17:06:21 <docaedo> #startmeeting app-catalog
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17:06:26 <sskripnick> hi. sorry im late a bit
17:06:37 <docaedo> no prob
17:06:42 <docaedo> main things to discuss today:
17:06:43 <docaedo> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/glare-work
17:06:54 <docaedo> and the puppet deployment stuff here:
17:06:56 <docaedo> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/359029/
17:07:14 <docaedo> sskripnick: please go ahead with any questions
17:07:52 <mfedosin> sskripnick: can you tell us about current glare puppet status?
17:08:34 <sskripnick> im not sure if i have any questions. i have only update. so yes, there are a lot of patches for you =)
17:08:50 <sskripnick> mfedosin: glare puppet is waiting for glare deb packages
17:09:21 <sskripnick> app-catalog puppet is seems okay with pip
17:09:41 <sskripnick> also there is some difficulties with murano artifact (name vs display_name)
17:09:50 <mfedosin> yep... we have to hasten them.
17:10:12 <docaedo> pip would be fine for app catalog deployment, getting debs should not be a blocker
17:10:15 <mfedosin> yep, display_name was my question as well
17:10:21 <sskripnick> so if we decide to have display_name in base type, I need to do some changes in UI code
17:10:41 <sskripnick> docaedo: we need debs for glare puppets
17:11:00 <mfedosin> in short: murano package has two attributes
17:11:05 <mfedosin> name and display_name
17:11:12 <sskripnick> docaedo: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/373805/
17:11:24 <mfedosin> name is common for all artifact and it's located in base AT
17:11:54 <mfedosin> for all artifact types, except murano, name is shown in app-catalog output
17:12:05 <docaedo> sskripnick: ah ok, thanks for sharing that, hadn't seen it
17:12:21 <sskripnick> murano package need to have name (or display_name) and "fqdn".
17:12:33 <mfedosin> so, for example - name for heat template is "F5 BIG-IP VE Onboard"
17:12:37 <sskripnick> they decided to use "name" as "fqdn" and add "display_name"
17:12:49 <mfedosin> but for murano it is com.example.apache.ApacheHttpServer
17:13:04 <mfedosin> and display_name is Apache HTTP Server
17:13:24 <mfedosin> and here we have inconsistency
17:13:53 <sskripnick> We have "name" and "package_name" in assets.yaml, but they want to change it. Like have "name" and "display_name" for all artifact types
17:13:56 <mfedosin> if we show 'name' for app-catalog users, then murano packages will look weird
17:13:57 <docaedo> Couldn't the UI just switch what is displayed if the type is murano?
17:14:37 <sskripnick> i think it would be the easiest
17:14:52 <mfedosin> docaedo: yes, it's a workaround
17:14:53 <sskripnick> left all as is, and use special case for special project
17:15:20 <docaedo> I would suggest that, easy path :)
17:15:31 <mfedosin> but anyway, it leads to confusion between two attributes
17:15:35 <sskripnick> but I still don't understand why they wont left name and package_name as it was in assets.yam
17:16:08 <sskripnick> +1 for not breaking all types, and break only murano
17:16:10 <mfedosin> sskripnick: they don't look for easy ways
17:16:25 <mfedosin> do they? :)
17:16:43 <sskripnick> looks like this way is easy for them
17:16:48 <sskripnick> but not easy for us
17:17:27 <mfedosin> docaedo: so, you suggest to workaround this behaviour for murano
17:17:37 <mfedosin> and do not touch anything else
17:18:14 <docaedo> mfedosin: yes, but I am also suggesting the workaround only happen in app catalog UI, since it's just a display thing, should be low effort
17:18:44 <sskripnick> yes, it is only for app catalog and horizon plugin
17:19:20 <docaedo> cool, then nobody else has to worry, murano can do what murano wants, and we just make it look pretty
17:20:09 <sskripnick> probably we should make display_name in murano immutable, not null, and required on activate
17:20:23 <docaedo> oh that's a good point since we'll require it
17:20:56 <mfedosin> it's required on activate
17:21:24 <mfedosin> only one thing - it's mutable
17:21:32 <kzaitsev_mb> if there is something you need my attention to — pls ping me =) I get notifications that you're discussing murano but can't really go deep into the conversation now =( So I rely on your decision making skills guys =)))
17:21:33 <mfedosin> but it's okay I think
17:21:56 <docaedo> kzaitsev_mb: no problem, we're just talking about dropping murano from the app-catalog because it's too much trouble
17:22:13 <docaedo> kzaitsev_mb: kidding! no problems, we have it covered
17:22:20 <sskripnick> kzaitsev_mb: i'd like to ask you to check if http://apps.r-ci.tk/ works for you
17:22:31 <sskripnick> kzaitsev_mb: i've added murano storage support
17:22:41 <kzaitsev_mb> =)
17:23:15 <docaedo> sskripnick: it works for me and is looking really great
17:23:32 <kzaitsev_mb> sskripnick: would certainly do that =)
17:23:54 <mfedosin> we definitely should play with new app-catalog
17:24:16 <mfedosin> sskripnick: great work!
17:24:25 <sskripnick> thanks ^_^
17:24:33 <sskripnick> so thats all from my side
17:25:06 <docaedo> sskripnick: it's really looking good
17:25:43 <docaedo> I don't have anything else to cover today - only issue is I need to make time to get any feedback, and then start focusing on deployment with infra (when debs are ready)
17:26:14 <docaedo> is anyone staying on top of the glare debs? Just want to know what the next steps we need at this point
17:27:20 <mfedosin> docaedo: yep
17:27:34 <mfedosin> iudovichenko is working on it
17:27:59 <mfedosin> we just need to release glare asap to make it work
17:28:19 <docaedo> cool - then I will pay attention to that, and ask you folks to ping me on app-catalog channel if/when you need my attention
17:28:31 <docaedo> I'm excited and still think we can pull this off before Barcelona :)
17:28:58 <docaedo> and hopefully sskripnick will stay working on app catalog after this :)
17:29:11 <mfedosin> I hope so :)
17:29:33 <docaedo> ok anything else before we end?
17:29:56 <mfedosin> nothing from my side
17:30:07 <mfedosin> docaedo: thank you for your answers
17:30:46 <docaedo> thank you all for the great work - hopefully I'll see you all in Barcelona!
17:31:12 <docaedo> talk to you later!
17:31:24 <docaedo> #endmeeting