15:00:34 <eglute> #startmeeting defcore
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15:00:49 <eglute> #chair zehicle
15:00:50 <openstack> Current chairs: eglute zehicle
15:00:55 <markvoelker> o/
15:01:08 <catherine_d|1> o/
15:01:19 <eglute> Hello everyone, raise your hand if you are attending defcore meeting!
15:01:28 <eglute> #chair zehicle_IRL
15:01:29 <openstack> Current chairs: eglute zehicle zehicle_IRL
15:01:49 <eglute> #topic agenda
15:02:04 <zehicle_IRL> o/
15:02:10 <markvoelker> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/DefCoreFlag.9
15:02:21 <eglute> please review agenda and add/edit as appropriate
15:03:49 <eglute> #topic dinner with the board
15:03:52 <zehicle_IRL> I also added a link to the BoD report that we will send today
15:04:01 <zehicle_IRL> #link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Bx5A9tdaL4mIHXehdfgptqxhH-tzjUP6CZY3IBHyn9I/edit#
15:04:40 <eglute> midcycle attendees are invited to dinner with the foundation board the day before midcycle
15:05:16 <eglute> on July 28th, 5:00-6:30 pm, at Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden http://bangersaustin.com/
15:05:26 <eglute> Following the dinner the local Austin user group folks will join us for an informal happy hour to mingle and toast OpenStack’s 5th Birthday.
15:05:50 <eglute> #topic summit proposals
15:06:20 <eglute> we submitted couple proposals for Tokyo, I think voting should be starting soon, be on the lookout
15:06:33 <eglute> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tokyo-defcore-talks
15:06:39 <zehicle_IRL> +1 thanks for the help in that meeting - I think the sessions turned out well!
15:06:54 <eglute> i think so too! I am looking forward to them
15:07:09 <eglute> hope people vote for them!
15:07:21 <eglute> #topic midcycle
15:08:01 <eglute> MidCycle next week! if you have not entered your name yet on the wiki, please do so: #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/DefCoreFlag.MidCycle
15:08:59 <eglute> do we really have only 4 people attending this current meeting?
15:09:29 <zehicle_IRL> OSCON?
15:09:32 <eglute> cause if so, i am not sure we have enough attendance to continue
15:09:50 <zehicle_IRL> I think that we need to make sure the BoD report has a review
15:10:06 <eglute> that is the next item on the agenda
15:10:12 <markvoelker> eglute: agenda is pretty thin this week and most of what's left is reviews anyway.  I think we can plod forward.
15:10:14 <zehicle_IRL> thanks
15:10:18 <zehicle_IRL> +1
15:10:26 <eglute> #topic board report review
15:10:54 <eglute> #link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Bx5A9tdaL4mIHXehdfgptqxhH-tzjUP6CZY3IBHyn9I/edit?usp=sharing
15:11:23 <eglute> please review- we need your feedback before sending this out
15:12:01 <zehicle_IRL> I'm working on a table to show changes from 2015.05 and 2015.07 due to the subcategories
15:12:16 <zehicle_IRL> I was not planning to detail the schema changes :P
15:12:52 <markvoelker> eglute: zehicle_IRL: in the "hot topics" section, I think a couple of our stated priorities from https://github.com/openstack/defcore/blob/master/doc/source/process/ProcessCycles.rst#objectives-4 are not mentioned
15:13:08 <markvoelker> Might be good to highlight that we made progress on documenting the test flagging process
15:13:23 <zehicle_IRL> reviewing, thanks
15:13:31 <eglute> markvoelker thanks, will review
15:13:36 <eglute> this is why need your help :)
15:14:53 <eglute> also, under executive summary we have this:
15:14:55 <eglute> It will ultimately come back to the Board to either tighten requirements to improve operability or adapt DefCore to allow incompatible implementations of OpenStack to be certified as interoperable.
15:14:59 <eglute> what do you think?
15:15:11 <catherine_d|1> I will double check the new capability names in the 2015.07 section ..
15:15:19 <eglute> thank you catherine_d|1
15:16:10 <eglute> markvoelker yes, the flagging process needs to be  added
15:18:08 <zehicle_IRL> thank catherine_d|1
15:18:24 <zehicle_IRL> I'm seeing compute-flavors as a hanging chad
15:18:53 * eglute wonders what chad is
15:19:31 * eglute looks up chad: a piece of waste material removed from card or tape by punching.
15:20:14 <eglute> zehicle_IRL what do you propose for compute-flavors then
15:20:41 <markvoelker> eglute: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chad_(paper)#History < a remnant of a presidential election 15 years ago
15:21:08 <SamD> you beat me to the wiki link! :-D
15:21:11 <eglute> hah
15:21:24 <eglute> hello SamD!
15:22:29 <hogepodge> o/
15:22:32 <zehicle_IRL> eglute, I'm trying to figure that out
15:22:40 <eglute> we are reviewing board report right now, 	 #link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Bx5A9tdaL4mIHXehdfgptqxhH-tzjUP6CZY3IBHyn9I/edit?usp=sharing
15:22:45 <eglute> hello hogepodge!
15:23:11 <zehicle_IRL> hogepodge, do you know how compute-flavors was changed in the new capabilities?
15:23:20 <zehicle_IRL> that's the only one I cannot figure out how to remap
15:23:58 <zehicle_IRL> nm, I think it because compute-servers-list
15:24:03 <zehicle_IRL> please verify
15:24:07 <hogepodge> zehicle_IRL: I'll check
15:24:09 <catherine_d|1> zehicle_IRL: eglute: just want to confirm that the capabilities listed in 2015.07 are the new capabilities names for the current must-pass tests ...?
15:24:37 <eglute> catherine_d|1 they should be, but please check
15:24:53 <catherine_d|1> yes
15:27:10 <zehicle_IRL> I think we're in good shape now :)
15:27:21 <zehicle_IRL> thanks everyone for help on BoD Report review
15:27:56 <hogepodge> zehicle_IRL: afaik compute-flavors never had any tests
15:28:23 <catherine_d|1> zehicle_IRL: eglute: give me until this afternoon for checking the new capability names for all current must-pass tests
15:28:29 <zehicle_IRL> OMG - you are right
15:28:31 <eglute> catherine_d|1: thans!
15:28:36 <eglute> yes, will wait
15:28:42 <hogepodge> zehicle_IRL: so we should leave the capability and try to write some, imo
15:28:48 <zehicle_IRL> it looks like we've fixed that problem then
15:28:50 <eglute> also, we need your help reviewing this: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/203474/
15:29:04 <catherine_d|1> hogepodge:the compute-flaover tests were in compute-servers
15:29:06 <zehicle_IRL> there are flavor tests in the compute-servers-list capability
15:29:14 <eglute> #topic 2015.7 guidelines
15:29:15 <catherine_d|1> based on havana mapping
15:29:16 <zehicle_IRL> I think we are OK
15:29:27 <zehicle_IRL> this is exactly why we wanted the cleanup
15:29:31 <catherine_d|1> wewill  fix it this time
15:29:36 <eglute> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/203474/
15:29:46 <zehicle_IRL> eglute, +1 on topic
15:29:49 <hogepodge> catherine_d|1: whats the fix?
15:30:17 <zehicle_IRL> I'll need to reconcile that with RST link patch (#link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/202833/) if that merges
15:30:26 <catherine_d|1> move the flavor test out ... what I will do in double check of the name staring from testid ...
15:31:03 <eglute> zehicle_IRL what do we need to get that merged? markvoelker?
15:31:21 <zehicle_IRL> I think https://review.openstack.org/#/c/202833/ is ready to go
15:31:35 <zehicle_IRL> then I'll just remove that part from the 2015.07 patch
15:31:49 * markvoelker looks
15:32:04 * eglute waits for markvoelker +1
15:32:31 <zehicle_IRL> I had to add some omitted project fields to the original guideline
15:32:45 <zehicle_IRL> the generator flagged that we'd missed them i those cases
15:33:08 <markvoelker> Oh that one...I left some comments on it this morning. Wasn't sure if the project fields you added were accidental or not...if not I'd have expected to see them added in the other Guidelines that were missing them too?
15:33:23 <zehicle_IRL> they were in the others
15:33:31 <zehicle_IRL> not sure why we missed those
15:33:33 <markvoelker> No they weren't. =)  See comment in https://review.openstack.org/#/c/202833/4/2015.03.json
15:33:47 <zehicle_IRL> oh - I wonder why the generator did not object then
15:33:53 <markvoelker> They were missing in at least 2015.04 too....
15:34:02 <zehicle_IRL> ok
15:34:02 <markvoelker> Don't think I checked past that
15:34:25 <zehicle_IRL> ok, I'll can fix for other guidelines.
15:35:37 <markvoelker> zehicle_IRL: Ok.  Out of curiosity, why the change to the generator (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/202833/4/tools/jsonToRst.py)?
15:36:18 <zehicle_IRL> checking
15:36:51 <zehicle_IRL> the 2015.next did not have "name" as a field and it was breaking
15:37:10 <zehicle_IRL> we never gave the capabilities "friendly" names
15:37:24 <zehicle_IRL> and in recent experience, doing so would actually be harmful
15:37:33 <zehicle_IRL> so, removed the code that looked up name
15:37:53 <zehicle_IRL> also removed the caps code for the same reason
15:38:12 <zehicle_IRL> markvoelker, that answer your question>
15:38:13 <zehicle_IRL> ?
15:39:25 <markvoelker> I think so.  Did we break schema in .next then though?
15:39:54 <markvoelker> That would be ok since it's bumped to schema 1.3 anyway, but thought we'd had it backward-compatible.  Oh well. =)
15:40:37 <zehicle_IRL> .next change to 1.3 and hogepodge used a generator to update it
15:41:09 <zehicle_IRL> the generator was hiding the missed field - my changed exposed that
15:41:19 <hogepodge> markvoelker: zehicle_IRL: want me to work up a patch to fix it?
15:41:44 <zehicle_IRL> I've got it
15:41:48 <hogepodge> zehicle_IRL: ok
15:42:48 <eglute> we still have a few other patches to review
15:43:07 <zehicle_IRL> patch updated
15:43:23 * eglute looking
15:44:58 <markvoelker> zehicle_IRL: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/202833/5/2015.05.json < "volume" capability is "project":"glance"?
15:45:13 <zehicle_IRL> does everyone think we can get reviews (+1s) on the 2015.07 patch today?
15:45:29 <zehicle_IRL> -1s too if you have them!
15:45:57 <zehicle_IRL> goal is to have this wrapped for BoD review.  we don't want to go into the meeting w/ issues
15:45:59 <hogepodge> zehicle_IRL: yes, I can squeeze it in between other things happening today. I have some time before 11 am
15:46:08 * markvoelker notes that gerrit is a little flaky today, possibly due to the zuul trouble this morning
15:46:54 <eglute> markvoelker good catch on glance/volume
15:47:05 <markvoelker> I'll continue to review (as much as gerrit lets me)
15:47:51 <markvoelker> I glanced through a couple of others this morning.  zehicle_IRL: I think this one can be abandoned: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/200939/
15:47:55 <eglute> also please review #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/203475/
15:47:58 <markvoelker> The rule it adds is already present
15:48:07 <markvoelker> (see comment in gerrit)
15:49:05 <zehicle_IRL> strange - that an error
15:49:19 <zehicle_IRL> the original rule was above we we could remove flags
15:49:52 <zehicle_IRL> the original rule in the patch
15:50:41 * markvoelker would look if he could be gerrit is throwing Server Unavailable errors at the moment
15:50:49 <zehicle_IRL> :(
15:50:57 <zehicle_IRL> I'll check and see what happened
15:51:13 <zehicle_IRL> the intent of that patch was to make sure we did not remove a flag that we'd granted
15:51:29 <eglute> i looked at that yesterday, it needs patch anyways, at least in numbering
15:51:30 <zehicle_IRL> because it would be unfair
15:51:41 <eglute> +1
15:51:48 <zehicle_IRL> I likely goofed on the cut and paste
15:52:35 <hogepodge> zehicle_IRL: +1
15:53:42 <zehicle_IRL> markvoelker, thanks.  fixed volume to "cinder"
15:54:04 <zehicle_IRL> that capability is removed w/ no tests.  so the generator ignores it.
15:54:41 <eglute> I have to leave early today, zehicle_IRL will you finish up the meeting?
15:54:57 <markvoelker> I thnk we can just end now and take discussion back to #openstack-defcore.
15:55:01 <zehicle_IRL> please add me to the meeting moderators
15:55:04 <zehicle_IRL> so I can close it
15:55:10 <eglute> #chair zehicle_IRL
15:55:10 <openstack> Current chairs: eglute zehicle zehicle_IRL
15:55:21 <zehicle_IRL> thanks eglute
15:56:21 <zehicle_IRL> #topic general topics?
15:56:38 <zehicle_IRL> any other items to bring up?
15:56:55 <zehicle_IRL> I''m looking forward to seeing most of you next week
15:57:23 <zehicle_IRL> #action rob to make a dinner reservation for Wed.
15:57:48 <zehicle_IRL> last call....
15:57:53 * markvoelker will miss beers w/the Board on account of having made travel plans before the invite and not arriving until 9ish
15:58:00 <hogepodge> zehicle_IRL: most of us? ;-)
15:58:10 <zehicle_IRL> hogepodge, read it how you want
15:58:15 <hogepodge> :-D
15:58:48 <hogepodge> refstack demo at board meeting
15:58:57 * zehicle_IRL mostly looking forward to meeting
15:59:12 <hogepodge> catherine_d|1: is setting that up
15:59:30 <zehicle_IRL> hogepodge, did you get that on the agenda as a stand a long item or should I include it in our report?
15:59:52 <hogepodge> I thought it was part of defcore report
16:00:01 <hogepodge> let's coordinate and make sure we have time
16:00:02 <zehicle_IRL> cool, I'll make sure it's there
16:00:10 <zehicle_IRL> I think we are OK on time
16:00:11 <hogepodge> catherine_d|1: ^^
16:00:47 <jmccarthy> o/
16:00:58 <catherine_d|1> hogepodge: we should meet to go through the flow of the demo before that ..
16:01:33 <zehicle_IRL> #endmeeting