15:03:13 <Swami_> #startmeeting distributed-virtual-router
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15:03:27 <Swami_> hi dvr folks
15:04:08 <Swami_> #info
15:04:14 <viveknarasimhan> hi swami
15:04:35 <Swami_> As you all know the DVR have been moved to Juno 3 milestone.
15:05:05 <Swami_> Even though we are constantly pushing the patches upstream, all our patches may not land during the next day or so.
15:05:32 <Swami_> So we will continue to work on it and push the patches upstream
15:05:58 <Swami_> That would be our high priority.
15:07:15 <mrsmith> hello?
15:07:52 <Swami_> Current patches that have merged.
15:07:57 <Swami_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/neutron+branch:master+topic:bp/neutron-ovs-dvr,n,z
15:08:10 <Swami_> mrsmith: hi
15:08:51 <Swami_> I think the latest addition to the patches that have merged is the L3 Agent
15:09:17 <Rajeev_> Swami_ I believe you meant https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:merged+project:openstack/neutron+branch:master+topic:bp/neutron-ovs-dvr,n,z
15:09:47 <Swami_> Rajeev_: thanks, the first list is the non-merged patch but with the exception of L3 agent.
15:10:04 <Swami_> The second link that rajeev provided gives the list of merged patches so far.
15:10:42 <viveknarasimhan> L3 Agent merged. Congratulations ..
15:10:56 <haleyb> Swami_: your first link missed the devstack change
15:11:07 <Swami_> Apart from the above patches, there was also a python-neutronclient patch that was merged.
15:11:47 <Swami_> haleyb: thanks for bringing it up, there was another patch for the devstack enablement for DVR
15:12:10 <Swami_> haleyb: can you post that link here.
15:12:22 <haleyb> https://review.openstack.org/103180
15:12:38 <Swami_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/106147/
15:14:24 <Swami_> There is an updated DVR Howto wiki for people who wanted to test the code.
15:14:28 <Swami_> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Neutron/DVR/HowTo
15:15:04 <carl_baldwin> Swami_: hi.  My internet connection is really spotty today.  Hope I can stay on for a little while.
15:15:18 <Swami_> Folks please feel to test the code and let us know if you have any issues.
15:15:23 <WormMan> (well, I know what I'm doing the rest of the week...)
15:15:43 <Swami_> carl_baldwin: thanks for joining, sure and I understand your problems.
15:16:23 <Swami_> #topic L3 plugin patch for router conversion
15:16:50 <Swami_> Folks there is patch that address the router conversion and I am currently working on that patch and posted it for review.
15:17:24 <Swami_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/105855/
15:18:35 <Swami_> This patch should help the scheduler identify the transition state of the router, for any router conversion and should be able to schedule the router to the right agent based on the type of the router.
15:18:47 <mrsmith> Swami_ - how much testing have you done with agents ?
15:19:06 <mrsmith> wrt conversion?
15:19:44 <Swami_> mrsmith: As I mentioned above this patch addresses the changes on the plugin side and not on the scheduler side.
15:19:52 <mrsmith> ok
15:20:11 <Swami_> mrsmith: we need to start working on the scheduler side and then test the agent part.
15:21:22 <Swami_> I spoke to murali and he mentioned, right now if the router is already scheduled on an agent and when router update happens, the routers are not rescheduled.
15:21:22 <carl_baldwin> Swami_: I think this patch should address conversion across all components.  I don’t think we should split it into multiple patches.
15:22:16 <Swami_> carl_baldwin: sure, then we might have to include the other components such as the scheduler and agent.
15:22:59 <Swami_> mrsmith: does that answer your question
15:23:15 <carl_baldwin> Swami_: Yes, I think you’re right.  Hopefully the L3 agent code will merge in the next hours and we can rebase it to the scheduler patch.
15:23:22 <mrsmith> Swami_ - yes... sounds like we will all work on this patch
15:23:51 <Swami_> mrsmith: yes that would be plan
15:24:08 <Rajeev_> sure, sounds like a good plan
15:24:24 <viveknarasimhan> so we remove the NN side router first and then intiate conversion all the way from plugin to agents
15:24:28 <viveknarasimhan> as part of this patch>
15:24:32 <Swami_> #topic L2 DVR
15:24:49 <carl_baldwin> Swami_: Also, if you’re authoring the bulk of the patch you can either reset the author or add yourself as co-author.
15:25:06 <Swami_> viveknarasimhan: can you provide an update on the L2 sidw
15:25:07 <Rajeev_> nit: transition will be offline, i.e. there will be a short interruption to traffic
15:25:32 <viveknarasimhan> L2 Agent changes for DVR merged
15:26:06 <viveknarasimhan> tested GRE with L2 Agent and it works OK when I tried for East-west traffic
15:26:52 <viveknarasimhan> With regard to unit testing, am following up on Scheduler side tests and parallely focusing on ml2/db.py and ml2/plugin.py lines
15:27:24 <viveknarasimhan> addressing review comments with armax on ML2 Additions for dvr #102398
15:27:36 <viveknarasimhan> that is gist of my update
15:28:10 <Swami_> viveknarasimhan: thanks for the update
15:28:40 <Swami_> viveknarasimhan: do you expect any change on your side for the router conversion
15:29:01 <Swami_> carl_baldwin: thanks
15:29:11 <viveknarasimhan> i want to understand this conversion better before seeing any change required
15:29:28 <viveknarasimhan> we should not be adding DVR while NN router interface ports exist
15:29:35 <viveknarasimhan> as that will fail in the current code scenarios
15:29:45 <viveknarasimhan> due to overlap of subnets
15:30:54 <Swami_> This should not be any different than how a router can be moved from one L3 agent to another L3 agent in a different node.
15:31:00 <Rajeev_> viveknarasimhan: would like to know more about it
15:31:09 <carl_baldwin> viveknarasimhan: I’m not sure I understand yet.
15:31:32 <viveknarasimhan> today we donot allow a subnet of dvr to be made available on centralized NN router and vice versa
15:31:51 <viveknarasimhan> a subnet interface is either on DVR or on NN and not on both
15:32:23 <viveknarasimhan> so when we do conversion, we should first remove the NN hosted router's interface subnets and then re-apply them on a DVR router with the same name and properties
15:33:48 <Swami_> viveknarasimhan: yes I agree with the above statement.
15:34:07 <carl_baldwin> viveknarasimhan: That makes sense.
15:34:22 <viveknarasimhan> so there is going to be drop in traffic
15:34:41 <viveknarasimhan> and that could be from minimal to more depending on how many VMs are
15:34:50 <viveknarasimhan> spread out in the cloud for such subnets
15:34:56 <Rajeev_> viveknarasimhan:agreed, traffic interruption will be there
15:35:02 <Swami_> viveknarasimhan: yes that's what rajeev mentioned and I think that is acceptable.
15:35:24 <viveknarasimhan> this will be done in a maintenance window (or) live?
15:36:07 <Rajeev_> viveknarasimhan: Cloud admin call ?
15:36:14 <Swami_> viveknarasimhan: It depends, since there would be a network glitch, admins may want to do it in a maintenance window or they can choose to just do on a case by case basis.
15:36:22 <carl_baldwin> viveknarasimhan: We need to learn more about the downtime and how significant it will be.  If we can characterize that the the deployer can decide.
15:36:37 <viveknarasimhan> agree. but we may need to test live case
15:37:10 <Swami_> viveknarasimhan: Sure once we have the conversion working we can test, make sure how much time it takes and then document it.
15:37:19 <viveknarasimhan> i don't foresee change in L2 for this
15:37:37 <viveknarasimhan> if the process is as I mentioned above, sequential removal of NN ports followed by DVR ports creation
15:37:56 <Swami_> viveknarasimhan: thanks for your update.
15:38:02 <viveknarasimhan> things should work without change from L2 side , except for configuration updates
15:38:11 <Rajeev_> Swami_: ok to priortize legacy --> dvr Over dvr --> legacy -- right ?
15:38:15 <viveknarasimhan> like l2-pop and enable_distributed-routing must be ON on compute nodes
15:38:46 <Swami_> Rajeev_ : We are not targeting DVR-to-Legacy at this time...
15:39:08 <Rajeev_> Swami_: thx, sounds good for now
15:39:15 <carl_baldwin> Swami_: Rajeev_: Agreed
15:39:36 <Swami_> #topic L3 Agent
15:40:00 <Swami_> mrsmith: the stage is yours
15:40:24 <mrsmith> looks like the patch is about to land
15:40:35 <carl_baldwin> viveknarasimhan: Do we really need things to be sequenced?  I’m wondering if the plugin side does its thing and the L3/L2 agents do their thing on the various nodes will things fall in to place?
15:40:42 <mrsmith> we have a few follow up issues/patches to work on
15:40:55 <mrsmith> conversion, agent-restart/namespace cleanup
15:41:12 <mrsmith> also, we still have a conflict with other code with SNAT
15:41:16 <mrsmith> and VLAN tagging
15:41:34 <mrsmith> Rajeev_ can you comment on that issue?
15:41:45 <Swami_> carl_baldwin: right now the agent namespace cleanup is a different patch, can we merge this along with the migration patch or should it be a different one.
15:41:48 <Rajeev_> mrsmith: yes
15:42:07 <Rajeev_> we noticed the SNAT ports were not getting tagged
15:42:14 <mrsmith> Swami_ migration or conversion ? :)
15:42:24 <carl_baldwin> Swami_: What would be the advantage of merging them?
15:42:33 <Rajeev_> There a fix on the way or maybe already in
15:42:59 <Rajeev_> armax is integrating it into l3_rpc_base
15:43:02 <carl_baldwin> We need to get away from large un-focused patches that try to do too much.  We need to think leaner.  They will merge more easily that way.
15:43:06 <armax> Rajeev_: already did
15:43:22 <mrsmith> thanks armax!
15:43:34 <Swami_> carl_baldwin: Since mrsmith will be also working on the conversion part, he can also fix the namespace cleanup issues, rather than having another patch for it.
15:44:06 <Swami_> carl_baldwin: agreed
15:44:29 <viveknarasimhan> i mentioned sequencing in algorithmic point of view
15:45:00 <carl_baldwin> Swami: mrsmith:  I can also help with agent restart and namespace cleanup.  I’ll be back full time starting tomorrow.
15:45:14 <viveknarasimhan> the code can execute concurrently, but we need to ensure racing is avoided, be in dvr scheduling in controller, l2 rule handling by l2 agent and  l3 namespace handling by l3 agent
15:45:18 <mrsmith> k
15:45:26 <Swami_> carl_baldwin: thanks
15:45:28 <mrsmith> carl_baldmin - maybe I can focus on conversion then?
15:45:41 <carl_baldwin> mrsmith: Sounds good.
15:46:02 <Swami_> mrsmith: carl_baldwin: sounds like a good plan
15:46:59 <Swami_> #topic DVR scheduler
15:47:00 <viveknarasimhan> i will focus on CLI enhancement to show replicated DVR bindings
15:47:13 <viveknarasimhan> would that be ok?
15:47:31 <viveknarasimhan> also i can focus on concurrency of flow additions issue with ovs_lib
15:47:44 <viveknarasimhan> please feel free to let me know where I could help
15:48:11 <mrsmith> all: what about the SNAT add/remove/scheduling ?
15:48:17 <Swami_> viveknarasimhan: sure we will work with you on this, once you finish up the current work, or else you can also help on the scheduler side.
15:49:08 <Swami_> viveknarasimhan: armax: murali: any updates on the scheduler
15:49:44 <viveknarasimhan> armax , are you there?
15:49:57 <viveknarasimhan> let me give update then:
15:50:08 <Swami_> viveknarasimhan: go ahead
15:50:36 <viveknarasimhan> armax refactoring some part of scheduler
15:50:38 <armax> Swami_, viveknarasimhan the patch has been updated
15:50:45 <armax> and it is current
15:50:51 <viveknarasimhan> predominantly it was inheriting both L3 DB and was getting inherited to ML2 Plugin
15:50:58 <viveknarasimhan> which puts it into cyclic issues
15:51:12 <viveknarasimhan> so we removed scheduler direct dependence on L3 DB and all calls
15:51:12 <armax> viveknarasimhan: yes, that’s being taken care of
15:51:16 <viveknarasimhan> are throuh l3-plugin
15:51:23 <viveknarasimhan> from the dvr scheduler
15:51:31 <viveknarasimhan> armax, pls go ahead
15:52:01 <armax> viveknarasimhan: I don’t have anything else to add on the l3 sched
15:52:21 <viveknarasimhan> we have proceed with scheduler UT, like 30% complete
15:52:27 <Swami_> armax: viveknarasimhan: thanks for the updates
15:52:33 <viveknarasimhan> remaining 70% coverage is ongoing
15:52:59 <Swami_> So for this week, let us focus on the "router conversion" patch
15:53:40 <Swami_> Also address any upstream review comments for the current non-merged patches.
15:54:25 <Swami_> #topic Open Discussions
15:54:38 <Swami_> Any other topic that we wanted to discuss here.
15:55:14 <Rajeev_> Swami_: DVR testing
15:55:26 <Rajeev_> including Tempest and Gate
15:55:35 <Swami_> Rajeev_: yes
15:55:55 <Rajeev_> can someone give an update please ?
15:56:05 <Swami_> Once all our patches have landed into the upstream, they will open up the gate testing for the dvr
15:56:26 <Swami_> armax: was working on it.
15:56:47 <armax> Swami_: there are a number of patches I pushed to add an experimental check job
15:56:52 <Swami_> armax: do you have any update on the process on what is test it tempest, gate and others.
15:57:04 <armax> waiting on patches to merge
15:57:06 <armax> hang on
15:57:10 <armax> lemme find the links
15:57:19 <armax> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/98235/
15:57:29 <armax> this is passing against dvr currently
15:57:31 <armax> so that’s great
15:57:45 <armax> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/106902/
15:57:54 <armax> this one is the experimental job that tests dvr
15:57:54 <Rajeev_> armax: thank you
15:58:03 <armax> this depends on:
15:58:03 <armax> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/106901/
15:58:19 <armax> and:
15:58:20 <armax> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/103180/
15:58:31 <armax> so we need people helping review/approve these ones
15:58:43 <armax> once we do and DVR is all in trunk
15:58:51 <Swami_> armax: thanks for the update
15:58:55 <armax> we can kick a job doing ‘recheck experimental'
15:58:59 <armax> on the Gerrit review
15:59:12 <armax> and we’ll kick off a DVR-based tempest run
15:59:21 <Swami_> Yes we will take a look at those patches.
15:59:42 <haleyb> i am seeing a problem using that dev devstack patch to get it up and running with mode=dvr_snat, stephen thinks it might just be something missing from that patch as his hand-created devstack install works
15:59:49 <Swami_> armax: What is "recheck experimental" - my ignorance
16:00:06 <armax> let’s take this offline
16:00:08 <Sukhdev> Time check
16:00:11 <armax> Swami_: if that’s ok
16:00:21 <armax> Sukhdev: we’re out of the way :_)
16:00:22 <Swami_> armax: thanks for the update
16:00:26 <Swami_> we are at the end of the hour
16:00:27 <armax> bye folks
16:00:39 <Swami_> Thanks everyone for joing the meeting.
16:00:42 <mrsmith> bye
16:00:49 <Swami_> #endmeeting