15:05:07 <Swami> #startmeeting distributed_virtual_router
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15:05:33 <Swami> hi everyone
15:06:01 <Swami> I hope that the net connection should be stable today.
15:06:30 <Swami> mrsmith: ping
15:06:33 <Swami> murali: ping
15:06:40 <Swami> vivek: ping
15:07:09 <Swami> #topic DVR - Update
15:07:27 <Swami> The L3-plugin code is still under review.
15:07:40 <Swami> Minor nits.
15:08:15 <Swami> Carl: I did see that there were two failures today when I pushed the code in jenkins that was related to "teardown" class.
15:08:26 <Swami> I was not sure about the error by itself.
15:08:32 <carl_baldwin> Swami: I haven’t seen those yet.
15:08:42 <carl_baldwin> I can help you look at that if you want.
15:09:04 <Swami> Yes can you take a look at those errors. I my system tox was successfull.
15:09:41 <carl_baldwin> I will have a look.  I might need a little time after the meeting before I can but I can do that.
15:09:49 <Swami> vivek: hi
15:09:55 <viveknarasimhan> hi swami
15:10:45 <Swami> I did see that the DVR was pushed from Milestone 1 to Milestone 2 since all our code was not in for review.
15:11:26 <carl_baldwin> Swami:  Yes, Juno-1 is today.
15:11:39 <mrsmith> Swami: hi
15:11:44 <mrsmith> sorry I am late
15:11:44 <Swami> I still wanted to push the base L3 plugin extension and then keep adding code on top of it to support the North-South
15:12:08 <viveknarasimhan> did any other feature make it to Juno-1
15:12:11 <Swami> carl: Yes, I saw the message from Kyle on this.
15:12:12 <viveknarasimhan> other than DVR?
15:12:32 <Swami> vivek: I have't spent any time looking at the other ones.
15:12:50 <Swami> mrsmith: No problem.
15:12:55 <carl_baldwin> There were a number of smaller features in Juno-1 and lots of bug fixes.
15:13:09 <viveknarasimhan> ok
15:13:16 <carl_baldwin> #link https://launchpad.net/neutron/+milestone/juno-1
15:13:22 <Swami> #topic L2 Agent Update
15:14:26 <Swami> It seems that mostly bug fixes went in and 6 other blueprints.
15:14:54 <Swami> vivek: can you give an update on the L2 Agent and were are we with the reviews.
15:15:04 <viveknarasimhan> thanks to carl's help
15:15:17 <viveknarasimhan> i remerged your latest patch set 24 and pushed patch set 5
15:15:31 <viveknarasimhan> i am working on the review comments from carl, amotoki, mark and kevin
15:15:50 <Swami> patch set 25 is now available.
15:15:57 <viveknarasimhan> i am expecting to post the next patch set in next 2-3 days with all UTs passing
15:16:32 <viveknarasimhan> i may not pick up patch set 25 as I already merged your changes
15:16:43 <viveknarasimhan> i will be posting off my changes off patch set 24 going forward
15:17:08 <viveknarasimhan> when posting i use 'git review --no-rebase' as per carl's advise
15:17:58 <Swami> ok, there were minor changes between the patch set 24 and 25. Based on review comments I have renamed couple of function names. But it should not affect you.
15:18:08 <carl_baldwin> I do highly recommend —no-rebase when working on patches with dependencies.
15:18:52 <mrsmith> I didn't do that on my last patch
15:18:56 * carl_baldwin actually recommends —no-rebase for every push of a patch but that is another subject.
15:19:06 <Swami> carl: Thanks for the update will follow it.
15:19:45 <viveknarasimhan> carl helped me go though whirling dependency issues.  Thanks a lot carl.
15:20:22 <carl_baldwin> viveknarasimhan: glad to help.
15:20:30 <Swami> vivek: is there anything else that you want to share. Is there any blockers right now from the L2 side.
15:21:09 <viveknarasimhan> no blockers. i am refactoring code to
15:21:24 <viveknarasimhan> separate out DVR l2 chagnes into a new file as that was comment by amotoki
15:21:59 <viveknarasimhan> no blockers
15:22:09 <Swami> vivek: thanks for the update
15:22:23 <Swami> mrsmith: are you there
15:22:28 <mrsmith> yep
15:22:48 <Swami> #topic L3 Agent
15:23:49 <Swami> mrsmith: can you give an update on the L3 Agent
15:24:03 <mrsmith> sure
15:24:15 <mrsmith> I posted an updated patch for review last night
15:24:23 <mrsmith> merged up to date with juno/top
15:24:32 <mrsmith> it has FIP and SNAT
15:24:44 <mrsmith> all functionality - just a couple issues remain
15:25:00 <mrsmith> like agent restart without namespace removal
15:25:11 <Swami> mrsmith: great
15:25:18 <mrsmith> I have a question about tempest - how can I run tests via tempest?
15:25:29 <mrsmith> other than from a review/push?
15:25:43 <mrsmith> looks like there were some tempest failures from my changes
15:26:13 <Swami> carl: can you provide any input on this.
15:26:21 <mrsmith> I have been working with carl on getting a devstack setup running with huno - still stuck there
15:26:46 <mrsmith> *juno
15:26:57 <carl_baldwin> The way that I’ve run tempest is to enable it in devstack.  Then, it is pretty easy to run.
15:27:18 <mrsmith> k - is there a wiki or anything
15:27:31 <mrsmith> on how do enable temptest and run it via devstack?
15:27:54 * pcm_ perking up to hear about this :)
15:27:59 <carl_baldwin> I can find that.  Hold on...
15:29:11 <mrsmith> other than temptest/devstack - I will go through the review comments
15:29:16 <mrsmith> make updates, etc
15:29:53 <Swami> mrsmith: sounds good
15:30:08 <carl_baldwin> The README.md file in the devstack repository talks about it.  Just search for tempest in that file.
15:30:19 <Swami> I did see a link shown below;
15:30:23 <Swami> #link http://www.rushiagr.com/blog/2013/03/20/openstack-tempest-quick-start-with-devstack/
15:30:30 <mrsmith> k
15:30:54 <mrsmith> first step will be getting devstack working with juno - which I am blocked on
15:31:05 <mrsmith> but we'll see
15:31:23 <mrsmith> I may just restart from scratch
15:31:40 <Swami> mrsmith: Is this with plain vanilla Juno or with the DVR as well.
15:31:54 <mrsmith> plain vanilla juno
15:32:02 <mrsmith> your template never worked 100% for me
15:32:07 <mrsmith> nova boots would hang
15:32:14 <chuckC> https://github.com/openstack-dev/devstack has the README.md
15:32:20 <Swami> mrsmith: good to hear.
15:32:20 <mrsmith> now moving to juno I can't get stack.sh to finish
15:33:01 <mrsmith> devstack has always been a pain to get going
15:33:02 <chuckC> mrsmith: I've been working on this also, maybe we can share the pain?
15:33:09 <mrsmith> :)
15:33:29 <mrsmith> misery loves company
15:34:00 <Swami> mrsmith: was it a proxy issue, did you try anything without proxy configured.
15:34:05 <mrsmith> I'll look at the links shared here and bang on it some more
15:34:08 <mrsmith> thanks everyone
15:34:29 <Swami> mrsmith: I will the devstack on the virtualbox and let you know.
15:34:42 <Swami> mrsmith: *try
15:35:19 <chuckC> Swami: it's a bit of a time-sync
15:35:30 <viveknarasimhan> mike
15:35:41 <viveknarasimhan> vishal from india team here got single node devstack working on Juno top
15:35:50 <viveknarasimhan> i will link you with him
15:35:55 <mrsmith> good
15:36:14 <Swami> vivek: thanks for your help.
15:37:30 <Swami> mrsmith: Thanks for the update.
15:38:26 <Rajeev> Swami: on the l3 topic just wanted to add that Going forward, We are putting quite a bit of energy in getting all the DVR code in.
15:38:33 <Swami> #topic Services
15:38:43 <Swami> #undo
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15:39:00 <Rajeev> so you would see reviews being updated more frequently
15:39:24 <Rajeev> we do intend to get into Juno-2
15:39:50 <Swami> rajeev: you mean that everyone will be actively pushing code and reviewing code to make it happen for Juno-2
15:40:01 <Rajeev> yes,
15:40:16 <Swami> rajeev: Thanks, that is great news.
15:40:21 <viveknarasimhan> we should have pursued upstream from day one
15:40:45 <carl_baldwin> Rajeev: That sounds great.  We reviewers will be trying very hard to get feedback to you quickly.
15:40:58 <Rajeev> one of the areas for community contribution at this point is system tests
15:41:20 <Rajeev> CarL: thanks, that would be real helpful
15:41:46 <carl_baldwin> Rajeev: I can also try to help coordinate some testing efforts.
15:41:54 <Swami> #topic Services
15:42:42 <Swami> LBaaS: We did find a bug in the current code that does not address the LBaas port associated for FIP.
15:43:05 <Swami> We need to address this.
15:45:38 <viveknarasimhan> we need to address queries on FwaaS inclusion for DVR as well
15:46:12 <Murali> swami who is working on DVR with Lbaas
15:52:41 * pcm_ is it me or is there no messages showing on this meeting?
15:52:56 <chuckC> Swami is having network problems
15:52:56 <Rajeev> while we wait for Swami, anyone know how much time should one reserve to setup a 4 node devstack?.
15:54:14 <chuckC> Rajeev: for me trying to hack through it myself, it's been 2 days so far, and my VMs don't get IP addresses yet.
15:54:41 <carl_baldwin> Rajeev: It is hard to know.  If all goes well, an hour.  But, if problems are hit….  Who knows.
15:55:05 <chuckC> clearly I need to talk to carl! ;)
15:55:12 <carl_baldwin> Rajeev: chuckC: mrsmith:  Are you all doing it behind a proxy?
15:55:26 <chuckC> carl_baldwin: no
15:55:40 <mrsmith> probably - working in a corp
15:55:51 <viveknarasimhan> we are behind proxy. so we use tsocks
15:55:56 <mrsmith> I think I've toyed with proxy settings who
15:56:08 <carl_baldwin> I found the easiest way to do it is on a VM in the cloud.  Gets rid of proxy problems.  I’ve been using Ubuntu 14.04 as my base OS.
15:56:15 <mrsmith> we can't run stack.sh with tsocks right?
15:56:34 <mrsmith> hmm.. I'm not using 14.04 either
15:57:05 <carl_baldwin> mrsmith: What are you using?  I used to use 12.04 without much problem but I upgraded so that I’d get a newer openvswitch by default.
15:57:15 <mrsmith> 12.04
15:57:56 <carl_baldwin> It should still be supported on 12.04.  However, openvswitch is older.
15:58:41 <chuckC> I'd really like to see local.conf files for a working multi-node devstack….
15:59:05 <chuckC> using ovs and vlan
15:59:14 <carl_baldwin> Our meeting slot is almost through.  Can someone spoof Swami so that we can to #endmeeting?
15:59:30 <Rajeev> if someone has one local.conf can one post it at blueprint site ?
15:59:35 <viveknarasimhan> hi carl
15:59:52 <yamamoto> which version of ovs 14.04 has?
16:00:03 <viveknarasimhan> before we move, i request one help: the reviwe for https://review.openstack.org/#/c/93624/
16:00:19 <carl_baldwin> chuckC: I’m using ovs with vxlan.  I think it is easier to to a multi-node in the cloud with vxlan.
16:00:24 <viveknarasimhan> is gettting check-dvsm-full PASS mandatory for upstream merge? i see its non-voting
16:00:59 <carl_baldwin> viveknarasimhan: non-voting are not mandatory.
16:01:18 <carl_baldwin> I’m going to try to become Swami here to end the meeting.
16:01:22 <viveknarasimhan> ok thanks
16:01:38 <Swami> #endmeeting