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22:08:15 <Swami> is anyone from the dvr team out there
22:09:02 <EmilienM> hi Swami
22:09:04 <Swami> #info  Last week updated the Google doc for North South with couple of proposal
22:09:05 <Swami> hi
22:09:42 <Swami> If anyone interested please review the proposal.
22:10:09 <Swami> Last week we did not have the Wednesday meeting and this week I will be hosting the Wednesday morning meeting
22:11:12 <Swami> #topic Services
22:12:26 <Swami> Today all services are associated with the router. When we create a router and associate a service, say like VPN, does it need to run on all Compute Nodes when we configure the distributed Router
22:15:15 <Swami> Services should be associated with a Router and also scheduled by agent. So that we can specifically start the services or associate a service on required nodes that are running their agents
22:17:13 <Swami> Some services makes sense to be distributed and some services need to be centralized.
22:17:48 <hemanth> is the assumption that all compute nodes will have connectivity to the external network?
22:17:49 <Swami> Does that mean that we need to add a service extension to say if it is centralized or distributed.
22:18:41 <Swami> hemanth: hi
22:18:50 <hemanth> swami: hi
22:19:13 <Swami> Having north south connectivity for all the compute nodes will include external network on all compute nodes
22:21:45 <hemanth> is that a valid config....this might have already been discussed...i'm catching up
22:23:11 <Swami> no we are currently in the process of designing a Distributed Virtual Router that can support both East West Traffic (Intra tenant traffic) and North South Traffic(Inter Tenant Traffic) by getting rid if the single point of failure Network Node
22:23:45 <Swami> Does it answer your question
22:26:54 <Swami> Add unwanted services to the compute node will also load the compute node unnecessarily
22:28:03 <Swami> Firewall as a service can be distributed, to apply policy on any East-West traffic, but vpn and lb can be centralized.
22:29:44 <s3wong_> Swami: sorry, newbie here. Will part of the dvr reference implementation eliminate the need for L3 agents?
22:30:17 <hemanth> does the current security-groups serve the purpose of distr FWaaS
22:30:36 <Swami> That is exactly what we are trying to identify here.
22:32:14 <Swami> s3wong: If the community is ok running the Dvr and all services on all compute Nodes, then we can eliminate the L3 Agent, but still DVR will provide the L3 Agent functionality since it will be derived from it.
22:32:50 <Swami> hemanth: security-groups may be limited subset of FWaaS.
22:33:05 <s3wong_> Swami: Thanks, that's exactly what I want to know
22:38:03 <Swami> Currently we don't have any plans to distribute the DHCP and it will continue to run on the Network Node.
22:39:48 <garyduan> I think L3 agent is just a way to implement a router, distributed router is a feature to extend L3 agent, not to remove it, right?
22:41:22 <Swami> Yes DVR is an extension to the L3 Plugin, but it may have a different agent then the L3 agent.
22:41:55 <Swami> we don't have any plans to remove the L3 agent.
22:43:54 <Swami> I will check with the Nachi and Summit for the Services to be centralized or distributed
22:50:05 <Swami> thanks for all who attended, I will continue the discussion on Wednesday morning
22:50:12 <Swami> #endmeeting