14:00:57 <peschk_l> #startmeeting cloudkitty
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14:01:15 <peschk_l> Hi everyone
14:01:22 <peschk_l> today's agenda can be found at
14:01:25 <peschk_l> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cloudkitty-meeting-topics
14:01:48 <peschk_l> as usual, if anyone wants to discuss a specific topic, feel free to add it to the pad
14:02:01 <peschk_l> and let's start
14:02:07 <peschk_l> #topic release
14:02:32 <peschk_l> as you've probably noticed, cloudkity 11.0.0 has been release last week
14:03:23 <peschk_l> we wanted to submit an RC as first, but this isn't compatible with the "cycle-with-rc" release model
14:04:17 <peschk_l> so basically 11.0.0 is an RC, and if we find some bugs (None was reported for now), 11.1.0 will be the definitive train release
14:05:02 <peschk_l> and python-cloudkittyclient 3.1.0 was released at the same time as ck 11.0
14:05:24 <peschk_l> The train releasenotes can be found here https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cloudkitty-meeting-topics
14:05:27 <peschk_l> oops
14:05:35 <peschk_l> #link https://docs.openstack.org/releasenotes/cloudkitty/train.html
14:06:12 <peschk_l> and that's pretty much it concerning the release. Any questions about this ?
14:06:57 <peschk_l> ok, let's move on then
14:07:15 <peschk_l> #topic New meeting schedule
14:08:16 <peschk_l> As you've noticed, we've switched to the new schedule for IRC meetings. From now on, they'll happen every other monday at 14h UTC
14:08:36 <peschk_l> We'll try to send a recap to the ML after each meeting
14:09:07 <peschk_l> and that's pretty much it concerning the meetings
14:09:37 <peschk_l> of course, if people living far from europe need more convenient meeting times, we can readjust the schedule
14:10:10 <peschk_l> ok let's switch to the interesting topics :-)
14:10:20 <peschk_l> #topic new features/specs
14:10:52 <peschk_l> development on some features for the next release cycle has begun
14:11:20 <peschk_l> qanglade has been working on porting the /v1/rating endpoints (ie module config) to the v2 API.
14:11:34 <peschk_l> the spec can be found here: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/682892/
14:11:51 <peschk_l> and the associated patches here
14:11:54 <peschk_l> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/684747/
14:11:59 <peschk_l> and here
14:12:06 <peschk_l> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/684734/
14:12:13 <peschk_l> as usual, review are welcome!
14:12:43 <peschk_l> julien-pinchelim has joined us to work on a standalone dashboard for cloudkitty
14:13:06 <peschk_l> it will support 100% of the API, and wioll require the v2 API
14:13:52 <peschk_l> it should provide a more convenient UI as the horizon plusgin, and will be useful for non-openstack integrations
14:14:07 <peschk_l> it's highly WIP for now but stay tuned
14:14:30 <peschk_l> I've been working on some optimizations on the v2 API, more specifically on driver loading
14:14:39 <peschk_l> the spec:
14:14:41 <peschk_l> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/686391/
14:15:03 <peschk_l> and the associated patch
14:15:05 <peschk_l> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/686393/
14:15:44 <peschk_l> this should improve performance and will be useful for quentin's patches
14:16:08 <peschk_l> and that's it for the feature that are under development right now
14:16:17 <peschk_l> questions ?
14:17:14 <peschk_l> #topic tempest
14:18:18 <peschk_l> once we're done with what we're currently working on, jferrieu and I will focus on the tempest plugin
14:20:14 <peschk_l> unit tests for v2 endpoints will be added, and more importantly, "real" test scenarios will be added
14:20:14 <peschk_l> that's been made possible by jferrieu's v2 endpoint allowing to push dataframes through the API
14:20:32 <peschk_l> jferrieu has already started some work to allow differentiation between v1 and v2 API tests:
14:20:34 <peschk_l> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/686210/
14:21:05 <peschk_l> Now that every sotrage driver is supported, we should have a much better test matrix
14:22:03 <peschk_l> and that's it concerning the tempest plugin
14:22:11 <peschk_l> #topic Q&A
14:23:00 <peschk_l> Now's the time to ask any question  about CK or any of the previously discussed topics
14:26:23 <peschk_l> all right, that's it for today then
14:26:38 <peschk_l> thanks qanglade, julien-pinchelim
14:26:43 <peschk_l> #endmeeting