22:07:19 <Swaminathan> #startmeeting Distributed-virtual-router
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22:07:52 <Swaminathan> #info General
22:08:42 <Swaminathan> The current meeting slot timing 22.00 UTC that we have is not comfortable with our sub-team members who are residing in the different time zones.
22:09:17 <Swaminathan> So I will be cancelling meetings in this channel for time slot temporarily.
22:09:42 <Swaminathan> I will let people know when I will be resuming in this channel for this time slot.
22:10:11 <Swaminathan> Meanwhile the meeting will continue on Wednesdays 15.00UTC in the #openstack-meeting-alt channel.
22:10:32 <Swaminathan> #topic DVR-North-South Design
22:11:01 <Swaminathan> I have updated the Google doc with more information on the data model, L3 extension details, API and CLI.
22:11:09 <Swaminathan> Please review it and provide me your feedback.
22:11:21 <Swaminathan> #link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iXMAyVMf42FTahExmGdYNGOBFyeA4e74sAO3pvr_RjA/edit
22:11:47 <Swaminathan> #topic Services
22:12:40 <Swaminathan> I had a discussion with Sumit and Nachi regarding the services. But we could not come to any conclusion on how we can address all services in distributed and centralized mode.
22:13:17 <Swaminathan> So in order to address this issue I have also updated the Google doc with a picture that shows the mixed mode with centralized and distributed routers with services centralized and distributed.
22:13:57 <Swaminathan> Right now it is tied together with an external VM running on Network Node, but somehow we need to eliminate it and move it to the namespace router.
22:17:44 <Swaminathan> So I will see all our sub-team members on Wednesday 15.00UTC in the #openstack-meeting-alt channel.
22:17:46 <Swaminathan> bye
22:17:51 <Swaminathan> #endmeeting