dvr-backlog".
15:11:17 <carl_baldwin> With the original patches merged, all of the tangled dependencies are freed.  We can make a lot of progress with small fixes done in parallel.
15:11:18 <Swami> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bugs?field.tag=l3-dvr-backlog
15:11:45 <Swami> carl_baldwin: yes that would be great.
15:12:11 <carl_baldwin> Please don’t hesitate to ping me when reviews are needed.  This is my top priority.
15:12:28 <Swami> carl_baldwin: Sure will do
15:13:11 <Swami> #topic Horizon support for DVR
15:13:20 <Swami> bhooshan: are you still there
15:13:49 <bhooshan> yes
15:13:54 <bhooshan> yes Swami
15:14:18 <Swami> bhooshan: I saw your mail about working with Akihiro motoki on the horizon side to support dvr.
15:14:53 <Swami> Are you clear about the requirements to support the "distributed" flag for the routers.
15:15:10 <bhooshan> yes I had couple of mail exchange with Akihiro Motoki
15:15:38 <bhooshan> He asked me to start working on horizon support for  DVR
15:16:10 <Swami> when are you planning to start the work.
15:16:42 <bhooshan> I will start the investigation this week itself
15:16:58 <Swami> The reason I am asking is, the milestone 3 is going to have more reviews than any other milestone. So makesure that your patch gets in early.
15:17:02 <bhooshan> right now I could not find much information from blueprint
15:17:11 <amotoki> bhooshan: it is good to add a note on work items we discussed in the blueprint page. Everyone can share the information.
15:17:43 <Swami> amotoki: thanks for working with bhooshan on the horizon support for DVR.
15:17:53 <bhooshan> Sure Akhiro, i will surely do that
15:18:13 <Swami> bhooshan: Please ping me if you need any information on the DVR if it is not clear.
15:18:38 <bhooshan> thanks, yes I will do that
15:18:40 <amotoki> Swami: In my view, horizon side change is small enough that we can do it as a bug :-)
15:19:06 <Swami> Basically we need to have a field ( distributed) in the horizon router-create page that is only exposed/valid for admin users.
15:19:29 <Swami> It should accept boolean ( True/False).
15:19:45 <Swami> amotoki: Yes, that sounds reasonable.
15:20:29 <amotoki> Swami: I added what I need to add to the blueprint page: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/enhance-horizon-for-dvr
15:20:39 <Swami> bhooshan: Does this help you understand the requirement.
15:20:47 <amotoki> Please check the whiteboard.
15:20:53 <bhooshan> swami: yes
15:21:40 <Swami> bhooshan: Thanks, let me know if you more information.
15:21:58 <amotoki> IMO we don't need to support migration from CR to DVR in GUI.
15:22:19 <Swami> amotoki: Migration is through router-update command.
15:22:45 <amotoki> Swami: i think we are in the same page.
15:22:52 <Swami> So from the horizon gui perspective you still support router-update and router-create with the "distributed" key/value pair.
15:23:26 <bhooshan> swami : route-update command support DVR
15:24:09 <Swami> bhooshan: all other commands will be supported similar to a legacy router.
15:24:14 <amotoki> one question: Is a migration from DVR to CR supported?
15:24:56 <Swami> amotoki: Glad that you brought up this question. No the migration from DVR to CR is not supported at this time.
15:25:20 <Swami> We are only supporting legacy routers to be migrated to the centralized.
15:26:11 <amotoki> Swami: thanks for the clarification. That is what I gather from the discussion so far. It is important from UI perspective.
15:26:23 <Swami> amotoki: np
15:27:03 <Swami> Do you have any other questions related to DVR support in horizon, otherwise I will move on to the next topic
15:27:20 <amotoki> none from me
15:27:42 <bhooshan> none from me
15:28:00 <carl_baldwin> Swami: amotoki:  I will add conversion the other way to the backlog but I will recommend a low to medium importance.  I don’t think it will make Juno.
15:28:03 <Swami> bhooshan: amotoki: Thanks
15:28:49 <amotoki> carl_baldwin: totally makes sense
15:29:00 <Swami> carl_baldwin: Yes go ahead and add it but we will address that migration later, once we finish the Legacy-to-dvr migration.
15:29:27 <Swami> #topic Migration/conversion
15:30:04 <Swami> There is already a patch out there on the migration support for DVR.
15:30:39 <Swami> I think I have added support on the plugin side.
15:31:25 <Swami> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/105855/
15:31:46 <Swami> Still the scheduler side and the agent side work has to go in.
15:32:20 <Swami> As per last week's discussion, we still wanted this patch to be a single patch that supports migration.
15:32:36 <Swami> We don't want to split them into scheduler, agent and plugin side.
15:35:00 <Swami> I don't have anything else on the migration at this point.
15:35:24 <Swami> #topic Services support with DVR
15:36:38 <Swami> I have mentioned in the previous meeting that we are working with the FWaaS team to implement FWaaS with DVR on the North-South traffic.
15:37:06 <Swami> We are not targeting FWaaS to the East-West at this time, this has some issues and need to be resolved.
15:37:40 <Swami> Is Yi and SridharK here to talk about their progress.
15:38:06 <Swami> Ok, let me check with them in the FWaaS meeting.
15:38:32 <Swami> Next is the LBaaS service.
15:39:16 <Swami> Right now with the DVR enabled routers, the LBaaS service is broken. But with the legacy routers they are still functional.
15:40:52 <Swami> There is an issue with our scheduler that only schedules routers, whose interface ports are associated with just the "Compute" Node
15:41:21 <Swami> If the interface ports are associated with a port of port_owner "Loadbalancer" it does not honor it.
15:41:53 <Swami> We will have to fix and test this for the LBaaS to be function with DVR enabled nodes.
15:42:27 <Swami> Next we need to also work on the VPNaaS.
15:43:13 <Swami> For immediate work, we might have to introduce a check in the VPNaaS code that only allows the "legacy" routers to be part of the VPNaaS.
15:44:01 <Swami> This can be addressed through a bug fix.
15:44:38 <Swami> Meanwhile we should work on supporting the VPNaaS for the DVR. This may not be possible by the Juno timeframe.
15:44:56 <Swami> #topic Testing
15:45:07 <Swami> armax: hi
15:45:14 <armax> Swami: hi
15:45:35 <armax> we’re pretty close to getting the experimental job up and running
15:45:50 <armax> if there are any infra guys browsing this room
15:46:01 <armax> we need some more love on these two patches:
15:46:08 <armax> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/106901/
15:46:13 <armax> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/106902/
15:46:30 <Swami> armax: I could not make it to the yesterday infra meeting.
15:46:49 <Swami> On monday's meeting they mentioned that they will give an update on the multinode setup.
15:46:59 <Swami> Did you hear anything from them.
15:47:09 <armax> Swami: I have seen the patch
15:47:21 <armax> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/106043/
15:47:27 <armax> so the work is in progress
15:47:47 <armax> there’s another one:
15:47:48 <armax> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/105569/
15:47:58 <Swami> armax: thanks for the update
15:48:04 <armax> np
15:48:35 <Swami> #topic OpenDiscussion
15:49:23 <Swami> Any topic that you would like to discuss
15:49:56 <Swami> From next week onwards we can go over the bug lists as one of the topics for our DVR meeting until release.
15:50:40 <Swami> If there are no other topics to be discussed, I will end this session.
15:50:49 <Swami> Thanks everyone for joining the meeting.
15:51:10 <Swami> meet you all next week, hopefully then DVR will all be upstream and we can do some regression testing on it.
15:51:11 <Swami> Thanks
15:51:12 <Swami> bye
15:51:21 <Swami> #endmeeting