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15:05:19 <Swami> hi folks,
15:05:53 <Swami> mrsmith: hi
15:06:01 <mrsmith> hi hi
15:06:34 <Swami> ping armax
15:06:45 <armax> Hi Swami
15:07:14 <Swami> Agenda:
15:07:20 <Swami> DVR Progress update
15:07:47 <Swami> L3 Extension
15:07:56 <Swami> L3 Agent update
15:08:08 <Swami> ML2/OVS update
15:08:29 <Swami> L3 Extension - Update
15:08:39 <armax> Swami: I can go
15:09:00 <Swami> armax I did see that you have pushed patches on the L3 Extension.
15:09:08 <Swami> How is the review going.
15:09:12 <Swami> can you give an update.
15:09:48 <armax> so the patch in question is this one: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/84223/
15:10:15 <armax> I did some preliminary refactoring in: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/97028/ and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/97275/
15:10:32 <armax> as for patch 84223, it has gone through a number of reviews
15:10:38 <armax> I am now in the process of adding UT’s
15:10:52 <armax> and I think it’s then ready to go back into swami’s hands
15:11:19 <armax> reason being, there are a number of issues unvelied during the review cycles that I am not sure how to proceed forward
15:11:34 <armax> I expect to be done by the end of today, as for the UT’s
15:11:54 <Swami> armax: Thanks for your help and patch update
15:12:08 <armax> I tried the patch locally and it should get all the Jenkins’ jobs to pass
15:12:24 <Swami> Sorry I was a busy last couple of days, I can take a look at the review comments in a day or so.
15:12:29 <armax> we will miss functional testing
15:12:45 <armax> because I’d hate to go the ‘wrong’ way of testing API extensions
15:12:49 <armax> so for now I am sticking to UT proper
15:13:09 <armax> when functional testing in neutron is ready (something that marun_afk is working on)
15:13:13 <armax> I’ll get that done
15:13:31 <Swami> armax: yes that sounds reasonable.
15:13:32 <armax> Swami: ping me back when you have some time
15:13:57 <armax> that’s all from me
15:14:22 <Swami> armax: I did you that you have created an additional table for the handling the distributed routers, was that based on the review comments.
15:14:37 <armax> I did it for a number of reasons
15:15:01 <armax> we could have kept the extra column in the router table
15:15:23 <armax> but that was affecting plugins that did not support the extra attribute
15:15:43 <armax> also everything in the logic was cobbled together
15:15:56 <armax> making extensibility and maintainability a lot more difficult
15:16:15 <Swami> armax: Yes I realized it after seeing the patches.
15:16:23 <armax> now l3 base and l3 dvr are a lot more decoupled
15:16:33 <armax> which I think it’s beneficial
15:16:50 <Swami> armax: Yes I went that route in my first couple of patches and then moved back again.
15:17:12 <armax> also, I am planning of reconciling nsx’s implementation of distributed routing
15:17:20 <armax> so that we’ll have a unique extension point..
15:17:29 <armax> but that’s for later
15:17:46 <Swami> armax: Ok thanks for the information.
15:17:53 <armax> Swami: what made you go back on your steps?
15:18:32 <armax> Swami: even though we can take this offline, I don’t want to hog the meeting
15:18:36 <Swami> armax: I heard from the Juno summit that for any attribute extensions we don't need to introduce additional extensions.
15:18:53 <Swami> That's what compeled me to go back to the original table instead of extensions.
15:19:23 <armax> is there a discussion on the ML?
15:19:48 <armax> there’s a discussion on idempotent DB migrations, but that’s slightly differnet
15:20:09 <Swami> Yes I sent out an email to Mark/Kyle asking for their feedback on this.
15:20:14 <armax> ic
15:20:31 <Swami> ok, I can discuss about this offline.
15:20:35 <armax> Swami: sure
15:20:49 <Swami> armax: Thanks for the update
15:21:13 <Swami> L3 Agent Update
15:21:24 <Swami> mrsmith: Any updates on the L3 Agent.
15:22:10 <mrsmith> we got SNAT sync'd up with Icehouse-ga
15:22:19 <mrsmith> started moving to juno/top
15:22:34 <Swami> mrsmith: great
15:22:35 <mrsmith> the merge doesn't look as bad as previous (ice-2 and ga)
15:22:50 <mrsmith> working on some corner-cases, etc
15:23:04 <mrsmith> as part of moving to ga, we got all unit tests passing
15:23:32 <mrsmith> not much else to report
15:23:40 <mrsmith> one question
15:23:47 <mrsmith> as far as the wip code 'patch'
15:23:49 <Swami> mrsmith: that's good news
15:24:06 <mrsmith> should we update that patch with juno/top or start a new submittal?
15:24:23 <Swami> you might have to push the code with the top.
15:24:34 <mrsmith> abandon the previous patch?
15:24:34 <carl_baldwin> mrsmith: Use the same patch.
15:24:36 <Swami> You don't need to start a new patch. Just upate the original one with the new one.
15:24:45 <mrsmith> ya - got it
15:24:56 <mrsmith> same patch, but updated to juno/top - right?
15:25:42 <Swami> Yes, use the same patch, just rebase to the new top of the branch code and then merge your changes and do a git review.
15:25:49 <mrsmith> k - sounds good
15:26:06 <Swami> mrsmith: Thanks mike
15:26:20 <mrsmith> swami - one outstanding issue is our rpc/plugin port binding issue
15:26:22 <mrsmith> that is ongoing
15:26:36 <mrsmith> you and murali are working that out right?
15:27:25 <Swami> mrsmith: I think we can move to the plugin instead of rpc, if there is not timing issue.
15:27:39 <mrsmith> k
15:28:08 <mrsmith> that is all from me
15:28:18 <Swami> mrsmith: For the FIP, we don't have any issue for the plugin as far as the plugin does the port binding.
15:28:35 <mrsmith> I think you're right - we have SNAT remaining
15:28:50 <Swami> For the SNAT I will check with Murali and confirm to you.
15:28:59 <mrsmith> great
15:29:14 <Swami> mrsmith: Thanks for your information.
15:29:18 <mrsmith> np
15:29:33 <Swami> I think vivek is on FTO, so we don't have any update on the L2 Agent.
15:29:59 <Swami> Is murali in here.
15:29:59 <Swami> ping murali
15:30:00 <mrsmith> FTO = vacation :)
15:30:25 <Swami> mrsmith: Thanks for the clarification
15:31:00 <Swami> Yes Yi in here
15:31:40 <Swami> rajeev: hi
15:32:00 <Rajeev> Swami: Hello
15:32:41 <Swami> rajeev: mrsmith just gave an update on the L3 Agent.
15:32:52 <Swami> Do you have any update to share.
15:33:45 <Rajeev> csnat is coming along well
15:34:17 <Rajeev> when is east-west expected t be in by?
15:36:05 <Rajeev> we can then start getting the n/s items in too
15:37:56 <mrsmith> did we lose Swami ?
15:38:02 <mrsmith> ping Swami
15:38:08 <chuckC> seems so
15:41:19 <chuckC> shift to open discussion until swami returns?
15:43:16 <mrsmith> swami is telling me he is having probs re-joining
15:43:23 <mrsmith> looking back at the agenda
15:43:29 <mrsmith> I think l3 extension was next
15:43:34 <mrsmith> but I think we already hit that
15:43:39 <mrsmith> right armax?
15:44:00 <armax> yes
15:44:04 <Swami> folks back on
15:44:04 <mrsmith> bam - there he is
15:44:16 <Swami> sorry guys I got disconnected.
15:44:20 <mrsmith> we hadn't gone far without you Swami :)
15:44:48 <Swami> mrsmith: Thanks for communicating.
15:45:02 <Swami> Next topic I wanted to discuss is the Services.
15:45:11 <Swami> Is 'Yi' in here.
15:45:43 <Swami> we were discussing with the FWaaS team about addressing the FWaaS service with the DVR
15:46:03 <Swami> There is a mailing thread that we started with the team.
15:46:29 <Swami> Rajeev: Did you hear anything back from Yi or Sumit on the FWaaS
15:46:57 <Rajeev> Swami: no, I haven't
15:47:21 <Rajeev> not sure I am on the thread
15:47:22 <Swami> ok, I will check with the FWaaS team tomorrow.
15:47:47 <Swami> rajeev: Thanks
15:48:36 <Swami> I will also check with "yi' on this.
15:49:08 <Swami> rajeev: before I got disconnected I was stating that we had plans to push the East-West first and move the North-South.
15:50:07 <Rajeev> Swami: that makes sense. Tentative timeline you can share ?
15:50:18 <Swami> If have the csnat work coming up, then we can think about pushing both East-West and North-South
15:56:28 <Rajeev> sure. Any thoughts on how the scheduler is to be brought in?
15:57:20 <chuckC> swami is gone again
16:00:36 <Sukhdev> Hello ML'ers
16:00:37 <Rajeev> Thanks for the meeting
16:01:01 <shivharis> hi all, DVR meeting is still in progress...
16:01:12 <chuckC> Sukhdev: previous meeting leader disconnected, so no #endmeeting
16:01:17 <emagana> ah ok..
16:01:19 <banix> hi there
16:01:23 <emagana> I am here anyway!
16:01:30 <rkukura> hi
16:01:31 <Sukhdev> chuckC: opps
16:01:53 <chuckC> Sukhdev: opps?
16:01:54 <banix> #endmeeting
16:02:04 <Sukhdev> chuckC: can you type #endmeeting with the meeting name
16:02:25 <shivharis> hi all
16:02:32 <chuckC> #endmeeting distributed_virtual_router
16:02:51 <Swami> #endmeeting