14:59:46 <eglute> #startmeeting defcore
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14:59:57 <eglute> #chair zehicle
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15:00:01 <markvoelker> o/
15:00:02 <catherine_d|1> o/
15:00:09 <eglute> Hello Everyone!
15:00:34 <eglute> #topic agenda
15:00:39 <eglute> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/DefCoreFlag.11
15:00:56 <eglute> please review and add if you think anything is missing
15:01:10 <eglute> hogepodge are you around?
15:01:24 <zehicle> o/
15:01:52 <zehicle> hogepodge, was in PAO yesterday
15:02:24 <eglute> i think hogepodge had added the first agenda item, carry over from last week
15:02:41 <eglute> "Suitability of In Tree Swift Functional Tests"
15:02:58 <zehicle> I have to jump off at :30
15:03:20 <eglute> ok, zehicle do you want to cover any items before you leave
15:03:27 <zehicle> let's hold that till he's online
15:03:36 <eglute> sounds good
15:04:30 <eglute> actially, looks like there are only 4 of us here
15:04:38 <zehicle> roll call?
15:04:45 <eglute> ok, roll call
15:04:49 <eglute> o/
15:04:50 <zehicle> o/
15:04:51 <markvoelker> o/
15:04:57 <catherine_d|1> o/
15:05:11 <eglute> thanks markvoelker and catherine_d|1
15:05:16 <eglute> looks like still only 4
15:05:16 * markvoelker notes that this week is both linuxcon and the operator's midcycle sprint
15:05:37 <zehicle> yy
15:05:40 * eglute thinks is a busy week
15:05:52 <zehicle> we can talk about the Vendor Config patch
15:05:57 <eglute> so, do we want to go over any items, or hold off?
15:06:29 <eglute> i know markvoelker has been doing a lot work with capabilities
15:06:52 <zehicle> yy, is there something that we can move forward or are we still at reviewing stage?
15:07:38 <markvoelker> The network scoring is getting some feedback--if you haven't chimed in yet, more is welcome
15:07:38 <zehicle> sigh, just realized my comments on #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/207209/ did not post until just now
15:07:41 <zehicle> sorry markvoelker
15:07:51 <markvoelker> I'm not sure anyone has reviewed the scoring script yet other than Egle
15:08:08 <markvoelker> (I just found a minor bug which I'll fix as soon as the meeting is over)
15:08:12 <zehicle> I looked at the code and it seems ok.  did not get a chance to run it so did not post a vorte
15:08:35 <eglute> markvoelker i will review/run it again after you fix
15:08:36 <zehicle> I'm happy  to +2 it on visual since it it's not critical path
15:09:09 <zehicle> after the fix, I'll be able to test it and then merge
15:09:10 <markvoelker> cool, thanks folks
15:09:16 <catherine_d|1> I am working the heat capability patch and have questions ...
15:09:24 <eglute> go ahead catherine_d|1
15:09:29 <zehicle> would like to apply pep9000 too it
15:10:07 * zehicle mumbles, over 9000 is that even possible?
15:10:46 <catherine_d|1> 1) all of us are working on the scoring.txt file and we need to constantly rebase ... should we name the file differently like heat-scoring.txt until final stage?
15:11:26 <eglute> hm, that actually sounds like a good idea
15:11:40 <markvoelker> I'm ambivalent on that.  The rebases are trivially easy so it doesn't cost me much.  But it's all working materials so if you want to separate them I think that's probably fine too.
15:11:41 <zehicle> should we take the patch as is
15:11:49 <zehicle> and then allow people to make line changes?
15:11:50 <catherine_d|1> 2) can we update the capability name on the spreadsheet ... some of the capability name on the heat component do not make sense .. if so what is the procedure ...
15:12:09 <zehicle> I was assuming that we'd start from a base file
15:12:20 <zehicle> so that each patch could be targeted as a single item
15:12:34 <eglute> +1 zehicle
15:12:57 <markvoelker> zehicle: that's what we're doing.  There's a blank scoring sheet in the repo already, and currently three patches in review to add to it.
15:13:17 <zehicle> sorry, ok
15:13:24 <markvoelker> I think Catherine's just saying that if my patch lands first, she has to rebase hers
15:13:38 <markvoelker> And if one of Chris's then lands, she has to revbase again
15:13:55 <zehicle> ah, ok.  thanks
15:14:04 <markvoelker> But as I say, the rebases are trivially easy so in practice I don't mind it.
15:14:07 <zehicle> nothing to be done about that
15:14:10 <catherine_d|1> yes we start on a base file but our patch makes change to the same file (scoring.txt) and we do not incldue each other's sfuff ... like the identity does not incldue network but use the same name
15:14:52 <catherine_d|1> so we still use the same file name?
15:15:03 <eglute> how about keeping scoring for different components as sepaarete files?
15:15:23 <eglute> that might be easier to manage going forward
15:15:53 <markvoelker> Again, I'm ambivalent. =)  To me it seems like not a lot of work to keep them all together, but I don't mind if others have strong opinions about separating.
15:15:59 <hogepodge> o/
15:16:11 <catherine_d|1> eglute: yes that is keep individual file at working stage  and then a final patch is to merge the file at the end
15:16:38 <zehicle> to an extent, I think it would be great to have the patches land so we can discuss individual items
15:16:39 <eglute> i am thinking even for final patch keep them separated out
15:17:19 <zehicle> I'm trying to track the discussion on the networking ... is it a meta discussion or specific about individual capabilities
15:17:38 <zehicle> eglute, +1
15:17:51 <markvoelker> zehicle: you mean the discussion in the review?
15:17:54 <zehicle> I'd like to see the working materials accepted
15:17:58 <zehicle> markvoelker, yes
15:18:15 <zehicle> so that discussions could focus on individual caps when possible
15:18:32 <catherine_d|1> zehicle: markvoelker: I think that is the kind of discussion we need for all of the component
15:18:40 <markvoelker> zehicle: a bit of both.  Jean-Daniel raised some points about two of the four "buckets" of capabilties there.
15:18:47 <zehicle> but it looks like the discussion is meta
15:18:58 <zehicle> markvoelker, I'm reading that part now
15:20:46 <zehicle> we'll always have people who are getting used to the process and need to ask questions.
15:21:22 <zehicle> I think I'm in favor of splitting the files and merging them
15:21:33 <zehicle> then having patches for discussion
15:21:47 <eglute> ok
15:22:02 <zehicle> but I'm not ready to fight for that, just me sense of what's easiest/clearest
15:22:36 <catherine_d|1> what is the final decision?  using the same file name or separate?  I can operate either way just need to submit a patch for heat
15:22:37 <zehicle> markvoelker, catherine_d|1 hogepodge you have horses in that race - it's really your call
15:22:45 <eglute> yeah, i think we can change later if it is too complicated/not clear
15:23:15 <zehicle> in the end, all the changes end up in 2015.next anyway
15:23:35 <markvoelker> I think I mildly prefer keeping them together, but like I said: no strong opinion and happy to be flexible if others have strong opinions.
15:23:35 <zehicle> but that won't have the rebase challenges
15:23:39 <markvoelker> I would ask one thing though:
15:24:10 <markvoelker> If we do decide to split them, could we keep the existing network patch as-is?  We have a reasonably good discussion going in that review and I hate to disrupt it with a process change.
15:24:21 <zehicle> markvoelker, +1
15:24:30 <hogepodge> Just use the same name and make it one rebased file. I'm happy with that
15:24:47 <eglute> markvoelker +1
15:24:53 <zehicle> wont git mv keep the history on the file?
15:26:02 <hogepodge> but it's just a convenience, so I don't have too strong an opinion either way
15:27:20 <zehicle> have to go in a min - can we move on to the Vendor Config patch?
15:27:42 <markvoelker> Ok, sort of sounds like no real strong opinions one way or the other, so I'll suggest we just leave it as-is, try it out for a while, and revisit later once we've had some experience working with it.
15:27:54 <markvoelker> zehicle: +1
15:28:03 <zehicle> markvoelker, +1 on leaving it for now.
15:28:14 <eglute> #topic vendor config patch
15:28:16 <zehicle> if someone wants to split it then _just do it_ for your section
15:28:29 <zehicle> no one will be upset
15:28:32 <eglute> :)
15:29:26 <eglute> ok, so require vendors to submit configs
15:29:34 <eglute> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/207209/
15:29:35 <zehicle> for the Vendor Config patch, my goal was to have vendors explain what they are supporting
15:29:52 <zehicle> so more about supported config than tested config
15:30:14 <markvoelker> We actually had a pretty good/healthy discussion about this last week in the meeting I think...
15:30:16 <zehicle> with the assumption that if they support it then the results _should_ be repeatable on their config
15:30:19 <markvoelker> Hmm...
15:30:33 <zehicle> I had a chance to see the review
15:30:38 <zehicle> and discussion
15:30:39 <markvoelker> And now that I think about it, Chris and I had an AI to start an ML thread and I think we both thought the other was going to start it.=)
15:30:55 <zehicle> I think you sent it out there
15:30:57 <hogepodge> oops
15:31:12 <zehicle> must have been on the patch
15:31:49 <eglute> well, do you think it is still worth having ML discussion?
15:31:57 <zehicle> I do think that we need to collect information from the Vendors about what they support
15:32:26 <zehicle> more specifically, about what configuration will reproduce the results they posted
15:32:57 <zehicle> they could choose to post the exact configuration or choose to post something more production class
15:33:01 <markvoelker> zehicle: so I think we talked a bit about that last week too.  To sum it up briefly, I think there's concern that one test result can't realistically show "what they support"...in most cases it shows a very small subset
15:33:05 <zehicle> but there's an element of trust
15:33:22 <markvoelker> And the Marketplace would actually be a much better forum for showcasing requirements
15:33:25 <zehicle> they can submit multiple results
15:33:41 <markvoelker> E.g. in the Marketplace, we can provide a place to link to datasheets, reference architectures, etc.
15:33:47 <zehicle> as long as there's a consistent set of data for comparision
15:33:59 <zehicle> not just the vendor's choice
15:34:17 <markvoelker> zehicle: sure, the Marketplace folks could define a set of things that vendors provide when they want to appear.
15:34:29 <zehicle> agreed
15:34:43 <zehicle> this just gives the Foundation the authority as part of the process to require it
15:34:48 <markvoelker> (I'm not wed to the idea of using the Marketplace for this, BTW, it was just the most viable option that came up last week)
15:34:57 <markvoelker> (If there's a better place, I'm all ears....)
15:35:19 <zehicle> I suspect the marketplace will have a lot of, um, marketing on it
15:35:33 <zehicle> I'd like to have DefCore results be somewhat more generic
15:35:54 <zehicle> that was my thinking when we discussed it face to face
15:35:58 <markvoelker> I'm fine with that, but product requirements aren't really defcore results.
15:36:15 <zehicle> agreed - I was looking for minimum specs to reproduce results
15:37:00 <zehicle> that was the essence of the discussion - we want vendors to explain what customers would need to reproduce
15:37:19 <zehicle> its a bit strange with the hosted services but likely useful information
15:37:51 <markvoelker> zehicle: So maybe we should make the patch say that instead of "The objective is for users to understand the requirements for deployable products and to know the resources available on hosted products."?
15:38:06 <markvoelker> Because those seem like two really different things...
15:38:22 <zehicle> perhaps
15:38:54 <zehicle> If we are loooking for interop, then you likely need to know the background either way
15:39:38 <markvoelker> If this is about establishing interoperability, I'd argue that this is the wrong way to go about collecting data.  If it's about helping people understand how the test run used for certification was done, this might be fine.
15:40:06 * zehicle gtr
15:40:14 <hogepodge> I need to drop off for a bit. I'll try to be back online before the meeting ends.
15:40:27 <eglute> thanks zehicle
15:41:04 <markvoelker> Ok, so should we go ahead and take this to the ML?  I'll take the AI to start that thread if we want to.
15:41:05 <hogepodge> quick word on the topic though, Foundation wants deployment information in some way.
15:41:08 <eglute> so i think we would still benefit from ML discussion, even if it would be to give others a chance to chime in. markvoelker would you start it?
15:41:18 <markvoelker> sure
15:41:39 <markvoelker> Chris: it would be good to know what they want to use that info for....I think we've had more than one potential use for it come up now.
15:41:45 <markvoelker> hogepodge: ^^
15:41:46 <eglute> #action markvoelker hogepodge will start ML discussion regarding vendors submitting config info
15:43:28 <eglute> i am guessing hogepodge walked off for a bit
15:43:49 <eglute> markvoelker and catherine_d|1 do you want to do the refstack updates?
15:44:19 <catherine_d|1> eglute: I still have a question about capability scoring ...
15:44:28 <eglute> ok, go for it
15:44:48 <eglute> #topic capabilities scoring
15:45:15 <catherine_d|1> so what is the procedure if I need to change the capability name (for example heat) ... do i just update the spreadsheet then send the patch?  some of the names do not make sense..
15:45:26 * markvoelker just fixed that bug with the scoring script btw
15:45:46 * eglute thanks markvoelker
15:46:19 <markvoelker> catherine_d|1: I think that's fine.  We already changed the network names anyway (we changed "network-" to "networks-")
15:47:09 <catherine_d|1> ok so I will make the change on the heat section of the spreadsheet before submitting the heat scoring patch ...
15:47:22 <markvoelker> catherine_d|1: sounds good
15:47:42 <eglute> +1
15:48:00 <catherine_d|1> eglute: I am ready for the next topic :-)
15:48:05 <eglute> great!
15:48:41 <eglute> since it is only 3 of us, we can talk more scoring. but i would like to hear about refstack first
15:48:48 <eglute> what do you think?
15:48:52 <catherine_d|1> +1
15:48:55 <eglute> #topic refstack
15:49:27 <eglute> catherine_d|1 did you add that item?
15:49:34 <hogepodge> o/
15:49:47 <eglute> wb hogepodge
15:50:07 <catherine_d|1> hogepodge: what is the personel change in RefStack?
15:50:28 <hogepodge> It's likely Sergei will be reassigned
15:50:28 <eglute> sorry, i assumed it was catherine_d|1
15:50:47 <hogepodge> The mirantis contract for that work ends this week
15:51:01 <catherine_d|1> oh no ...
15:51:18 <catherine_d|1> hogepodge: no way we can continue ...?
15:51:49 <hogepodge> Not from our side
15:52:15 <eglute> was it a contract from foundation side?
15:52:25 <catherine_d|1> that only leave IBM on RefStack development nit very good for a community project ....
15:52:37 <catherine_d|1> nit -> not
15:53:03 <hogepodge> Yes
15:53:04 <catherine_d|1> I really do not want it to be an IBM only project ...
15:53:18 * markvoelker was completely unaware of that contract in the first place
15:53:27 <hogepodge> We can figure out how to get more participation
15:53:27 <eglute> i will send email to Sam and Daryl to see if they will be helping with the project
15:53:46 * eglute was not aware of the contract either
15:54:17 <catherine_d|1> it was a contract starting from Dell ...
15:54:33 <eglute> catherine_d|1 what do you mean?
15:55:44 <catherine_d|1> I think Dell hire developers to work on RefStack  on their behalf
15:55:53 <markvoelker> ok, so regardless of the contract: we need more participation in refstack.  I'll see if I can poke anyone...
15:56:11 <catherine_d|1> markvoelker: +2 ...
15:56:49 <eglute> catherine_d|1 could you send an email to defcore mailing list and maybe QE list asking for people to get more involved?
15:56:57 <eglute> I am asking internally as well
15:57:18 <catherine_d|1> will do ..
15:57:24 <eglute> thank you catherine_d|1
15:57:54 <eglute> #action catherine_d|1 send an email to mailing lists asking for people to help with refstack
15:58:11 <eglute> we have 2 minutes, any last items?
15:58:33 <hogepodge> It's not a foregone conclusion, but a likelihood
15:58:34 <markvoelker> #action everyone go review scoring script and let's merge that sucker
15:58:44 <eglute> markvoelker yes
15:59:28 <eglute> thanks everyone!
15:59:31 <eglute> #endmeeting