17:01:21 <docaedo> #startmeeting app-catalog
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17:01:38 <docaedo> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/app-catalog#Proposed_Agenda_for_September_15th.2C_2016_.281700_UTC.29
17:02:05 <docaedo> #topic Updates
17:02:24 <docaedo> I only have one update that does not relate to the glare work
17:02:48 <docaedo> I'm running for PTL again :)
17:03:11 <docaedo> When we switch to glare backend I think we're going to be able to get more attention around using the app-catalog regularly
17:03:34 <docaedo> and it will also pave the way towards some of the CI/CD stuff Igor has been talking about (which I look forward to helping with)
17:03:44 <kzaitsev_mb> well, I guess we're going to postpone dashboard reorg to early ocata
17:03:47 <docaedo> so that's all for me - the rest of the meeting I think will be all things Glare transition
17:04:27 <kzaitsev_mb> today's the deadline for rc1 releases and I'm only hours away from requesting those
17:04:46 <docaedo> kzaitsev_mb: sorry for not being able to get more time to review, and then yesterday I finally had a chance to make an environment work right, but since app-catalog-ui is essentially broken right now, need to fix that before we can validate anything else
17:05:31 <docaedo> I think dashboard re-org will be OK if it slips a little bit
17:05:52 <docaedo> really hard to tell how many people are using that plugin in their horizon also
17:06:23 <kzaitsev_mb> docaedo: np, don't think it's that critical ) we have most of the work done and can land the changes early in ocata to give packagers some time to update deb/rpm ones
17:06:35 <docaedo> cool
17:06:39 <kzaitsev_mb> since there would be config changes
17:07:50 <docaedo> yep
17:08:17 <docaedo> ok let's talk about glare stuff, and what we can accomplish for the next week
17:09:42 <sskripnick> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/370295/
17:09:45 <sskripnick> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/370366/
17:09:51 <sskripnick> i start spliting my patch
17:10:08 <sskripnick> any comments are welcome
17:10:29 <mfedosin> o/
17:10:33 <docaedo> cool, I will start poking through it now, trying to make time to focus on this work
17:10:39 <sskripnick> theese two are python, and others are javascript
17:10:43 <docaedo> sskripnick: everything that is related to this is in https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/glare-work right?
17:10:55 <sskripnick> docaedo: yep
17:11:12 <docaedo> great
17:11:15 <kzaitsev_mb> sskripnick: may I ask you to abandon the old commits?
17:11:36 <kzaitsev_mb> the ones, that were related to v0_1
17:12:30 <sskripnick> kzaitsev_mb: is it okay to abandon no my patches? =)
17:12:57 <mfedosin> kill them with fire :)
17:13:03 <kzaitsev_mb> sskripnick: yep, since we're anyway going to use v1.0 right away — there is no use to have them hanging around
17:13:04 <sskripnick> -_-
17:13:12 <sskripnick> okay
17:16:09 <docaedo> nice
17:16:53 <docaedo> sskripnick: other than needing review feedback, is there anything else we can do to support you?  I saw from the glare meeting that packaging for glare is coming in a few days so that will solve most of the deployment questions
17:17:40 <mfedosin> docaedo: correct
17:17:42 <docaedo> sskripnick: and it looked from the mailing list like Infra was on board with the transition plan (note latest message from fungi about needing to reference a specific commit in puppet since branches were not going to be an option)
17:18:34 <sskripnick> docaedo: It seems I have missed last message from fungi
17:19:08 <fungi> let me double-check where i got to on that
17:19:10 <sskripnick> docaedo: does it mean that we age going to merge everyting in master?
17:19:18 <docaedo> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-infra/2016-September/004730.html
17:20:01 <fungi> yeah, there's a feature/glare-support branch in app-catalog now, so you should be able to start safely merging non-backward-compatible behavior changes there
17:20:07 <docaedo> eventually everything will be merged in master, but pre-merge, the VCS-repo puppet lib can handle being pointed at a ref
17:20:15 <docaedo> ooh we have a fungi!
17:20:31 <docaedo> quick everyone, ask all your tough infra questions! :p
17:20:31 <sskripnick> okay, seems good
17:20:42 <sskripnick> =)))))
17:20:43 <fungi> it's just the puppetry we can't branch
17:20:58 <fungi> rather, we can't branch in git (but we can branch with logic)
17:21:08 <docaedo> makes sense to me
17:21:50 <fungi> so make the puppet module capable of deploying from a parameterized branch or git refname, and then we can use different ones for teh dev and prod servers
17:22:20 <fungi> giving you te ability to preview your feature branch on the dev site until you're ready to pull the switch for prod
17:23:02 <sskripnick> so these puupets should be able to deploy from git right? so why we are waiting for .debs?
17:23:36 <mfedosin> sskripnick: because Peter asked us about it
17:23:47 <docaedo> sskripnick: I thought you were the one who argued for packages rather than deploying from git?
17:24:10 <docaedo> (I'm +1 for deploying from git myself, but I saw the logic of having a package as well)
17:24:49 <mfedosin> it allows to resolve dependencies much easier
17:25:14 <sskripnick> packages is okay, but it seems we can use them for automation
17:25:19 <sskripnick> cant*
17:25:34 <mfedosin> hm. why?
17:26:05 <fungi> well, you could but it adds an extra speedbump in the deployment automation if you need to have a custom package repository deploying packages built from two different branches
17:26:58 <fungi> what sort of packages are you talking about? sdist/wheel? npm? deb? rpm? something else?
17:27:05 <sskripnick> deb
17:27:51 <fungi> do you have branch-tip build automation in place for making debs of the app-catalog repo?
17:28:00 <sskripnick> nope
17:28:45 <sskripnick> and I cant. deb should be signed, and it can be signed only manually
17:28:54 <fungi> the pkg-deb team have some mostly working for a lot of projects, but i don't know if they're yet in a state where you could add a custom sources.list entry and apt-get install from them
17:29:46 <fungi> we have the ability to automatically sign the releases files for deb repos, but you'd need to add an apt-key trust for our artifact signing key (and update it when we rotate it every cycle)
17:30:05 <sskripnick> i see
17:30:33 <sskripnick> btw current puppets are working with pypi, so maybe we just continue using it
17:31:14 <mfedosin> pypi is good to
17:31:26 <sskripnick> can we use pypi version instead of git ref?
17:31:27 <mfedosin> too
17:31:36 <fungi> yeah, we could always have a logical switch in the manifest that installs latest app-site from pypi or installs from an arbitrary git ref/refname from a local clone managed by a vcsrepo resource
17:32:45 <fungi> so you could have your dev site currently pip install /opt/app-site which is cloned from the feature/glare-support branch of the app-site repo, and then the production server ensure=>latest from a pip package provider instead
17:33:17 <fungi> and once you merge feature/glare-support back into master, you could switch the dev site to deploy from the tip of master in git while leaving production deploying from pypi
17:33:38 <fungi> so it continues to give you a place to preview your master branch state before you tag new releases
17:33:54 <sskripnick> cool
17:34:11 <fungi> er, i meant /opt/app-catalog above, but you probably knew that
17:34:20 <sskripnick> yup
17:34:32 <sskripnick> okay, looks awesome. thank you
17:35:07 <fungi> let me know if you hit any other confusion or snags. always happy to help if i have time
17:35:43 <sskripnick> ok, thanks a lot
17:36:08 <docaedo> thanks fungi!
17:36:14 <fungi> you're welcome
17:37:58 <docaedo> I don't have any other questions at this point, just know I need to get some review feedback going for sskripnick
17:38:41 <docaedo> any open discussion points from anyone? I could change the topic and we can chat, otherwise we might get 20 minutes back in our day!
17:40:08 <sskripnick> nothing here
17:40:50 <docaedo> cool - then I think we are done? I'll wait another minute or two just in case kzaitsev_mb has something to say but has his keyboard on mute ;)
17:41:47 <kzaitsev_mb> nope =) I'm half ready to make my rc1 commits =)
17:42:11 <docaedo> nice - well thanks a ton you guys!  Who's going to be in Barcelona by the way?
17:44:18 * fungi obviously
17:44:34 * docaedo as well
17:45:18 <docaedo> hoping kzaitsev_mb mfedosin and sskripnick all got the green light from whoever makes that call these days at their J-O-B
17:45:35 <docaedo> ok gonna wrap it up - talk to you on #openstack-app-catalog!
17:45:40 <docaedo> #endmeeting