14:11:32 <sheeprine_> #startmeeting cloudkitty
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14:12:26 <sheeprine_> We'll quickly talk about latest release and what's next. We need to define design summit focus too.
14:13:21 <sheeprine_> #topic 0.5.0 Release
14:14:15 <sheeprine_> Quick notes about 0.5.0 release. It's the one and only for this cycle and the one that will be shipped with the Mitaka release.
14:14:58 <sheeprine_> Main new features are the support of gnocchi to retrieve it's data from. And a way to store data directly related to gnocchi.
14:16:47 <sheeprine_> Notable changes are code coverage and bug fixes.
14:17:14 <sheeprine_> We've improved code testing a lot. Which is a good thing when you are handling data that will ends up in client bills ;)
14:17:25 <zhangkepi> what is gnocchi, I am newer
14:17:52 <sheeprine_> gnocchi is a timeseries database service
14:18:13 <sheeprine_> It similar to influxdb or cassandra in some ways
14:18:34 <sheeprine_> It stores metrics and can attach metadata to them
14:19:12 <sheeprine_> It got designed to replace the main storage of ceilometer which is slow due to its design.
14:20:03 <sheeprine_> That's why we are adding support to it. In the end you'll have metrics about your cloud and related prices stored in the same backend and accessible with the same API.
14:20:49 <zhangkepi> oh, got it
14:20:59 <sheeprine_> great
14:21:03 <sheeprine_> Does anyone got any questions or point that I missed?
14:21:10 <sheeprine_> (about the latest release)
14:22:20 <sheeprine_> I guess it's a no then. Let's keep going.
14:22:36 <sheeprine_> #topic Next focus
14:22:58 <sheeprine_> Ok let's talk about what will come next in CloudKitty.
14:23:45 <sheeprine_> We'll improve gnocchi support and modify gnocchi storage backend to store data directly in gnocchi.
14:24:14 <sheeprine_> I plan to work on this with the help of the nubeliu guys asap.
14:24:56 <sheeprine_> Next we need to improve our data model. It's pretty obscure for newcomers.
14:25:40 <sheeprine_> I've got a patch that I'll send in review in a few days which basically implement a way to create datamodel on the fly in CK.
14:26:03 <sheeprine_> It'll help modules exposes it's internal datamodel and autogenerate docs from the API.
14:26:10 <maxstack> will the docs be updated from kilo soon?
14:26:58 <sheeprine_> Yes we need to improve the CloudKitty docs. Some parts are outdated, like the keystone auth configuration.
14:27:53 <sheeprine_> We'll try to work with users on what's lacking and what is needed. Because most of the developpers are contributing to the docs, and sometimes it's hard to see painpoints from this perspective.
14:28:11 <huats> that is something that can be discussed in Austin
14:29:05 <sheeprine_> Next focus will be storage drivers. We'll revamp a new version of our own custom storage with the support of custom onthefly resources. Which will greatly improve performances.
14:29:33 <sheeprine_> I'm still open to requests if you have ideas you are willing to contribute.
14:30:47 <maxstack> is there a ceph storage driver in progress, or are you relying on using gnocchi for that feature?
14:31:22 <sheeprine_> Do you means storing cloudkitty data in ceph or querying ceph to get usage reports?
14:31:38 <maxstack> storing cloudkitty data in ceph
14:32:32 <sheeprine_> It's not something we are thinking about. We'll still use sqlalchemy to store our data, or gnocchi if available.
14:32:50 <huats> maxstack: what would be the interest ?
14:32:54 <sheeprine_> If we want to implement ceph storage, we'll mostly reimplement gnocchi.
14:33:16 <huats> to store internal datas ? or to store the reports that are produced ?
14:33:49 <maxstack> no real use, i forgot that gnocchi will be holding all the data from cloud
14:36:45 <sheeprine_> #topic austin summit
14:37:42 <sheeprine_> Next topic Austin summit. It's 3 weeks away, we should start talk about what we'll discuss there.
14:38:25 <sheeprine_> We've got one fishbowl session.
14:39:27 <sheeprine_> It's a good way to talk about next features, draft some stuff and possibly get feedbacks.
14:39:51 <sheeprine_> I didn't requested a working room as most of the features are already drafted and beeing done.
14:40:10 <sheeprine_> And for some informal meetings we can still use the design summit lounge space.
14:40:42 <sheeprine_> There is more and more projects and I want every people to have a chance to get session time.
14:41:04 <sheeprine_> Does anyone have a specific idea about what should be discussed during this session?
14:43:06 <sheeprine_> Ok we'll discuss this later then.
14:43:23 <sheeprine_> #topic last thoughts
14:43:48 <sheeprine_> If anyone has something to say or ask it's now :)
14:43:58 <maxstack> will the cloudkittydashboard 0.5.0 release have price listing in the new instance creation wizard?
14:45:24 <sheeprine_> We're working on the dashboard integration.
14:46:22 <sheeprine_> The pricing listing during creation is beeing added to the mitaka dialiog. It'll ship in 0.5.1 or so
14:46:48 <sheeprine_> But it'll be definitly be part of 0.5.X, we'll try to find a way with a release team to integrate it back in the mitaka release.
14:47:09 <sheeprine_> But it means that the upstream mitaka version will not have support for this feature for a few weeks.
14:47:27 <sheeprine_> upstream 0.5.X version will have it
14:47:27 <maxstack> ok good to hear its in the roadmap
14:47:48 <maxstack> I noticed you now have stable/mitaka branches in github, will there be stable/liberty branches added too?
14:48:28 <sheeprine_> We can't have liberty branches as we were not part of the release.
14:49:00 <sheeprine_> We'll try implement backward compatible releases
14:49:25 <sheeprine_> Like gnocchi is doing, they have more flexible requirements which means they can support older releases
14:49:46 <sheeprine_> But regarding the horizon support... It's really tricky
14:49:58 <sheeprine_> The ways to integrate with Horizon change every cycle.
14:50:19 <sheeprine_> So every cycle you need to do changes that will break compatibility with previous version.
14:50:32 <sheeprine_> We'll try to see if we can find a way to support this.
14:51:59 <sheeprine_> More questions?
14:53:26 <sheeprine_> We're nearly out of time. I guess that's it. If you have more questions, I'm available in the #cloudkitty channel.
14:53:31 <sheeprine_> Thanks everyone.
14:53:47 <sheeprine_> #endmeeting