15:01:45 <eglute> #startmeeting DefCore
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15:02:53 <markvoelker> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/DefCoreFlag.4 Etherpad for today
15:03:01 <eglute> Hello Everyone! thanks for joining. We are taking attendance by raising hands o/, so please do so if you have not done so yet
15:04:21 <eglute> thank you markvoelker for sending out the link to the etherpad.
15:04:30 * markvoelker tips hat
15:04:45 <VanL> Hello all.
15:04:47 <eglute> #topic mid-cycle meeting
15:05:10 <eglute> thank you everyone that had voted on the doodle poll.
15:05:13 <eglute> #link http://doodle.com/karnnaxfrefumneb
15:05:47 <eglute> i made a mistake in the austin dates, off by one day. if you voted for austin, does that make a difference?
15:05:48 <markvoelker> Anyone here who hasn't answered the poll that would like to real quick before we discuss?
15:05:58 <markvoelker> eglute: not for me
15:06:27 <VanL> Just doodled
15:07:06 * markvoelker hums Final Jeopardy music
15:07:21 <hogepodge> eglute: I'm going to be in Austin for those days, so I would just need to extend my stay there
15:07:28 <kbaikov> eglute: no ## Attendees: in etherpad?
15:07:33 <eglute> based on the poll, looks like Austin right after the board meeting will be the time/place. we will work on finalize the details
15:07:33 <hogepodge> But would have to do that anyway.
15:07:41 <markvoelker> kbaikov: we've started doing that via IRC logs
15:07:46 <eglute> kbaikov meeting bot takes attendance for us
15:07:53 <kbaikov> got it
15:08:02 <eglute> that is why everyone o/ raises hands :)
15:08:05 <eglute> or speaks.
15:08:19 <markvoelker> So, looks like Austin is polling pretty strongly...
15:08:33 <eglute> yes it is. markvoelker do you think you would be able to make it?
15:08:57 <markvoelker> I will need to see if I can shuffle a few things, but I'm optimistic
15:09:39 <eglute> excellent. anyone else that might have good reasons for not holding midcycle in austin that week?
15:09:49 <barrett1> o/
15:10:17 <markvoelker> eglute: none from me.  What was the actual hosting venue for Austin?  Foundation HQ again?
15:10:25 <eglute> if not, i will work on finalizing details/invite so that people can plan travel
15:11:10 <eglute> markvoelker we are still working on that. Rackspace Austin office is one of the options. i will ask foundation about hosting at their HQ, unless people have other ideas
15:11:18 <zehicle_irl> was thinking IBM may host too
15:11:42 <markvoelker> ok, cool.  Will await further details and start shuffling.
15:11:52 <hogepodge> I'm letting foundation staff know that we're going to be in town, and I'll let you know if we have space.
15:12:12 <hogepodge> Depending on how many people are coming it may get cramped.
15:12:17 <eglute> that would work as well. i am confident we will find the place, and in the mean time, i will send out "hold the date" invite for travel planning purposes
15:12:53 <eglute> #action eglute send out hold the date invite for DefCore Mid-Cycle in Austin, TX week of July 28th
15:13:28 <eglute> #topic capabilities subdivision into v1.3
15:14:06 <eglute> VanL hogepodge have you had a chance to work on capabilities subdivision?
15:14:17 <hogepodge> eglute: I have not.
15:16:04 <markvoelker> hogepodge: vanl: do you need help from the rest of us, or just been busy?
15:16:25 <VanL> I've been traveling, sorry
15:16:30 * markvoelker totally understands being busy
15:16:30 <hogepodge> markvoelker: mostly busy, but can turn my attentions back to it.
15:16:38 <VanL> I was on the other side of the clock and massively jetlagged :(
15:17:04 <eglute> I know Catherine worked on the capabilities as well, has she been attending the IRC meetings?
15:17:05 <markvoelker> No worries, we have some breathing room yet according to the timeline (see bottom of etherpad).  Just wanted to see if you needed assistance
15:17:23 <VanL> So we have a proposal (in the googlesheet) that we worked on that has the mapping from tests to new capabilities
15:18:04 <VanL> That has not been properly entered into a updated json, due to difficulties making sure that all the details are just right.
15:18:13 <eglute> VanL hogepodge agree with markvoelker, let us know if you need help. also, dwalleck offered to help as well, i can connect you if you would like
15:18:37 <hogepodge> VanL: eglute: markvoelker: I'll start on, and try to finish it, today.
15:18:49 <eglute> thank you hogepodge VanL
15:18:55 <VanL> Has anyone looked at the reformulated capabilities?
15:19:13 <VanL> Are there any concerns?
15:19:15 <markvoelker> VanL: I've perused them a bit
15:19:18 <markvoelker> No major concerns
15:19:29 <eglute> #action hogepodge VanL will work on subdividing the capabilities
15:19:31 <markvoelker> It appears to be a much nicer breakdown than we had in the past.
15:19:38 <eglute> agreed!
15:19:59 <zehicle_irl> VanL, no, they look good to me
15:20:06 <zehicle_irl> we've got some patches that will need to be rebased
15:20:06 <markvoelker> Hmm, we should link to that sheet again....let me dig up the URL
15:20:14 <zehicle_irl> but that's not an issue
15:20:24 <VanL> Ok, in which case is the next step getting that accurately reflected in a json doc patch?
15:20:26 <markvoelker> #link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15Fkt2n95WPPe7CYH-0WIKz3dhMeW3FW2gl5aSlamEeY/edit#gid=561264013 capabilities breakout
15:20:33 <VanL> Not actually subdividing
15:20:50 <VanL> It would be reflecting that subdivision in our official docs.
15:20:53 <VanL> Is that right?
15:21:12 <hogepodge> VanL: It would be transforming the next document to match the google docs reclassification
15:21:22 <VanL> Right.
15:21:37 * rockyg is now present
15:21:37 <VanL> I was referring to #action hogepodge VanL will work on subdividing the capabilities
15:22:05 <VanL> Should that be: #action hogepodge VanL will work on creating a patch for the json reflecting subdivided capabilities
15:22:47 <hogepodge> #info merging that patch will put the flag patches into conflict, but I'll maintain those as the repository is changed
15:23:05 <eglute> thank you hogepodge
15:23:20 <markvoelker> hogepodge: is it reasonable to think the majority of those flag patches could land first?  Seems like a lot of them are close.
15:24:01 <eglute> we could review the patches now, if that would help
15:24:34 <hogepodge> markvoelker: I think a bunch can, I'd like to see them reviewed by the community, and some are just waiting on the process updates
15:24:47 <hogepodge> markvoelker: esp the tests being removed.
15:25:07 <zehicle_irl> did we reach a good place w/ flag rules?
15:25:27 <markvoelker> hogepodge: got it.  Either way should be pretty simple to maintain those, so no real need to worry about the order I suppose.
15:25:29 <zehicle_irl> given that we can add new rules when we find reasons
15:26:09 <markvoelker> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/188661/ Current discussion on flag rules
15:26:35 <eglute> I am ok with that
15:26:54 <eglute> #topic review hacking file
15:27:51 <purp> I really need to take a pass on 188661. I'll do that now.
15:27:59 <markvoelker> So, that makes at least two folks that would like the list to be non-exhaustive.  Anyone else have strong opinions?
15:28:18 <zehicle_irl> if the security item the primary question?
15:28:20 <eglute> anyone else had a chance to take a look at  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/188661/
15:28:50 <markvoelker> I'd be happy to update the wording on line 61 per my last comment on the patch if nobody feels differently.
15:28:54 <auld> non-exhaustive +1
15:28:58 <zehicle_irl> I'm OK if we hold on it and add it when needed
15:29:14 <hogepodge> exhaustive with room for updates so that expectations are clear but not inflexible?
15:29:26 <VanL> non-exhastive +1
15:29:33 <hogepodge> So if the reason is not on the list, update the process then update the flag?
15:29:35 <VanL> *non-exhaustive
15:30:18 <purp> hogepodge that's exactly my concern.
15:30:29 <zehicle_irl> we'd need people to add a new flag if they come up with a new reason
15:30:37 <purp> I think we need a "misc" category to avoid burying newly identified distinctions in existing categorie/facets.
15:31:02 * markvoelker pushes updated wording on line 61 to make this non-exhaustive
15:31:17 <markvoelker> See patchset 6 please.
15:31:29 <purp> I believe we expect that someone who wants a flag to name which valid reason they're citing, yes?
15:31:47 <zehicle_irl> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/188661/5..6/HACKING.rst
15:31:56 <markvoelker> purp: yes, per rule D307
15:32:11 <zehicle_irl> that does not link up w/ my understanding
15:32:14 <purp> Okay, then the behavior would seem to work out like so:
15:32:23 <zehicle_irl> I thought we were trying to keep flags limited to reasons identified
15:32:50 <purp> 1. Find flaggable thing, 2. Search valid reasons, 3. Pick one that's closest since it's required and I want to get this done.
15:33:02 <markvoelker> zehicle_irl: err...wait, I thought you just said you wanted the list to be non-exhaustive and for us to be able to add to it?
15:33:06 <zehicle_irl> purp, what if it does not match?
15:33:15 <eglute> zehicle_irl i think in this case we risk missing good reasons
15:33:19 <zehicle_irl> sorry, not being clear
15:33:26 <purp> If it doesn't, then I have a much harder task to submit a flaggable thing.
15:33:36 <zehicle_irl> I expected that the list of flag reasons would be the exhaustive list
15:33:44 <purp> I have to reach out to #defcore, get them/us to agree, make a new category, then submit the flag.
15:33:48 <hogepodge> purp: that's part of the point. New reasons needs to be reviewed.
15:33:56 <zehicle_irl> if someone has a reason that's not covered, we'd have to add it
15:34:19 <zehicle_irl> the original text was correct IMHO
15:34:26 <purp> hogepodge: totally agree. Would prefer a "misc" category which requires us to validate, categorize into an existing category, or make a new one.
15:34:35 <rockyg> zehicle_irl: ++
15:34:40 <purp> Many will fail validation (as now)
15:34:48 <VanL> purp +1
15:35:00 <zehicle_irl> I'm worried that a "misc" flag just puts us back where we were
15:35:06 <purp> Some will be validly in an existing category, but linguistic barriers made it hard for submitter to understand where.
15:35:28 <purp> Very few might coalesce around a real, new category.
15:35:39 <zehicle_irl> but then we'd have to go back and fix the flags
15:35:53 <zehicle_irl> would rather have that discussion up front
15:36:07 <purp> zehicle_irl: if they submit to misc, there's extra delay and process. Makes a counter=incentive to the "just put it all there and let #defcore sort it out"
15:36:09 <zehicle_irl> could create some delays, but it makes the decisions pretty clean
15:36:24 <purp> Or vice versa: falgs properly categorized get fast attention.
15:36:24 <zehicle_irl> we have an example of a new flag need and then have a concrete discussion about it
15:36:42 <zehicle_irl> in that case, we'd want to reference the D### info in the flag details in JSON
15:36:55 <hogepodge> purp: I'm worried misc would be a dumping ground and a way to admit things without proper review
15:36:57 <markvoelker> I'm not tremendously worried about someone requesting a flag that only fits dubiously into an existing category actually...
15:37:03 <hogepodge> purp: especially at the last minute
15:37:06 <markvoelker> I think we as reviewers would catch that during review.
15:37:23 <zehicle_irl> if the flag is logical, adding it would be easy
15:37:30 <purp> hogepodge: I'd be comfortable saying that "misc" flags are never issued; they have to move to a category.
15:37:32 <zehicle_irl> if the flag is not then we'd need discussion.
15:37:39 <markvoelker> And decide either "yes, this fits an existing reason" or "crap, we never thought of that, let's get a new reason added pronto"
15:37:41 <purp> Makes the submission easy, and puts the burden in the review process as should be
15:38:02 <zehicle_irl> I'd be OK if we put "pending" instead of "misc"
15:38:26 <zehicle_irl> so that's like the old D999 pixie dust - you can use that for a patch but we won't merge it
15:38:32 <purp> I guess where it lies for me is that I want people to *submit* things they believe need to be flagged for examination; that's data which we learn from. I don't want to make *approval* easier.
15:38:43 <rockyg> zehicle_irl ++
15:38:44 <purp> +1 pending
15:38:49 <eglute> pending is good. i think we will have "crap we never thought of that category"
15:39:10 <purp> (and +1 pixie dust. I used to work for Disney)
15:39:27 <markvoelker> purp: So what about this...
15:39:32 <eglute> i was sad to see pixie dust be removed.
15:39:38 * rockyg sneezes
15:39:47 <purp> Bless you, rockyg
15:39:55 * purp listens to markvoelker
15:39:59 * zehicle_irl buys some glitter
15:40:07 <markvoelker> purp: Rather than adding a "misc" or "pending" category, what if we ammended the wording on line 61 again such that we basically say
15:40:52 <markvoelker> If you think something needs to be flagged and it doesn't meet the criteria below, please submit your flag request anyway and DefCore will consider whether or not the rationale is reasonable so we can add a corresponding rule
15:41:19 <markvoelker> (that is terrible wording that I wouldn't actually put in the file....but you get the picture)
15:41:29 <purp> markvoelker: I have this urge to have a real reason so a flag request can be validated as requiring one.
15:41:30 <markvoelker> That way we don't have "dumping ground" category
15:41:40 <zehicle_irl> I liked purp 's suggestion to have a rule for that
15:41:53 <purp> markvoelker: and I respect that we don't want a dumping ground. Did we feel like we had one pre-categorization/
15:41:54 <zehicle_irl> the placeholder / pending discussion
15:41:55 <purp> ?
15:41:58 <markvoelker> But we do have a way for people to say "this is a valid reason for not requiring a test, please consider it"
15:42:28 <zehicle_irl> especially because it lets us get the request on record
15:43:00 <markvoelker> Perhaps I'm not seeing what the "pending/placeholder" rule you're suggesting would actually look like....
15:43:05 <markvoelker> What would it actually say?
15:43:28 <rockyg> Actually, I think this would be a stronger argument in that someone would need to submit the reason, with the example test.  They would either show a strong corelation or not
15:43:43 <markvoelker> [D405] ________ [fill in the blank]
15:43:44 <eglute> ok, so everyone agrees that we dont want a dumping ground. I like markvoelker proposal
15:44:02 <purp> [D999] Insufficient Pixie Dust. Flag reason doesn't fit existing categories; suggest new category. Will be subject to lengthy review.
15:44:21 <zehicle_irl> D999 placeholder flag pending discussion.  Use this flag if none of the above fit.
15:44:27 <rockyg> so, test sky is green needs to be flagged because new rule: sky where this stuff runs is always blue
15:44:39 <purp> I'm going to have to practice typing to keep up with this crowd.
15:44:41 <eglute> purp that is not bad. I think that any new category proposed will be discussed at this meeting
15:44:49 <purp> Usually it's just my stupidity in the way.
15:45:29 <markvoelker> OK, I see where you're going.  I can live with that.
15:45:33 <zehicle_irl> purp - could you make the hacking file changes to describe this process
15:45:34 <zehicle_irl> ?
15:45:42 * rockyg typing is too slow for group plus too sleepy for group
15:46:02 * eglute gives rockyg huge cup of coffee
15:46:02 <purp> #action purp to make hacking file changes to re-add D999 and require D### in all flag submissions
15:46:11 <zehicle_irl> I'd like to also make sure that the D### are referenced in the flag (and maybe into the JSON too?)
15:46:11 <purp> That covers it?
15:46:18 <zehicle_irl> +1
15:46:37 <purp> Coolio. We'll look at JSON file after we rip my patch to shreds.
15:46:48 <markvoelker> zehicle_irl: hrm.  You mean reference DXXX in the flag field added to the .json file?
15:46:51 * zehicle_irl happy that we have a way to close flags for now
15:47:06 <zehicle_irl> markvoelker, I think it may be worthwhile
15:47:12 <zehicle_irl> could just be in the comment field
15:47:19 <zehicle_irl> or we could call it out as a new field in the schema
15:47:31 <zehicle_irl> since there are no flags, it would not be a schema impact to add it now
15:47:31 <eglute> zehicle_irl i think i like comment idea
15:47:54 <zehicle_irl> if we added a field to the JSON then we'd be certain that it was included
15:48:02 <markvoelker> I'll have to ponder that a bit.  These rules have been pretty fluid so not sure it'll be very exact in practice (at least for now).
15:48:11 * zehicle_irl not overly committed to that course
15:48:18 <purp> In JSON schemas, I'm a big fan of having either a parseable comment field for key-value pairs, then moving the good ones into the schema; or having a "blind data" field for the same thing.
15:48:29 <markvoelker> E.g. if you add a JSON field, you also have to specify the SHA of the HACKIGN file at the time and OMG red tape
15:48:49 * eglute does not like red tape
15:48:51 <purp> markvoelker: exactly. Schema changes are expensive, and should be.
15:48:59 <zehicle_irl> markvoelker, oh, dear.  no
15:49:38 <markvoelker> Ok, I think we have a reasonable AI here and can continue to discuss in purp's revision of the patch
15:49:44 <markvoelker> We have 10m, so let's move on?
15:49:49 <eglute> agreed
15:49:50 <purp> markvoelker: +1
15:49:56 <zehicle_irl> +1 - good discussion
15:50:14 <eglute> #topic strategic test planning
15:50:17 <purp> (other possible misc: change D404 - Reason Not Found.)
15:50:21 <purp> (sorry =)
15:50:28 <eglute> purp i like that
15:50:32 * zehicle_irl bows before purp 's geekness
15:50:38 <eglute> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/defcore-committee/2015-June/000818.html
15:50:44 * purp blushes
15:50:51 <hogepodge> I sent a mailing out to the list.
15:50:58 <purp> I miss the old "Yahoo" add at Pacbell center field. It was 404 feet deep.
15:51:02 <zehicle_irl> I will not accept the patch unless the pending rule is 404
15:51:14 <hogepodge> Essentially we have implicit requirements for resources that need to be available for tests.
15:51:20 <eglute> ^^ link to hogepodge email
15:51:51 <hogepodge> I'd like us to start making those requirements explicit so it can give a technical requirement as to what should be considered as required by our criteria.
15:52:07 <eglute> +1 on explicit requirements
15:52:36 <zehicle_irl> hogepodge, are you seeing issues with this in the vendor space?
15:52:36 <hogepodge> Also buried in there is the idea that mapping APIs to capabilities would be useful for developers who want to write portable apps on OpenStack.
15:52:37 <markvoelker> hogepodge: So I guess I have two main thoughts on that.  First: how well aligned is Tempest to that today and how willing is QA to refactor tests to get them in compliance?
15:52:54 <zehicle_irl> hogepodge, +1 on caps being generally useful
15:53:24 <hogepodge> markvoelker: Tempest does a good job of abstracting away resources so you can tell when  test needs something
15:53:41 <eglute> johnthetubaguy what is your opinion on explicit requirements for resources
15:54:06 <hogepodge> I think some in QA are on board (with one notable exception, who thinks all tests are interop ready by default)
15:54:14 <johnthetubaguy> eglute: so I like the idea, I just not sure what it would look like right now
15:54:15 <rockyg> markvoelker: what Hogpodge said, but beyond that, the tempest folks need educating on separability of functionality in tests
15:54:40 <markvoelker> hogepodge: so you're saying there actually wouldn't be many tests that need refactoring in order to meet this bar?
15:54:53 <hogepodge> I think the onus to work on identifying or writing new tests would be on "us" ("us" being those interested in interop)
15:55:05 <rockyg> what hogpodge said
15:55:23 <hogepodge> markvoelker: We don't have many tests to begin with. 127, and I think many are fine.
15:55:23 <johnthetubaguy> hogepodge: so I think identifying what users need but is not tested yet, is a great way to move foward
15:55:34 <markvoelker> hogepodge: that's partly my concern.  How many people here have contributed to Tempest regularly in the past?
15:55:40 <hogepodge> yes, also checking api coverage.
15:55:51 <markvoelker> E.g. is it realistic for us to take this on?
15:55:55 <hogepodge> markvoelker: me.
15:55:57 <markvoelker> We're a pretty small group....
15:55:59 <rockyg> but, with api tests shifting eventually to projects, these tests could be low hanging fruit for new contributors
15:56:23 <markvoelker> I'm sort of thinking we'd need QA's buy-in on the refactoring at the very least, and their help actually writing the code at worst.
15:56:26 <hogepodge> markvoelker: It would be a long term project, likely a year. I have resources this summer to devote to it.
15:56:38 <markvoelker> hogepodge: cool
15:56:51 <markvoelker> And what about in-tree tests in the projects (Swift comes to mind)
15:56:54 <markvoelker> ?
15:56:55 <hogepodge> One important thing is that we don't break what's already there, and if it's overwhelming we're not stuck.
15:57:13 <johnthetubaguy> hogepodge: rather than required resources, do we really want a list of "use cases" that need all the steps testing?
15:57:17 <hogepodge> We're going to run out of time for another topic too, which I'll just throw out there.
15:57:29 <rockyg> markvoelker: notmy name is working with QA on the swift stuff
15:57:32 <eglute> 3 minute warning. we can move the discussion to the #openstack-defcore if people have the time
15:58:12 <johnthetubaguy> Nova has some plans around "feature classification" that touch on this tempest test coverage topic
15:58:16 <hogepodge> I brought up the nova/glance(v1/v2) flags in the cross project meeting yesterday. Hoping a spec will land for L1 to add v2 support to the nova image api
15:58:35 <markvoelker> rockyg: yes, but what I'm getting at is: is the swift team onboard with maxmimum resource spec?  And for that matter, all the other projects?  If we try to refactor their tests to meet this, will they accept the patches?
15:58:38 <johnthetubaguy> hogepodge: so I don't think Nova support the v2 image API should block progress here
15:58:47 <johnthetubaguy> hogepodge: there are much bigger issues that need addressing
15:58:59 <johnthetubaguy> at least I think we need to drill down to whats required here
15:59:20 <markvoelker> I guess what I'm getting at here is that I like the idea being proposed here, but I think it needs pretty broad visibility in order to be effective.
15:59:31 <hogepodge> please comment on my mailing list post regarding the proposal. It's there to spark discussion and I expect it to be critically reviewed
15:59:39 <johnthetubaguy> hogepodge: we need a single API to upload, download and list images in an OpenStack deployment, thats just not a thing right now, and there is no way to discover it right now
15:59:51 <johnthetubaguy> hogepodge: I have been unable to find your ML post, what was the subject?
15:59:55 <markvoelker> hogepodge: +1, but I'd suggest it also hit the -dev mailer
15:59:58 <rockyg> So, I think the way to get a new test/test fixed is to write the test case as a doc (reason for test, steps), get it approved, then implement in line
15:59:59 <hogepodge> It's in the defcore list
16:00:01 <eglute> we are out of time- if you can continue discussion, lets move it defcore irc.
16:00:04 <johnthetubaguy> ...oh
16:00:07 <johnthetubaguy> not sure I am on that list
16:00:28 * markvoelker sees johnthetubaguy's last words as good reason for this to go to -dev too
16:00:35 <markvoelker> johnthetubaguy: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/defcore-committee/2015-June/000818.html
16:00:38 <rockyg> johnthetubaguy,probably not....yet :-)
16:00:41 <johnthetubaguy> well, I am on the list, but its at the bottom of my list of things to read
16:00:46 <johnthetubaguy> sadly :(
16:00:47 <eglute> anyone know if there is another meeting in this room
16:01:21 <johnthetubaguy> eglute: they usually start shouting at me round about now
16:01:28 <eglute> ah ok
16:02:00 <johnthetubaguy> hogepodge: sorry confused, I was meaning the email on glance v2, I didn't see that one
16:02:09 <hogepodge> johnthetubaguy: I haven't sent that one yet
16:02:09 <rockyg> So, it doesn't appear that there is a follow on meeting.
16:02:15 <johnthetubaguy> hogepodge: just read the above email, I can respond to that
16:02:39 <eglute> since current topic is much larger topic, do people have time to go over flagged tests?
16:03:26 * markvoelker has a few minutes more, but has already reviewed most of them in gerrit
16:03:40 <johnthetubaguy> hogepodge: ah, no worries, thats my confusion
16:03:41 <rockyg> lemme just throw out an idea here:  for capabilities Defcore wants that have no tests, we could write testcases, that are essentially usecases, that could then be implemented after accepted
16:03:42 <eglute> markvoelker is always excellent with reviewing things
16:03:59 <eglute> anyone else has looked at the flagged tests? #link https://review.sopenstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/defcore,n,z
16:04:52 <hogepodge> I will review with updates. I have an engineer working on patching broken tests and can mark those.
16:05:01 <eglute> thank you hogepodge
16:05:07 <rockyg> need to correct link... move . to fromb efore s to after
16:05:07 <markvoelker> eglute: typo in that link.  Make that: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/defcore,n,z
16:05:12 <hogepodge> If we can fix this cycle I'd rather not re-add them.
16:05:49 <eglute> thanks rockyg and markvoelker
16:05:53 <rockyg> markvoelker, yeah that one
16:05:55 <markvoelker> Speaking of flag reviews, we should really make a decision on this one so Chris's patches don't get held up further: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/190751/
16:06:14 <eglute> not sure how that link works for me
16:06:25 <eglute> #topic flagged tests
16:07:01 <eglute> markvoelker hogepodge zehicle_irl i am ready to merge https://review.openstack.org/#/c/190751/ if everyone is good with it
16:07:37 <zehicle_irl> need to review
16:07:58 <eglute> thank you zehicle_irl
16:08:17 <eglute> #action zehicle_irl  review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/190751/
16:08:58 <eglute> how about this one? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/189961/
16:09:20 <eglute> any further comments?
16:09:43 <markvoelker> eglute: works for me as soon as we get 190751 worked out
16:09:49 <eglute> thanks markvoelker
16:10:09 <eglute> any further comments on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/189927/
16:11:48 <rockyg> I'll get off my duff and review the list this week.  Sorry.  Been swamped.
16:11:55 <eglute> thank you rockyg
16:12:03 <hogepodge> That one is currently being fixed in tempest upstream, so I'd prefer to wait on it.
16:12:18 <eglute> hogepodge can you comment with -1 on it?
16:12:41 <hogepodge> Just left a comment.
16:12:48 <eglute> thank you
16:13:20 <eglute> any other opened issues that could be merged? or need more discussion?
16:13:49 <eglute> there are others that are opened, but for the sake of time, i rather not go over every opened issue right now
16:14:01 <hogepodge> I need to step out, other obligations to attend to.
16:14:08 <eglute> i am available in defcore irc later today.
16:14:28 <eglute> thank you everyone, please comment on the hogepodge email and review issues
16:14:41 <eglute> i will close the meeting unless there are any last minute comments
16:14:58 <eglute> #endmeeting