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15:03:35 <Swami> #topic agenda
15:03:47 <Swami> DVR progress update
15:04:08 <Swami> Blueprint Update
15:04:42 <Swami> Altanta Summit Prep
15:05:07 <Swami> #Open Discussion
15:05:19 <Swami> #topic DVR Progress Update
15:06:17 <Swami> DVR developmenet is currently progressing well. We are finishing up some fixes on the FIP side and some corner case testing on the East-West.
15:06:51 <Swami> We will be working on the Service node SNAT for the next couple of weeks.
15:06:52 <mrsmith> Swami: initial centralized SNAT support is done as well
15:07:01 <mrsmith> rule changes are only what is left
15:07:10 <Swami> mrsmith: Thanks for the update.
15:07:14 <mrsmith> as well as some plugin support
15:07:22 <mrsmith> for centralized SNAT
15:07:54 <Swami> #topic L3 Agent Update
15:08:08 <Swami> mrsmith: can you give an update on the L3 Agent
15:08:38 <mrsmith> Swami: sure - as we just mentioned, FIP refactor with icehouse-2 got done
15:08:57 <mrsmith> SNAT work is going well, just need additonal rules to be put in place on the agent
15:09:10 <mrsmith> SNAT namespace, gateway port plug, etc are done
15:09:43 <Swami> mrsmith: good great progress.
15:10:03 <mrsmith> some plugin work is still needed
15:10:12 <mrsmith> SNAT scheduling, subnet-add/delete
15:11:07 <Swami> Do you have any other questions or issues that you wanted to discuss with the sub-team
15:12:31 <mrsmith> not at this time
15:12:38 <Swami> mrsmith: Thanks
15:12:52 <Swami> I have one question for the sub-team.
15:14:08 <Swami> Today we are distributing the Floating IP namespace to the compute nodes. So Floating IPs are basically associated with the VM's private IP and also kind of associated with the host they are located on.
15:14:48 <Swami> Do we need to store the "host" information in the FIP table going forward. For now we are retrieving it from the portbinding table and using it.
15:16:10 <viveknarasimhan> swami
15:16:11 <Swami> carl_baldwin: Do you have any thoughts on this.
15:16:29 <Swami> viveknarasimhan: hi
15:17:08 <carl_baldwin> Swami: Sorry, I have been pulled in to another meeting.  Let me read back.
15:18:25 <Swami> carl_baldwin: no problem, take you time to read it and let me know your thoughts.
15:18:32 <carl_baldwin> Swami: Is there a performance benefit to storing the host with the fip?
15:19:24 <carl_baldwin> Swami: My initial impression is that we should avoid duplicating the information since it is already available with the port binding table.
15:19:27 <Swami> If we have it in the table we can retrieve it directly from one table otherwise it is two table query rather than a single one.
15:20:04 <carl_baldwin> A table join?
15:20:07 <Swami> carl_baldwin: You are right. That was my initial thought too. Since it is already available we should not duplicate the information.
15:20:37 <Swami> But just wanted to get the feedback on this.
15:20:49 <Swami> That's how we have implemented right now.
15:21:23 <carl_baldwin> Great, I think it should be left as a join query and maybe keep an eye on the performance of the query before trying to optimize.
15:21:39 <Swami> carl_baldwin: thanks
15:21:47 <Swami> #topic L2 Agent
15:22:02 <Swami> Vivek: can you update on the L2 Agent status
15:22:11 <viveknarasimhan> i completed all review comments
15:22:14 <viveknarasimhan> of upstream
15:22:38 <viveknarasimhan> i have to link the dependencies of L3 Plugin, L3 scheduler and Sylvains's L2-Pop learning disabling
15:22:49 <viveknarasimhan> and then post next patch set
15:23:34 <Swami> vivek: If you have any issues with adding the dependencies let me know and i can help you out.
15:23:41 <viveknarasimhan> sure
15:24:11 <Swami> viveknarasimhan: Thanks for your input. Great progress.
15:24:32 <Swami> #topic blueprint
15:24:34 <viveknarasimhan> thanks
15:25:13 <Swami> I have added the DVR blueprint to the neutron-specs
15:25:19 <Swami> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/89934/4
15:25:42 <Swami> carl: I had an issue with the topic not showing up right in the "neutron-specs".
15:26:41 <Swami> I am not sure what was the problem. The topic in my branch shows the right topic "bp/neutron-ovs-dvr", but when I push the file, I could only see "bp/specs"
15:27:09 <carl_baldwin> With the new gerrit, you can actually edit the topic right on the review page.
15:27:34 <Swami> ok, then I will follow that.
15:27:56 <carl_baldwin> To the right of the topic on the web page, there is a little notepad button that you can use to edit it.
15:28:20 <Swami> carl_baldwin: thanks that helps.
15:28:22 <carl_baldwin> It is a minor issue but using the same topic makes searching for DVR reviews very easy.  :)
15:29:25 <Swami> #topic Atlanta Neutron Design summit
15:29:57 <Swami> As you all know the Neutron Design summit schedule has been finalized.
15:30:24 <Swami> We will be having our DVR Progress Update on Wednesday at 5.20p.m
15:30:27 <viveknarasimhan> yes
15:30:43 <carl_baldwin> Looking forward to it!
15:31:54 <Swami> The topics that I wanted to discuss for the DVR would be " Current Work in Progress Update, DVR Service Node HA, Distributed DHCP and Service Node VPN
15:32:50 <Swami> Folks please feel free to add any item that need to discussed as part of the Distributed Virtual Router session.
15:33:12 <viveknarasimhan> i may want to add
15:33:17 <viveknarasimhan> dvr port binding
15:33:21 <Swami> There is an Etherpad for the DVR project that we created and you can add your information to that page.
15:33:33 <Swami> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Distributed-Virtual-Router
15:33:35 <viveknarasimhan> and get feedback on the approach we took to handle replicated ports of DVR in L2
15:33:49 <viveknarasimhan> ok i will add it there
15:34:30 <Swami> viveknarasimhan: Sure go ahead and edit the Etherpad page.  Add your topics at the top, so that we can go through it.
15:34:40 <viveknarasimhan> ok will do
15:35:07 <carl_baldwin> Swami: I have a session called pluggable external network which relates to DVR a bit.
15:35:37 <carl_baldwin> It is aimed partly at addressing the public IP address consumption by compute nodes with DVR.
15:35:59 <Swami> Carl_Baldwin: I saw that your "private_net" for public ip consumption discussion is part of Artems session, but still as I mentioned to you I will mention that to get rid of the public ip address consumption we can use the patch provided by your blueprint.
15:36:25 <carl_baldwin> Sounds good.
15:36:39 <Swami> carl_baldwin: Just mentioned your blueprint.
15:37:00 <carl_baldwin> Cool.
15:37:43 <Swami> Is there any other topics that we wanted to discuss with the broader audience, If so please go ahead and update the Etherpad page.
15:38:42 <viveknarasimhan> I may also discuss the mutliple gateway
15:38:42 <Swami> #topic Open Discussion
15:38:48 <viveknarasimhan> for the same DVR on the same subnet issue
15:39:03 <viveknarasimhan> and propose the way we plan to handle it and get feedback on the same
15:39:21 <viveknarasimhan> if time permits only :)
15:39:55 <Swami> viveknarasimhan: Hopefully you will covering it in the L2 Agent update of the DVR.
15:40:20 <viveknarasimhan> sure
15:40:24 <viveknarasimhan> will cover it there
15:40:49 <Swami> vivek: Thanks as I mentioned go ahead and add the topic discussion to the Etherpad and we can discuss it before the summit. We still have another week.
15:40:59 <viveknarasimhan> will do
15:41:19 <Swami> Any one else have any item for Open discussion with the sub team
15:41:33 <Swami> mrsmith: Do you have any open issues?
15:42:28 <mrsmith> not at this point
15:42:43 <Swami> If there are no other topics to discuss, I would like to end the session.
15:43:11 <Swami> Next week we kind of do a dry run for the Atlanta design summit with our topics.
15:43:29 <Swami> Hope this helps.
15:44:29 <Swami> The DVR WIP code is up for review and we are addressing the reviews.
15:44:33 <Swami> #link https://review.openstack.org/#q,topic:bp/neutron-ovs-dvr,n,z
15:44:52 <Swami> Thanks for your time.
15:44:58 <Swami> See you all next week.
15:45:08 <Swami> #endmeeting