14:07:38 <sheeprine> #startmeeting cloudkitty
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14:08:07 <sheeprine> We'll do a quick meeting about what's currently pending and what needs to be done.
14:08:30 <sheeprine> #topic Pending points
14:09:14 <sheeprine> We've got some blueprint that went in review. We need to have a look at it, most of the code will not be part of the next release.
14:09:40 <sheeprine> I'll try to check as much pending review as possible.
14:10:09 <sheeprine> I know that most of the CK devs are busy with other stuff but we'll need to find a way to process remaining reviews and blueprint.
14:11:03 <sheeprine> I've still got some work to do on the gnocchi integration patches
14:11:50 <sheeprine> It's related to the fact that collector and storage drivers are dependent on each other. And the way it's done in the patch is still sloppy.
14:12:24 <sheeprine> As soon as we got this code I would like to create the branch for the next version and tag the first rc1
14:12:57 <sheeprine> It will mostly be the version we'll use for the mitaka release. It's sad because most of the code for the next feature is here but pending other patches to enter code.
14:13:01 <huats> great !
14:14:26 <sheeprine> Release date for Mitaka is 2016-04-07 so we need to focus on what's important and release something stable and ready to use.
14:15:29 <sheeprine> We need to have a look at the dashboard integration too. I've had some bad feedbacks. Some people can't find a way to make it work on older OpenStack versions. And some even have issues with liberty/kilo.
14:15:43 <sheeprine> I'll try to check back with pabardina about this.
14:17:10 <sheeprine> To make things simple, we need to have RC1 ready in two weeks.
14:17:47 <sheeprine> After this we'll continue development of new features. But we can't miss Mitaka release deadline, we need to be part of the Mitaka release this time.
14:18:42 <sheeprine> huats: Any points that you want to talk about?
14:20:14 <sheeprine> I guess it's a no.
14:20:22 <sheeprine> We're done then.
14:20:25 <sheeprine> #endmeeting