22:09:11 <Swami> #startmeeting Distributed Virtual Router
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22:09:24 <Swami> Hi safchain
22:09:44 <safchain> Hi Swami
22:10:45 <Swami> #agenda
22:11:15 <EmilienM> hey
22:11:36 <Swami> Distributed Virtual Router use case discussion
22:13:26 <safchain> finally what is the case you want to address, east-west or north-south, both ?
22:14:34 <gongysh> hi
22:15:30 <EmilienM> Swami: still here ?
22:16:57 <gongysh> EmilienM: what about the HA of L3?
22:17:17 <gongysh> have you started?
22:17:25 <haleyb> i'll see if i can ping swami
22:18:07 <safchain> gongysh, Hi, we already have a poc for this feature
22:18:35 <gongysh> safchain: I know, i got your poc code.
22:18:36 <EmilienM> gongysh: safchain: i think all patches will be pushed for I-1 maybe
22:18:56 <Swami1> hi
22:19:03 <gongysh> hi, welcome back
22:19:12 <Swami1> I got disconnected I could not see any of your messages
22:19:14 <matrohon> hi
22:19:17 <Swami1> Loggin back in
22:19:44 <Swami1> did I miss anything
22:19:47 <gongysh> <Swami> #agenda
22:19:47 <gongysh> <EmilienM> hey
22:19:47 <gongysh> <Swami> Distributed Virtual Router use case discussion
22:19:47 <gongysh> * SvenDowideit_ is now known as SvenDowideit
22:19:47 <gongysh> <safchain> finally what is the case you want to address, east-west or north-south, both ?
22:19:48 <gongysh> * vipul-away is now known as vipul
22:20:15 <vipul> yes i am :D
22:20:32 <Swami1> gongysh: I would like to address both the use cases
22:20:43 <Swami1> east-west and north-south
22:22:49 <matrohon> markmclain said earlier that improvment of the reliability is a must have for icehouse
22:23:16 <matrohon> so improving l3-agent HA has to be done quickly
22:23:32 <matrohon> before I2, to deprecate nova-network
22:23:32 <gongysh> Swami1: I am sorry I have not read about your BP's design.
22:24:30 <matrohon> swami, do you plan to address L3-agent HA with DVR?
22:25:14 <Swami> reconnected
22:25:25 <Swami> Have some network issues
22:25:58 <Swami> #topic Meeting Timing
22:26:23 <gongysh> HA is one, but scalability is also an actual problem for deployment. I think the distributed virtual router is mainly for this purpose.
22:26:23 <Swami> Is everyone OK with the meeting timeslot
22:26:59 <gongysh> I am ok for it.
22:27:16 <haleyb> fine with me
22:27:20 <Swami> gongysh: you had a code for the Distributed Virtual Router
22:27:35 <gongysh> not yet. do u have?
22:28:13 <Swami> There were some sub team members who are in a different time zone so I thought that we might either need to have two meetings
22:28:36 <Swami> One early meeting and one late meeting
22:29:05 <gongysh> agreed
22:29:21 <safchain> agreed
22:33:49 <Swami> hi
22:33:56 <safchain> hi
22:34:26 <Swami> Sorry my connection has dropped again
22:35:03 <Swami> Will early morning time slots work for you all
22:36:16 <safchain> Swami, time utc ?
22:39:04 <Swami> around 7.00a.m PDT
22:40:19 <gongysh> time for me is ok after the neutron meeting.
22:41:10 <Swami> Plan is to have two meetings, this timeslot will still be there and we can use the morning slot to accomodate others
22:41:22 <matrohon> 7.00a.m PDT is ok for eurpeans team
22:41:43 <safchain> Swami, +1 for  7.00a.m PDT
22:42:10 <haleyb> so that's 15:00 UTC, which works for me too
22:42:11 <Swami> gongysh: you had a Distributed Virtual Router implementation, does it support East West or North South
22:43:01 <gongysh> Swami: I don't have.
22:43:16 <Swami> safchain: thanks
22:43:54 <Swami> gongysh: Sorry I thought you had one
22:44:07 <safchain> Swami, do you have any design for north-south or do we need to design it ?
22:44:26 <ocp_> what would be covered in 2 meetings, are they different topics?
22:44:50 <Swami> gongysh: would you like to contribute for the DVR and if so what is your priority - East West or North South
22:45:33 <Swami> ocp_: I am planning to have the same agenda on both topics and it also depends on the sub team activities
22:46:06 <Swami> If we have two sub teams working on two different use cases then we can have meeting specific to the use cases
22:46:12 <gongysh> East West if I have to choose.
22:46:17 <Swami> Otherwise we can address the same agenda
22:47:00 <Swami> safchain: For the north-south I don't have one, but we need to design one as a team
22:47:20 <Swami> safchain: Do you have any ideas on the north-south
22:48:12 <safchain> Swami, for the dvr not yet, for HA we have the BP with vrrp/conntrackd
22:48:42 <Swami> safchain: thanks
22:49:09 <haleyb> Swami: we can always push a router namespace down to each compute node
22:49:28 <Swami> haleyb: agreed
22:49:57 <Swami> we need to put together a blueprint or a wiki for the North South
22:51:32 <Swami> by next couple of weeks we need to finalize the blueprint/wiki for the north South
22:52:30 <Swami> I have an idea, I will try to capture it and start the Wiki
22:52:40 <matrohon> we have to keep on eye on agent refactoring work
22:52:53 <matrohon> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/NeutronIcehouseProjectPlan
22:53:01 <Swami> If anyone else have any ideas on the North-South please feel free to capture it in a Wiki or blueprint and then we can refine it.
22:53:07 <matrohon> item number 3
22:54:34 <Swami> matrohon: what is item number 3
22:54:38 <safchain> Swami, wouldn't be better to open gdoc, maybe better to capture, to exchange idea together ?
22:55:14 <matrohon> as i understood during the summit, there is a long term job for remodeling the agent, and to distributed netwok fiunctios at the edge
22:55:30 <Swami> safchain: Yes that would be good
22:55:42 <matrohon> talked about it with nati
22:55:52 <matrohon> and isaku
22:56:22 <matrohon> swami : item number 3 in the etherpad
22:56:36 <Swami> matrohon: I will check the priority for Icehouse with Mark McClain and let you know
22:56:37 <safchain> matrohon, yes do know if there is a BP ?
22:57:02 <matrohon> matrohon : checking
22:57:08 <safchain> matrohon, I don't remember
22:57:53 <matrohon> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/l3-agent-consolication
23:00:13 <Swami> In any case our design for the DVR North South should include feedback from the l3-agent-consolidation team and we can check with them
23:03:00 <matrohon> actually the target for neutren is to have modular agent :
23:03:07 <Swami> Google Doc created for DVR North South Discussion
23:03:09 <matrohon> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ModularAgent
23:03:10 <Swami> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iXMAyVMf42FTahExmGdYNGOBFyeA4e74sAO3pvr_RjA/edit?usp=sharing
23:03:39 <Swami> please include your info in the document and we can discuss next week
23:04:54 <safchain> Swami, it seems that i'm not allowed to edit the gdoc
23:05:08 <Swami> I will make is public
23:05:28 <matrohon> but east-west could be a great first step for DVR
23:05:56 <matrohon> and most of us seems more interested by the use case first
23:06:04 <Swami> safchain: Made it public, go ahead and add your input to the doc and we can review the doc next week.
23:06:08 <matrohon> am I wrong?
23:06:19 <Swami> Meanwhile I will also update the doc on my ideas for the North South
23:06:38 <safchain> Swami, ok thx
23:06:50 <Swami> matrohon: Yes you are right East west is the first priority.
23:07:15 <Swami> But I was also asked to look for sub team members who are interested in the north south
23:07:46 <Swami> There are enough members right now interested in north south and so we are planning to discuss that in parallel
23:08:23 <Swami> So we are running out of time
23:08:35 <matrohon> swami : ok
23:08:36 <safchain> Swami, matrohon agree with that, east-west first, design north-south in parallel
23:09:02 <Swami> Just to recapture what we stated today, work on the north-south design, google doc created
23:09:34 <Swami> Create another meeting slot for people from other timezone to attend, since this would be too late for them
23:10:04 <Swami> if you have any other ideas or questions send me a mail and don't wait for the next meeting
23:10:09 <safchain> Swami, thank you for the new time slot
23:10:23 <matrohon> Swami : thanks
23:10:43 <Swami> Sorry for the network interruption
23:10:44 <Swami> Thank you all
23:10:49 <Swami> #endmeeting